Gig Economy Drivers!

Ya know, dash cams are pretty neat little gadgets, with more uses than you might think. Particularly with parking mode (see here for more info on parking mode). Consumer Reports has an interesting article on some lesser talked about dash cam applications. But for the sake of gig economy drivers, we’re going to stick to what works best when you’re on the job.

(**PRO TIP**: No matter what dash cam you get, reformat the card in your dash cam at least once a week!)

Jesper Dinesen and Jason Tieri, hosts of The Gig Economy Podcast, both have plug-in model dash cams. Some folks like to hardwire them into their car’s battery--maybe more so for creating your own security CCTV, or to free up your other plugs. An option, for sure, but—again—not a necessity for gig drivers. These qualities, however, are particularly useful in a work-oriented dash cam:

  • Front AND inside facing camera
    • Something wants you to remember: local laws and ordinances vary, so make sure it’s legit where you live/work!
  • Night time LED
  • High Definition

With that clearly stated, here are…

3 Dash Cams for Gig Economy Drivers to Consider

For You Big Spenders

If price is no object for you in the gig economy, you simply must have the best setup on the road, all the bells and whistles, regardless what anyone says--you might look at the BlackVue DR900X-2CH. This little guy runs over $500, has more than you’ll need, but, again, if you just gotta have the most high end thing, this is highly trusted and recommended by industry journalists. Some folks would probably say it's overkill, but you-do-you.

For You Penny Pinchers

Crosstour makes a line of dash cams that start in the $20 range. They are said to be reliable and give you the bare minimum for what you need to get started as a gig economy driver. You might see a noticeable difference in this and some of the higher end models, but if you're on a tight budget, or just dipping your toes, this might be worth a try.

For You Serious Gig Drivers

If you look at other articles about dash cams, the Vantrue N2 Pro comes up time and time again. The fellas at The Gig Economy Podcast personally use them, even though, as Jason said, “One time a company gave us a $500 dash cam to try out. The camera was amazing, but it had too many features, and it didn’t connect well or easily to my phone. It just isn’t necessary to spend big money. Make sure it has a good camera and a few other features, and that’s all you need.”

The Vantrue N2 Pro lists right around $200. (And--if you want--for about $20 more, you can get a GPS add-on.)

If you know you're in the game for the long haul, this dash cam is the best place to start. You spend more, you're probably getting stuff you don't need. Less, you might not have the same solid level of quality.

But the choice is yours, and yours alone. Choose wisely. And most importantly...

Keep on Giggin, Man!

When it comes to dash cams, gig economy drivers can go cheap to start. But it’s not a bad idea, if you’re serious about gig work, to spend a little bit extra for a quality product. Just remember to get what you need at the quality and price that best serves you. And keep on giggin!

Good luck out there, folks.


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