Hey Rideshare Drivers!

We've got some more practical knowledge for ya, because rideshare can be a tricky beast. But the good folks at The Gig Economy Podcast gotcha covered. Today we're here to make sure you...

Don't Get Scammed by Rideshare Passengers

1) If your rideshare passenger isn't where they say they are...

 Experienced rideshare drivers know this one. You accept a ride, show up, and they aren't there. Happens sometimes if the passenger is in a busy part of town. They might say they're 3 blocks over when you show up, and can you pick them up there instead. What you can do is wait for them to show up where they should be. After a few minutes, open a different app and get ready to cancel the no-show.

2) Ask the rideshare passenger to say their name before they get in your car.

Why? A few reasons. The first is that if they don't know their name, they shouldn't be in your car. It could either be a Lyftjacker/Uberjacker, or someone who is too drunk and/or stoned to be in your vehicle. See our post on how to deal with sh***y rideshare passengers.

3) Keep your phone visible AND audible the whole time you rideshare.

One of the biggest rideshare scams out there is cancelling the ride. During. The. Ride. Yep, while that MFer is still in your car. If they pull this on you and you don't catch it, you don't get paid. You can (and should) report it to the big boys if it happens to you, but you can do one better. Keep your phone out and use the GPS while you drive. At the very least, keep it out and have the sound on. If you get a cancellation, you'll see and hear it on the phone. Then you can say, "Oh, looks like you cancelled the ride. Looks like this is where you get out." After that, you can rate that person and warn your fellow rideshare drivers what kind of person they're dealing with. (That's right riders, you have a profile too!)

4) Use a dash cam!!!

I'm not a fan of multiple exclamation marks, so this shows you how serious we are about this one. You have to  have a car, that's a no brainer. We also recommend a few things every driver needs in their cleaning kit, but (not counting the car (duh...)) there's nothing more important in rideshare than a good, two-way dash cam. The most popular blog I've posted here is about how to pick a good rideshare dash cam, and that's for a reason. Dash cams make for potential YouTube content, but also the record eeeeeeeeverything that happens in and around the vehicle. If someone is verbally or (I hope this never happens to you) physically abusive, you have it on record. No my-story-against-yours nonsense. If someone tries any kind of rideshare scam on you, you have it on record and you can send it to the company to make a claim or, if the passenger calls you out, use it in your defense. Long story short...get a dash cam!


That's about it, folks. Most people are honest, good people. But there's definitely a few people out there who are, well, terrible human beings out for themselves at the expense of everyone else. They're the minority, but they're out there. So keep that in mind when you hit the road, and be ready for it. Remember: pick them up where the should be, have them verify their identity, keep your phone out so they can't cancel on the sly, and record everything! Hopefully you get nothing but awesome, thoughtful, courtious rideshare passengers. But let's be real, some people will take advantage of you if they think you're an easy target.

So don't be.

Good luck out there!


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