According to statements from Uber and DoorDash, they have both asked the federal government to consider their gig workers as “essential” and therefore getting early access to the vaccine. Both companies state that their independent contractors have been a lifeline to their communities, providing transportation for health-care workers and delivering food to people socially distancing at home.

Do you agree? Maybe more importantly; are you planning on getting the vaccine when you are offered it? I know I will get mine when I get offered, but I have not made up my mind on whether gig workers should be considered eligible before others. But I can certainly follow their reasoning behind the requests.

The next question I ask myself is, “how soon after I get the vaccine will I begin driving passengers again?” I really miss it. I tried food delivery a few times, but that is not for me. I crave the interaction. I really miss the conversations – and, of course, the midnight rush!

When I start thinking about driving again, I can’t help myself thinking about how much has changed. What will be the new normal? That is a question for a different blog. For now, I know I likely won't drive till we can drive without the mask - and that is not because I don’t believe in masking; I just can’t drive with it.

What do you think?