Prior to COVID-19 I had been an Uber Driver for 4 Years. A Weekend Warrior, almost 5000 rides, and I loved it. Then BOOM the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order was issued. My day job had me working from home. I stopped driving for the safety of my family and to make sure I stayed healthy for my day job. Being a managing partner of a small company in Grand Rapids, other people's jobs depend on my ability to do mine

Now I haven’t driven in over 5 months and I miss it. I miss getting people home safe, the sense of helping out. I miss the conversations (yes even when the riders were drunk). My driving is my therapy, my opportunity to get out and talk to other people! I really miss it. With COVID-19 I have no way of knowing when I will drive again or even IF I will drive again.

Jason and I have been talking about this in the last few weeks, which started when he began driving again (so far only food delivery). He is back out there! I envy him, but I also have little interest in food delivery. Sure the money would be nice, but that was never the main reason I drove. The main reason I drove was to help people, the fun and games and the adrenaline rush. Even after Uber changed the game the rush was still there, just different. If I am honest with myself, I have no clue as to whether or not I will be driving again - maybe after a vaccine is here. Sure, I can wear a mask, and I really do not mind them, but I wear glasses so my mask fogs up really easy, which is annoying. I also think masks can change people’s attitudes for the worse which also worries me a little. If that’s the case then I would rather not drive at all.

I have also found that I really like having my weekend back. I am spending more time with my family now and am actually getting things done around the house. When I was driving I was a zombie during the day but also feeling like I could not wait to get back out there; I guess I was hooked on driving... I still miss it!

As for the extra money Ubering was bringing home, I have a few other ideas up my sleeve. I am convinced that I can replace that income soon.

I don’t know if I will drive again, but If I don’t, I will sure miss it.