Below is a list of items that we feel are important for rideshare drivers to keep in their cars while out driving. Having these items will help you clean up your car fast when you have an incident, and get you back out on the road earning money.

Always have kitchen towels and a disinfectant cleaner on hand. If your car does not have leather seats, make sure your cleaner is color safe. You don’t want to make the problem worse. It is also a good idea to have wet wipes to use on the hard surfaces in your vehicle, like the dashboard and door panels.

Wear gloves when you clean up - or risk catching a nasty bug. Drivers we know have had all kinds of body fluids left in their cars, from urine to blood and bile. Make sure you stay clean and healthy.

Portable Hand Vacuum
Sometimes trips take you to unfamiliar or remote areas, leaving you spending extra time searching for a car wash or gas station and hoping they have a vacuum available. This portable vacuum will help you clean up quickly and get you back earning again.

Febreeze Air Fresheners (Vent Clips)
Febreeze Air Fresheners (Spray)

Make sure you pick a clean and neutral scent. We would recommend the Linen & Sky. This make your car smell nice and clean, and is not a flowery or overpowering scent.

Car Washes

These guidelines so far will help you take care of the inside, but you naturally will also need the outside of your car cleaned regularly.

We recommend finding a good car wash close to where you live. Make sure it is well reviewed and well maintained. Most car wash places offer unlimited wash packages for a set monthly cost, so you can control and expect your costs. Free vacuums and open 24/7 are bonus features that you should look out for.

What else should you have in your car? What are we missing? Comment on Facebook and let us know!