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Guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. We are in this beautiful studios sponsored by Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. We'll talk about them a little bit later tonight. It's yes for an AI again, Larry kind of chickened out, no not chickened out. He

He's studying. He's

studying for some some major tasks. Even though we were talking earlier before the show started. he's retiring in like a couple of years and he's taken this major, major test. Hopefully it bumps up. It's

where we talked about his pay his pay a little bit maybe his pension. It's probably one of those things that pumps up his responsibility, but not his pay. Oh,

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really appreciate it. Megan says there's a new legal name Irvine Jane grabit hybrid and EV

Yeah, see, so there's a funny joke around her vines and us and Eric Zane show. So I always get so much shit from Eric saying that I always copy what he says because they sponsor his show too. Right and so I've heard him say Evie, but he typically screws things up so I was waiting for Megan she said I forgot to email she doesn't ever email me just to let you know she doesn't tell me anything. Nothing.

Don't make that's not true. Megan is the best. So apparently always over communicates it's

apparently it's Irvine's otter Irvine zugrunde habitat envy, Willie Irvine's otter, it's not Irvine's auto repair anymore. Irvine's in Grand Rapids hybrid and EV Oh boy. Well Evie is obviously for the Tesla's I assume while there's more than just Tesla electric vehicles. Yep. Any electric vehicle that's all electric?

I would think so. Yeah. Evie. Okay.

Um, so yeah, wait, there's

other electric vehicles and Tesla's?

Yeah, I know. Right. I want to Tesla so bad.

You're never gonna get one. How do you know?

Cuz I know your wife. Okay. Okay. It is Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid and EV. Okay. All right.

I love That name by the way Megan that's great. What Evie? No auto repair anger and appetite but and Evie it's a great name. Yeah. How can you not remember that? Yeah off the top.

I mean I I dream about it my sleep because I say it so much and then and then I hear frickin Eric Zane talk about it every single day, every single day. Anyways, any information you want to find out about the podcast, download it, videos, anything, go to gig economy hyphen, podcast comm also in all the descriptions on Uber on Uber idiot on Facebook or YouTube, there's a link tree link, and basically that has everything on it. So you can either go to our website or click that link. And that'll give you our website, give you the podcast, give you everything our merge, Patreon, all that other stuff, all the information, all the information is pretty sweet. I really like that. So moving forward as we're What are we doing here at the picnic? I just want to talk about that. It's September 11. I see my name blocks out the time, but that's okay. September 11 2021, from 12 to four, the third annual gig economy podcast, picnic and Riverside Park giveaways and food and maybe a petting zoo. So I mean, you can't go wrong with the petting zoo.

I still don't know where you're gonna get the goats on. But that's okay, I'm figuring out what

I'm going to try to do is go to get a pickup some piece of shit pickup and just drive down to the door and pick up some goats and maybe a horse and then just drag them to wherever

the farms are gonna, you know,

they're with goats and chickens. They're like a dime a dozen. They're just running around. Lose. No one even cares. So


but yeah, if you want to join us for that, that would be great. There will probably not be a petting zoo. But there may be be maybe Johnny Depp will be there too. So just saying. But anyways, yeah. Come join us. We have we always have a good time. Free food. And then there will be some giveaways. That's for sure. Yeah.

Yep. And Mike, we are watching YouTube comments. It's okay.

Yeah, I am.

Yeah, we are.

Yeah, we saw Hey, I'm trying to get the show started. Mark. Like, I mean, what are we doing here? I'm watching. I'm watching. You can comment on YouTube. I see you say gas, no mask and bearded freaks. I got you. Of course we have the merchandise. By the way. I was told by my co host to take my other podcast sweatshirt off. Because and and I was like, Why don't have any gig economy podcasts? Why don't you buy me some? And he said no. So now I have to wear this weakness? Not like you can see. No,

Yes, you did make some more money. Well,

and I said who made all the money so far? Anyways, now Mark's commenting on both platforms. Also, I want to mention our Patreon members, Keith from Georgia. Janet from New Zealand, Larry, of course, from Bowling Green at Samson from Grand Rapids and Ron G. From San Fran. And, you know, I keep forgetting and I'm such a dick. Steve from rideshare. rodeo. He's also a Patreon member. Speaking of steed from rideshare rodeo, it's a great podcast, you should check it out. He's more of the business end of right or gig economy. We're kind of the business end, but we like to share funny jokes and funny pictures and stuff like that. But I'm going to be on his podcast for the next two podcasts. So I'm going to be on a roundtable with lifting with Larry and a couple other people. And Steve, we're going to talk about food delivery. And then the following is the one anniversary of the rideshare rodeo. And since I held while we help Steve get his podcast started, he thought it would be cool to have me on and I don't know what we're gonna talk about. And

the funny thing is they wanted me to talk about to be on the panel, the food delivery wall and I went to Jason's like, that's okay, I can do that. But I've only done like four food deliveries in my life.

You know, it's funny. Isn't it so bad how we like read tax and we don't actually read them. I missed the part about food delivery. So I was like, wait, I don't want to be on two weeks in a row. Let's have Yes, Perdue it and then he's and then you actually read it and you're like, you see I said food delivery. I was like, yeah, that's not gonna work. So yes, I will be on for two weeks in a row. So you can check me there. He doesn't lie, but he doesn't do video. So you can check it out on the pod bean app. I think.

I would like to say though, that it is my goal to be back on the road within the next month and I will be starting with food delivery. Probably my goal is once a week, just to kind of get started. Yeah, but I will be food delivery, at least for you know, three to four months. I think I'm the same way past the summer at least.

Yeah, I think once I start back doing gig work full time. I think I'll start taking passengers again. Plus My car's a disaster. So that doesn't help.

I got a Yeah, I got to figure out some of my concentration. And I know Megan, I will call you a promise. Hey, Megan, I guess me the black car is a disaster.

I have his number if you want to harass him. He would you know he would love to talk to you and He will answer the phone. Promise. So, before we head in, we're not going to do stories from the road. We I just scratch that for a while you don't have it. We don't have any stories from the road because I literally am not driving right now. I found that when I drove during the summer and do lawn fertilization, I got burned out quicker in the winter when I went back to it. So it doesn't mean I'm not going to drive or not do food delivery. But my goal is not to do anything. Probably till the fall again. So

yeah. Hey, did you want to address Megan's question real quick? So Absolutely. Well read the question. Okay. Yeah. So the audio. That's right. So Megan asks, I got a doordash order. And the driver took my food out of the bag and wrote a five star review, please, on all the containers from qdoba. It has to be against some kind of rule. Right? It really bothered me. First of all, for me, I would have given that guy one star. Absolutely. And, you know, and probably even reported him, because there's no way that that he should, there's no reason for you to take those things, the containers out of the bag at all. So I don't actually know if it's against the rules. I would assume he is And particularly, definitely would be if it's if the bag was sealed, but I don't know how it is with Kudo. But Jason, maybe you can tell to that.

Yeah. I have a question which qdoba was it? is the one in Granville or the one on metrohealth. And then kidoz bags are not sealed. Okay. I don't know why they just don't. They're actually one of the very few that don't at least staple it or put a sticker on it. But I guess the reason I'm asking is because the khudobin on metrohealth is new and they're pushing reviews. They want review. So I'm just curious if it was actually from the driver. It was. It was from Cuba saying please review us please review us. Granville Yeah, they suck. They don't care. It's a disaster. Meghan's to the point where she wants to go to the metrohealth one because the Granville one is such a disaster.

Yeah. Yeah, I

would guess if it was the driver, that's disgusting. And I would report it to doordash immediately and get a full credit on the food. And yeah, I see that's the problem. Like, you want a one star on right. But why it's too bad. You can't communicate with the driver and say, Hey, man, this is kind of weird. Like once the deliveries done, you're pretty much cuts off communication, but that is weird. I don't. Why are you touching the food like, dude,

even if it is just to containers? No, don't

smell No, because you're actually physically still touching the containers where the customer is going to touch it to where I assume that the cute oh boy had gloves on. So literally, you are taking human fingers and touching it and then the customer is going to touch it. So yeah, I would be curious what the container said. I don't think the Granville one does it. Oh, you assume Grandville? Yeah, don't always assume that. That's another trick about the restaurants. It's where the driver is closest if he was closest to the Cordoba metrohealth. He would go there.

But do you think the restaurant would take the time to write five? I mean, five star review, please.

I mean, when you get when you get a new owner, like let's say he's the franchise owner of that one. He's like, you know, hard in the paint trying to you know, get good reviews. I guess. There's mechanisms

to do that online. I mean, that's just

right. That would annoy me. I wouldn't do it.

No, like, I'd

be like, this is annoying. not the only one

solid review.

I wouldn't go that far. I wouldn't go that far. So all right. Before we head into stories, when I'm talking about there's no stories. Sorry. Well, stories. Before we had the gig economy in the news, we're gonna talk about Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid located on Stafford just east of 131 shit. Irvine's auto repair, Grand Rapids hybrid and e v. We're gonna need a new logo like you know me. I'm just gonna read I'm Ron Burgundy. I'm just gonna read what's on the teleprompter and it says Irvine's auto repair although it doesn't say grown over cyber but anyways. 532 6600 or you can schedule on a line. Irvine comm Yes. Or you can schedule right now what during the podcast, I would allow you to be Oh, not pay attention if you want. Okay. Don't take my word for it though. Check out their Google reviews. It's I need to update that. That's probably either that's old. That's an old picture. But yeah, they're great. They do it all from changing an air filter in to get an oil change. Megan will yell at you if you change your own air filter. That's the only people that get that joke are me and Megan. So I hope she heard that. And yeah, they'll do it all from major injury and payer to just simple things so schedule online. Everything's COVID friendly. You don't even have to see him. Drop the keys off pick you pay online, all that good stuff. So Damn it yesterday. Just Realize I wasn't recording your your channel? Boy, I have to correct that. So yeah, Irvine's calling him out. No, I can't accept the stop the recording. Oh, it's a 4.7 with 306 reviews so it's gone up. It's gone up quite a bit. So

thank you guys. Alright, thanks

Irvine's first sponsoring the studio. All right, first up are Uber ordered to pay 1.1 million to blind passengers who was denied 14 rides. Step 14. Ride 14 separate times. Good lord. Let's see. Uber said it strongly disagreed with a ruling. They that what's interesting is the arbitrator also rejected Ubers argument that said it wasn't liable for discrimination because its drivers because they're independent contractors. But I think even if you're an independent contractor, you still have some sort of duty. Yes, I said duty to the people that are disabled to provide your drivers with training and still be responsible for that, or do you disagree with that?

No, I don't disagree at all. But I don't know it. I think it's a tough one. Right? Because why is it Uber responsible? They're doing everything they count on the platform? That's true.

I do is i'm not siding with the big company, because I don't want to be that guy. But I do feel a little bit like,

but but for some I mean, somebody has to be responsible.

Yes. And they are the ones that have the pocketbooks. Correct?

Correct. I guess why was it a bit? Why was he denied 14 times? You know, why is it because he was blind? It wasn't other reasons. Who knows?

Well, it. It says there's a couple Up, up, up, up, up, up up up above? I don't know. It was a couple of issues where they would just drive away or they would harasser. Yeah. I mean, it's just,

I mean, maybe we should talk about the bigger issue here is why would you eat? Why would you deny a ride? Because the passenger is blind?

I think it was because of the dog. She has service dog? Well, yeah, so that's where I think a lot of people are like, cuz Think about all those old guys at the airport. Right? They love to keep their car super clean. So when they see a dog, they're gonna be like, but

I know that but we all know that it's against Terms of Service to deny because of a service dog. Right? So at least Uber should kick those 14 people off the platform.

Yeah, I mean, I'm assuming they are. Yeah, she said she got fired from her job because she was late. See, one thing that is article brought up, this is what this platform was designed for by people that can drive like, how are you not taking this is for I mean, it's not like a wheelchair service. Don't get me wrong, but she will never be able to drive. So this is what an amazing tool for her to be able to get places.

But but but on the other side of that fact, though, is she shouldn't plan that that tightly on on that she can't I mean, it's not Uber drivers fault that she got fired because she was late. I'm sorry. That's Well,

I mean, if you deny the ride,

if you were, how close to when she needed to be at work. Did

she do that? I'm not gonna get super technical about it. I'm just saying in general, you expect when the driver comes that he's gonna pick you up? And who knows he could have been the only driver within 30 minutes and she had to wait another 30 minutes. I'm not saying Yeah, I know. You know, the dog ate my homework more.

There's more sides to it than that. Yes, I agree. I agree. I'm for me. The bigger issue is why did writers cancel? I mean,

because they're assholes. Well, yes.

Not drivers drivers. Yeah,

yeah, I know what you met the drivers. Yeah, it's because they're assholes. And people are. I mean, I would be a little weirded out to having a dog in my car.

I had a plenty of time.

Yeah, but you do think about it. Be like, Oh, this is gonna suck. There's gonna be hair everywhere. Whatever. Not that I would not do it. But I would think about it.

I would not. I'm sorry. I just I don't think about it that way. It Yeah, I never did. I had plenty of dogs. It's just it was full on. It wasn't natural for me to just accept the dog. That's just how I see it. And if there was hair, too bad, bad enough. I'll report it right. Yeah, but if it wasn't, I would go I'm gonna be nice.

Yeah, I'm gonna take care of you. But if there's too much here, I'm going to charge you 50 bucks.

No, but that's that's just what the that's the other side of that platform. That's what that's for.

Yeah. Yeah, I picked up to not to I picked up a blind couple over the mall a couple times at woodland and they had a dog And I didn't have a problem with it. But I also did pull up and go I'm sorry. I just did I don't I don't want it

but you didn't do you did not turn him down? Of course not. No, no, you still did the decent thing.

Yeah, of course I just saying I do think about it when like I'm just like, Oh, this is annoying. But I'm still going to do my what's right.

Whenever I pull up to a patent in ESEA for your child's car seat. That's what I'm thinking. Ah, this is annoying. Because now I'm gonna go, No, it's the worst.

You roll up and I'm like, I think it when I start taking passengers again, if I roll up and see a kid, I'm just gonna roll away. I'm not even gonna communicate with them. I'm just gonna be like, turn the corner cancel. I don't need my $5 or whatever. Just, I'm gonna move on to another place. I

still remember that one time, whether it was the father of the year, and it's just oh my gosh, with you. Oh, yeah, I was picking somebody. I was middle of the day. It was a Saturday afternoon. It was up on the west side, no, East Side. northeast side anyways, and I was picking up a family. And the kid was probably no more than seven. Right? Yeah. And I and I, he was out there by the road. And the dad was in, you know, kind of packing and everything like that. And I was like, and I just kind of asked the kid, you know, nonchalant. How old are you, son? You know, whatever. Yeah. And he goes seven and the dad turn around and like, you don't say I just got yelled at him. Right? Yeah. And then I was like, Okay, well, you know, I need to I need a car seat. And the car just and the dad just kind of went off. I think, are you serious right now?


It was just, and he went off on the sun not on me.

Yeah. I mean, the problem is, though, at seven is kind of delete that. debatable,

but he wasn't tall, right. I mean, he was obviously not old enough to have not have a car seat or booster seat anything? Yeah. Yeah. So there was just no

yeah, I'm not looking forward to that P. Who's on the chat right now. He doesn't do gig work anymore. Cuz he's a big boy. But he had so many car seats. It's not good.

We used to call them car seat, Pete

No, RC v. Oh, my God. I was terrible. Alright, what are we up to next? Okay, so this is kind of interesting.

Yep. So this is a it's a picture from grubhub. Well, it's a picture from Reddit on the grubhub grubhub drivers. Yeah, and so the pizza goes $14.12 to pick up at Wendy's and deliver to the parking lot at then the random you guessed it Wendy's shortest delivery ever. Wendy's was way one when his weight when harm I got when is was too much of a douche to serve a hardworking truck driver on foot through the drive thru. So he had to park and spend extra money to order it from Uber Eats. douche move Wendy's douche move worked out great for me though. And now So the interesting part of that is then some of the comments is should I lay the cash Should I cancel the order after I got the food then give them the food? Give him the food truckers are the life blood of America actually says she had i would i would have let him cancel the order. And then Damn, I did not think of that. I did text him while he was watching me sit at the drive thru. This is unreal. You guys make America run? Yes. I don't know. But I don't know why. But in a situation like this, I do. Whatever. It's fine. It's so But anyways, the big story here is and I've heard about before that that they won't let him go through

well, that every every drive thru is like that. They won't let you walk through for safety, which I totally get. But it does suck the but they

must have they should have a solution for that.

Well, they kind of do now you can order curbside so Oh, if he ordered on the app for Wendy's they would bring it out to that's since the pandemic before the pandemic they didn't have any of that.

Well better upside but didn't have the need for it because before the pandemic he would probably the truck and go into the restaurant. Yeah. Right. This obviously was in the time when the restaurants are closed. That no dining room?

Well, yeah. And at least in in in Grand Rapids. I only know of one Taco Bell and I am sure there's more. So if anyone's in Grand Rapids, you can correct me but I mean, I don't know all of them. But every dining room is close. except the one Taco Bell or the actually the drivers and that's not even open. It's the drivers have to go in to pick up the food. Okay, so anyways,

hey, Pete. Is that like a? I don't know. I can't I can't. I can't not. I haven't decided. If, if if Oh my gosh. Yeah. This is why he said hasn't changed.

Yeah. And then Ben says he's here for Yes, verse grammar. So I think Pete and Ben are on the same page. Oh, my

Okay, you guys need to go away.

This is a new app that yes profound. And I haven't looked into it yet, but it looks interesting.

So based on the pros, which connected me to independent contract work, easy household tasks that anyone can do. Plus I'm able to make my own schedule. top earners make more than $1,000 a week. I'm so happy I found handy for froze.

So it's another gig. Yep. Looks like some stuff that I even could do.

I honestly have not signed up for it. I have Neither but I don't know if they I think on a budget even i'd honestly don't even know

I figured that since you shared it, you would know I went to their website. It's

still interesting concept and as you said, this is things that you can even do. So this is you know, handy for pros. It's small things, large things, you know, it's you know, changing, changing a light light fixture putting in a new door handle that yes off as well. Yep. So little, little things.

Yeah, it's, I have, I'd have to look into it. Because I wouldn't mind like putting together furniture. I mean, I suck at it. But I mean, if you've got like a someone that has arthritis, or whatever, I mean, all that stuff you buy in the store nowadays, is basically you got to put it together. Right? And so I mean, I could do that but again, it would be a little weird. What

it's all the comments. Oh, god my goes handy. giggity

Chris says so you want a handy? Do you want a handy? Always every time I come over here the tables boring under here. But anyways, yeah, I would do it. But then it you know, it's like COVID and then you got you're going in someone's house. So there's some weird things I don't know if I'd want to go you you know, you get this job. You just pull into the no offense if anyone was in a trailer park is just, you know, it is what it is. It's kind of the thing, but you pulling the trailer bargain is just a nasty one. You open the door and it's just like, smells like death. And they're like, yeah, this is not worth what. I'm

putting it together. But you're carrying it yourself.

Yeah. I'm gonna do it on your deck. I'm less likely to get hepatitis out here and set it inside the trailer. So just not mocking handy, but just in general. So yeah, it looks like it looks like it's a cool little app.

Yep. And Chris was not offering by the way.

Oh, sugar jets. Alright. Okay, so yes, for your up for this one. I know this is your favorite.

This is another one from Reddit. This is Uber drivers.

I have been peeing in bottles for years still waiting for my body from Uber. So basically, this is just a you know, since Amazon apologize to their drivers saying they actually do pee in bottles and that they need to allow more time but it's I'm read the comment as both an Uber driver and Amazon driver. I've never piss in a bottle unless I choose to do so. Okay, that's the stupidest sentence I've ever heard. Don't get

me wrong.

Don't get me wrong. Amazon drivers that take their time seriously, you may see it as their only option, which is why it happens with them. But if you're pissing in bottles as an Uber driver, it's just because you're a weirdo.

And we all know Jason.

I know I didn't stop cussing p fuck shit. Damn soon. There you go. No, I'm not a weirdo. Like, who wants to go into the bathroom? Okay, it's three in the morning and you're out in the boonies. Like, okay, I guess you could just open the door then piss out. Because if you're

out in the boonies and there's rain in the morning, there's probably nobody around and just go into the field, man. Yeah,

and I guess most cities even jennison I think has a Speedway that's open 24 hours the one on Baldwin. So I don't know. I like to pee in bottles. Okay. Why did I say that? Did I just say that? That's not what I meant to say. I find it convenient. And I it's it's easy. I did it all day to day at work. I mean, I work outside. What am I going to do? Christopher says, What about Uber weed delivery? That's never going to happen? Because they actually said themselves until the feds make it legal. They're not going to do it. So that's never gonna happen. Or I shouldn't say never. But yeah, it's going to be down the road. So hey, I like I said before God blessed me with a tool to pee in a bottle. And I'm going to pee in the bottle if I need to. It's okay.

You can be in the bottle. You have my blessing to pee in a bottle. Thank you.

Thank you. Am I not a weirdo?

I didn't say that.

Oh, yeah, be you gotta hate bosses. Man. The side project that sucks. You better get working on that. They're kind of assholes. All right, next up is about social distancing, which is super hilarious.

Hey, thanks, Pete. By the way.

Yeah, pee go pee in a bottle. Alright, this is this takes social distancing to the next level.

No fucking way.

So he threw a bucket down from the apartment. Probably the third. Some guys gonna die. Looks like Jimmy John's. He puts it the food in the bucket. And and he just pulls it up third or fourth floor 123 4/4 floor. I mean, it's a way to do it.

How did you get his tip though? That's what I want. How is he gonna get the tip?

I'll tip you in the app, bro. Yeah, right, that's gonna happen. So that's a good way to keep socially distant Chris says he use iced tea half gallon bow. Where the hell do you put that? See, I use a perfect Powerade bottle or a vitamin water bottle because I can stick it right in my door. And I don't you know, it's easy to conceal. Except when the carwash guy takes it,

which has happened a few times one time,

all right, second ad of the night. womply. What a name womply. I talked about this last time, and they teased me that I ripped on their name. So womply is a has designed PPV fast loan to help the underserved self employed community access the PPP funds. They said there's about 20 days left for the first draw. And I don't know about the second one, or maybe maybe it's 20 days in general for the money.

I think it's Yeah, you have to sign up. No, I

think it's they're out of money and 20 days,

they said they're like, that's what I meant. Oh, it's not the second draw first or what? Oh, it's just apply within 20 days. Yeah,

yeah. And if you apply on that 20th day, you might not get it. But yes, per night. Nope. Oh, shut up, Mark. Where's the say that? Oh, that's not from that. That was that's old verbiage. It actually ends on May 31. Mark's gonna get kicked out of the show in about two seconds. So yeah, ends may 31. They extended it. So yeah, go ahead and apply. The link is in the description. I've already been funded. My first one, me personally, I am going to hang on to the money and then when it gets forgiven, then I'm going to spend it because I really don't want to. I don't want a loan. I don't need a loan right now. So that's what personally I'm doing. But you can do whatever you want. But there's two draws on it. I got a significant amount, like, a significant amount. So

what and yes, but you still needed it? Well, of course. I mean, that's, that's I mean,

the money is there for gig workers, right? Because the work was slow. So it's there, it's just gonna get go away, you might as well take advantage of it. So right click the link, I think it's womply comm slash gig economy podcast, but just click the link in the description. And don't listen to mark. He's a dick ends may 31. And I will change that slide. I'm making a note right now.

There's my note. Yes.

See, I'm making a note right now

change. Lee. So I'm gonna be talking about this story from the rideshare guy about Uber rolling back the driver features in California. And there's one particular driver feature that they're rolling back that people don't like to do rolling back, which is the ability to set your own price.

Honestly, I didn't even know that they could do that. I mean, I know I remember us talking about it. But I mean, what does that even mean? set your own price? Like you can set your own multiplier? Oh, no kidding.

supplies. Uh, basically, there's talking about one writer, they add, they talked to a one one driver. And basically he said, I used to drive with one point with that 1.8 multiplier as a regular. Yeah. And then he said, so in times when I knew there was nobody around. No, no, no one around. I would, I would make it a three times multiplier. And sometimes I was even testing with a five times multiplier. Wow, just to kind of see how it was going. And he was averaging 40 to $50 an hour night. Okay, by doing that way, but but so there, Uber is removing that feature now that you know because of Proposition 22. And and so so basically the gist of the article is that that that since Uber one, if you will, they are no longer kind of giving us all these extra features. So this was only in California.

Yeah, I'm gonna pile on that a little bit. It looks like I did a double article. So they had said, uh, later on, I added an article. That's basically what you're talking about. But they said the rider cancellation had increased 117% over the past year. So that's they're like, oh, we're not making money. Correct. Although if people need a ride, like, unless it's just like during party time, but most of that's been during the pandemic. So,

yep. I read another article, which we don't we don't we don't have it on tonight. But there was another state where there was talk about Uber had mentioned that they wanted to bring back the multiplier to that state, but they couldn't, because there was a constant. That state was still in a state of emergency. And so because of that Uber was not allowed to do you know exuberant pricing.

Yeah, you know, the state of you know, the last podcast was Steve mentioned that the multiplier is live and working in in Denver, Colorado, where he's at So, I mean, it they are bringing it back for some people, but I don't even know probably not Mike is where they don't need to, though. Why would they? Why would they don't want to charge the customers more? I mean, they do want to charge them no more. But obviously, you know, people get pissed off. They're not gonna they're just gonna cancel

which the story tool for this one here also goes that because they're they're removing the multiplier the said your price multiplied they're taken but they're bringing back up from pricing for riders. Yeah, so so that's kind of, again, two benefits obviously too for the riders and not so much for the drivers.

I feel bad that I didn't know that they could set their own multipliers, I never even realized that. So it must be at the beginning of their shift they're like, or when they sign on the app, they're like what you want to set it at? Yeah, it'd be weird because like you would compete with other drivers because the the driver, let's say you said that to driver a Is that too driver B is out 1.7.

Right now I'm

wondering how it looks on the rider and like how they can?

Well, it's probably gonna, it's probably going to offer the closest cheapest ride there is there's a parameter there.

I'd be interested to see if if the 1.7 guy wasn't quite as close. If they would offer that on top of the 2.0. guy that was closer and you could still choose the guy farther away. That will make sense. Yeah, would make sense. So you could decide who you want. Yeah, it's basically leaves. So that's super interesting.

I didn't know they were doing that. But I just want them to bring back the multiplier here and grant. Remember those nine saw? I still remember that New Year's Eve but I almost made 1000.

Dude, the Garth Brooks for me that Garth Brooks weekend I had a 9.9 multiplier. I'm like, not I made like $250 for like a 15 minute ride or something.

I have three and a half. I had about three and a half hours at New Year's Eve way I made constantly. I had $50 nights.

what's crazy is that people were paying that I know. Yeah. I mean, they didn't care. No, three $400 to get home safe. Okay. And what

was my mind was like, 510 510 minute rights and then now they were constantly 3540

All right, no, I'd walk. I don't care how cool that is. I would never pay that much. Screw that shit.

It was but people did.

I know. Those are the good old days. And now we're not even driving passengers because of this fucking pandemic. Alright, so let's see this one.

I still would be comfort when I come back. Probably in your Mazda? Nothing comfortable about the

masters. Nothing comfortable. Okay, so this is

a good one. That's a joke that Jason good. Yeah. Thank you.

Thank you. This is a video about no free rides. So we're gonna watch that real quick.

I remember this video. Yeah. That happened to my to me one time. Yeah.

I'll explain it once we're done.

No, cancel. By No, no.

Sorry. No, no. Why? Because the canceled does doesn't matter. I mean, you could go in and call her but she canceled. She canceled. Yeah, she canceled. You

may call her. No.

I can't call her. I mean, it's already out. I mean, there's no way for me to call her. I'm a total fan of this guy's phone phone holder.

Dude, I was like it's so weird. It's for the audio listeners. He's a bigger guy but it's like mounted up right by his armpit or a little bit lower. So he just kind of looks down like this. I'm like, how do you see your maps when you're but here's Okay, explain this to me is there's no free rides. How is that person getting a free ride just because they canceled when they got halfway there. And then he does it again. like

whoa, so the idea is right that once you're in there, then he's gonna take them home. Right?

Oh, that you're hoping that the guy's like Ah, that's fine. I'll just take the rest of the way home. Exactly. You're not even so I wonder how that works. If you drove let's say it's a 20 minute ride right drive for 10 minutes and then they cancel Do you get up till that point? Or do you only get $5 for the cancel fee? It's been so long that I've been in this situation I don't even freaking remember.

I don't know. I don't know either.

I thought there was a you got a portion of the ride plus the cancellation fee not the full like 10 million you

would get paid full all the time you sure? Well, that makes sense if you dead I guess because

ending the ride and canceling the ride are two different things like they don't

why are they even able to cancel the ride once it's been started? That's mean, why is that possible?

Well, because maybe they don't know. Tell the driver or that the car is or sorry that the writer is actually in the car. They don't know.

So Angela says she got nothing. And Christina says you get paid to the right ends. So it happened to me. Probably two and a half years ago. It was down on the strip down on we have a strip mall lions, whatever that thing I own you know, I own your thank you lions. Lions I own Yeah. And see it's been that long. I can't remember the name. I

know if you drive downtown. It's like a ghost town. It's so strange. It was on my own.

Yeah, I they fill up my car. Right. And and for some reason, they didn't have enough for the whole group and and they will find about it. But for some reason the guy with the phone and the ride did not come with us. He said I was gonna take the next one. Yeah, and I was stupid at the time. Right. So I saw driving, and I hadn't even gotten 1010 feet. And the road. Yeah,

cuz he wanted to request one for himself.

Then he cancelled the ride. Right? Yeah. So I just pulled him to the side so everybody out like Why? Cuz he just cancel the ride. Yeah.

You're like not a rookie. Christopher brings up you get paid till the right end. So I think it's different on who cancelled so if the, if you just say I'm ending the ride and just ride you're gonna get paid from point A wherever, even if you didn't make it to the destination. But I'm wondering if the customer cancels. So why

is the customer even able to cancel? They shouldn't what I want to know.

They shouldn't be able to cancel at once the cars moving No. Like the they should they should know, Uber should know that the car is moving and they're like, okay, you can't cancel the ride. Because we've all had it where they drunk cancel. They're not meaning to but they end up canceling. I literally think they're not trying to scam. They're just so drunk and run around with their phone. But yeah, I agree. I don't think they should be able to cancel once. I mean, but what happens if I guess they could say I want to get out here then you would just

they can end the ride. Yeah, that's different than canceling the ride. Right?

Yeah, you would think at least she said angel said took some over 28 and Breton downtown. I had no idea it was going on. Literally just disappeared mid ride. Yeah. I mean, when you're new, you just don't really realize what's going on, especially if you. Let's say you have the volume down. You don't hear the canceled thing. And you have another GPS app up. You wouldn't even know you'd get to the destination. You'd be like, Aw, shit, I just did not get paid. Like, where's this ride? Or you get a request? You're like, wait a minute. But

yeah. So I ended up it goes to us, you know, a nice person took them to the destination. We've all done that. I know. Yes. I've taken people to that destination, but not because they cheated, you know? Yeah. And that's Yeah, we thought that was a bullshit move.

We're, um, we're all we we've all been punching bags at a time. Absolutely. I mean, it's sometimes it's just part of the part of the thing. So you know, so

so I want to just follow up here real quick. Angela, what the what Banga Yuen.

She's from gr.

Oh, I didn't know that. Oh, thank you. Alright, cuz you've been on the stream before 20th and Burton had it make sense. So no mind.

All right.

So this one, this is your Yes, sir.

Thank you for reminding me. This is another Reddit. This is Lyft drivers. Bad neighborhoods. What do you guys think about three starting people just because they live in a bad area. Like they could be really nice, but you just don't feel comfortable there. So I think this is something we talked about many times about different ways of you know, figure out whether or not it's a good area and that kind of stuff. And I know one particular gentleman who was on on the show earlier tonight that had to leave Pete Excuse me. There was a couple of times where he wish he knew who you know who IV was on the other side you know where he wasn't that kind of stuff. So no I'm not a fan of three Stein people just because of where they live. That's not something that is the that that is

that's the biggest dick move. How How terrible you're like you're going to three star them because they're underserved, like

no that's good is that that's a really that's a big move. Absolutely. But you know those areas when I when I was driving at night in particularly in the beginning, I would stay away from areas after after one a

there's nothing wrong with staying away from the area but actually punishing the passenger because they live in a certain area is like that's a big move this total dick move. I couldn't believe that that person even wrote that.

So and of course the one comment that I'm going to bring up there is there is like go get a job scary people like you make me sick to my stomach. If you if you're that afraid to drive them, why bother? Go to Burger King and flip burgers, giving People low stars because of where they stay is just evil. And that's true.

I'm telling you that the guy that does that is the same guy that doesn't pick up the blind person with a dog.

That is true. I mean, that is true. Yeah. Yeah, I can't. But I think the biggest thing is that Yeah, you should not be driving. If you consider doing stuff like that. You should not be doing gig work in general. It's

just common sense. Like even him writing that if he was actually serious, like if you would reread that after you wrote that you're like, wait, I'm punishing the passenger. Because where they live, like, punish him if they don't tip you.

You know what I mean? Other behavior? Yeah, exactly. Because of where he lives, right. Yeah, no.

So this has been going around that I don't have any slides for this. But Uber has announced a to fill $250 million stimulus to bring back drivers. The company said that the incentives will help welcome back existing drivers and ensure first time drivers do well as they learn the ropes. Okay, whatever. I missed that when I first read it. See kind of cut out of course, there's an ad. So in Austin, for example, drivers are guaranteed 11 $100 if they do 115 chirps, the company said and Phoenix drivers are guaranteed 17 $100 if they do 200. So here's the thing, those are just guarantees, they are not bonuses. And again, 200 trips in a week.

So what why don't you tell the tell the difference between a guarantee and a bonus?

Yeah. So this is where people get tripped up all the time, a guarantee basically says, Uber will pay you and I know I'm not saying you guys are dumb when I'm explaining this, but some people literally don't know, right? The guarantee means if you do the 200 trips, no matter what you made, you'll at least make 17 $175

they will pay the difference between wide, you're made to the 1700. Right?

And don't, hey, they've done the math, they know how to figure it out. They're really not going to pay if they're going to pay much. It's going to be 20 bucks. You know what I mean? And there's a real good chance you'll probably make more than that. Right? So in that include, I think that includes tips to

it probably.

Yeah, so the bonus is totally different. Like if it's a legit bonus. One of them that's been floating around the country is the three rides for $100 I have not gotten that.

There's a bonus like that.

Yes. It's it's for drivers that haven't been driving for a while. So obviously I was doing Uber Eats so they're not offering it to me. But there's drivers in Oh, Sam's mom did it. She got offered it three rides. 100 bucks.

Holy shit.

I know you need to get back. Well, you probably won't. Well, I guess if you do get approved. And you don't drive? Yeah, thanks. Well, I mean,

I know you will get I am waiting for Uber to actually get me back on the road. Apparently my background check collapsed and is now taken three weeks to get that back.

See Chris said 100 for three is what got him driving again. That's the whole point. I would do it too. If I didn't I I don't have an inspection. If I was l legal and with inspection, and I got that offer, I would go take three rides for 100 bucks. I mean, 100 bucks, right? I mean, you know how much stripping I have to do for 100 bucks. I'm only getting quarters thrown at me. So you know, I'm gonna be out there for 12 hours.

You know, CMS sticks.

What seems a quarter stick to you by like a weird, Christopher says 200 trips is killing yourself. Yeah, that's killing yourself. I mean, that's bad. And I know Tom from Chicago, who he's gotten a ton of bonuses like he made what did he make? I don't know if you saw in the group it was like two grand for the week.

Oh, why bonuses

and tips. So yeah, definitely look for the verbiage of bonus if it's a guarantee. It's probably not i'm not saying it's not worth it. But you're going to earn every bit of that Penny curbed know that come out.

Every penny of that bet. Oh,

yeah. Sunday. We Got it. Got a guy that went to private school and guy from from Denmark. So then Mike, do you know what it is? No, I don't. By the way every time our interview earlier tonight said Jesper it just cringe. I cringe. I didn't want to correct them. I should have liked Okay, it's fine. I just hate it.

I don't know why. Okay. There are strange things every day. I'll be ready for that. Which strange things every day. are you delivering food for Brooklyn? Oh,

hold on. Hold on. I'm not there yet. This is just odd. Okay.

I know. I have a delivery delivering food for Brooklyn. She does not live here. This is not Silver Springs apartments. You have the wrong address. I don't want food. Her tastes sucks. So apparently, Brooklyn has been getting food there a lot of time. Well,

here's the thing too is the is the pin just dropping it where they live? I don't know. And is it literally the same address? Are these drivers not confirming like I don't just drop food. I look For the address like

well, but there's been instances though where what and so you say you look for the arrows I confirm it I


then there's been instances where where the pin is actually wrong for the ad 100%. Right. And so maybe that's one of those

but they're still not confirming it the only way I would leave that there is if it was the same street with the same number.

Even if the pin was wrong as always, you just report and get free food. Right? Exactly.

Exactly. I mean, how what kind of dumb ass I mean, if Mike delivers heard this from the mic delivers podcast, he would be ashamed at that driver. Like, how are you not verifying there's only one or two areas I go when I deliver and I couldn't tell you what they are offhand that the GPS is off. Oh, yeah, I got one. It doesn't really matter. It's off. Wilson. There's some condos. It's off every time you have to. Like if it says it's right here. It's usually 10 condos now the new condo is all about No it's not. It's it's across from those. But it's Wilson and not by you. Up and grandpa Oh, I get your but um, but yeah, it's wrong every time. So I know that going in there. But you just got to verify. It's not that hard. I know. And clearly, that guy gets a lot of food for Brooklyn inner taste sucks. She's probably ordered frickin McDonald's or something like that. But I guess if she did order good food. I mean, I would eat it. I would tell them. Hey, this is the wrong one. I actually I probably wouldn't. The first

time I weighed you never broken. Yep, this is me.

No, no, I would never say it's, it's for me. But if they just dropped it and left. And I'm like, What the hell? There's food on the you know what I mean? I have a camera that goes off when people come in or come to the door. But I don't know. Good lord. Okay, what are we up to Patreon? Well, if you'd love to support us on Patreon, we would love to have you we do an extra podcast what we were talking about earlier, we interviewed somebody that is going to go up on Patreon first and then to everyone else. cool little concept.

If we get two people signing up for Patreon tonight, I will get Jason a T shirt. Oh, sweet Jesus.

He didn't even say which tier so you can sign up for the $5 tier five tier doesn't get you anything from us just say thank you. You're just you know, tipping us in the app, but the unicorn gets you an extra podcast a month. Usually a live video or sometimes live sometimes not. You get the video and then you get the audio a special RSS feed for you. You get a piece of merge. And then the before show banter, which I've been terrible with the last couple podcasts. So

a good job of selling it right now.

I know. I know.

Yeah. The banter has been bad. But yeah, we would love for you to support us. I need a sweatshirt yesterday says if we get to I said t shirt. That's what you said merch.

I said t shirt.

A t shirt. It's summertime, I will take a T shirt. So if you go to patreon.com search gig econ pod, I think it is I don't know, they don't let you put there's

a link in the link tree.

There's Lincoln link tree. And then if you do go to patreon and just search the gig, it will come up. I've done it before. So thanks, guys, everyone that's already supporting us on the gig economy, Bob. So this is funny, you know, I realized, like all the ones that you shared, I put my name on it. And it's not like it's just, it's just how it worked out. I don't specifically do that. But anyways, Yes, for sure. This is from Lyft. It says he obviously had a question about some sort of insurance or front seat passenger says hi, Shane. Upon checking on our end, the front passenger seat is not insured as part of lis lifts health safety commitment, the front passenger seat must remain empty. Both apps have done that for the pandemic. So are they saying that if someone does sit in there, they're not insured? I mean, that's literally what that says.

But I'm sure it is also to save money.

I'm sure it is to but I feel like this should be blown up more than when

our podcast Why does it have to be because they say it's against terms to have anybody sitting in the front seat?

I know. But I mean, you know, it happens every day.

Yeah, I but just just like we many years ago used to drive without the writer. Yeah, we took the chance we roll the dice every time we go on the road. People are doing that today.

You're right. And so if you hear this, do not put anyone in that front seat because your insurance company is going to say hey, you screwed up. You violated Terms of Service. I mean, maybe they will cover I don't know, but if the guy gets killed, they won't. I don't know. That's crazy. I'm not gonna mess with that. I mean, when I get back to it,

I mean, what happens if you break the law? If that's

not a law that's

technically let's say you are on the road, right? What happens if you are in an accident and for instance, you are an E braided The insurance or do the insurance

call you're saying you're saying hypothetical not driving? Oh, I think they do. Okay. I'm pretty sure they do.

I mean,

that's a really good question,

though, I guess, right.

Yeah. Mark says, I never knew that you weren't supposed to sit in the front. No. You're only a creeper if you sit in the front but no. When the pandemic started just

yeah, it only because of the pandemic, right?

Yeah, normally it was fine. But like an XL is now like 5x

plus five and and x is three, three.

Yeah. So yeah, it's just from the pandemic to slow the spread, I guess of Coronavirus is to six, six feet, right? Yeah. Well, it's not six feet. I mean, if you're driving your Mazda six, it's a Mazda? Correct. But yeah, definitely, definitely. Do not put anyone in there. I mean, I feel like the rideshare guy who's kind of the OG of podcasting and gig stuff should be talking about this. Because that that seems crazy that if that happened, I mean, again, the chances are slim to none. But that probably happens every day that someone Oh, yeah, driving gets in an accident.

And Jerry Yes, it is, it is just a COVID thing. And it'll come back, you know, once once to COVID lifts and everything gets back to normal, if you will, even the new normal will be back to having people sitting in in the past. Now,

I think I'm gonna keep it that way. No one touched my damn radio, I don't have a damn ox cord. I don't care if you're cold, shut your mouth. And let's get going. All right, next. And then give them a fast five star rating. Of course, always five star. So the writer verification, which is I'm super excited about it's not as exciting as it should be. But

it is kind of. So again, the big thing is when I first read the article, I read driver verification feature, right? As I wanted this, but then the big thing here is it's actually the writer verification feature, which is really cool. Because now they actually have to verify with a piece of with an ID, which is really cool. Because

Can I clarify that? It's not everybody? It's only for use a debit card? Correct? Yeah. Or, or a gift card? Okay. You just want to clarify? Yes,

yes. If you're using a, if you're using a gift card or a prepaid or something like that, then you have to verify. And it's for safety reasons, right, which is this is good for for the drivers, this is good for us to, to really kind of be able to to know who we could get in the car.

My question is, why don't they just do it for everybody? Like, I don't see why it's so I mean, it's more I feel like it's more of a I mean, it isn't a safety thing, but I kind of feel like it's something just to help them out.

But are they already doing it?

Maybe for No, I don't think they are I think they just they're acting like it's a safety thing. But they actually are doing it on the back end anyways, just to make sure they get paid. Meaning before they

Oh, that's good that I thought about that way. Yeah.

Right. So they're presenting it as like a new safety thing. But they're like all we want to get paid. So we want to verify this person is legit.

But if it's pre paid, aren't they

getting paid no matter what, that's true, if it is private, or a gift card, but you would think the money's already on there. What it What does it matter? So maybe it is for safety? I don't know. I don't understand. Like, why we can't just do it for everyone, then.

That's correct. I mean, I mean, but maybe we talked earlier today we had an interview It is very, very cool. new thing coming out for safety as well. But but just I mean, we talk about that all the time about safety for for us drivers, we see those huge the increase in incidents, we should call it with people and I have in a car stolen or all that kinds of stuff. That is just craziness.

Hey, I have a question for you kind of a throwback to the earlier about the the blind person winning that lawsuit. What happens to the guy that Uber Eats driver that died that we talked about last podcast? Is his family, okay to sue Uber?

No, I wouldn't say no. I mean, they I mean, they could say

the same thing. Right? And they will and they will win. I guarantee it.

But Uber didn't.

Exactly. I totally

get what you're saying. But it's literally the same thing. Uber that guy was an independent contractor.

But it's not the same thing. Right? His car his car was hijacked.

That's true. You're right. It is different because they should have Well again, it kinda is they should have provided more safety features for that guy. That's what the law that's the lawsuit will say.

But in what, in what sense? Exactly. I mean, he's an Uber Eats driver. Right? Right. Two people jumped in so random two people jumping into his car. I know my my point of view. was delivering, right. My

point is though that family could sue and probably would win.

Oh, I agree. But why would they win? Why no buts fault.

I know. But I'm wondering when they're gonna say when?

When they're in office and oh,

yeah, well, like, what what else could Uber do to make it more safe? We talked about why the company that we interviewed earlier, I think that's a step in the right direction. There, they're actually asking, I've seen a lot of the subreddit groups there. Uber's, asking if you have a dashcam. Can you register it? So they are doing more things to do it? But I don't know what else they could do?


I mean, other than having, I mean, in that situation, I know this is gonna sound ridiculous when I say this, but other than having a armed guard in the car with you all the time. That was the only way that guy would got not. I mean, he got killed because he tried to protect his car, but I mean, got killed, because those teenagers are pieces of shit. But my point is, there was nothing that no one could do Uber or the police or anything, because it's such a random act of violence. So

yeah, I don't know.

So the one thing I thought about and I did, I realized that this wouldn't have helped in this particular situation. But we have heard that in all the big cities there is that there's a big increase in hiring carjackings for summer, but I'm assuming it's because I'm sorry,

I hurt. Something fell upstairs. Megan just fell.

Honey, are you okay? I'm assuming it's because people leave their cars on locked and possibly even running as they're dropping off the food.

It was sorry. It wasn't that situation for that guy. But that does happen. Yeah.

So but that's the thing. I don't know. I mean, if I was outed, doing more food delivery, I would never do that. And particularly not in an area where we you know,

yeah, it can happen. Yeah, it can happen anywhere. That's funny, you bring that up, because I I don't know if I've talked about it on the podcast, maybe in the telegram group. But the my next car is going to have that NFC chip in it where I can just lock my car, which I do every time anyways. But where I don't have to fumble for a key. It's so annoying and doing 20 deliveries a day. And you know, I actually don't do it when I drop the food off, though. I never I leave the car run and sometimes the door open.

But it's also going to have as Michigan.

Yeah. But I mean, I think I would even in Detroit, or Chicago? I think I would I mean, depending on what neighborhood I'm in. But I mean, like, I'm not, at least at the restaurant, you're actually going in and I can't physically see my car. Right. But when you're dropping food off taking a picture. I mean, it's literally 20 seconds. I'd be curious if we did a poll

if I'm in people's driveway.

Yeah, that's what I mean. Yeah, like I dropping off.

I don't lock there.

Yeah, you mean the for deliveries he did.

Here like you son of a bitch got


All right.

So we kind of talked about that. Yeah, we really just have two more pictures. And then we're done. Oh, we flew through it. Yeah, we're at 104 or 104 104. Yeah, I was read as

an idiot. Okay,

this is hilarious. Always. I

need it. Thank you. You're welcome. It is mine. Yep, I am so big. I didn't notice that the pizza I wanted didn't add to the cart before I hit order. So I just waited an hour and a half and paid $15 for one side of ranch dressing and nothing else. But why do they deliver side

hairs. But what's crazy is that the delivery fee was $8.22. Like there must and he said he waited an hour and a half. So there must not have been any drivers around because they must have the prices when there's so is 99 cents for the ranch. $3 in taxes and fees. 822 for the delivery and the guy tipped


Oh my God. That's how high are you?

This is how high I am.

Oh my god.

Oh my god. So Christopher actually just had a question. And I'm going to bring it up because we have a question. Yeah, sound so so what happens when customers four year old kid gets in your car and you'll crash? So my assumption, Christopher is if the customer brings their own car seat, and the car seat is approved and valid, nothing would happen other than the fact that you let's say it's not your fault, it crashes, you know, you crashed or whatever. Everybody's insurance would pay out and everything is fine. Right? Because Yeah, you're following the rules and align our stuff now. If there is no car seat and said four year old is swung from your car and die. I don't like that. Then I don't know what happens. But I know you're in a world of trouble. Yeah, I mean,

you know, Pete and I kind of argued back and forth early on about providing

have you left the garden to live while delivered? I

think I think that's what he's talking about not actually driving a four year old meaning you leave the car running in the driveway and the four year old gets in and drives it, I think, I don't know.

Ah, and then he crashed your car.

Yeah. But anyways, going back to my original Goodman, I used to argue because I said, I might just provide a car seat. He's like, Yeah, what about the litigation if you know, the car seats bad or whatever, by? I mean, I think a jury would look at it and say, at least he was trying to be safe. But I think it's I think it's if you're going to take somebody I'd rather have my own car seat than no car seat. I guess I would look at it that way.

But don't take somebody. I mean, I don't know. I had a booster seat. To be honest. When I drove I had a booster seat. And I offered that a couple of times. Yeah, but only a booster seat.

Yeah, now I'm not talking like an infant seat. Yeah, I wouldn't even know how to install that thing. My kids are 2313 and 10. I haven't done that and a long ass time. So anyways, yeah, I think he was talking about if you got out, that's what he was talking about. I don't know you beat that kids asked and you go to your next delivery.

And then I think you get sued.

Alright, last slide for the night. It's nothing breaking or anything. It's just disgusting. So as doordash just says, handle customer. Please actually leave at the door. I have herpes on my hands and don't want you to touch me.

Okay, thank you.

So, basically, so there's different kinds of herpes, right? There's like the I'm assuming he means like the cold sore. But isn't that just on your mouth? Like, and then there's genital herpes. Like, are they all they're all different? Right? Like, what kind of herpes are we talking about on this guy's

doesn't matter. Your Why? Why does it matter? Good point,

it does not matter what kind of herpes you have on your hand. That's disgusting. Why are you putting it in? The frickin report? Like just leave it? I swear it had to be a joke. But Geez. cursor says when I was learning pizza is always told to turn off the car because you never know. Someone getting your car. I mean, totally 100%. Yeah, it could happen. And I'm sure it does on a daily basis. people's cars get stolen. But anyways, Well, guys, thank you so much for listening. Thank you, Mark, sort of. Thank you, Christopher, for tuning in. You're used to watch quite a bit and then you were gone for a while maybe because of the pandemic and then he's back. Yep. Thanks, Pete and everyone else that joined in.

What do we got coming up? We

had that interview, that'll come on Patreon. And then we got another we got got. We have three interviews this month. You know, they're not all going to come out at the same time. But right, some cool, some cool new. What would you call the one we talked about?

A tech thing? Yeah, service is safe, safe safety feature safety feature.

The next one is a possible new gig that you could do and the next one has to do with banking. Trying to help the economy worker. Oh,

yeah, absolutely. Oh, Jen. I didn't even realize you on what Janice

she's creeping in the background. Thank you, Jana, by Janet. Have a good night. Thanks, guys. See you guys.

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