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And he brought that home and then we kind of didn't do anything from the studio for a long long time. And he brought it last time I just wasn't feeling it, but I was like tonight we drink moonshine. Cheers Cheers. Yeah drinks drink only for not driving.

Yeah, don't drink and drive.

So what's going on?

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That makes sense. They don't want to

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I know a new phone and I said that Janet?

I don't know.

I don't know. But all right, first up.


let me get my bearings here. Okay,

your phone and that's not what it's called. But what I'm trying to figure out what I was Yeah. What do you what do you I said the name wrong.

So what name?

What Jen is coming from

New Zealand.

Thank you. Keep saying something else. Okay, guys your time.

Obviously, you can't read this very well. But this is on Twitter, at Uber Eats says hashtag each local. Tell us your area code and we'll tell you what to order right now. Jonathan puts his area code on there. The next response for support. We'd like to look into this to you please send us a DM with the phone number associated with Uber account. We can assist you further. Jonathan's like, Are you kidding me? And I'm like someone else for There are a number on there like Hi, blah, blah, blah. How can we assist? You're like, you started this tweet thing you wanted us to tell you what to order. It's just like this is typical. Uber Eats kind of idiocy. So I thought that was kind of funny.

I yeah, I actually thought it was a spam, like a scam or something. But yeah,

but I appreciate them trying to like, be hip and say, well, we'll tell you what to order. But then you your automated message comes up and says, send us your account. And you're like, frickin idiot. actually post

your password right here.

Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

So this one is a Reddit thing. I want to

share this, I'm not sure where it's from, but it's gonna it's my

Facebook. So


Post, like, this is why America is still trapped in this capitalistic hellscape you got underpaid for your hard work. But even though both the cooperation and the other civilian paid you the same amount of money, you're exclusively mad at the civilian fonder paying you shipped, cut, shipped cut how much we make when they started a new system last year. It's been unfair and they still haven't fixed it. We shouldn't have to rely on tips to get by stop blaming the people who actually chipped and blamed the company that thinks that work you put in today is worth less than it was a year ago.

So this brings up a couple of

what we talked about the shift issue last week, right. Last time, we talked like there are some issues with how the shift is doing the the tipping right now? Um, maybe not next time. We've talked about that before. So definitely is broken. We know that? Well, I

don't think it's broken. They just changed the way they pay. It's not broken. It's a new. It's a new thanks, Andrew. It's a new system of pay. It's nothing. We didn't talk about anything that was broken. Did we we did

I thought some somebody was it, Sam or somebody else who brought up that something? Something in the new system was broken? He's referring to the fact that the new system is still

no, he's talking about the new pay out system. This is not anything that's broken. This is the new payout that that's actually not anything to do with. Okay, yeah. So basically, the discussion point is that we're blaming the customer and not the company that's paying us less sure they did a year ago. Right, right. But I kind of disagree a little bit. And maybe I'm just taking a different side like it's a tipping service. So we do expect to get paid on tips. Now. He didn't quite come out and say it. But are you basically saying that you want to be a regular worker and have the company pay you more money? Or I don't know, I guess I don't quite know.

It could be the same discussion back. You know, what, every time Uber changes the rate right here, I mean, that that whole thing with, you know, the drivers paying or the riders paying the same, but the driver keeps getting less and less and less?

Yeah, I mean, I don't know. I just get kind of frustrated with people that say,

I mean, it comes back to the fact that they don't have to drive. They don't have to do the work. Right. They can do anything else they want. And and you know, they agree to it. Before the fair. The gig Oh, stuff.

Yeah, even if like in regards to ship, they change their their way they pay. Right. So you still take them. So you can go find somewhere else I totally get. But I do want to focus on the customer? Because I do think customers should tip I think you're doing a service for them. It's a service based industry. Sure you not tipping is crap. I think you have an opportunity, or I think you should be frustrated with a customer that doesn't tip.

Oh, yeah. But But I don't think that has anything to do with shipped, whether they were paying one way or the other?

Well, I think it's in a general. He's he's frustrated with America that this, that we're frustrated with a customer and not the company that's basically whether it be shipped Uber doordash doesn't matter. So I think it's just a discussion of, should we be mad at the company? Or should we be mad at the customer that, you know, you shop for him for an hour and a half? And they gave you $0?

Well, I think we should be mad at both, right? I mean,

you can't have your cake and eat it too. You

gotta get one. That's, you know, in this case, though, you don't pick one because I think it's two different issues. Yeah, I


whether or not the person tips they should tap, whether Uber or the service pays well on that don't right.

Yeah, exactly.

They shouldn't be connected.

Yeah, you're right. I mean, so you're saying you should if you do an hour and a half shop ship should pay you accordingly. Like they like what it's worth and then the customer tips, but then they say well, your pay is based on customers tipping and then but then you can say well, not everyone tips. So how

well one way of solving that would be the guaranteed you know the guarantee rate right? So Yeah, if to if shift would say, Hey, I'm gonna make we're gonna make sure that no matter what you make $25 on this one. Yeah. And if at that point, if the person if the person who have who the the path passionate customer, the customer tips, nothing, then ship will go in and do all of it.

Yeah, but the problem is that's not sustainable, though, because then customers will just stop tipping.

No, but the service is just going to be more expensive. Right? Yes. No, I mean, I agree. Yeah, talking to the mic. Just talking to my you were like back this thing. So no, I mean, laughing in front of you. Yes. But I'm just saying that no matter what I did, the two of us should not be connected.

No, but it does bring in conversations about that.

We talked about 100 times before, right? It's like the whole thing about how when you're eating on a restaurant, everybody will check 15 25% not everybody, but most people will, right? Yeah. But you know, you won't tip your driver to get your home safe. You know, or to the person who buys your food and make sure that they do the right thing.

I mean, some people to I mean, Steven, I talked on Monday, what do you think? Where do you think the level of like food delivery is going to go? As as things start opening up? Do you think because it went from dog crap to like, amazing. like Steve was telling me some things like he did. For 10 weeks when everything went locked down. Originally, people were getting 50 $100 cash tips like outside. I'm sure we never experienced that. But I'm curious what your opinion is on food delivery. As things are opening up. Do you think how far do you think it's going to go back to the the crappy way? Or do you think it's going to be half or a third? Or what?

I'd like to think it'll be somewhere between a third and end to end talk today. Which I guess one half and two thirds. I think it's gonna I think it's gonna be better than half that well.

Oh, boy, here we go. Yesterday, Jason.

We should not have had alcohol.

Like no math. No geography on the show. Damn it. Right.

So I don't think it's going to be you know, the exact same as it is today. No, by any means. But I think people have grown to like, the service is service. Yeah. And yeah, definitely. So I think it's kind of fallback somewhat. Yeah. But I don't think it's gonna fold that much back.

Yeah, I guess according to Steve like, Denver is open. Their buyers are 100%.

Open. But how has that affected his his deliveries?

Well, I'm not sure he's doing really any gig work right now. Okay. Um, he's, he's doing work for his main job. You know, we never did. I never did that. I know. He's not taking passengers. I know that for a fact. But right. He was saying they were regularly 15 to $20 surges in Denver right now, like at midnight. So they're back, like almost 100% so I don't think Erna rapids is there yet. Do you even know the limitations on our bars are they is there still a curfew of no you? A we don't go to the bars on our personal time be we're not driving passengers are like so frickin out of the loop

and party I miss it like crazy.

I know. I know.

I just miss it.

Keith said people have changed their habits enough to make a stick also Russell's are better at food delivery than it used to be pre pandemic I and I think those are both right yeah, yeah, totally true. I honestly though, the fees are gonna have to come down for some of these companies to keep it because they're, some of them are only doing it just to stay afloat. Like try to stay in business during this pandemic. I feel like some of them will be like, yeah, I'm not paying 35% of my that you know, every dollar I earn an Uber second 35% or whatever the fee is,

the thing you have to run you have to remember is that person who gets delivery doesn't have to take up a table in your dining room for half an hour.

Right? Right. But my point is as the as as things open up more they they have the dining room filled they don't need somebody delivering food because they have it fall why don't why not do both? Well, I mean, you're still making money you are you provided the kitchen can keep up the kitchen can keep up and you have a staff person that can help track the orders and those kinds of things because I am worried that like right now the the restaurants prioritize delivery drivers because like, while not as much but but when they were close, close, like that's all they had was to go and delivery. I'm worried as they more open up that we're gonna get less and less priority. And you know what I mean? Like,

I know what you mean, don't you think that's going to create division as to what ORDERS WE as drivers are going to take and which we're not going to take. I mean, it's got to be No, we don't really it takes 25 minutes to get the food from that restaurant, man. I gotta go there.

Yeah, I mean, I mean, I do that now. But they keep onboarding so many drivers. You know what I mean? Like that those drivers will take those stupid ones. It's just like, just like passengers, right. I mean, Keith also brought up also pens, how many people died in like they used to? I know, a lot of people who are vaccinated haven't changed their lifestyle as much as I thought. Yeah, I mean, yes, her and I are both vaccinated. We're not going out to restaurants, or it's not to say I wouldn't, but I'm not making a point to do it like, Well, my wife and I have have a, you know, anniversary next month, and we're going to go very, very low. And we're still not comfortable going to a restaurant yet. Yeah.

I mean, and I don't know when,

yeah. So I think it just needs a general shift to positivity. Positivity mean, not COVID, positive, but just sure the numbers are going down. It's just kind of a regular thing. But these many surges that keep happen here. And they're just kind of delays the, you know, the recovery,

I think, for us, once both my children can be vaccinated. Yeah. And, and as you said, once the numbers are more, just under control.

Yeah. Because Michigan, it's come down quite a bit in the last week, but it was Michigan

is ridiculous right now.

Better than what it was, though. Sure. Yeah, we're down to the 3000s. Instead of it was like five or six there last week. But moving on, this is kind of funny. This is actually from Leo, appreciate you sharing that. So the picture on the screen for your audio listeners, it's a picture of Baskin Robbins in the era where Baskin Robbins right ordered ice cream for delivery from doordash. location at which my doordash order was dropped off was just outside the Baskin Robbins. So the tech says your order was dropped off, please refer to this photo for your dash or to provide to see or is left He's like, um, but Baba, this is not right. Why did you leave it in front of the store, not my apartment. And it's a little blocked out there. But it says the app said Baskin Robbins for the drop off point. So I feel like this is a dick move. You clearly know that I've had this happen before, right? I've had a guy only one time, actually. And we used to get that all the time of rideshare drivers because they'd be drunk. And they wouldn't even know what address they put in. But, um, I had a one time and I call them and he was three minutes away. So I said, I'm just gonna bring it to you. But if it was far away, I'd be like, because there's there's no way you can get it. I mean, maybe you couldn't get it adjusted, if you went to support just delivered it and say, but what happens if they didn't adjust it? So you drive 15 minutes down the road with the ice cream, and you only got paid for? So why isn't that built into the app? As far as like, Hey, you should like that. I

mean, it's literally 10 feet, right? geolocation services are good enough for that.

Yeah. Well, you feel like even as a back end in the in the app, somehow it would it would cross check the references to say, hey, wait, the delivery and pickup is the same address Exactly. Why

is that not building a security feature in the app? That was my first comments like what the hell? Well, I

think that drivers a deck? Like why would you leave it there? Call the customer? And maybe maybe he did? I don't know.

Maybe he just saw it as an easy way of making 10 bucks.

I know. But it's so rude that someone

totally is

totally is I'd rather him take the ice cream, then deliver it like that, like you might as well not waste it like, say it was delivered and then just grab it and go. I don't know. But that's the same as everybody else will take the photo off after dropping it off at the pan. I know. I just kind of feel that with that. I just feel like that driver was kind of a dick.

Absolutely. But yes, he was a dick. But my, my comment was, why is that not built into the app? Yeah, check for that.

Well, I think as a tip, we've kind of eliminated that segment just because I hate coming up with them. But I actually think of them as I'm, you know, just podcasting. But I think as a tip for a new driver, if that happens is call the customer and say Hey, what's up? And then at that point, if you don't want to deliver it, then you just cancel it and say, you know, driver, not there are customers out there. I don't know what I did. I had that one time with Uber. And I cancelled it because the customer wasn't there because they put the wrong address in and I just told him I wasn't gonna deliver it and they actually said it was fine. I actually got paid for it. They tipped and I got to keep the food. So

ultimately, it's it's it's the customers fault, right? Yeah, it is. But there's a nice way of of fixed

at least communicate with it. At least not just drop it off and he gets a picture of this. frickin ice cream in front of the ice cream store but

it is kind of a dick move right it is a dick

move and we're only looking at one screenshot so maybe they had a communication about it but my guess is he said peace out got his 10 bucks like yeah for said moved on.

So the next story here is I'd like to say it it's a it's a continuation of the automatic vehicle saga we you know, Uber did it a couple years ago and now Lyft did it. They stay bought they sold their autonomous car division to to Yoda. It's actually good news. So $550 million.

Yeah, that's it too. That's

hilarious. probably wasn't it was much more To be honest, they had done at a much lower level than then.

Because Uber sold theirs too. Right. Right Way mo was theirs right way, Mo way, Mo bought it? Something like

that? Yeah, it was something like that. But I think part of this division, part of this is also is that $200 million was cash upfront. Right? Okay. And then 350 million was over the next five years. But then there's an interesting thing as well, here it says here, the right hand and company says it will see an annual savings of $100 million of non gap expenses, which a claim to a better position to ultimately earn a profit. And here's the insane part. So Yoda has also agreed to use lifts fleet data as platform for any commercial services that eventually launches under its Baldwin planet subsidiary. So that I mean, that's a big part of where companies and a particularly good companies are going to be making money in the form in the future, is going to be renting out or selling the road condition data.


That they are collecting, you know, right, from all of them. I'm sure the apps are collecting ton more data than you think that they owe,

like, like right now.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And, you know, where are people going? What are the conditions of the road, most of it, most cars have at least a couple of sensors built into it. Now that is gathering data on decades. Yeah. So all of that stuff, it's going to be worth that data set, it's going to be worth a ton of money in the future. So just like Tesla today, is collecting just heaps of data of all the of all the, all the individual lanes of the of the road, you know, that kind of stuff. So So is these, you know, the good companies are gonna be selling that kind of stuff out. And so here's as part of this deal here is that Toyota is is, is agreeing to also using the fleet data and platform for for future use. So that's kind of interesting. And a good news for for Lyft as well.

I mean, I kind of liked that they're getting out of him, like, What are you guys doing? Like, let somebody that that's their full time job is to make autonomous cars, right, like, even Ilan, he's like, got this rocket thing. And this car thing is he's going to wait

he, yeah,

I mean, it's like, let's get a company that if you really want to do autonomous cars, you have to just do autonomous cars like sure. I mean, I can see I like a Toyota doing it because at least they're a car company.

Right, right. One, and they have knowledge in mass production and all that.

Exactly. Oh, yeah, they're much more apt to be able to have a car that doesn't kill people than Lyft or Uber. I mean,

right. But I think there's some benefit in the fact that it is a non connected, it used to be at least companies who wasn't specifically connected to any of the Big Three true, just to at least keep some of that initial r&d and that kind of stuff. On a more non connected basis. Well,

I feel like you're right, the big three probably have have the cash to get it through. But yeah, being the big three can also slow things down and be a little clunky,

what but here's the other side of it. Do you need to think the big three of the interest and creating automate, you know, you know, self driving cars?

That's a good question. Because people like to drive, you know, why are they going to make a car that people can't drive? I mean, I think they eventually will. But why is why is Tesla doing it then? Like what's his deal on it just because he likes it and he has a lot of money nice smart.

Well, I think there's still there always needs to be an industry leader in these things right? So I think that he's he's driving before he likes to drive this force and that kind of stuff.

Yeah, but but that's the thing I can you just focus on that like he's doing the underground subway and but he's

not though. I mean, is he done with that? He's out of those he's sold that to virgin? Oh, yeah. Virgin and took took that one over and he's really not connected much in in in the space race either. I mean, it's still his name on why

as I say every other day I see a rocket launch come up and come down and

yeah, he on about it. Right. But it's still kinda I mean, and he's still talking about it. Yes.

If you had the money would you buy a Tesla right now?

I have Tesla so you know, buy a Tesla know a car a car,

would you buy If

I had the money and, and yes and I wasn't in debt I would buy. I'll buy a Tesla. Yes,

yeah, cuz you can get a basic Tesla for like 35 grand. Right. And I don't think it's that bad.

I think ultimately one of the things that you're going to see at least the hope with self driving vehicles is less accidents, right? Which would mean less new cars being sold. Which then would think you would think to say that the big three probably don't have a lot of interest in kuredu in producing self driving cars because that will produce less accidents at least when when there is enough on the road. Yeah,

man, everyone make everyone freaks out when there's an accident. Or like, while this asshole wasn't in the driver's seat, like there was one just recently like, one was in the backseat, and one was in the passenger seat. Literally, no one was in the driver's seat, went off the road crash and burst into flames. They both died, unfortunately, but you're like, yeah, it's self driving, but you still have to be ready just in case the car leaves the road. I mean, can you imagine getting so comfortable with a self driving car in the winter in Michigan and not being in the driver's seat and just letting it do its thing? Oh, hell no. But the icy roads and everything like that see

the thing is still Jason if it was 99% self driving cars and the system would drive itself it would be a way safer if you remove the human factor all together. I agree but I mean obviously we're not there yet at all. No right but i mean invasion that what is that movie came out 1012 years ago with with Tom Cruise

minority report thank you Minority

Report right it's that we're going towards right it's those is the highways where these cars are just all driving crazy crazy crazy crazy. Because it's computers controlling them and they can they have reflexes is fast enough for that.

It's crazy to think about I don't think we'll see it in our lifetime.

I think we will but it'll be further down the road. Absolutely. It'll be another 1015 years.

I feel it's gonna be longer than that. Especially in Michigan when you got the snow and you can't see the lanes frickin Blizzard driving down frickin m six with a wind coming across it 80 miles an hour. And there's no way a Tesla's gonna be able to handle that

with the sensors. You don't need to see the lanes.

Yeah, that's true. Just look for other cars.

Beautiful handle, though, for

Jamie. She said screw self driving cars. Give me a flying car. I feel like that might be safer at this point.

You can buy a fine card. Jamie. They out there?

Yeah. Not for 35 grand like a Tesla.

No. And they actually required to have a you have to have a pilot license. That makes sense.

That makes sense. All right. So this is kind of interesting. It's kind of funny, Jamie chimed in, because she's been a big help with the PPP. But so on the screen here is a GoFundMe for, like Isha golden helped me pay back the PPP loan. I don't know. She said the feds are all funds are glad you appreciate it. We use to pay off all the fees owed to the government. Thanks for your support. But is this I don't know if this is from the original PPP loan that she's freaking out about. But she's she's actually I grabbed this last night. So she's actually made three grand, right? I mean, what, but I'm very confused.

But I thought the whole idea was for the PPP is you didn't have to pay it back. It was gonna be forgiven.

And even if you did, it's a 1% loan.

Unless you don't follow the rules.


Yeah, maybe she spent it on. I mean, it's approved

by the SBA, right? We mean, so somebody seems to at least follow the rules upfront to get approved by the SBA. And so somewhere along the way, she didn't do what she was supposed to do. Well, I

kind of feel like she, she didn't follow the Unforgiven part and spend it all and now they're wanting, they're like, oh, by the way, you owe us, you know, $300 a month for the next whatever, at 1% at 1%. But it's still you. It's it's you got to take away the 1% because I don't I probably should have read the terms a little bit better, but I just assume ours is gonna get forgiven. But I don't know. It's it's not like it's a an eight year loan or anything, right? It's like a three or four year loan. So if you got 20 grand, you got to pay 20 grand off in three years. I mean, you're making $1,000 payment.

I mean, it's not $1,000 payment. Well,

I mean, it's gonna mean it's not gonna be cheap. What's 20,000 divided by 36 months? Go math.

Go math. Well, I mean, it's not going to be three grand either.

No, but my point is, is like, whatever the I don't remember what the terms were. How you had to pay it back, but My point is, I don't know why, what she did or she must have broke the rules, but

she broke the

end. It's the feds. They're not gonna say you're excused.

It's like 600 bucks a month. 600

bucks. Did you do the math?

That's still a lot for a loan. 550 and interest.

Oh, Keith, five 555 He says,

Yeah, yeah, that's

still a lot. I mean, what it is, but it's a lot less than if you had a ball in the bank. probably bought some stupid shit with it. And then she's realizing now she has to pay $555 a month for the next three years to pay it off and can't afford it.

Well, maybe she should have read the file. Maybe

she should have and maybe I should have read the fine print to find out what my terms are. I mean, I know it's 1% but I don't know the length of it. So anyways, speaking of PPP. Oh, and if Mark was on here, I did change the date to may 31. You prick. wobbly, wobbly is gonna listen back to their ads like I've ripped down and because of their name not rep documents like wobbly. It's just a weird name but wobbly has been great. They are basically a company that's third party that helps you fast track through the PPP loan. My guess is that money is almost gone. I have not got an update email for them in about a week.

I saw a note today online to this dough money though.

Okay. Okay. Yeah, ends may 31. The programming but once the funds are gone, they're gone. So, you know, you could get just the first right and not get the second if if they ran out of money, or is it like you have to get both? I don't know. Okay.

Well, it's all based on how much you mean, you have to get approved for the full amount up front.

Okay. Oh, okay. So I guess if they didn't have the money for all of it, they probably wouldn't approve it for the first one. Probably not. But yeah, if you go to, slash gig economy podcasts or gig economy, I can't remember. It's in the description

thing. They both work.

Okay, you can sign up. It helps us to, they've been a great sponsor. And I think this is the last show for them. So

just to be clear, we love my womply.

Of course, we do just the name is just, I have this little fitness band too. It's like kind of like an Apple Watch. But it's not a watch is called whoop. Like what a name. Whoop. Is this some of the names that they come up with things like womply whoop, but anyways, they've been great. We appreciate them supporting the gig economy podcast, go sign up there. Go Sign up now Damn it, or you're gonna miss out on your money. And let us know if you have any questions or message Jamie Lynn Brooks. Thanks,

Chamberlain. Very nice.

Well, she knows what she's talking about. She's smart.

So this next one here I thought was an interesting I actually added it and and it was kind of a new thing, providing write a feedback. And I thought that was interesting. When you read a writer, three stars or lower will now share feedback with the writer and deactivate those who repeatedly violate our guidelines. We care about your experience and want you to feel safe and supported on an off the road.

This is really cool to see if it's legit.

Now, I didn't see whether it was Uber or left. This is left by What makes you say that? Oh,

that's 100% lift screen.

Okay. Apparently it's been too long since I've been here

early. It is because I is definitely lift.

Okay, so this is left?

Yeah, I really I really, I'm glad that they did that. I'm wondering if they're I don't know if they're actually going to do that. Like if I say this person's Bo smelled really bad. Are they gonna literally pass on the exact verbiage of that? Are they going to generalize? Maybe take a shower? Well, no, just are they going to generalize and say, yeah, the driver felt that maybe the hygiene may have been an issue or something like that. I don't speak

of that. Have you ever ever had a passenger that there was somebody like you would raise three stars for for this? Yes. Tell the story. Well, no.

I mean, there's been a lot of them.

I mean, if they're just anywhere, I'm sorry. Yeah, but any like for body odor or anything like that. That really just sticks to your mind.

Yeah, I mean, the body odor thing is such a, I try to take each individually. Thanks, Shannon. I tried to take each individual person's when they have a body odor issue into consideration, like, but if you're down on your luck, I get it. But if you're like, I don't know, it's like you Why do you smell like this? You know what I mean? Like, I feel like you You have decent clothes on like, why do you smell like, I don't know. I mean, I can't say that I regularly rape people poor for body odor, but I have if it's been so bad, like I don't I can't take this person again. Like I just can't do it. You know, and when you start driving regular shifts, at least when I did in the winter, I was driving a lot of the same people In the morning, sure. So if it was bad enough, I'm just like, sorry. I mean, I don't think it's as bad as like raping somebody because they live in the bad neighborhood that we talked about the last show. Yeah. But I mean,

I'm still a big move for doing that.

What the body odor or the bad neighborhood? Oh, that is a complete dick move. I don't know I got such a sensitive nose. I body odor really bothers me. It's not that hard to clean yourself. So But anyways, it is not. But I'm glad Lyft is doing this. I wish Uber would.

But more importantly, is it really true? Are they just saying

See, that's the thing is he said she said for days. And it does bring up a good point about we were talking about wanting to register the dash cams and stuff. I think we're gonna see more of that. I think they're going to be like, we're going to need to have some documentation whether I don't know.

So we're going to need smellivision

Okay. I don't think so. Okay, this next one, uh, you know, I guess we could have led with this, but this is a video of a driver getting choked. It's pretty long. I'll bump Bump through it here and there. But there are some glaring issues from obviously the passenger but even the driver to and see if you can pick up on that. But yeah, it was. It was pretty bad. So you're gonna hear it. Hey,

do you have the cops on the way? No,

don't don't.

So she's choking him. He's just sitting there not defending himself.

I think he's probably not trying to make he's trying not to make the situation worse. But I mean,

he's, he's, I mean, listen to him. Like, why wouldn't you just peel it off and get out? Okay, now he's starting to.

I want to get out.

I don't want to get out and have her run. And why is it I want to help you again. We've talked about this yesterday. They're videotaping like, right. I would have opened that back door. I would have grabbed that bitch by the hair and pulled her ass out. I just went off.


he should be getting out too. He had a couple of opportunities to drive.

Uber driver.

See, no one's helping.

My daughter put my hands on.

I just don't want to put

please. She bites.

He says I don't want to put my hands on her.

Yeah, I know. He doesn't but

Ryan woke up and started screaming

Oh, so she passed out. But

she I think there's mental issues with her.


That's it. I feel like it's more than alcohol.

Oh, no, I don't think it's alcohol. I think she got the cops on the way.

Oh, Jamie says there's interview said he was raised to never heard a woman I don't give a shit. I would have busted her a long time ago. He said it's fine. And now she's biting.

Man stop biting him.

All right now he's like I'm sorry. So now he gets out.


we need the cops here like Now

I understand why he just let her abuse him like

Wow. I mean, obviously he said he's he's been raised and ever heard a woman and and I guess that

hey, this is what I say equal rights. Women want equal rights if you're gonna hit me I might hit you back.

True. I know. There's there's definitely some sense and truth to that time. But I think situation although Right. I mean, here's the thing. So she's been fine all the way through the right and she's been sleeping while she passed out. Right from drinking. But do you know it was from doing window?

I just only can go off what the title said it. It said drunk woman chokes driver so I assume she was intoxicated. But you're right, I guess we don't know for 100% fact.

I mean, maybe it wasn't meant Until issues she had some kind of a tie. I'm not trying to say what she did was right. Right. But we don't know what happened.

Yeah, but the point is, is let's look we can only we can only. I always say that you can only make an opinion on what you can see. I don't know what happened before you don't know what happened after correct. But in that situation that driver should have got out of there. I'm not saying striker, but he had every opportunity. Right, he could overpower her. I mean, you could you could see that, but it's almost like he didn't want to overpower her to get out.

Yeah, I mean, I I have a lot of respect for the fact that he got the car out of the traffic.

Yeah, I agree. I thought

that was fine. That was interesting. And yeah,

I was totally fine with that. I just don't know why he didn't and then, you know, yet we've brought this up several times just the standby, like okay, she's videotaping good. What about those guys on either side like open the door several

big guys the big

guy. Like and not you don't even have to hurt her. Just take her out

of the car. Just hold her back

in I would get her out of the car. Right and then that's it. I wouldn't hold her there. If she wanted to run away. I'd be like, fine run away. Your

situation is handled.

Yeah, at least you're out of this guy's car and no one else is gonna get hurt. But yeah, but yeah, that was intense. I did really feel bad for that guy. But

Oh, yeah. Thanks, Tim. That was crazy.

Yeah. Kind of stressed me out. To be honest with you all that screaming.

So this next one here is a

I think it's I think it's photoshopped. But it's still kind of

Yeah, yeah. So it doesn't actually say whether jewboy left whatever. Oh, hey. Yep, okay. Yep. So it's it's a text stream from the Dasher and he said Haiti this year Dasha, there was a long line at McDonald's. So I went to get you something from Burger King. And she wrote What the fuck? Why WTF? I don't want no damn Burger King. Be grateful before I take a bite as little as burger.

So it is Photoshop because yeah, this is iOS messaging. And they don't Dasher doesn't use that. But I just I think it's hilarious that these are the things that I want to say to customers like, right? I'm not waiting in this line. And I don't know it was just kind of funny.

McDonald's on Michigan. Oh, gosh.

So this one is kind of a needy customer. This is through shipped. The from Reddit dropped this quickness? No, thank you. This is failure to communicate failure offer substitutions for items not in stock and Failure to follow delivery instructions result in a bad review and a low tip low or no tip. Delivery instructions Call me when you arrive in an apartment. I may not hear you knock building his ups building upstairs. All those things are red flags of like upstairs. If If it's not if you don't follow instructions, exactly. Like, Oh man, I remember seeing these on shift. And I'm like, who would even take that, even with a promo? Like if there was a $20 promo on that? I probably still wouldn't take it. I mean, there's plenty of money to go around with other orders. There's no reason why I need to deal with this crazy person. But I don't know. But yeah, just saying right in there is like a low or no tip right away. That's a red flag. Like, do you really even want to mess up this lady? Because a lot of times there's things you can't help you know, if they don't have the food, they don't have the food. Right? But or she's just been burned so many times by people not doing the right substitutions. I don't know. But,

but again, the other side of that is just communicate. Yes,

yes. But sometimes customers are

dicks. But so sometimes our drivers sorry, but they are Yeah, they are. There's lots of drivers who shouldn't be doing it.

Yeah. And I think with the pandemic, oh my gosh, can you imagine if you're used to like the level of ship shopping before pandemic I was really great. I'm not saying that people that weren't already great weren't great during the pandemic, right but there was so many new shoppers because they were hiring like crazy the amount of bad service that you would get I mean even Pete and I think even Sam had talked about just even because they know the business like they know how it should work and they were getting terrible service like not not like dropping it off not telling them that they're there those kinds of things so yep, do right by your customers people

come on, and they're gonna do right by you. Yes,


Okay, so this next one here is interesting article and it talks about how we ought we mentioned last year that grub hub got I think it was last year anyways A while back grandpa got bought by just eat a yogurt company right? Yeah, just he can just eat takeaway is what it's called. Yes. And so this one Here, it says that that grub hubs new owner offers a glimpse of a potential us strategy. And that's kind of interesting because the whole point of this article goes into my article my page won't scroll down what it says here just eat takeaway is prioritizing lower fees and fully employed drivers in its European market as its focuses on growing, share and deploy. The point here is fully employed drivers. Yeah, just eat takeaway on Wednesday laid out his plan to gain market share by expanding his delivery network investing in customer acquisition and lowering fees across is 23 global markets, which will soon include the US Amsterdam based delivery company is in the process of acquiring grub hub in a 7.3 billion transaction. So when we talked about last year, I had to have been approved, the process is still on the way that kind of stuff said to be completed in the first half of this year. And the strategy to tell unjaded JT is 2020 earnings call with investors provides a glimpse on how it might approach to new market, namely growth at all costs. But the big thing here for drivers is that one of our pillars of our delivery strategy is to price is to be the price leader in our industry, meaning offering lower fees, lower delivery fees across all markets compared to the competition, including free delivery. But the big thing here is that these drivers are going to be employed employees. Yeah, it's not going to be gig economy as you're used to it. And they'll have sick pay, they'll have you know, all the benefits of being a full time employee.

You know, we talked to Steve and I talked about London, he's got a contact in there. And they've become classified as workers but not employees. And he said, his contact there is randomly getting like $700 miscellaneous deposits $150. And he calls Uber and ask what they are and they're like, Oh, that's for your sick pay. That's for your vacation pay it, but there's really no rhyme or reason he'll just get like this giant ass deposit and it says miscellaneous on it. So it's, there's something in it's in London, that something that got approved that I don't know, it's not quite the same as like, the AB five but but it is kind of,

but I bet that what they're doing is they average out you Okay, so you're gonna get paid over the course of the year, we're gonna get paid for 10 sick days. Yeah, going to deposit like this.

Yeah. And in he still gets his like, he he's still flexible, though. He doesn't have to work a certain amount, or she can just sign on when he wants and he still gets all this these sick pay and stuff. So it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. But sounds like that those services in Europe are going to be that way you're going to be an employee,

right? So it doesn't mention anything about when you're going to be driving or working whether you're going to have that flexibility. So but it basically says that the underbid the burden is called scooper. Drivers are considered full time employees, they're paid a set hourly wage and receive benefits such as paid sick days holiday pay, and electric bikes for doing deliveries in open markets, etc, etc. So

yeah, it'll be interesting. Some of that stuff could come here. I don't know. I don't like it. I like being independent. I don't want to be an employee. I already have a job like that.

Right. But I think no matter what, there's a shift in how people work. Yes. You know, and it'll be interesting to see the next five years on how that plays out. Yeah, you know, and I think somewhere in the long there's, I think there is a flexible model where we can still be full time employees. But we have the flexibility of being gig time workers.

Yeah, I truly believe you're right. I think there's gonna be a hybrid at some point down the road, but I mean, it's like, everyone wanted the gig economy now everyone's trying to force it back into regular employment. I'm like, No, like, Can we have a happy medium? I don't know. I'd be willing to I'd be willing to think about it and talk about it but I'm not ready to speak like, because I like that I can just stop doing it from March to October without penalty. No one deactivates me. No one says I mean they bug you to get on the app but no one's like you can't do this anymore and I want to keep it that way.

Right But yeah, baby Well, there's there's flexibility in knowing that right? You can do whatever we want.

Yeah, exactly. And and I love the winner flexibility when I'm when I'm doing cake work. I my wife loves it too because I can take the kids all their dumb appointments and she doesn't have take time off for work and there's there's a real advantage to gig work. I really wet my whistle and it makes me think that I want to do it but then I also feel like I'm running my car into the ground to

one when it's time to be done with Giga you about ready to be done a gig work so it works for you. Yeah. You need that break.

I love it. I love the being able to switch it switching on and off. I'm just, it's always different every year with. With when I go back to gig work, things have always changed just a little bit. And

actually we should at some point have a show talking about burnout, just yeah, job burnout and Job Change and that kind of stuff. Because gig work is brilliant for that. Right? Yeah. For being able to you can just pick a new whatever you want to do today.

Yeah. You know, I mean, there's so many gigs out there like some I bet there's 15 or 20 apps that we've never even talked about that you can probably do.

Well, yeah, I saw the several apps coming to Well, I guess the American Marga whatever is here and several level about the whole handyman services. Yeah, I mean, that's interesting. I saw somebody had but that was a new one. I saw what was that called? Anyways, they had they had right on the on the front they were teaming up with with IKEA. I was Oh really? Yeah. And was being used as IKEA to collect together to put together furniture.

Well, I think the IKEA and they maybe they have it doing local deliveries from IKEA. Like I'm sure they have a delivery service for bigger stuff. Don't quote me. I've been to IKEA a bunch of times, but there's not run around Grand Rapids. So I don't know. You can

order it and have it delivered here. Oh, you can but that's just freight service. Right? Yeah,

I'd be it'd be interesting to do it the the Amazon way. Like you order it that day and a driver just the independent contractor goes and picks it up. And then they'll put it together for you and then you're happy.

One particularly I would be happy if I didn't have to deal with all the stupid cardboard and stuff and I just have my furniture done.

Oh, you don't want to you don't want to recycle it or burn it you want.

half the battle is trying to figure out how to what to do with that big box.

Give it to your kids. My kids like No, no. Trust me. I

have enough junk in my house. Yeah, no, I need more chalk. But it's more about I mean, lately, we can just throw it in the burn barrel and burn. Yeah, that's fine. But you know, some of those big boxes, you know, breaking them down and put it in the recycle.

It's a hard life, isn't it? buying stuff and having to put it together?

Tough? Yeah.

Well, speaking of money, we'd love you to support us on Patreon. If you go to search the gig economy podcast, extra podcasts a month, exclusive piece of merge. And then before show banter, which is this Yes, for an AI talk and shit. Whatever. You never know, just kind of life in general. Sometimes it gets funny. Sometimes it's not funny. But again, search the gig economy podcast and we'd love for you to support us. We have you get two podcasts coming this month. So May. So we are working just a little behind the schedule. It's been a crazy week so

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Oh, for the love of somebody buy a T shirt love of Pete.

So we got a couple of more to bang through here. And then, you know, we're getting there. Uber, let's talk about that. That's basically the Uber stimulus package that are trying to fund drivers to get back on the road and

give us life. I don't

know. I don't. Okay. Yeah, no, I'm just reading the article. Uh, yeah, no, it's you know, Steve and I talked about this from rideshare rodeo quite a bit. It just pisses me off that they have all this money to get new drivers or old drivers back on the road. But why not pay us more? You know what I mean? And I get it supply and demand now, but he was talking there was someplace was at Phoenix, they were offering $6,000 for 105 rides. Guaranteed for 105 rides. 6k. Right. I'm like, What the hell, like they're giving away and that was Lyft. That was an Uber. But let's do the same thing. But I don't know. How do you feel about them spending all this money and not just given us? How about bump everyone's rate up a little bit?

I mean, is that accommodating and do what they want, right? Well,

no shit.

But we I think that the bigger question is, if they just gave everybody a raid, would they actually get more people on?

Sure. I get it. I do get it. They have to spend a little bit on it. But what about those drivers that have been on the road and haven't stopped driving?

Well, absolutely. Yes. And they, it would be nice if they would if they would give them a little bit of an Attaboy. Right. Right. Nice.

Yeah. Because it's like, it's like when you have your cable company and they Don't give you the promos. They only give it for the new customers. You're like, hey, I've been a customer for five years. How about give me a little?

I think it was Jamie. Linda posted the link today to the $1,000. Which is a guarantee. Right. So it's 1000. Again, T for Uber, that I promptly sign up for, and I'm sure I won't do but that's again. Yeah, but I'm fine. I think it was five rights. And then you get $1,000

Yeah, somebody did the math. It's like 10 bucks a ride, right?

But it's, it's a guarantee. So if you end up not getting it, they're just gonna, you know, round up and get you Yeah, money out of it. So, yeah, but that's the thing. Interesting. And, you know,

I'm waiting for the three rides for 100 bucks, cuz I'm gonna do that for three rides and 100 bucks. I'm like,

I mean, I'm still not ready to drive passenger.

I'm not either, but for 100 bucks. I

mean, you can I mean, you take three McDonald's orders for on the box. No,

no, it's not Uber Eats. Its passengers. You can't take food deliveries for that.

Well, you can take food deliveries for the $1,000 guarantee. Oh, you can? Yeah. It's his passengers, aka our delivery.

Oh, huh. Well,

Jamie Linnea. I think you need to post that link one more time to chase.

They they've been messaging me today. Is that how you knew about it, though?

JAMIE posted a link on Facebook. And you had to click on that one. And then once you click on that, and sign in, and you get the offer.

Okay, interesting. Yeah, I noticed Uber sent me two notifications. They like Hey, hey, just checking in. You should sign see what's up. So I didn't don't know it was related with that. But Jamie said it had gotten the three gotten 100 for three rides twice. Oh.

But Jamie was that deliveries are just passengers?

I don't know. I feel like because I was doing Uber up until I went back to work I was doing Uber Eats every day. So I mean, it's only been it's been maybe like five weeks since I did it. Uber Eats or did any gig work? So I don't know if it's Uber Eats? I for sure would do it. I'd have that done by eight o'clock in the morning.

But as I said, I mean, I don't know quite sure when I'm be going out again. But sometime within the next week or so I'm sure I'll be going out.

Yeah, I really would like you to go out just to just see you can feel the kind of pain.

No, I know.

Oh, she says I don't do delivery. So it was people, huh? Well, I will definitely do it. If it's food delivery. Like, again, I can have I can have that done in like an hour. See set three rides $102 for only rideshare. Yeah, I think it's, it must be market specific. But But who knows?

Who knows?

Well, Ubers got lots of money. So. So do you can you got this one

I do. So this is a Reddit driver made me cash app him the amount I paid on the app. So I was taking a lift home from work since I currently don't have a car as I got into an accident. My job is 35 minutes away from my house. The driver had me cash app him the amount I paid on Lyft. And he would confirm until I sent the money. I cancelled the ride on the app. And I paid him he said that it's because of the fact that it's further out that there is far further out there. So he wouldn't get that much for the ride. But then again, the full amount I paid is also supposed to go to lift. I know that was stupid of me. But I had to get home. So I didn't put up a fight. Yes, I had to pay a $5 cancellation fee, I was encouraged to report situation to lift as clearly, as that's clearly unprofessional. And I don't know the rules will lift but I assume what he did wasn't allowed. I probably should have canceled and had another driver come get me but I just need to get home soon. What should I do if this happens in the future? And is there anything else I should be aware of? Also, I wasn't sure what flare this go under?

Yeah, that's a thing.

So anyways, obviously, you know, anybody who has driven a little bit knows the answer to this question. Yes, it's absolutely against terms and conditions. And no, you should never do this.

Well, the customer made it sound like the driver made her do it. Like how about you just cancel and get another driver? Like she said,

she said that, you know, she made it sound like it was definitely out there and the chance of her getting another ride. Yeah. And so she just really needed to get home. So he was using that. You know? Yeah. But I mean, I don't think I would have ever done that.

I all I may have said, Hey, would you mind tipping me a little bit more on the app because I had to drive out here on the only driver like I've done that before, right? Yeah,

yes. encouraged to tip

Yeah. And of course, they can say no, and that's fine. But then at least you still run it on the app so you know that you're driving under insurance. Everything's on the up and up and up. They decide not to tip then that's the karma that they have to deal with.

And I think that's the thing that the riders need to understand too, right? If they do this, there's no insurance. Yeah,

people don't think about that. Well, we were driving before we even had insurance, or we had insurance. But

But when you look at it from this, though, so it's the riders, what happens to the rider? If there's an accident?

I feel like, I feel like they're just going to sue left, and they're going to get paid. Even without insurance. And that's probably true, it probably will be they'll some attorney will be able to say, yeah, you know, this driver manipulated my my client to cancel the left. And it's, you hired them because he's a left employee or a left 1099 workers, so

you're paying out, but, but Lyft could choose to say, screw you.

Yeah, well,

he wasn't on the app. He did this. We can

do that. But then it would go to a jury trial, and then everyone be pissed,

right? All right.

That's true. This next one. It's just let's see deliveries. I knew Rex and no receipt. Have any of you had a delivery when no one showed up for the package? What do you do today I did an Uber x ride with the pack simply gave me an iPhone to deliver to his daughter. The ride was three miles and an $18. Search for total $23 no brainer. I've done this kind of thing dozens of times and receipt usually comes or recipient usually comes to my to my car to get the package no one showed up today, even after I texted and called the account or I waited like seven minutes was pretty generous. So I completed the ride in through the phone in my trunk. So no word from Uber support. No call from PACs. My first thought is to treat it like a lost item and ask for $20 cash for turning over the phone. So yeah, I mean, that's weird that they never call back. I mean, I don't know how after he posted this, you know, it could have been five minutes later, they call them back. But I don't know. Have you ever done an Uber x delivery? So basically, someone gives you something deliver like a car part or anything? I've never done it.

I've never done I thought

there was a pair of keys once.


Was there somebody in our group that went into somebody's house to get keys?

Chris rented and got a doc crispo soumis? Yeah, I think he got a dog from from from through through and through a a garage door.

Yes. Someone will. Yeah. Like he went back to let the dog out or something. I don't know how that popped into my head. Remember? What the hell are you doing?

But Chris would do it, dude. I mean, he didn't You don't care?

Wow. 50 bucks is 50 bucks. I mean, I don't know if it was 50 bucks. But no, I've never I've never done delivery. For like, someone handed me a random thing. But I mean, I think all you do is just wait until the customer calls and I don't know. I mean, it what sucks is like you can't sell the phone. So it's not like, you know, no, you can't you can't I mean, it's gonna get to come up as stolen. But why hasn't the customer call the back? I mean, the daughters probably freaking out. Did everyone die in this situation? The daughter and and the dad are dead. And that's why no one's asking for the phone. It's very strange. It's too strange to strange. But yeah, I guess Be cautious when you're delivering things other than people. Like not weed or drugs.

There you go.

This one's kind of funny. The grub hub is the worst was this.

So I read it, but I'm not sure I fully understood figure it out. No. Okay. So I'll read it though. So maybe you can tell me that. All right. So am I missing something? Or does this not make any sense? Two ways earn up to $150 bonus, cash and extra earnings this weekend. You can qualify for bonus earnings when you complete deliveries between 5pm and 11pm. Any day this weekend starting today for 23 through Sunday for 25. We're giving you a two ways to earn extra day cash one, maintain a 90% over acceptance rate and earn at 12% bonus to $12 bonus for every five deliveries or maintain a 50% to 89% acceptance rate and earn a $17 bonus verify.

Okay. Okay.

See it now.

So, if your drive was

if you're more picky, we'll give you I think they forgot they added an extra one. It was probably $7 for each bonus. But yeah, but grubhub is the worst with that they've posted we've talked about it several times. Like you can earn an extra $0 it says I'm like, Who's typing these numbers into this before they send the text out. Right. But I just thought that was funny.

I was fun and not I read it out.

I was wondering if I'll be honest with you when I saw it on Read it. I had to read it a couple times to to figure it out until I read the comments. Actually, I didn't even figure it out. I just went right to the comments. So forget dumb as

well. You have always been smart.

Yeah, right. And then just this last thing. Just kind of a ship shopper the guy did 141 items. The total was $51. No.


Thank you. The total was I'm reading like small text. The total is $513. And the dude lives in a mansion, but only 220 dollars. Yeah. Or she? Yeah, she'll never see me again. Readings didn't drop. I know the order was near perfect. So I don't know what like.

I mean, we know for a fact that people living in mansions generally don't know.

And I actually feel like $20 I mean, yeah, that's a big, that's a big order. But I don't know, like 20 bucks doesn't seem too bad to me know,

when and my wife. She's often said that this hope tipping on a percentage. Doesn't make sense all the time. No,

it doesn't. You're exactly right. You're not going to tip 20% on $500.

No, you're not. I mean, you're not gonna get 100 on tip. Well,

that's why I never understood with restaurant eating. Why? Why it's 20% either. Like, shouldn't it be like, I don't know. Because would you tip 20%? If you took your family out, it was a $500 bill at a restaurant.

You would right? Probably yes. Yeah.

See? So what's the difference?

No, I don't know. Well, you brought it up. You said no, no, but But yeah, you're correct. I was

actually trying to figure it out. Like why wouldn't you tip 20% on a $500. Meijer order? I guess I don't understand the difference.

No. And I don't either. But I really difficult for me to pay that 100 bucks extra? Well,

I totally agree. Because if I would have looked at the app, and I saw the tip was gonna be $100 would be like, I'm paying $100 for that. You know what I mean? But it's like, it's no different than I mean, I've never spent $500 at a restaurant. But you know, if I ever could, I'd be blessed. But But my point is, I think I would do it at a restaurant because but what does it matter? Like if your family was there and dropped $500 It just means the food is really expensive. What has the server done above and beyond if you spent $100 at Red Robin, and you got the same food. So what is the server done, the server's done nothing different. It's just the cost of the food. So it just seems right now with a big table where she or he is running around helping, you know, you gotta get a table of 20. That's different. If the bill comes up to 500. Then you've worked your ass off. You've been running around this table and getting everyone drinks and everything like that. So I don't know. I've seen it too, or Meghan's done shipped. And she's like, Oh, my God, 20 percents like a $25 tip. And I'm like, that seems really high. Like you do what you want to walk away.

You do what you do what

you want?

I don't know. As nice of you.

Yeah, right. Well, guys, thank you so much for listening to the gig economy podcast. We really appreciate it. Looking forward to getting those interviews out if you want those interviews first. And to get signed up for some of the stuff, go to gay economy. No, go to and search, the gig economy podcast. I think we're shooting to get Leo from Detroit on next month. And I think, Larry, I think he went to bed early. But we'd like to get Larry on to just to bring in another level. I know, he's been doing a lot of ride sharing. Well, not so much now. But studying for that test. But what does he say? Because $100 tip to a server takes into account table time and service time. That makes a good point. Remember, they don't make anything paycheck wise. My order should not be the same. Yeah, that's true. Because you're basically renting space at that table. So yeah, cuz I would always like if I would go in with my buddy, we would just have a coat like when we were younger, even as a because I've worked in restaurants my whole life, even as a younger kid. I would tip more even though we because I took that table. That doesn't make a good set. A good point.

Right. But I think it brings down to the fact that the system is broken. Like Yeah, because they shouldn't be paid 350 an hour, an hour and then for tipping.

Yeah, I mean, would you like to get rid of the whole tipping system? It

the tipping system is not existing and done Mike. works just fine. Yeah,

I think everyone doesn't want to do it because they're worried that the service level is going to go down. But if you're paying like, my boss pays me really well for my lawn care job. I take really good care of my customers. I take really good care of my equipment. I'm constantly doing the right thing. Not that I wouldn't anyways, I got a good work ethic, but honestly if I was making 10 bucks an hour or whatever, 20 bucks an hour What are you gonna do you know what I mean? You would hope that if you're making more money per hour but yeah, be curious so there's no tipping in Denmark at all.

I mean, you can if you want to you just walk in like that's not expected. Really interesting because the, you know, people were going to restaurants get, you know, a regular rate level paid money.

Yeah livable wage. Yeah that is interesting. What if we went to tipping at McDonald's so those McDonald's workers are only getting paid $2.50 an hour and then to see it like, reverse it.

That would be a shit show. I mean, they want 15 an hour, but we'll get in. Anyways, Steve, Jamie, thanks so much for commenting. Well appreciate it. I don't know where all our other friends are jerks. It was a little quiet in here tonight.

Not many Not tonight. No, no, I

don't know where Sam is. And john edit Janice or Larry has to get up early. So.

Anyways, thank you so much, guys. Have a good night. Thanks. Be safe.

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