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Guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. We are in this beautiful studio. I am in this beautiful studio from Irvine sponsored by Irvine Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid and e v. We'll talk about them in a little bit. So I My name is Jason yester to your right and patreon member and fellow gigster. Leo from Detroit is joining us so looking forward to that. The reason we are remote is my daughter did come down with COVID she could go back to school on Friday so we just thought to be safe. I am fully vaccinated. Yes there is but we thought we just better err on the side of caution so thank you guys for joining us tonight before we get into everything if you could share this in your local group that would be great. Also everything gig economy rave related if you go to gig economy hyphen podcast comm or the link tree link in the description that can get you everything. Hi Larry. Hi, Janet and Keith a

panic Jenny's taken us into the garden. I'm not sure I like that.

On your screen right now is just a reminder for the picnic on September 11 2021. From 12 to four giveaways for sure food for sure. Maybe a petting zoo.

I Why do you keep putting the petting zoo on there?

I mean, I'm hoping that you're

getting a goat I want

a go would be good. We could milk it.

Oh my god.

I mean, we could add like could that be part of our like kalua drink and put a little cream in the throat throw the growth on the grill? The grown?

grown on the grill?

Yeah, so that's gross. That's just me. So yeah, head to the picnic. We would would love to see you. I know. Leo's Ben, too. Did you go to the first

one Leo? No. Just last year.

Okay. All right.

I crashed my drone, remember?

Yeah, yeah, that's right. So Leo be there for sure. So yeah, come join us on September.

What was the date? 911. Oh, yeah.

How could I forget that?

Like, it's kind of a big day. Yeah, Sick Day. My wife. My wife goes by you guys have it on the 11 Oh, I

mean, it's, it's Yeah, not that. It's just A day but you know, hey gig economy merge, go there and buy me a T shirt or buy yourself a T shirt. This black one is still up.

took that I

did I don't know why it's still up.

took it off. And

actually I was reading the M live article about gig work. And that ad popped up on there from red bubble. I'm like a course that one popped up. Anyways, if you go to the gig economy, hyphen, podcast calm. The link is in there for merged. We have a giant button

on the top. Yeah.

Yeah. So a lot of times red bubble has sales too. So some of these prices, if we don't set the prices and we make, we don't get much at all. Stop interrupting me. Yeah, we don't get No, it's okay. We don't get much at all either a small percentage, so. But it's just more if you want to wrap your favorite gig economy podcast. We're really not doing it to make money. But yeah, they got all kinds of stuff. We got our print, we talked about a tapestry. Again, I think that tapestry would be cool. If the logo was bigger. I might have to look into that.

I think your wife might like that comforter.

You know, I'm think again, I think we need to cartoon our faces and put it on there. I think she would like it much better.

Anyway, yeah. See, ya wanna wake up and look at me every morning here. That's

rude. rude. Anyways, I want to mention our Patreon members because we appreciate their support. Keith from Georgia who's on the live chat Of course, Leo from Detroit, Steve from Colorado Samson's from Grand Rapids. I haven't heard from him forever. Larry from Bowling Green and Janet from New Zealand in the garden and what she thinks is sexy for some weird

Hey, I didn't say that. Okay, I just said it was a little bit weird. No, no,

you were like, you were like, hey, yeah, okay. I also want to mention the telegram group, which we've had a few members pop in. That's been great. We have Matt. He's new. He's out of gr and then we had a we had a female join and then I think Sam scared her off. True or false? Can anyone Sam

isn't even driving anymore? So once he's still in the group for

Yes, she is. Oh, she is bad time. Well, yeah, she got a job, but it doesn't quite pay all the bills. So I'm still doing some gig work. So you can join the telegram group, the

link is in the description. You know, she's gonna need to come down on me now that told her she's not driving. Yeah. She's not gonna like that a lot. She's not in sorry, saying didn't mean that way. Yeah, she's kind of dead. But

anyways, and then, um, yeah, I just want to thank Steve from rideshare rodeo. He's been great supporter of this podcast. I've been on his show. We've just got a great relationship. He's got a great podcast just had his one year anniversary, which I was the guest host. So that was pretty cool. So check him out. You can I mean, I don't need to tell you how

I really want to have you on you're not doing anything special.

I know. That's what I'm saying. I'm like, I appreciate it. He you know he credits me for help him start his podcast so i get i guess i that's why he had me on I

read I've read a little cry a little bit. allergies.

So yeah, check him out. rideshare rodeo, you can find it on all podcast platforms. And then yes for why don't you tell us a little bit about a new app called safer rides, which you have heard if you've listened to the podcast, you have heard that podcast but yes, for has a little more of an update for that.

I do I do. So I received the phone call this last week and a couple emails actually that they are coming to Michigan safer ride stay about 6030 to 60 days out there currently working on getting some some of the big kind of I want to say like deals going with the hospitals and the insurance companies and that kind of stuff. Primarily they're going to be for scheduled rides to begin with. And primarily it's going to be seniors needing to go to doctor's appointments and so forth. So that's kind of where they're planning on starting, at least according to the gal that I talked to. told her that I wasn't driving passengers yet but I definitely was interested in getting active on safer so that when I'm ready for that, I am ready for that. Also on that one she did say though, and I mean not to say that they're not going to be taking smaller vehicles but they she did mention that larger vehicles with easy access for seniors was definitely going to be a benefit for this kind of gig. Because that's kind of where they're going to be starting with obviously It's not going to be necessary for you to have, you know, a wheelchair ramp or anything like that. But stuff, you know, it's obviously a much much easier for seniors to get into a big van in and out of a big van than it is to get into a small monster three hatchback. So don't drive that one. Yes. You doing you're safe. All right. So that that's basically that was basically it, they are going to be offering up the same insurance as Uber and Lyft. Today, with what she said was the same. Also the same, what's it called? The deduction coated auction, 2500 loss insurance as a way to deductible that you also have an Uber and Lyft just went to as well. So that's going to be all the same. And obviously, just like with Lyft, and Uber, you still need to have your, your rider in place just to protect yourself. So that is not changed at all. And the big difference is that the way you're gonna get paid, is you get 80% of the fair. And the fair is calculated just like just like Uber and Lyft used to be or I guess they still are. She didn't say the rates, but it's been based off a formula based on time and mile. It's just like,

hey, yester, why don't you tell people what safer is, you know, people that haven't listened to the show, I know. You know, you're getting deep into the details, which I super appreciate. But why don't we talk about what safer is how they differentiate from Uber and Lyft.

So safe, safer is a s a f r is a new rideshare app. And specifically, the way they started out saying is that they're the app that well you can actually specify whether or not you want to have a female driver, a female, that kind of stuff. And you can team up so that female riders can ask for when you get female drivers and sofas there's a different set of of criteria that you can do that sets them apart from from the more traditional Uber and Lyft on the market today. Yeah. So is that good?

Yeah, I just wanted to make sure that people hadn't heard the podcast, I probably should have prefaced that before you started. That's my bad. But no, I'm excited for another rideshare game to come to. You know, the market. Leo, can you talk a little bit about zoom rides? I knew it started with a Z. But I was like, I don't quite remember. Are they still popping in Detroit? Are they backed off a little bit?

They did do a successful soft launch last year, but they're waiting for this whole pandemic to die down before they do full hardcore, at least what Carol said. Okay, in the Facebook group, but I have had a few requests come in, but I have not gotten any got any rise myself.

Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I'm hoping that they come to Grand Rapids. I mean, you know, we talked about this a lot like all these gig companies, are they going to be successful? And I'm waiting for the one that's better that actually makes it, you know what I mean, that actually can compete with Uber and Lyft. But man, it's gonna be a struggle.

It's gonna be hard, right? Go ahead and do.

As I say, I know, they just recently launched down in Florida, too. So that should help quite a bit.

Yeah, if Florida is a good market, for whatever reason,

I think it's tough that no matter what, right because if the features is good enough, left over can just snatch them up by them. Or just add the features themselves. I mean, they have so much money, that it's really hard. It's really hard to compete with those with those companies.

Yeah, I don't think you're gonna compete with features. You're gonna have to compete with better fares for the drivers. That's correct.

Yes, that's the only way that's gonna work. Drivers aren't going to even Okay, you have this one extra feature. Are you paying me the same as Uber? I'm just gonna say what's easier Uber, I don't really care about the features.

used it. You also have to attract the riders because obviously the drivers are not going to come if there's no writers,

right, Tony? No, you

got you got to have the fares.

Yeah, you got to have the fares for sure. So we do have some stories for the road. I don't Leo my I don't know. I'm not sure but I know Yes. For does as he went out. Pretty much a rookie weekend of food delivery.

10 days ago, I did a rookie weekend food delivery. That is what did you say rookie weekend? Because that was what I did. Yeah. I was I was the rock, that's for sure.

And mu you notifications?

I thought I did that. But then you had to go to sorry. And I distracted you guys. Oh, yeah. So I was out on doordash. I finally got back on track on both Uber and doordash. And, yeah, that was interesting. I took two I had taken skate I scheduled myself with two blocks of time on doordash where I got the two blocks I got 250 extra and $3 extra in those two blocks per ride. So that was that was interesting. That extra definitely wouldn't have been worth it. But but it was it was a decent night. I mean, I think it was just in about, well, I'm gonna say this and then I'm gonna preface it that the story is what made made it much worse. I was out about just roughly five hours and I made 100 bucks. So no, it was not a lot of money. But the difference there is about one hours of that I was stuck at smokey bones. And that was my own rookie mistake. I own up to it. I should have walked in there. And I see the scene and I should have walked out. Yep. But the story was just as I I was so disgusted at smokey bones. It was just horrible. It was Oh, it was just horrible. And first of all, it's like eight o'clock at night. Not even. Maybe seven. I forget what it was. I think it was seven. Anyways, I come into the restaurant. And they are out of chicken. How can smoky chicken at seven o'clock.

I actually like when restaurants run out because that means their food is fresh when you go to a restaurant and they can constantly like to in the morning kicking out ribs. That's a problem.

And I understand that, but one of the main meats they sell is chicken. Right? How can you be out of chicken? I mean, no, you know, anyways, a lot of chicken. And so it was just a giant rigamarole. And we had to contact the clients figure out what he wanted instead and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I should have just walked out. Yeah, that was the that was the big giveaway. But about an hour later, I finally walked out of the restaurant with the food. I took it to the to the people. And there was sorry, they Well, you know, on my behalf, but they certainly didn't tip me anymore for that reason. So apparently they weren't dead. Sorry. No,

no, no, not at all.

So whatever. I mean, again, I took it as a rookie mistake. And it's it is what it is. But I mean, at the end of the night, I had 100 bucks that I didn't have before I started. And so that was that was the encouraging part. And I got out and I learned a little bit and more than anything I got back, back in the saddle, if you will, right. So I'm going to try and go out once a week from now on, and it's kind of see how it goes. So,

you know, for you being out for your first time and kind of balancing two apps. $20 an hour ain't horrible.


a rookie going out. You know, juggling two apps. I don't think that's bad at all. And with the smokey bones debacle. I mean, you could probably add 2122 an hour without smokey bonds. What do you think, Leo? I thought that's not bad for first night out?

Not at all. Usually it costs about 2325 an hour when I'm doing it. So

yeah. See, so that that's not that bad. Yesterday? I

don't I don't think Oh, no. And I didn't think it was. But it was still you know, it was a debacle of the smokey bones. That was just horrible. Yeah, yeah. And then again, I don't want to throw smoke or bones too much under the under the table. But there was no way I mean there anymore. Because I could see into the kitchen that

I should have brought. That's

fine. Yeah, we all have seen. Yeah, I mean, it's funny like you're in AAA, you can't get away with that, right? Because everything is the open and I don't know, I've been to smokey bones twice. I was never impressed. But we all have the blacklist of restaurants that we're not going to go to so that's like clearly one of yours, but

well and then on the other side, I made two stops that neither wingstop and it's a it's a small you know, people who don't know it's a smaller two wing wings restaurant, and never super fast it was like in and out and doing a great job was almost encouraging the gas drivers and it's like that's that I can deal with?

Well, some restaurants got it some don't. They know how to get food out. And you know, when you're dealing with smokey bones you're dealing with such a variety of menu, whereas like wingstop it's like 10 items, you know what I mean? Like this is this is what we got but uh

but good I did they did give me a pops Is that so?

They gave you a beer be different story pop. I'm gonna say forget it. But well,

I meant to say pop.


it was about anyways.

Alright, before we jump into gig economy news, our sponsor Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. Located on Stafford just east of 131 Urban's auto repair grandpa's hybrid and e v. Yeah, they haven't changed their logo or anything but maybe that takes time. Although they don't they have separate logos for I should get the hybrid one up here. Now that I think you should Yep, yeah, but anyways, 532 6600 Irvine's calm to schedule your service. Everything's COVID Pro Call safe You don't even have to see them. You can drop your keys or drop your car in your keys off, pay on line, all that stuff. So we really appreciate Irvine supporting us. They just been great. They do great service, not the cheapest, but the best 532 6600 or vines calm and of course if you go there to get service, please mention that you heard it from the gig economy. podcast, we'd really appreciate it. Alright, so we're gonna start off with a little fun Tic Tac just some humor to get the show started as for other than Yes, first face. But this is kind of funny. You didn't get a yes or no, I

didn't. You weren't even listening. Leon no laugh from Leo. I mean, what are we doing here? like do I need to get another audience or? Good lord?

Okay, I was trying to keep up on the on the on the lineup. Sorry.

I appreciate that. Yeah, you're up next, by the way. I know. All right, here we go. This guy needs a new job. I think we're gonna play this and package.

He screams like a little girl.

He's on a car right now the customer's car, by the way.

I mean, then you really have to be scared.

Okay, so for the audio listeners. It definitely was a guy delivering the package. I kind of feel like it was. I don't know. Was that real? I think it was real.

I don't know. He just was real.

It just seemed like he was over the top and the little girls like it's a puppy. It's okay. It's a puppy now. He needs to be out the delivery service for one but I do understand I do hate when people say he's a nice dog. He won't bite. Yeah, he's not gonna bite you. But he might bite me. Oh, SATs from Missouri thinks it's fake. Yeah. And I saw that. I don't know. With him jumping over the bike. It seemed like he jumped on the customer's car. I thought that but I thought it was real up to that point. But then now I questioned that whole thing. But yeah, he rang the doorbell as you could hear. And then he screamed. Maybe it was fake. I don't know. Damn it, Seth. Oh, Larry, this is fake.

I'm sure it's fake. Who knows? All right, everybody. Everybody wants to have five minutes of attention these days. Right?

I know. It was funny because I can if it was real, I can definitely see a driver doing that.

But not for small snoezelen I mean, come on. I

think it was

I think it was a bulldog was a tiny dog.

I don't know.

Anyway, just just kick it. I would. I would never get good.

He did look very possible.

I have a dog and two cats. I would never kick Oh, I know is that

you don't even have to clear I mean, maybe you should with this, this climate but Alright, what do we got next? A new feature for Uber.

We have new features from Uber sly, huh? No slow slide. So this articles is from the rideshare guy. And it's all about how Uber is rolling out new goget initiatives and other features. So basically, this article is from April 28. And it's all about Uber that announces their go gate initiative, as well as Uber rent with valet so the very specific here is it's important to point out that these features are not rolling out in all markets at the same time. And in fact that Uber rent with valet is only going to be in Washington DC to begin with. And then possibly later Later on in other markets but the idea about Uber Redwood Valley is that apparently you can get you as a driver can get the job of becoming a valid driver. So you get you could call to the to Avis to pick up at a rent rental rent vehicle and then you have to drive it to the to the passenger to the people who rent the car. And then you have to figure out how to get back to your car again.

Oh, that's stupid. Well, you can take an Uber to go backseat.

Right You can you can as especially as as suspect they have a special code you can use to take Uber ride back to your car and you can get that cheaper but they have to have that all kind of affected into the what you make on that deal.

I just run around with those people that run to the car all day. I'm a bonus. So

so that's actually that that's Yeah. So that's, that's another feature that's coming, which is hourly bookings, you brought that up, which is a new feature that's coming up, is in certain markets. It's been available for a long time for Uber black and premier. But now it's coming for Uber X vehicles as well. And I'm not sure I like that very much. I'm not sure I will take an hourly booking in my in my ex. But anyways, the basic concept is passengers will be able to order us a driver for an hour or more at at a time and they will pay an hourly rate, you will be the driver for the duration. So if they have three stops to make during the booked period of time, you will have to drop them off and wait for them at each,

I could see how that would be good if it was like a party atmosphere. Like if I were taking people around the bars and stuff because I think they would throw the tips because they build that connection long term more than just like a three minute ride to the next bar. But it's during the day and the person is going grocery grocery shopping. Now.

Once you that's the thing right? Now the last feature that the app is talking about, which is that's what they're referring to as go get or their features actually called pick up and go, which I am not. And honestly they're the rideshare guy is not very ecstatic about that either. But he goes one feature I know many guys will be upset about is to pick up and go feature customers will be able to order food on route on route to the destination and have to drive a stop by the restaurant so they can get their food before finishing the trip at the drop off. So you're basically a driver and delivery person all in one without getting a heads up upfront about a possible stop along the way. That's weird, unless the passenger discloses that before ordering their food, right, so to basically even though if you don't want to be an Uber, an Uber Eats driver, now you do now you're going to have to be and you're going to have to have like the smell of food and people eating in your car, even if you say you don't want to. And that whole idea about now stopping at McDonald's on Michigan tree that you want to target now you get if you can forget that, right? Because if they go if they get one of these, when then you have to,

I don't know how that this is going to fly and be good. Like I

know drives, I'll

be like yeah, I'm opting out of this like and then they're gonna I mean, as long as Uber gives you the option to opt out they're gonna they almost get their feedback.

So there is they actually say about that, you know that they talked about the dreaded drive thru and most drivers avoid like the plague right? Yeah. And then they said there's no mention of added compensation to the driver for providing this service either so so whether or not you actually to be able to turn off that feature we don't know or not. Or you know, if that's something that's going to cost extra it's gonna it's gonna make you more so overall lots of new features some of the people are gonna like and some people are not gonna like and we'll have to see what comes up.

I've noticed we've had to we have two articles from the rideshare guy he is pushing instacart signups big time apparently this is instacart is booming right now. He he writes 25 to 45 per hour with instacart I'm like you're high but yeah and what planet but yeah, if you go to a site in his market, let's see 1234566 ads on that article for instacart and a pop up you get yours or not Larry What's his name? Harry There we go. He's a good guy though. And then for me when I forget this article, I read it I read it Oh yeah. So it is from from Harry again. It's a new all electric all employee rideshare service company called rebel coming out in New York it's going to be the Tesla Model Model wise. So Leo is like super into others in skirted Leo super into Tesla is the wise I've not heard of that is that like, like SUV hybrid?

It's like they're cheaper. SCP is based on the model three. So it's like a little bit bigger than the model three.


it's about $50,000 Oh, sweet


Yeah, just keep going up.

Yeah, yeah.

Wasn't there an announcement today that you can't pay for a Tesla with Bitcoin did that like plummet Bitcoin today?

It didn't promise they went down, but okay.

But anyways, this is a new company. Wonder if you can use

Dogecoin maybe you can use Dogecoin

announced that, that you could use Dogecoin

Yeah, after this SNL thing on Saturday.

Wait, but then he says you can't use Bitcoin. Like I thought that was his jam. Okay, we're getting out of there. But one thing that's interesting that you will be hired as drivers employees, you will not be an independent, independent contractor. So that's kind of cool. If that's something that you want to do, but they're taking the front passenger seat out, which is interesting, putting a divider in and it says the prices will be competitive with other rideshare companies. One thing I thought was interesting is they said they talked about the gas savings. And it says electric vehicles don't suffer from wear and tear as much as traditional. I don't know man like

today's on what kind of wear and tear right

exactly like my wear and tear is going down dirt roads in in the boonies and I have suspension issues and power steering issues like,


I'm thinking you're gonna have the same Yeah, I guess it's the definition of of where and where

it's probably the moving parts in time inside the motor, the engine that he's referring to,

but I'd be curious on all your vehicles, what parts have failed that are moving on, you're like, I don't know. I'm trying to like what, like, no, I

wonder I will try not to mention the time I went out of my oil went out and I had to replace my engine. Oh, no, wait, I just did that.

That's different. I'm talking about like, what parts have you replaced? I'm just trying to think like, I don't think I've replaced any part because of like, wear and tear that just failed, right? But anyways, so that's that's how they can make up for being competitive with Uber and Lyft. No gas and less wear and tear, I guess. But.

So then, you know, speaking of gas, that's an interesting dilemma right now. Right. The gas prices are going up going up so much.

Have you gone to the gas station and filled up your grocery bag with gas yet?

I did a double with grocery bag. Two bags.

You got it. The double bag is what it that's the game changer.

I saw somebody filling up a big Rubbermaid tub full of gas.

Oh yeah. Can you see them? Do it was a video? No, it

was like a picture.

Yeah, I saw that too. And the first comment was like, she's not going to be able to lift that thing up. It was like 10 gallons. I'm like you realize every gallons like eight pounds isn't it? Something like that? 810 pounds a gallon? Like you're not lifting that thing up?

Well and it's just it's why what are people doing? I don't want

this in someone even said something and I hate to say it but they're like that person gets the same vote as you in the election. You're like these I almost dropped the first f bomb on the show. I was like these effin hillbillies are filling up like drums of oil of gas and I'm just like for what like I guess I don't know

what we're gonna run out right thermo or the you know, the nuclear war nuclear nuclear winter is gonna thaw out in a couple of months. So it's gonna be

Yeah, I mean, it really this whole pandemic to its really proved like there's a lot of people that would be would perish really quick because they're like, doing the stupidest thing like hoarding toilet paper. I would be hoarding canned food and water like, I can shit and wipe with a sock for a long time.

No, no, hopefully, anyway. What is going on with my jokes tonight like

that? And you can pee in a bottle. There you go. I'm

a professional. To jokes that just went flat. Larry, get your ass in here.

But anyways, back to rebel. They were able to purchase 50,000 Oh, yeah, you're there you go. Leo 50,000k for the least two and a half million dollars. Apparently they're expensive to insure to.

john john did not appreciate that mental picture. They

want me shitting and wiping with the sack. I use my cheap socks. I wouldn't use my nice ones. But yeah, every time I read articles about electric vehicles, I want a Tesla so bad. He too. I want a Tesla so bad. If I get any kind of windfall of money for like inheritance or whatever. I mean, after I pay my house off, of course, I'm buying a frickin Tesla. Like john says my bathroom. Oh, wait, sorry. At the Bob. That was I didn't mean to put that one up. But I was gonna put that Jason's gonna do openeye ed. I love that Keith knows about the Bob and he lives in Georgia. That's

I thought the bob was sold. Then they close the Bob. I don't think so. Did they? Yep, they put them on the market. Yeah, both of them both the bap and the event space next.

Why don't they put it on the market, but I'm calling. It's interesting. This is the one I meant to share. JOHN says Jason's bathroom habits are questionable. Yeah.

Well, we all know that. JOHN, come on.

100%. All right. What are we up to now? Oh, this is interesting. I

have a prank. Yep. Did you have the screen? There we go. So this is I'm doing this. This is doing Drivers the Reddit pranked was given instructions to please ring doorbell it wasn't a fucking doorbell it shocked you upon pressing it fuck rich people in fact Tony so there he he did not like that very much

so maybe maybe Leo kin who who who gave us a sad face I'm gonna kick that person in the private gave us a sad face yes Sandra Sandra dead I don't know

I come on Sandra you can't help

yeah Andrew so Leo Do you know about that Tony thing like what's the Tony thing like is that like the top Dasher?

He's like the CEO I think oh this keeps I keep seeing I mentioned on this on the subreddit like every time someone has a problem with like you know f Tony or whatever Okay,

I didn't know if it was one of those Karen things or if it was like, you know, the top Dasher. All right. Who the hell gave me another sad face. JOHN Hughes. Who whose good keeps giving you a sad face john that see sucker? Anyways, um, I lost my train of thought. Oh, do you think that guy was actually prank like who would frickin do that? The first comments like that's probably assault. Okay. Okay, Tony and Karen. And what's the male equivalent to the Karen?

I don't know.

Oh, at least I gotta like, Oh, no, we got for Leo. You son of your son of a bitch too.

Just because I'm hosting doesn't mean I can have some fun.

I know. But who is Gary? Oh, Gary. Gary L. Gray. Who named that child Gary l gray. Gary, you're dead to me. I don't even know who you are. Okay. Uh, oh.

We got a lot of eyes. Huh? Be nice.

He knows I'm kidding. I don't even know he who he is. Okay, so free driverless rides with curbside pickup coming to Grand Rapids. So as you know, maybe some people don't know that. There have been a shuttles that have been driverless. They've had an attendant in it, but they've gone in the same route. I think it was. Was it some sort of a dash bus or something?

Yeah, it's I believe they have run by by the dashcam.

Yeah. So that's going away. There was some stats, that was crazy. Oh, they were doing 11,000 people a month before the pandemic hit that, that driverless cars, those that's nuts. For a city our size.

Wasn't it also just I mean, you could just you would just they would stop and then you would just jump in and then drop off whenever you wanted to get off.

Yeah, I think it would go to all the stops. But it was like one circular pattern. So this is going to be a little bit different. It's going to connect with long the bridge Street corridor, and then connect it with a bunch of Westside neighborhood. So it's gonna be a little different because it's gonna be, you know, left REITs and, you know, I mean, I guess the circle that left REITs but it'd be a little bit more detailed compared to the shuttle so it should be interesting. They said they're gonna use an app called via which I thought vo was like a rideshare company but

that name before

Yeah, it's it's familiar, but I don't know if it's the same thing. What else did I read when I was reading it? Oh, this shit ain't cheap either. Let's see for the first phase of the pilot. I think this included the dashboards the city contributed 250,000 and private sectors pitched in 400,000. So it's a lot of money. What do you think about that? I mean, it's kind of putting us out of business but not a business but

it's not though we don't want the short rides anyways.

That's true. That's true.

I mean, I don't want them anyways.

Well, you know, they increase the or what was it? You know, what were we talking about an eight increase the surge but it was just better for the short rides for all when they did the

they got rid of the

multiplier. I'm an idiot. Yeah, I can't even think but

who's the rookie now?

Yeah, no kidding. I'm really you know, I can't read and try to run a show. So it should be interesting. Um, yeah, I'd like to take a ride in it just to have the experience of it and just talk to the attendant just to be curious

I can wait until I'm back diving passengers I know I could do it now but I'm not comfortable yet but i can't i miss it. I miss is so bad.

It just do I I'm telling you if the price is right, I might do it. It's not gotten there yet. But with this gas shortage, it might even get better. So my might have to do

I still I can't I can't dry with a mask on. That's my problem.

That ain't going away, bro. Like you ain't driving passes in the fall without a mask on. I'm telling you know, I know. You're gonna have to figure out another way.

That's gonna cannot dictate or live on I may have to go out and see about getting contacts and

yeah, I know you're worried about the fog. There's definitely a bunch of things you can buy to put in your mask that will not do that far. I mean, Lee wears glasses too. But

yeah, I have a face shield. So

Oh, yeah, that's true. Okay, so our second ad spot is, hey, if you have a business, we would love for you to, we'd love to talk about your business. So if you're listening to this podcast, or you know somebody that might benefit from us talking about it, me screwing up the business name or teasing the business name like womply, we would love to have you as a sponsor.

By the way, wambui is no longer a sponsor.

They are no longer a sponsor. The government ran out of money. So they don't you know, they had Did you get the email from them to reach out to the representative they're like, like going on Twitter like, Okay, guys, I understand you make money from this, but I'm not going to reach out to my representative the money's gone. Let's just move on. Yeah,

I got multiple, multiple emails.

Yeah, they're, they're hitting it hard. But there's some guy trolling them every time on Twitter, they tag a rep, the same thing and I look at the comments, the same guy, fuck womply these guys are scammers. I'm like, well, they're not you clearly didn't get money or you have to pay it back or something. Because you didn't follow the rules. But but all seriousness I want to talk about as you're starting to drive the octopus tablet. What is that? That's Table Table.

It says table on the run?

How dare you correct my spelling in the rundown? This is behind the scenes, no one sees this. And now they know. I'm a terrible speller.

I think Leo, this may be your last time you

know, check it out. The link is in the description. We've had that link in there forever. And some people have got it out of different markets, but it is actually live in Grand Rapids. You make an extra $100 a month. It's not a lot. But I mean, 100 bucks. I mean, it's two tanks of gas for me. So it's I mean, that's super helpful. X

is 50 bucks.

50 bucks. 50 bucks. Yeah, right now is two tanks in two weeks. If it's one thing, our court while you know, I

drive that big SUV. But yeah, it's basically it has trivia, the actually the passengers can win prizes and stuff like that. And it has, I think it does have some advertising on it. But basically, it's just like a little tablet system they send it to you put in the back of the car. Easy peasy. But it is live in Grand Rapids. So if you are a gig driver in Grand Rapids, why wouldn't you put it back there. If you can entertain your passengers, and they're more likely to give you a tip, why not. So check the link in the description. We'd appreciate that. We get a little kickback each time you guys sign up. And as soon as I'm the rideshare driving again, which will be in the fall. I'm not I can wear a mask. No problem yesterday, just a little batch. And I just get in but I love you. I will be having this tablet because it's free. It's not like you have to pay anything. Speaking of that, I've been seeing these big ass things that people like what are those tech? What do they call you put them on the taxes? The advertising things? I don't know what they're called. Yeah, the top or I've been seeing people have those on there too. I'm curious how much they pay.

I don't think they're in Michigan though. I like no, no, I

don't think they are either. But it would have to be a lot more than $100 a month.

So there's a company called rapa phi. You can do vinyl wraps on your car and get paid for them. It's live here.

I heard that was a scam.


Yeah, like they really didn't pay much at all.

I mean, I would I would feel like this the rap and the sign in the top should pay the same amount. I mean, your car is basically altered. You know, the tablet inside is great, right? You can, you can just, you know, no one sees it doesn't look like you're some walking billboard. But if it's outside your car, I mean, I gotta take my kids to school in that car. You know what I mean? So like,

you take that off. You're not driving. Well,

not the rap.

No, true. That's true.

Yes. And honestly, if I'm taking my kids for five minutes, I'm not gonna like take this whole system down just for five minute drive to school.

That's good point.

Just saying so check it out. Look up. Let's get the shit out of me. Uber, Uber slave, not he now he follows. Once you give me a frickin sad face to Dave.

Be nice. Jason.

He knows y'all just say be nice. Everyone can hear my tone that I'm just kidding. So yeah, go to the description. Either YouTube Twitter or Facebook and and check it out octopus tablet. Okay. Yes for Europe.

And so I got I have to preface this by saying this. It has to be a scam. I don't know. It's just weird. It's not. It's not a scam.

No. So I mean, I can explain it if it was. Go ahead. Sorry. I apologize.

No, go ahead. No Go ahead. So so it's it's a it's an earnings screen that we get break down and somebody he made $6,100.05 1228 99 is an earnings guarantee. And then he made $7 and $100 and tips and bonuses and so so it's just who makes a $5,220 earning guaranteed

Well, this was one market in the in Texas this was true. I saw them before this earnings. I saw them posting it I think we even talked about it

is 6000

Yes, earnings guarantee. I gotta find that screenshot. But yeah, that is legit. It was $6,000 if you took out 100 rides.


yeah. I mean, he made $700 on the 100 rides, and then they paid him like it was one market. It may have been Austin something but yeah, that's crazy. I it is true. I know. We talked about it, but I mean, who wouldn't do that?

No, I know, but that seemed like I mean, if you like it just seems fake.

If it was john, he would do that. And he would have all his earnings for the year.

I was funny.

I need a rim shot.

But yeah, oh my god but um bom bom bom Thank you. See Larry Are you gonna run by Larry Larry

but he being Leo spot next week. So. Alright, so this is just kind of interesting. I thought add on the rider perspective from Uber says add a tip. Cheers to like it has different options. Cheers. Do you $3 You're great. $4 Thank you so much. $5 You're my hero. $6 are custom. So I thought that was kind of cool that you could do that.

So I'd like to know what is the one cent called

dad that's under Fuck you.

Just about to say. Oh my gosh,

I wonder what there's always different thoughts on the custom like you can only tip up to like, Is that the same for food as it is like a certain amount is in regards to like a percentage?

I'm sure it probably is. I don't know.

I'd like to test that out. But then if it went through, I'd be pissed. $100 for those chicken nuggets. Shit. You can

tip me 100 bucks when I'm bringing you a nugget on Saturday.

I'll give you some nuggets. All right.


All right. Alright, so this is okay. We have video for Oh, you know, I don't think I did.

I did. I learned that.

I don't think I loaded that. Yes. I just realized why she did. Let's just talk about it.

Yeah, I know. Hang on. So this is a story. It's weird. I thought I muted this. Here we go. Sorry. I always check that is. So it's a story in our local magazine. 13 ABC. And it's about a rare I guess it's it's it's it's in Atlanta, I guess. But the story was when our local magazine. So an Atlanta woman said she had to throw herself out of her lift after she thought she might be in danger Wednesday morning. Basically, she takes a left to and from work every day. And so she obviously knows the ride and the weight is supposed to go. Very, very good. And this particular Lyft driver, Joe drove in the wrong direction and riders should take 15 minutes and took 30 minutes. At one point Lyft even called her to stay first texted her and said Hey, are you okay? They had guess had recognized that they had been stopped for quite a while.

Well, maybe they stopped or going from the opposite direction was stopped

and going in the opposite direction. So they first texted her and then she said Are you okay? And she says No, I'm not. And so they called her. Basically, he would let her get out of the car. He was verbally assaulting her by calling her you know, calling her things he shouldn't be calling her I guess. So basically, she was really scared of scared for her life and saying that that even though that lift had that smartrip Chicken feature, she still kind of felt like she had to throw us off from the car and then after she went out of the vehicle and even he may look like he was going to kind of drive over her drive into her. But he ended up taking off. So that was the whole gist of the story.

I thought I thought this Interesting that there emergency health features supported by ADT, if a writer driver is uncomfortable or safe, they're able to immediately connect with an ADT security professional writers are able to choose whether they want ADT, to text them, call them or silently alert 911. Drivers only have the option to receive a call if requested ad to alert authority so they can arrive. Hmm.

I mean, I think the thing we can talk about in this one here is is it didn't really help her much, right. I mean, she was uncomfortable. She was not safe. But she was the one having to jump out of the car. Yeah, I mean, no, but

there's always gonna be a time factor there. Right, like she did she give? I mean, I don't want to judge her because she jumped out of the car. I mean, but I what I was gonna say was, if she maybe waited two or three minutes, there may have been help on the way. But do you really want to wait that two or three minutes?

Well, but that mean, right. She's already been in the car for 30 minutes? Yeah. I would, I would have said to him, I've had enough. I'm done. I'm gone. But I think the discussion should be is Lyft and Uber doing enough,

but what what else could they do?

Well, I don't know. Exactly. I don't know. I mean, maybe the moment that she says I'm not safe. Maybe they need to dispatch a police vehicle, you know, immediately. I don't know.

I do. I do agree with you a little bit. I think that would be helpful. Just to get someone rolling right away. If they say they don't feel safe. I mean, why why run the risk of? You know, right. Well, do you want me to call you? Well, I mean, I get why they're doing that. But I agree. I think they roll emergency unit. They can always disregard like they can always say hey, she's good. Nevermind, and the cop will be like, Alright, whatever. I'll go on to something else.

You should always, you know, in this side of caution, right. I mean, it really should be. It's about safety here.

Yeah, I guess I don't other than them rolling. An officer right away. I don't know what else Uber Lyft can do. Like,

no, no, there's not much they can do but but but should they do that more often? More quicker? I mean, more quick, cuz you did do the quicker.

Really what she did, the woman should have done it should have caught him in the throat with a knife in her pocket. But

well, that's the other question is Why didn't she called the cops?

True? Well, she said she was arguing with the guy for 15 minutes. And that seems weird to it's like, I would have a discussion for like two minutes at max and be like, Okay, this is not going the way I'm out. I'm out. Like, yeah, why didn't she call the cops? But anyways,

that's Yeah.

Um, next up self driving. Cars. We're talking about lots of like, automations and stuff. Our thing in China now, which I thought was interesting. 10

of self driving taxis?

Yeah, that's what I meant. Sorry. While they still are cars.

No, they are. But yeah, the whole point. Is that the taxis right now?

Yeah. So it was kind of cool. They're trying to get up and going for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which we don't know what what if they will even have them. But kind of the same thing. Use an app to call the car. You have to scan a QR code, those kind of things. Each trip costs about $4.60. American, so it's still pretty cheap. But just another way of we're slowly slowly getting away from

Oh, yeah, I think is this a sign that, you know, the Uber and Lyft industry as we know it is, is it's going to dive into

it is it and I don't have the article for tonight, I did see that Uber paired up with i don't know i forgot. I can check it real quick, just because it's gonna drive me nuts. Uber and a rival partner to create an Eevee for ride hailing drivers. Okay, so they're gonna create an electric vehicle.

But they're still gonna have a driver,

right? It's kind of long, kind of long the same, but just the thought of like, just going, I don't know, I think electric Well, they were they were really, you know, into doing the driverless cars, then that all got fucked up and someone died and then they sold the business. So now they're going to electric vehicles, maybe their baby stepping into, you know,

but isn't. Isn't the taxi supposed to be driverless?

It is. It is. But I mean, are we ready for that yet? I mean, maybe in China they are but I don't know. I just feel like every time they try to roll one out, someone dies. No, I agree. I

mean, we're still we're still 510 years away. I get I agree with that. You know,

you know what's funny about that though, like, okay, somebody dies, okay. It's, it's sad, okay, and everyone freaks out. But how many people die every day with regular automobiles like 1000. I don't even know it's insane number in the grind So it's like, okay, someone died in a Tesla or whatever. I mean, obviously, but go ahead.

I was just gonna say I think one thing people don't understand is if you can completely take out the human factor of driving the system, the whole basis of the system is going to be like a ton. Safer,


It is.

Because humans, we are unpredictable, and we have bad drivers. We don't have the, we mean all the things, right?

Yeah, I totally agree. And most of the crashes in the Tesla are people using autopilot that are still not in control. And they literally say it's not ready. Right? You cannot do that. And but so when someone crashes, and it's the cars fault, that's when I get concerned, but mostly, if you really read the article, that guy was still, you know, looking at a book and had his hands off the steering wheel. So right. All right. Yes, sir. Do you know why I'm posting this one?

I don't, okay, I don't.

What? There's a several, several things. First of all, doordash doesn't pay shit for Walmart orders. But first off, it's 126 items. Right? what really got me is the note. Walmart will not release goods to dashers with young children in the car who cannot be left on a tenant reserves the right to request a new dash or Walmart also requires a clean odor and animal free area be made available for loading groceries. Um, is this a regular problem that they have to put this in? I mean, weird. Yeah. $4.50 for 126 items. I mean, I know you're not shopping it but that's, I don't know, probably 30 bags,

one and 11 miles. I mean, well,

that's not even the worst part. I mean, Judas mod. I did have Megan ended up we've been doing the pickup at Aldi and at Meijer not doing the actually delivery service. Yeah, Matt says he sees dashes with pets and kids in the car. And that's what I was going to say. I had we ended up having to get delivery from Meijer because for whatever reason, they'd have any pickup times and this lady had kids in the car, and I mean, I don't want to hate on them. Like I kids, it's fine. But like, if you got to make money, you got to make money, but dogs and and when you're dealing with food, it's like, come on, what are we doing here? Right. Um, same with cigarette smoke. I had one food delivery. And I know that guy was smoking in the car. And I it was actually from Panera, which is before doordash before they hired doordash. And I was like, dude, I can smell the cigarettes. Like, especially if you don't smoke. I can smell the cigarettes through the food. But

oh, it's horrible. They should not do that.

Yeah, but I just thought that no, it was funny. I'm like, you really have to say that. I mean, come on. I agree. Anyways, uh, we'd love you to join us on Patreon. I got a couple of episodes in the bank that are not up there right now. There is one of their right now. Which ones up there? display rides. I think it's display rides. But anyways, yeah, we basically tried to interview people that have new apps, we've got one that's local from gr app that you can make more money on. And then another one to help you financially that's coming out at the end of the month. So if you go to patreon.com search the gig economy podcast, you get an extra podcast, a month of peace emerge in the course, before show banter, which if I remember to put it up, which I have been good at it, or it's actually more remember to hit record before the show. So

and then for the most important part, you help out you help us

Yeah, you're supporting the show. Yeah, I mean, all the content that we do on this show is all free. You know, we we do earn a little money from sponsors. But with a Patreon, you're part of the team. We really appreciate Leo's been a Patreon member for forever. So we really appreciate that. And yeah, patreon.com search again, we

should say the sponsors of mine, and we don't take any money out. Oh, no, it's Joe. It helps pay for the show.

I mean, if we had enough sponsors, I would I would take some we would take some money out, but yeah, we don't we don't take we don't take a salary. No, Jerry says I delivered a load of birthday balloons from Party City with Uber Eats Yeah, I've seen some some horror stories of with those balloons. I don't think I'd want to do that. Can you imagine those things like flying out because you know, they all got helium in them. God can you imagine them all popping in your car? You know how if you suck in a little helium your voice goes really high. Oh, I love doing that my kids think that's the funniest shit ever. They're like they don't understand it. I'm like, you know, you know birthday or whatever I'm like, watch this. They just die laughing but nice to see on the show Jerry. Appreciate that. Matt says former smoker the stench makes me sick. Yeah, it's pretty nasty. Knock I used to smoke too many years ago. 20 years ago. you dead?

Yes. Oh, yeah, I smoked for 16 years.

I cannot see a cigarette coming hanging out of your mouth.

Oh, yeah, I was I was young and I was young and and stupid young and dumb. Oh, yeah. Okay, I even had an earring.

Oh, I had my ears pierced to theirs. I had both ears and I had one up in the what is that top part called the fucking No, but anyways doordash Reddit delivered a leave at door order to a cemetery customer was non responsive and support said leave in a safe place. I figured at the feet of our Lord and Savior which suffice. So there's a cross with Jesus on it crucified and he just put the food there.

I love I like what I like how it says customer was non responsive. Oh, I wonder if that's why who it was.

No pun intended. I mean, that's a good joke. No, sorry, guys. No, that was perfect. That was perfect. But yeah, that guy if you want some hilarity, sometimes those Reddit groups are just frickin hilarious. Oh, yeah. All right. Yes. For your up talks about makeup.

I don't want to talk about makeup just making sure you want to read the whole damn thing. I know. I know. So basically, Uber Eats has their first beauty partnerships and now you'll be able to order Estee Lauder candles and skincare who want to do that but it's only it's only in cities 60 stores in the US so I'm assuming it's only in obviously cities that where those stores are available. So yeah, so basically you'll be able to order yet another thing on awaiting have it delivered. why anybody would want to have candles or skincare products today but by always, I don't quite know because as far as I understand, I mean, I guess Estee Lauder is really not that expensive or brand but it's definitely a brand it's been around for a long time. So I don't know why you would want to what

I would think would be hot as much as I'm into women's makeup is the is alter is like a makeup line alter or ultra Yeah, I would think they would want to I think they would want to pair up with them because who who wears Estee Lauder like that's like my grandma's shit. You know from back in the day

well, but but let's let's be real here right? How often are you in a situation Do you need it like right now?

I mean

you know how many pregnancy pregnancy test

I need? I need a candle right now with this special.

I need a candle a pack of condoms and some eyeliner.

Hey, didn't say anything about condoms.

I know. I

do. Yeah,

I added that. Yeah, the deliveries are hilarious. I love the the the the pregnancy tests or the lube and some chocolate and you're like, oh boy, like people just whatever. I don't think I could get that delivered. I don't know maybe with contactless delivery. People don't really care, but

it's so weird. Yeah, it is. I don't know why anybody would buy that at Uber Eats.

I'm telling you, people well, alright, I'm gonna I have failed to load shit tonight. And I apologize. No one else cares. But I'm skipping the next one because I don't have it loaded. So. So this is from what do you think about this? Yes, for I know, you looked at this. I thought this was interesting.

It was so I have a problem with it. But he says I have no problem with this. But this was a male. I call him an explained. I have no control of this, but he can cancel the ride and try to build against I guess whoever gets him Be careful. And it's a Uber window. Shawn. Hey there. I got a long traveler, but it doesn't tell me what city what city you go into San Antonio. Let me guys up and I'll be right there. And he goes, can I get a female diamond please? I want to cancel it. Yeah, it's just it. There's it's just wrong on so many levels. I mean, I don't even care if we want to take it in. So here I don't know what what their long trip is. But let's say it would have taken me to Lansing or whatever. No way. I'm not. No, that's.

Well, I mean, I think the awkwardness is can I get a female driver? Like that's, that's the weird But that's

exactly what it is because he makes it weird, right? It's like,

yeah, I mean, I would be like, ah, why you're taking a long trip. You want a female driver? I mean, right. Kind of kind of creepy and total creeper. And let's see, this one was kind of funny. The Domino's Pizza one I'm gonna share actually load it. I don't know what happened why those other ones? You know what I did is when I was going to the rundown I just saw the links and I usually write video behind it so it triggers me to load the video. But anyways, no one cares why it was involved.

Alcohol was involved No

it wasn't it I promise. It wasn't. This is this was actually yesterday shared it was actually almost a year old and I never seen it. But basically, the customer asked the Domino's Pizza delivery driver to do a couple things kick the door three times do a little jig.

It was actually my wife who shared with me. Oh, really? fun. Yeah.

All right. Let me play that real quick. actually have that one. I like to dance all the way back

like he's fully underway screaming yet

fully committed to that. Knock three times high five, the camera and I just love those.

It's better. Hi, fi.

Yeah, it's better than you know, the things we see. Usually on that, but that was hilarious.

It was just fun. Right? And those are the good ones.

Yep. All right, Leo. You're ready. We're gonna bring in yours. You got to talk about it. You shared a double with me. So I didn't share that one. But I got a few of them. Yeah. Matt says if you gotta buy your pregnancy tests at Dollar Store, you may be can't afford a kid. Yeah, I mean, my wife gets a lot of stuff at dollar stores. But it wouldn't be a brain z test. The things that suck at $1 store paper plates suck at $1. Sir, just to let you know, my mother in law would continually buy him up the cabin. I'm like, I need six of them to actually make a plate. Please.

Get the all the ones that much better.

Yeah, I know. They are all these great everything. Okay, Leo, this is your picture.

Yeah. So this, this is one that happened to me. And it's just a double order from Taco Bell that you can see the first one was really close to where the restaurant was. But the second one was all the way very far north. 36.8 miles total 2519.

But the the weird part is why would they double that? Like that's not even close?

Right? I don't think I talked about it was up there or not. Or maybe it was closed. It was like midnight, as you can see the time there. Oh, yeah, that's true. But I would not take that.

Yeah, I didn't. Well, obviously the mileage but then man, you were way out of your Where? I mean, I assume were well still. You're kind of down. You already got a little bit of a drive just to get to the restaurant.

Yeah, that's about maybe, maybe about five, five miles from the restaurant. So I guess so. Yeah. Then you go on all that way. That's crazy. That's how a night? I don't know. Because as that freeway, that's how I live right off that freeway right there. That's me taken. There's people that are raised up and down this freeway all night long. So I would not want to be on that late at night.

Matt said they had one of the orders had zero tip. I agree. I think the order that's further away. Probably is the one or the one that's closer probably has the zero tip. My guess I don't know. I'm just I'm just speculating. But yeah, yes, we're talking about these stack ons. You got to be careful with these. You know, it kind of it kind of whet your whistle when you see the 25 and you're like, Oh, it's not bad. And then you realize, one didn't tip you. And it's a long way to go. So right. Yeah. All right. This one? This Uber one

Yep. To in within like 10 days. There were $6.66

that's creepy.

That is and I don't know why why they would even allow that amount.

I don't know why either. I mean, it's just simple math, but I don't know why the 666 is sign of the devil. I mean,

maybe he was trying to tell me something and it's just stopped driving for a bit. I'm

like, it was 26 minutes on the one and it's Popeye's so yeah, no

forget the pot. That's it pop buys by my house actually. And I know that I'm the last time I picked up from there. The line was off to the street. Oh,

gross. Gross. And then that last one I didn't know.

Yeah, so I have I've gotten like maybe two or three orders stacked together before like at Walmart's but I've never seen five before. And then after I decline. This one actually got another one goes a different set of five. But they stack them all together like this. And it's only seven items as you can see, but it's like I don't want to be doing this. That's ridiculous. So wait, it was 1575 for all five for all five. Yep. I mean for the mileage is not bad, but for the time it would take you. Oh, yeah, five stops. So

it's funny that you know this, this. We're talking about this. So I haven't talked about this yet. I don't know why. But there's a new app called spark you actually deliver for Walmart. It's not through Walmart to get hired. You have to go to delivery drivers Incorporated, DDI. We interviewed the CEO A while back, but I did sign up for it. And I do Walmart orders and Matt brings that up that they rarely tip I owe on doordash. Yeah, I don't do Walmart on doordash. They will not tip but they do on Spark, you'd be surprised. And we will get those stackers as they call them batch orders on Spark, and a lot of them are one item. It's the stupidest thing. It's like a pack of m&ms. I'm not kidding. You like a one pound pack of m&ms. And it actually pays relatively well. And they will surge usually on a trip of like seven or eight. I'll make 60 bucks. Oh, wow. Yeah, yeah, they're not all like that. And they're so easy to it's just like, just think of it as being like, Amazon driver, with one item. Like, you're literally just although there are some times like I delivered a bike. I delivered some furniture. So it's not like it's always just one one item thing. But yeah, check it out. I mean, as much as I don't want competition, I'm not doing it now. So frickin do it. I'll be doing in the fall. But it's spark is the name of the app, but you have to go through DDI to do it. So delivery drivers Incorporated. Yeah, we don't have any link for that or anything. There's no advantage just I would check it out. If you're a delivery driver, you might as I'll put that in your tool belt, you never know. Right? When you're going to need it. So they do have groceries. It's just like doordash. Like, Leo shared that last picture. That's kind of a batch order where it's just one or two items per order. It's easy peasy. You the customer doesn't have to be there. You just snap the picture and move on foods a little bit more tricky. But yeah, it works well for me. So. Yeah. Also, I wanted to bring up there is a new app for doordash. I'm gonna throw it out there.

I was wondering if you're gonna do

well, I don't know if we want to wait for the affiliate link or go ahead. Okay. So it's called tip transparency. You can look it up. Matt can probably share the link in here. Actually, Matt might have a referral, however they would,

they would just add it to the App Store too.

Yeah. But Matt, if you have a referral link, go ahead. I'll fuck up. I can't read that.

I think I see that or not that I actually tried it. I

got a text about it. It's called it's called para.

Para is okay. It's two different apps. Yes, for right now.


It's tip transparency. But I can't remember what he did say it was something in the App Store. But basically, it circumvents the No, it doesn't circumvent it basically, somehow can figure out what the actual tip is. And it sends you a text before we accept it. So the order pops up within one or two seconds, you will get a text notification and it will pop down it will tell you how much that order actually is because you know, doordash likes to hide their shit behind. I don't know whatever you call it the order. Yeah, they are integrating t TT into para. Yeah, I don't know. It's not done yet. But do you have a mat? Do you have a link? Or somebody? I don't know, if you do this, throw it in the chat. But if you're on doordash, you'd be dumb not to use this. Matt said he makes about eight or $9 more per hour, which is huge. I mean, if you're if you're just rounded up to 10. I mean, if you're working for hours, that's an extra 40 bucks, because it basically gives you the opportunity to be like eff that I'm not taking this this order, but so eventually we'll have affiliate link. We're trying to get into them as a sponsor, but it's been great. For Matt, he definitely is.

Can't wait to try them tomorrow.

Are you? Are you heading out tomorrow with it? Yeah, dude, I want to hear your feedback. For sure.

I'll give you some lucky Schofield reports. Yeah,

that'd be great. Matt. Matt says it's great.

Definitely game changer. Yeah.

Yeah, yes. When I talked to Jimmy, one of the partners of para and I was like, how long is this before doordash is gonna come down. But apparently they're pretty confident that that won't that they won't come down. And by the way, though, you are violating their terms of service by using it. I'm going to throw that out there. You probably all know that y'all smart. But just so you know, don't get me wrong. I use apps that violate almost every Terms of Service of every app I use. So

but don't say it like that J's No. I mean, yes, for does all the platforms.

I mean, You don't know what platform they don't know what platform my on watch me get kicked off of Uber and Lyft to my

watching. Bye Bye Bye.

Have a good day. But anyways, well, Leo, thanks for coming on you were so quiet was yes for interrupting you.

I think so. Yeah, it's hard to get worried. What? I'm just throwing you under the bus. It's okay. Well,

I appreciate everyone listening. I appreciate Leo. Looking forward to seeing Leo in Detroit. No looking forward to seeing Leo and Grand Rapids when he comes from Detroit. I mean, I don't think I have any trips planned to Detroit but

come over whenever you want.

I know I actually love Detroit like I missed the downtown area. Last time we were there. I think it was for a concert.

Hockey. You are very excited about this big concert.

Which one

poppy boy Yeah, yeah, it

was I think that's the last time that the Fillmore we got to meet them. God sucks. But anyways, I appreciate Leo coming on and PJ being a Patreon member really appreciate that. Appreciate Yes, for being sexy as always, and we'll be back in two weeks. And I think next week we have a new episode coming the 24th Nope, not next week the 24th the episode that all the Patreon members got first for a couple of weeks is coming out for for everyone else and so look forward to that but I hope you guys have a good night. And yeah, Leo, Leo. Leo stay on the line after I kill this. Alright, good night, guys. Thanks. Right Bye, guys.

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