Alright guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. We are in beautiful Grandville Michigan, in the studio sponsored by Irvine's auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid and EV will talk about them and a little bit later tonight Just yesterday and I Sam was gonna come on, but she's not feeling well today. So she said she was going to take a rain check on that. Yeah, and if anyone ever wants to be on the show, if you ever listener, an audio listener or you're just to let you know, we do live stream this every other Wednesday. You're way too hard to be, you know, get on the show, though. All you have to do is be able to breathe. Yeah, pretty much. Pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. Breathe and don't be racist or bigoted and you're golden. There you go. So yeah, so go ahead and share the show on Facebook. If you could retweet it on Twitter and like or hit the bell notification, subscribe on YouTube, we'd really appreciate it. Everything a gig economy podcast related is on our website, gig economy, hyphen, podcast, calm. Also, there's a link tree in there, as well, where you can click on anything to your heart's desire, Patreon, all our social media links and those things. Also, I just want to quick talk about the picnic, which is 911 911 which is taking forever to load. There we go. Yep, 911 that's coming up. or looking forward to it. 12 to four, or 124 I was gonna come at 12 so it's funny. I had a note here that says literally says update the picnic picture. So I go in there in my head. I didn't have the time at all. And I'm like, wait, it's right there. I don't need to edit it. No, I needed to change it to one to four. Should probably write that. So one thing I want to know though. Have you gotten the petting zoo yet? No, I have not booked that so if anyone has a hobby farm that they're willing to trade Hobby Farm Yeah. You never heard of a hobby farm? No, I know. But they have to be small. Yeah. No, no, just a hobby farm is like I have a go and a donkey and chicken. And then I'll bring those to pay. I used

to have a he were not acquaintance anymore. But I had a buddy once he had what he called a hobby for him. And he had 30 steer of cows in the batch. That's not a hobby farm. That sounds like a full time business. What they want to do, but 3030 cows in the back.

Yeah, my goodness gracious. I want to mention our Patreon members, Keith from Georgia. Leo from Detroit. Janet from New Zealand. Steve from Colorado. Larry, who's online right now with us. Hey, Larry, from Bowling Green and Sam's route from Grand Rapids. Real quick to we have a nationwide telegram group. What's telegram it's like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It's a group online that you can join. Talk about gig work. It's starting to get a little busier in there now that things are starting to open up. Cannot wait. Yeah, so excited. Yeah, people are driving more and those kinds of things. We'd love to have you in the group. The link is in the description and all the platforms YouTube Twitter. I don't know if Twitter even let's maybe not Twitter, maybe YouTube and Facebook. Check that out. And then of course Steve from right your rodeo said he was going to be here annoying tonight on YouTube. I don't see him yet. He hasn't commented at least But hey, he's our boy from Colorado. He has this podcast called rideshare. rodeo. We collab together and I would really love you to check out his show. He posts once a week more than us. Good for him. We don't have the time. You're not better. No, no, I just I would love to do it once a week but man I mean I don't feel like there's that much news maybe there is once a week that we could but I I think we've been doing the twice a week for three years and I think that's a good fit for us. So absolutely anywhere you can download podcasts write your rodeo just search for that and that would be great

but remember to make sure you download ours first

of course I mean that's expected yeah if you don't then that's rude but anything going on for you I know we got some stories to talk about but I'm just

getting ready to comfort van is ready and yeah as soon I've kind of told myself as soon as they lift the mask the mask ban in God and I'm going yeah, that's kind of my line in the sand. Okay so I mean fully vaccinated wax and Ada wax and vaccinated for a while now. Yeah, and it's you know, it just kind of doing it but it's I'm so looking forward to it. I've been you know, I'm all said back on the app, you know, fully fully back on. We'll talk about that later on though some some extra exciting changes that Uber have changed when it comes to years of the vehicles what's already later but but yeah, I just had the van in Exeter you picked it up today. Just a couple of minor things that need to be taken care of. Sorry. Did you say hi to Megan when we were at over I did not know I did not so I thank you for pointing that out. That was very nice of you. But yes, just getting everything ready and and And I cannot wait to get back on the road. I said, I've been monitoring the apps. And I cannot believe how high those search prices go. And grant happens right now. Right. Well, we got that free crater. Yeah, we'll go. We'll get into deeper then.

He pulled that mic up a little bit closer to be great. Larry, did I say twice a week? I met twice a month. Yeah. Twice a week. I listen to a podcast. The podcast is daily. Can you imagine podcasting daily now it's a current event show, but oh my gosh. It's crazy. But

and I see Jana took a couple days off to his he's going to Wellington. So capital city,

Wellington, 360 kilometer Janet. Doing it so that's what is that like? 500 a mile? Yeah, I was gonna say 500. That's kind of a hike. Oh, yeah. That's probably to Tennessee from here. Maybe Nashville. Five miles. Yeah. Okay, that's a little bit of drive. What's up, Steve? There he is on YouTube. Thanks for joining us. You all worried? I know he said he was coming on. Appreciate it. And I know eight. It's okay. That's true. It's a minutes I mean, hell. Before we get into stories are going to talk about Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. Of course, the studio sponsor of this amazing show, and they are an amazing repair facility, call them at 532 6600 or go to Irvine comm to schedule. You can do that anytime. If you wake up at three in the morning and just have this epiphany that you need your oil change. You can actually get on go to Irvine calm and schedule your oil change right there. Now no one's going to contact you till the morning. But you can get your name on the list and get an order get in line if you need to get that done. But Yep, 532 6600. They're located on Stafford just east of 131 44th Street. We can't thank them enough. If you don't trust me, and I got to update this picture. I say that every time I go look at their Google reviews. I mean, they're pretty amazing. And if someone did have a problem, they always respond to it. I'm on there. That's really I really like it when I'm looking for somebody, or like, you know, looking for Google reviews, right? And I see the companies responded. I was like, even if it's like, Hey, thanks for that nice review. I'm like, Oh, I'm sorry. We did we missed their can what can we do to help you?

You know, honestly, for me, if they happen to be a negative response, not robots always because you won't see that they're worse. But if you see it anywhere else, if that's been responded to it, that negative can be a positive for me. Yeah. Because it tells me how they deal with it. And and it doesn't have to be a negative because so many people are so stupid today. Yeah, customers not business owners. Right. But it's just oh my gosh, and the things that they expect. Toy customers. Yeah, yeah, it's just and no, yeah,

no, i i agree with you when I see a response, as long as it's not like dripping with existing ass like, legitimate like you can tell somebody took time to respond back. So yeah, check them out. If you need repair service, oil change any of that I had to get my cars into for oil change. I like to do my own in the summer, but I'm a little overdue, and I'm just like, you're too busy right now. Now. I know. I'm just gonna drop it off. Get a loaner from them. And that has grown. Yeah, they have free loaner? Oh, yeah. Yeah, they do. So that's the nice part. So you don't even I mean, you're not even out with a car you just I How did I not know that? You didn't know they had loners you get to drive a Prius they have all three IMC that's why I can't on a hybrid. It is comical, like you're a big guy. I mean, you're a little bit bigger than me. But I mean even a tall guy can you see like Ben in a previous like he'd have to cram himself in because I'm the one that had three professional basketball players in my master three. Okay. Yeah, that's true. That's true. Alright, so first up, this is just kind of comical, like to start off the show with now. Um, let me click on this link real quick. Hopefully it doesn't play right away. Oh, it says how Popeye's would be if they had a delivery. So what I want to know have you guys dealt with Popeyes? There are Popeyes in this area. And I know I'm always gonna kill me. There's one on division. Yeah, there's one on Alpine too. Oh, Mike segula. From Geez, what is what he was on the show? My delivers Mike delivers. Thank you. I listened to his podcast. It's on my rundown. He says he has a he hates Popeyes. They're terrible. They're so this is just a little funny video about what how Popeyes would be if they had delivery.

ordered the three hours is over what's going on? Okay, you better leave at 10am I do not want to order this Friday.

I told you that.

The order was right here. To get that phone on my face.

What are you talking about? He ordered a drink

Do you not? It's awesome. The kids

No matter what you ask for, do

you have sauce in the kitchen?

Yes or no?

Okay, that's why why is he playing with you?

But don't worry about us, man. You left We even came stupid

what what what?

So, towards the end there he asked, What's that guy doing? It's a guy with an apron as was probably the cooker. Yeah, like that, but apparently I don't know, like, is does Popeye's like aggressively talk to you in the hands of their food? I have never eaten there have you? Oh,

he used to be I used to have an office down on division and we were not too far from Popeyes so we're gonna have it once in a while.

Yeah for Wasn't there a chicken sandwich craze from them for a while like people like someone got murdered over some chicken sandwich or something couldn't

get him something. I don't think they got there. Now there's another chicken place on division that you should stay away from people do get married there. Which one? Oh yeah, that's Yeah, it was a different story. Yeah, yeah. They used to they used to be a shootout even if it quarters division and Burton. There's a whole division in hot where's the Popeye's in Division? It's further down. Okay. Fill it out last Sunday. Well, I mean, I guess. Do you remember the old movie theater on division? No. Okay. It's been shut down for years. But yeah, right there next to it is what it is theirs. Oh,

is it still? Is that building still up? The old movie theater was still there. But it's not having been done by somebody would buy that and renovate it. I love that old school movie stuff like the wealthy street theater. Have you ever been in there? Oh, yeah. No air conditioned by the way. So don't ever go in the summer. Very hot. I remember. They do laugh s events over there. And even. It would be hot in there with all the lights and people but that's a cool old school theater too.

Yeah. My wife and I goes to the we go to the city theater.

Yeah. That's a higher class. I mean, it's old building too, but they've done a lot of renovations. Oh, yeah. But so next up, grub hub,

grub hub. So basically, grub hub is launching alcohol delivery in your market next week, allowing customers to order alcohol along with their food. And then I guess they want you to do some drivers intelligent driver training so you can learn how to do it correctly. Yeah. I didn't click on the link because you know, it was a pleasure. I well. Yeah, but they're supposed to be there's a learn more there.

Yeah. But uh, Ben sent the picture. There was no link i will i actually Google Drive does dry cleaning. I know I did

it. But I didn't look online to try to find you know, to learn more, but I couldn't. Well, I guess my I'm bringing this up. My question is do all the other platforms deliver alcohol do eat and because I've never got an alcohol order shipped does? Yeah, I

know that. I've done that before. We know ship does and we had coffee all got the story from San Juan. Right? Yeah, that Yeah. Remember? That's Yeah, two bottles of wine. She couldn't get it up at heart, but same either way. So she needs to cry, does it? I don't know if any of the food delivery services does it? Oh, I wonder if it's for grub grub. grub hub is first to the Yeah, no, maybe. I don't know if I would to be honest. I don't know if I mean, what kind of race does it put me on? You know, put me in? I mean, as long as you check the ID. Well, how would they know that? I did.

Cheers. Do you have to scan it? Oh, they tell you do a ship? You have to scan it and then they have to sign it. Okay, so I don't know. Just another platform. I mean, yeah, I'm not sure why people more people don't order booze like that. Because like, I swear, half the drunk drunk driving arrests are assholes going to get more than they're drunk. But if you're drunk and you want more booze and if you can order on grubhub that would be great. Right? If you're drunk all day, you probably don't care about you know, whatever Yeah. $35 fee to drive to door from Grand Rapids to delivery you know, a fifth of jack or something like that, right? No, no. Oh, is there's always like p stories on this show like it never fail. So this is from the Uber Eats restaurant have a positive p it is it is confession. Sometimes I accept a crappy order just because Did I say is on the Uber Eats Reddit page subreddit sorry. Sometimes I accept a crappy order just because a restroom has an easily accessible bathroom. And then the first comment is that's what I do with five guys. And then the next time it was I'm on the shitter and five guys as we speak. And someone actually made a good point. It's actually the best solution since they don't drop the fries until you arrive then you can drop your drawers. So I would have to agree with those guys. I don't know about the fry thing, but I definitely know it. I wait the longest at five guys and they typically have a clean

bag just close 10 grams. No he didn't. Yeah, five guys on grammar has gone in Grandville. Yeah, no, it's not. Yeah, you're kidding me. No. When did that happen? How do you know that? I drove past and it was gone? No. Oh, you have to look it up. But yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm correct. I'm looking it up right

now. Well says just order pickup in grandma. Yeah.

But I passed the restaurant and it was gone.

I mean, maybe. Are you sure it was the one? The five guys right in the corner? Says open now order pickup or delivery? or nothing. Nothing was updated and you're gonna order it and sit for four hour? Yeah, get it? Huh.

I thought it was. May I could be totally wrong. I could be totally wrong. Do they close that one? That thing is busy as hell. That's weird. Again, I could be totally wrong, but I thought I pass in and it was

all right. Matt said it's not gone. He did delivery for them today. Okay, man, you're right. I was like, how is that place? Close? It is poppin. Every time Matt works my hood. I passed it. And are you? Are you sure the one in Granville on 44th Street? Yeah. Well, you see, I'm not sure. Why did I even ask that? Maybe I should not have taken that second drink. I wonder what you saw that you probably looked in the building all the strip mall before that. There's a bunch of empty Right, right, right. But, huh, man, it got me worried. Because you like them that much. You know, I don't eat there often, but when I do, it's always amazing. I just don't want to spend $75 to get burgers for the family. I've only done that once. To be honest. You're not a huge fan. Or what's a go to burger for you in this area? Like if you if someone came to you if you picked up a passenger from the airport might? Not at midnight, of course. But seven o'clock. They're like oh my gosh, I need a burger. I need the best burger in Grand Rapids. Where would you send them?

I don't know. I don't know. But I can tell you by none the best burger I've ever had. Okay, bro. roulant. Well, then that's where you would send them? Well, yeah, but they're not always open. Well, I know. I. This was a hypothetical like, sure. Yes. But now you've avant? Oh, yeah. Really? Yeah. What was so great about it? It was just they have one burger on the menu. Right? There's like, I would like the burger. Okay, let's just say the burger. How do you want it? And then they start asking all these toppings. You know, it's just it's just, it's amazing. I

asked a question how buzzed were you when you ate it? Because it's not. The food is like, I could be eating at KFC and I'd be like, Oh my gosh, just the best fries. They had.

They had this little like, it was like, almost like a little jelly dab on top of it. And it was like soft onions. And it was just absolutely amazing. Homemade brioche bond. It was just it was the best. Really? I yeah, that is today. The best I've had.

Okay. Hey, Matt. Just real quick. I did not. I unmuted myself on Discord. So if you have a chance to take a peek and hear what it sounds like, let me know. I talked about later.

So sorry, Matt. I guess I'm all lying. They're not close.

Apparently. You got me out word I was gonna say if they close then something burned down. Because that restaurant is constantly popping. It wouldn't be for lack of business. I can tell you that. So maybe, but going back to, you know, bathrooms. You know, we've talked about that restaurant a couple of weeks ago, that wasn't in our market that basically you had to buy a bottle of water to use the toilet. And it's just, that was ridiculous. That was I should have followed that subreddit and see what actually happened to that restaurant. I know they were giving them like terrible reviews and stuff like that. But I will have to agree with Reddit. If you need to go to the bathroom five guys. Now I'm not gonna say it's like always clean but it's tolerable and you will wait for your food there. It doesn't matter because you they it's like they do drop the fries when you get there to make sure they're fresh. But you know what, I'm gonna go to the bathroom and start driving again. Right? Other than Johnny's no one. No, Johnny's Yeah, I was gonna say, that's the cleanest bathroom. I mean, for I mean,

okay, I haven't I haven't been there in about a year and a half. So things could have changed, right.

But I don't it's not that I have. I've been there maybe twice in a year and a half because like I that's part of my route over there. And if I have to go, you know, number two, I will drive out of my way to go there. And it was clean. It's pretty. It's pretty nice that the restaurant across the street, you'll get AIDS from a restaurant. The gas. Yeah, anyway,

but you walk into Johnny's and it's, I know spotless. What the thing I like about it, too, is just the consistency right here a year and a half later, and it's still spotless. I know. I mean,

yeah, again, we should try to get him on the show. But hey, we're small. Not not a sponsor yet. Yeah. Coming soon. Coming soon. Okay, yes, we're let's talk about weed. So talk about I was gonna talk about Amazon. Now. I mean, together

this story goes, Amazon will no longer test job seekers for marijuana backs legislation for local weed. So basically the whole thing about not being able to, you know, to, so they do drug testing, obviously, but they're part of the drug testing, you used to have a marijuana test as well. And so they're stopping that primarily because of so many states and now allowing, you know, recreational use of marijuana. Yeah, so I guess that I think that's fine. What they're doing is they're rolling the tests into, they're treating it just like alcohol. Okay, so of course, you can't be you know, under the end in under any influence while you're working for them.

So here, here's the question and I don't know about about marijuana, can they test the amount of so so with marijuana, like if I smoked it today, 29 days from now, it would still be in my system, right. question is can they test the the level the amount in there like alcohol, like where you take a breathalyzer and you know,

I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. But I mean, I think that I used to call it the halftime I think the halftime of alcohol Half Life Half Life alcohol. Thank you. halftime. It's a computer game. That's also half life. I mean, if I'm good tonight, so anyways. Yeah, the half life of alcohol is pretty quick, right? Who's all down out of your body? You know, within hours? Yeah. It's I don't know how that works with with. With with, with, with weed.

Yeah, I know it's in your system. They can test it up to 30 days. Right. But are you actually influenced? No, no, no, no. After that, I don't know if they I'm so such a noob with it. I don't know if they can measure that. Right. And that would be important. Because the problem is though, like, there's a lot of people that you deal with on a daily basis, maybe not you because you're working from home. But when you were in the office that probably were high. dysfunction is fine. And now somebody that's quote unquote, high and alcohol, they would not function fine.

I gotta tell you, that was one time in a former life. When I was still in Denmark and I was working as a, I was a actually a manager of an Aldi store. I wasn't holy, but they are competitive. Yeah. And one of my best employees I had ever to this day working for me. He was a regular marijuana if I smoke before he came into work. Well, no, he was smoke at night. I was kind of his rhythm. Okay. He he was a roommate for me for a little bit. He was Otto. He didn't have a place to live. So he made my apartment. Anyways, but he would come home, his rhythm was he came home. He was smoke a joint and he will go to bat that was kind of how he relaxed and exactly online, be able to get that. And then he was up there. And he was always there. 115% Yeah, he was always on time. He was never late. Yep. And worked always. And if you ask him to do anything, you didn't get a no he didn't get anything. You know, bad respond to we got Sure.

Yeah, cuz he's probably high. Yeah. So that that is that is going to be the thing. So the reason I am excited about this story is Amazon is going to change the way is going to change the employment game. So I obviously everyone national level on a net at a world level, right? So obviously everyone's like, Oh, we can't get workers. Well, all these companies are still testing for marijuana, and they're getting popped. They're coming up dirty, and so they won't hire them. Amazon's like, this is stupid. Why are we not hiring people? Because they smoke marijuana? Yeah, it's legal in a lot of states and who gives a shit? I mean, and so they're really going to change the landscape in being such a major company and certainly trickle down. Right. You know,

I mean, I think the big the big thing here is the article says they're gonna treat the judge like alcohol, you can't be on by any kind of influence while you're working for them, of course, right. But they don't care if you smoke last night. Yeah. I mean, that's that that's the thing, right? Yeah. Well, they're still going to do. They're basically saying, however, given where state laws are moving across the US, we've changed the course. That's why they're saying they're no longer doing that. Several states, including Michigan have legalized recreational marijuana use in recent years. Michigan is one of the several basically they're saying Michigan is one of the biggest growing states for Amazon right now. And so in the effort really, that's what they're saying here. No one's ever saying I

would believe you because there's buildings popping up all over the place.

Right. So anyways, so basically in the in an effort to stay in Michigan and kind of continue the growth. They're doing this to kind of also help that out. They do mention that there was a lawsuit. The change comes after a New York man sued Amazon in March claiming that the company is rescinding the job offer at an Amazon warehouse, because he tested positive for marijuana, even though the city banned employers from tests job ever done for cannabis in 2020? So, so I doesn't stay with an odd one. But he said he sued. And so so I think this kind of all. Yeah, it I think it makes sense that it makes sense to, to remove that and start treating that like alcohols, yeah,

as long as they can get a valid test. So people are falsely fired or not hired or whatever. You know, obviously, the real thing happens when you're working in a warehouse and you get hurt. Sure, they're gonna make you take a drug test while if you smoked the night before or even a week before. And all of a sudden, that shows up, you got to be able to tell how, you know, the half life or whatever, how, and I don't know if there's a test, but then

that would be that that's just technology. Yeah, cuz you can solve that if not solved already. You can solve it.

It's got to be because otherwise, how could you test for it? And because otherwise, if you'd cut your finger, you go to the Med Center get stitches, and they, right, most big companies will give you make you take a drug test. But they don't make you take an alcohol test, which is kind of weird,

right? You would think so they said this, Steve says in Colorado, they can test your blood to get levels but you have to okay them to do it.

Okay. So also, maybe maybe it's a blood test is how you test the levels and not not a piss test? I bet you That's right. You just have to give him blood. Right.

But But again, I think there's still the big unknown is when are you considered okay to drive again, or to pro to to, to use, you know, heavy machinery, that kind of stuff.

So I will I will tell you, I do use cannabis. And there, I don't get high from it. I use it to for my pain and stuff. Right? No one in my house can tell that I've smoked. But I all I do is get a little sleepy. But I don't like fall asleep. That I think that there's medication I take right now that's probably more detrimental for me to operate my machine at work, then cannabis, you know what I mean? So

and and I think that's a problem too. Right? Yeah. Because, you know, the modern medicine has this reputation of being so safe. And it's all you know, you know, as long as you take it in, people don't they don't care that it says you know, sure. Don't don't operate heavy machinery on this.

Well, I will let you know I have to have a D o t. Department of Transportation certification. And since I'm on a couple of different meds, I have to take a physical every year instead of every three years. It used to be right, you could take it every three years. Every year, I have to go in and get a physical and then I have to get an approval for my doctor that I don't fall asleep and good luck. Good job Fight Night yawn. I know I fall asleep. But anyway, it's time to move on. We're talking about African Big Pharma.

No, I think it's good. I think it's a good direction.

I think it is too. I mean, if you could have a beer or a couple beers that are Well, I mean, we're having a glass of whiskey. I mean, right. We're both gonna go to work tomorrow, like, Oh, yeah, absolutely. You know, I mean, maybe it depends on Legos. Okay, this is kind of a big deal. And we'll talk we're gonna talk about Paragon a little bit but this is Paris is gonna be more impactful. With this update, it says, updates to how you earn for doordash updates and how you're and we believe every order should be worth your time. I love these. These are just great. worth your time. But up to this point, you were paid similar before similarily. I'm not drunk, I promise you for both long distance orders and shorter trips to make these longer deliveries most most worth my Jesus deliveries more worthwhile or making adjustment. So you get paid for more. For more, get paid more for a longer trip. I swear this is the only one I've had and I did not smoke either. what's changing that much? Yeah, that much. When you dance starting today, you may now earn 10 to 30% more in base pay on long distance deliveries, that's great. For shorter distance dashes that are quicker to complete, you may now see a doordash base pay offer of 250 for a single order. What's I know it's $3 today, right? Well, yeah, but people in the groups have been saying they've already sent 250 so it drops at 50 cents. But if it goes up 10%, though, I mean, what so then you're going up to 330 if it goes up 10%. Now if it goes up 30 30% Yeah, 10 to 30%. But the amount is always separate from any customer tips bullshit, which will remain 100%. You can also earn more with challenges blah, blah, blah. I mean, it's kind of what Uber did the same thing, right? They did it for if you were downtown, on the short trips, you made a little bit more, and I don't remember that was like a couple years ago, they did that or maybe probably the year we drove last which would be 2019, early 2020. Yeah, so they did the same thing. long trips, you get paid less and short trips, you got paid more. I don't know the amount but but I don't think they lowered the short term. They do. I made the long term higher. No, they raised the short term and lowered the long the long ways I'm pretty sure. longer trips got paid less. shorters got paid more.

Well, you're talking about one day we moved the search.

No, I'm pretty sure we can probably Google it. I know we talked about on the show I if I could give you something real quick I would give it to you. But anyways, yep. Steve says doordash is scraping their API's try get rid of para. Well, of course they are. You knew that was coming. I've been seeing a lot of chatter on that. But anyways, alright, before we move on real quick, I want to talk about if you are a business out there, pair, and you want to get your name out or anything like that. We would love to have you as a sponsor on the show. We can give you a detailed proposal of what stats and costs and it's relatively cheap and compared to ads. You know, where you go on the radio or anything else. And we give you a ton. A lot of bang for your buck. Probably mock your name. No, I'm just kidding. We have done that and add our sponsor before but yeah, email us at team at gig economy hyphen, gig economy hyphen podcast, I had it or you can Facebook message us We would love to talk about your brand, obviously. I mean, we're not for everyone if you call about some eyeliner you want us to write I mean, I guess for the right price I'll talk about

I mean Our primary audience obviously is key economies Yeah, if you have a product that fits there that's probably gonna work

yeah, it's gonna work better obviously we're all set on mechanics that's probably never gonna go away but uh you know body shop owner or detail shop a detail shop would be nice I mean killer I don't know if that's going to have dry by detail shop everyday to work I should stop in there. I'm not sure details huge right now especially in the summer I think a lot of people kind of do their own thing but in the winter I but

I foresee that in like a month or two they're gonna get a visit again. Yeah,

they probably will. Once everything opens up I'm not sure even mister is doing the mini details anymore. I know they stopped with COVID have they? I mean I don't know I have no I don't go to miss I stopped all carwash subscription. So yeah. But yeah, if you you know want to be on the show. We'd love to get get your name out. So yes, we're going to talk about some requirements to drive what she'd found out when he was uploading your docs. Exactly. I was uploading my doc said

used to be that. I actually don't know what how old the vehicle could be in Michigan. If it was just an X. But as I haven't talked to, to the rep from from Uber very nice person on an email. I'm assuming they were nice Anyways, I'm assuming they weren't a serial killer. Nice email. And x vehicle in Michigan can be 13 years old or newer. So that's all I got a couple years Yep, that's what they said 13 years. Okay. And but after five years Yes. If the five years they have to have a they have to have the inspection. Yeah. So but as an owner was really cool is they changed the comfort rules and added two years to that. So it used to be wants to be five years and now seven seven years so yeah, guys, I comfort can be seven years old. So as of right now, any vehicle 16? No. 14 or newer? can be coffee can be comfort. If it falls under that category. If it falls Yeah, age wise, if you fall what are the requirements for comfort? Last is still you have to be able to have leather seats, of course. Yeah. You have to have at least an exhale capacity.

I don't think so. I don't think so. I think you don't need to be exhale for comfort. I'm almost positive about that.

Well was. So it's definitely extra space. But whether that working

I think I'm almost positive. I can Google it. No, you're

right. Because it used to be that people would offer they would they would know I'm pretty sure it needs to be an Excel alive vehicle.

Note. Let's see. Have a minimum star rating 4.85 drive a vehicle with more leg room than smaller compact cars by the minimal minimal year requirement. So it's not an XL it just needs to be like a Chevy Impala would probably lather would probably qualify. It just says driver with more leg room. That's all it says so okay, yeah Honda Fit. Although I think they got rid of Honda fits. But

so anyways, and of course, you're going to get all the extra things that some drivers don't like, you know, the ability to ask whether or not you you know, you want to have music on. Don't talk to me. Yeah, that kind of stuff and your, your ideal temperature. Exactly. which honestly, when I, you know, it people didn't ask for it a lot. No, the one I would get most was the Please be quiet. I mean, and that was it. Was that right? And I prefer quiet.

Yeah. And that and that would be set up. It's not per trip. So it's a default. So if you one time put it on if you forget to turn it off. Yeah, driver sees that every time. Oh, yeah. Which is kind of annoying. I think they should ask per trip like

by I mean, I quite often had people who even though they had that they would just stop blabbering.

Yeah, exactly. They probably don't even realize that it's, they turn it on or whatever. But

But yeah, I mean, that being said, obviously once I start driving, I'm going to be comfort next at home. Right. I mean, I mean,

I used last time I used Uber. I took a I used comfort because I just wanted a nicer car. I knew it would be a nice a car. That's all. Well, exactly. If you're in Detroit. I mean, like, some Uber axes are probably pretty sketch. I mean, we took our carpet out here.

Yeah. Well, we had a couple, you know, a couple of typical one time we were in Chicago, and most of them was pretty nice, honestly. But we had a couple of sketch ones. And then there was ones in Louisiana. And Holy smokes, man, he was sketchy. Well, I mean, so but you know, it is what it is. But with with with the shortage of drivers right now. Yeah, I mean, I don't even know again. I haven't been out of this. I don't know for sure. Yeah, but my gut feeling right now tells me I'm gonna drive x and x. No comfort next alone.

Yeah, we should get Chris post to miss back on because. Okay, so. Oh, man, there's a ton of cars. uncomfort so sure. I mean, the pilot accord CRV and Odyssey are all on

right here, too. Yeah. Oh, the Honda Accord. Yeah,

yeah. accord. Not not the Civic you're thinking the Civic? Yeah. Yeah, I mean, basically, it's just nicer models, I guess. I mean, the Accord has a lot of leg room. It's basically none of the smaller cars. That's what what brand is your card, Chrysler, Chrysler, Town and Country Pacifica? 300 and Aspen, everyone heard Aspen? So, Hmm, interesting.

But yeah, I mean, I honestly I got nothing but good reviews out or when I did comfort on my atomic laundry. It sets a good ratio vehicle.

Fans are awesome for rideshare if you are going to work the bar scene from 90 to buy a van I know it sounds silly. Not even just the comfort but for the XL.

I was worried about the automatic doors when best thing that's exactly the best thing because I didn't have my most of my time the day didn't even touch the car. Right? The handle right? Because they would pull up I would change the name. Yeah. Open the door for them. Yep. And they stayed open. They're like, ooh, these now I'm treating kings a lot that shit right? Yeah. And then as soon as they go incident, I coach the doors again. They don't even touch the doors. Yeah. And it's not a beautiful thing.

I will recommend anyone if you're getting an XL, if you're doing it for the XL, get a van because I bought that pilot, which I love. And it's been a tank, but is a pain in the ass again, the third row, you got to move the seat forward. Oh, that sounds easy, right. But the way it's set up, logically, you would pull this button up, everyone does and all it does is pull flop the seat down. It doesn't slide it for us. And I have to tell people like I got to the point. If I was going to an Excel I would get out when I slide the seat forward for them. So wouldn't do it. And then people get drunk and then they just climb over it. But with the van It was nice. Like you said you pop those doors and they walk in Sit down. They don't have to touch anything.

Why exactly. And I have pilot seats. So they just walk you know, right? Yeah.

I had with my Odyssey Oh, yeah, that was I really loved using the vandal. Not that I want to drive around regularly, but Okay, so next up, we'll talk about pero. This is kind of a I don't know if I'll be able to read through the whole thing. But for those who don't read you can you can try. But for those Is this your article anyway? Oh, no, it's, um, so for those who don't know what para is, it's an app that you can download on both Google Play or iOS. And basically what it does, it shows you this is just for doordash. It shows you what the tip is. You get a text notification before you take it. The problem is doordash hides a lot of their tips behind the platform, which is so stupid. I know Matt and our Grand Rapids group has made incredible leaps in his earnings. And so I would recommend downloading it. Hopefully they want to be a sponsor on the show. Well, I've heard back from Jimmy but we'll see. This is an article about people bitching about parents, his parents been clear of the risk to dashers. Banning anyone promoting the app is useless except to promote your own authority over independent contract dashers. Congrats. I look at it this way. doordash will have to explain in litigation as well as to the media into its customers why fire drivers for simply wanting to see their pay before accepting a job, or independent contractors and considering the risk of impending regulatory action from the states like California over the use of the icy status banning drivers or using an app like this will seem incredibly predatory and abusive doordash doesn't want that, which is true. I think he's dreaming but I but I agree everything so far, right drivers had any spine as collective, they'd refuse to operate for doordash until we get truly transparent pay return because Tony promises we would have it and and we did until he backed out on that promise. I don't agree with that. I mean, if you got to make a living, you got to make a living use the apps you have out there to help yourself make a living. I don't care how many other dancers are upset by drivers using this app? Because they all should every single one. But what are they gonna do to deactivate all of us. But some of those drivers have an employee mindset and more eager to suck Tony's caulk and drive $3 orders then treat it like a business opportunity as as an independent contractor. And, and that's why we should continue to get fucked like lot lizards at a dirty trucks. I remember reading that line. That's pretty funny. Yeah, I was wondering, have you and I do see me slow down a little bit. So Steve brought up they don't do text anymore. We have notifications right within the pair app didn't know that. I am currently not using it. I allegedly allegedly might use it this fall. I might use it in quotes.

I use it a lot. I mean, I was only on once with it. To be honest. And I loved it. Oh, you use the power app? Yep. Okay. I did. And the feature was the one of the they call it the tip thing. That feature of parody, transparency. Thank you The chip transparency. That's it. Yeah, it's an option you turn on? Yeah. And yeah, I love that.

Yeah, I mean, I know, I've seen some comments, that has been a little glitchy. But that's going to happen with with apps. I mean, it's just gonna happen, especially when it's kind of doing some dirty work on the back end. Let's say it's gonna have some glitches, but stick with them. I think it's a good feature. I'll definitely use it, allegedly, this fall. And

I think it's going to be interesting, because I think para is kind of helping. Helping clear a road for better information for us gig workers. Yeah, you know, that this this notion that us as as an app, app, producer, app manufacturer, whatever, get to do exactly what you want. is not true anymore.

Yeah, I totally I totally agree with like, they're like, you don't you actually don't know what you're getting paid. Like it's a secret. So that's kind of not necessarily independent anymore when you're kind of hiding money behind stuff.

And I can think of more than one in Uber where I have been, at least just a little bit, like concerned about whether or not what I got paid was the right amount. Yeah. And I know in for more than once, I have been told, but now again, this is just for the day. Tell me, right? That more than what they've said, I gave you a big tip in the app, whatever. And I've even seen him one time, click on a click on the $20 tip. I put in twin das and tipping. And I did not get a $20 tip. You know that? Right?

You just have to trust that they're not screwing you. But I mean, people are smart, they're gonna figure it out. Right?

So I'm just saying, I don't say necessarily, we can trust Uber either. You know, know that that if we

remember we had we tried to get a guy in the show, but we ended up he didn't want to come on or something. But he had that spreadsheet or that Chrome extension that you could figure out if you got shortchanged on Uber Eats.

We actually have a story about nudge Chrome extension coming up. I don't know if it's the same. Yeah, but but that's, that's another story. Why don't we just get right into it? Now? We can. Is that is that the next one? Yep, that is actually the next one. So So gig workers gathered their own data to check the algorithm math. So basically

wonder if this is the same one I never this was your so I didn't read it, but right. So Oh, it is the same one. It

is. Sorry. Anyway, so this guy cheats. Yeah, we'll talk about it since we're talking about doordash ripping people off. Because this guy wrote an app and a, an extension for Google Chrome called guba, guba guba cheats. And basically, it helps workers spot pay discrepancies. He says he I'd only done 20 deliveries. And already within the first 20 deliveries, I had a situation basically he says, the ad led me up to cbcl in Pittsburgh, a four mile one way trip that clocked in an hour, then I noticed that Uber had only paid me for one mile, this distance between my origin and destination as crow flies, but not as demand bike and not a side bike. So basically, and this was only after 20 deliveries, and he noticed that it was already doing these things. So he says, Well, I'm going to try and solve that. So he created this Google Chrome extension called Uber cheats. And what was kind of fun about that was basically, within a very short period, Google took it down, because Uber claimed that it was it was a copyright infringement. Yes. But then he the guy, he said, No, it's not. And then so Google, put it back to the bag in the green new Chrome Store.

Yeah, I shared it in the chat, so in wants to use it.

So so far, only a few 100. workers have install Uber cheats on their browsers. And Sammy doesn't have access to how curious are using the extension. But he says summer told him that they've used to define paying consistencies. So the dude, the digital tool, giant, other party, others probably not to help freelancers rest, back control over work, directed by OPEC algorithms with pay structures that might change at any time. The need has only grown during the pandemic, which has seen companies like doordash, Amazon and instacart. hire more contractors to support spikes in demand for the deliveries. So basically, as I said, this kind of goes hand in hand with pero. Right? And these other tools that that set out to kind of what can I say to make to kind of make it a little bit more even for us to get pull back a little bit of the control? Yeah, I mean, because I'm, I'm okay, working gig work. And I love gig work. Right. But I want to I want to make sure that whatever I accept, too, is at least what I get paid. Yeah, exactly. Right. That's all I want.

Yeah. And that's how it should be. It's pretty, it's pretty easy peasy. Like, you're offering this much this how much I should get paid? Well, exactly. Yeah, I did use this Chrome. When we did talk about it a couple months ago. I did use this and I did found find some discrepancies about three of them. But they weren't like, there were so little that I would have been like 25 cents or something. But it wasn't worth it. But I mean, it did give me some that said, Oh, it could be just a GPS drift. So the ones that they give you is for sure. A screw job, but I wasn't a huge distance, I guess. So they have like for sure. Maybe GPS or no, you have paid fairly. So there's three different tiers.

I remember I had one New Year's Eve three years ago. I discrepancy. I mean, it was crazy, because I picked them up. This was back then was there was still we still have search, search pricing. Yeah. And I paid somebody I'll be Bob. And it was a huge surge price. And I didn't get paid. I mean, nearly enough for that. Right. And I fought him on it. Yeah. And I finally got the money. But he took a lot of fighting with Uber,

right? I it's funny when you see the discrepancies, I've seen people that have driven to Chicago and it takes the how the crow flies over the lake. Yep. As the distance and you're like, wait, no, no, no, that's not how it works. So always question. Yep, never trust. I hate to say that, but it's true.

But then again, that's what these you know, more and more of these algorithms these software's is proving for us to and hopefully they'll help even even the marketer

Yeah, yeah, for sure. This is kind of a text exchange. I don't know if it was doordash or what says basically customer it was an issue on your end the sweet number is there I work in a hospital I don't have time to run around searching for food I order I'm trying to save people's lives who hearts are failing so I took time away from those patients to do your job. And he was like super nice. He was like thank you for your service ma'am. It's highly appreciate again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience hopefully when you get a hold of doordash This won't happen again with the missing information. But What a bitch like so basically you're saying people are dying so you could go get your food you fat ass like seriously? I mean, I think I think people that order I hate going to like hospitals or doctors offices like a single doctor's office, no problem. You do it on the front counter, but when they're a big like multi office, it's like, put it in the notes like drop off with the receptionist or put in a certain area like us chasing around is sweet. It's a pain in the ass like we don't Yeah, no, I mean, we can read signs I get it. But if you really want to get Your food just frickin put in the correct information may as detailed as possible.

Right so but he's alluding to obviously sad that it was there but it wasn't. Yeah, I don't know. But it became a he said he said she said situation. Well what was he said? She

said a sound like you said she shed you know what a she shed is not like a shed outside that a woman makes she shed? You heard of a she shed? I have Did you ever watch? Um, watch? Oh, no, nevermind, I'm gonna record. I lost my train of thought. You're gonna rip cord rip cord that's like I'm gonna stop talking about it.

Your gig economy reckoning spreads to popular home service company. So basically this. Oh, yeah, I read this. So let's see here. So this is basically all about an independent contractor. Her name is Darlene. And she uses the app handyman. No, that's not what it's called handy. So basically, Darlene started working as an independent contractor for handy and on demand service for home cleaning and handyman tasks more than a year and a half ago, for the flexibility provided her to make money while caring for her terminally ill partner. But she says that has been countless instances where something has gone awry. Each of which has made her feel like she has little control over what arises while working for the company. Amazing. He goes on to say that, you know, sometimes she gets brought out to, to do things that he's not even capable of. And there was one time she was to bring up a huge Stump, and she didn't have to do it or she broke her tools and basically not getting paid nearly enough. I mean, she says that she broke a bunch of tools doing this estimating up to you know, in excess of $500 just to get rid of this stump. So and she really just was he say here that a handy spokesperson said that that the morale is Darlene was paid in full for the job in question. When when asked about the discrepancy with Darlene to counter. But basically Darlene was saying that she did not get paid what she was supposed to be getting paid, which is basically the story here is in more than one instance, she gets one promise and she does not get paid that and

we're talking about that like with Uber cheats and stuff like that. But this sounds weird that it would be that that big of a discrepancy

was a part of this also. I mean, it's it's kind of a basically so what happened with this particular job here was Darlene says she left. She left a job early and was docked in pay because she wasn't able to do it. But it was like she was called out to do this job that she wasn't really even qualified to do. Yeah. And and it's just it seemed like there's this there's a there's a disconnect

somewhere between either the customer telling the truth, exactly handy or handy, not telling them. The

end, it definitely seems to me like handy is on the customer side, not wall workers. They always are right. They always will be. So she says she's been charged $50 for canceling jobs after learning. They were 100 miles away. And it costs 200 miles, would you drive 100 miles?

Let's see. This is where I wonder I don't know anything about handy. I'm wondering like, does it not tell you how far that like that would seen some basic information in the job? Like why would she accept it? And then it says, By the way, you got to drive 100 miles. So I'm, I'm a little leery on little Darlene here. I don't know, I'm not saying handy. Right and screw around that. But I mean, I guess what is the gist of this article? Just basically that basically

the handi doesn't Yeah, they're not they don't do a good enough job communicating the right jobs and, and what they're getting paid. And

it sounds like they're just kind of going on well, along with the door dashes rather not like showing the tip up front and those kinds of things. So, you know, we talked about handy or something like that at one point. I thought we had. Yeah, it was like a couple episodes ago. I don't know if it was handy, but it was kind of the same principle of like writing stuff together. Right. We talked about how I would struggle with that. But

anyways, but yeah, it's basically more of the same. And I think, you know, closing the loop on that is we need to obviously we as workers need to be able to trust the companies that we work for that that they're going to do what's best for us. Yeah,

it does say pretty quickly. We zeroed in on Haney because they seem to exercise significantly more control of the workers in some of the other companies in the market. So something's going on with them. I don't know what but i guess i My only advice is, if you are going to use them, just be smart and make sure they're being legit or just don't go near them. So

what we do do with them as do with everything else, I think there's a it's a, it's a pretty good every time you take a new job, I'd make sure you do your research, make sure that you know that you want to work for that company. And when it comes to gig economy, the best way of doing research is not listening to what other people who work for the company is doing. So join some groups online talk, you know, figure out what they're doing and that kind of stuff with podcasts. How do you go listen to the right, audio? It's just you should always do research to make sure that you know what you're getting into,

can I just get on Facebook and just ask and say, Hey, where's it busy?

And you can but you're gonna get a lot of a lot of flack for it. And yeah, anyways, tell me where I need to go into and make some money.

Exactly. All right, couple more articles. But before we do that, just want to talk about Patreon. If you want to support the show, we'd love it. You get an extra podcast a month, a piece of merch and before show banter. This month, they're actually getting to I got one more to add it yet. It's company called moves financial, super excited for these guys. I've already got the app downloaded, I'm really excited to use them again, all this stuff we're talking about I'm not currently using Everyone knows that I'm not driving gig right now. But I'm excited to use them. And that will be going to Patreon first and then a couple weeks later going out to you all. So if you want to get on the early stuff quickly, or before everyone else, join Patreon. If you go to slash the giggy con i think just search a gig economy podcast. I need to change that to something more catchy I don't know what I can't something more catchy while they shorten it you only get like 10 characters by like Twitter or something like that you don't get a whatever you want. So search the gig economy podcast, we would love for you to support us all the money that we earn for that goes to hosting costs and editing software and all that stuff yesterday and I don't take any money for any of it. So we're not looking to get rich or just looking to cover our costs. So if you'd love to, if you love the free content you love yesterday and I because why wouldn't you go go to search the gig economy podcast. Thank you very much for everyone that is currently supporting us. We appreciate it.

They sound like that was that was pretty. I know pretty professional. I struggled at the beginning of the show that reading that article now.

nailing it. I know you're like going give good get a drink in your Yeah. Oh, good.

Alright, so yes. For wants to talk about this drivers going? Oh, did I did I miss something? No, no, I talked about the driver shortage. Right. Right. Exactly. I got the pictures up. Yeah, no.

So we kind of we went into that a little bit before. And so as I shared earlier that I've been kind of monitoring some of the prices and this was just even one day last week. It wasn't even one of the big days because I've seen satisficing in grant Abbott's all the way up to like 10 $11

somebody posted the other day, and I don't know what it was. But there was someplace in Grand Rapids at $21.31.

little blob, but I was like, Why? I mean, when I looked at this one I saw when I when I zoomed in on the answered hotel. Right there. There was a there was a tenant at 10 $50 search. Yeah, so it's definitely very, very centered enough. But it's just I think it's exciting. And it kind of makes me think, a little bit like the olden days. Yeah. And it'll be good to kind of get back. I mean, we used to bitch about too many drivers all the time.

Yeah. Now I know. You're totally right. Like this is there's not enough drivers that we're both sitting home. I know why you're not. But yeah, exactly. Yeah. And

so we'll I'll get there. I'm getting I'm getting excited about it getting back on the road and that kind of stuff. So yeah, this was definitely it's just, I know, I shouldn't say this. But it's encouraging for me to see.

Yeah, well, if you look at the dark, the night mode one, there's pretty much a surge everywhere. I know. $5, one to 651 in North Grand Rapids. So

when I talked to a couple times to Chris and he says he's back to back. Yeah, he is. That's, you know, I want to be back to back this just I wanted to even if it's a normal price, I don't like normal price. But I mean, I'll do

well. I mean if especially if you're doing XL and comfort only right. But yeah, what did Ben get? We he got some sort of,

he got a notice from Uber. That for excellent comfort rides there. Was it a foreigner

Yeah, so you can now take home an additional $4 which is kind of big is completed Uber comfort Uber XL trip from June to August one so it's a month worth so I think that's really good. I don't know I didn't get the email. But that doesn't mean I haven't gotten the email

yet. I'm assuming I'm gonna get it but we can

Yeah, but especially you because I'm just not really active on the app. In fact, I fired it up tonight. I hadn't fired it up in like a month and you're like uploading docs and stuff. So you haven't gotten the email yet?

Yeah, as I said, I wasn't even fully anticipating and got I actually got a an inspection because I thought I needed it. Yeah. And then I tried uploading it and he just said that he needed

and somebody in the group got another three rides for 100 bucks. I think it was john from North Carolina also. Ah. Jamie Lynn. She got one too. She posted on Facebook. No, I talked to off. Oh, dear. Okay. Yeah, I haven't talked to her in a bit. But yeah, so, I mean, we're all bitching about saturation. So if you want to make money go out there. It's

Yeah, now's the time to go make money. Yep, for sure.

Okay, what do we got here? Oh, god, this is ridiculous. No, no, this is did not happen to me. But so people that are listening, he looks like a sonic delivery and every single one of the slurpees or what would you call a freeze or whatever? Yeah. jumped out on the bottom of his car. Weirdly, I don't see a a carry or a drink here. What did he expect? What's going to happen if you have it's basically three drinks in a plastic like, grocery bag? I don't know. I don't see a carrier there. But that's never happened to me. I've had a couple of times where drinks have tipped over. But are you sure those are Sonics? I think so. If you look at that first cup. I feel like that's a Sonic. I could be wrong, but it looks like they're kind of stymied

it just looked like regular regular guests.

Drinks maybe it could be either way Yeah. fucking hot mess no thank you like I said I'd never spilled anything I've tipped like a drink over but I've caught it real quick but I need to find a drink care for this winter I brought I bought one it just was didn't work effectively the the whole The problem is the drinks are such different sizes. You have a big ass one that won't fit or you have a tiny one that still moves around so I need to I need a catch all for all that but catch all catch all literally catch off. All right. Yes sir.

So drivers are calling me names start with this is another door dash. It's a daughter has read it so clearly. It's a customer somebody is somebody is asking for advice. Hey guys, I had a funny name. Yeah, I liked that name. I had a strange experience as a customer and I'm not sure how to handle it. A bit of background first I'm a researcher and often take lab coats from work to way around the house as they are coming out a lot of I order a lot and usually tip in assorted coins I get usually about 10 to 15 to 20%. I tried to fill it in but also get rid of my coins. Last night a familiar face driver came to greet me and called me Dr. dime. I was baffled. So I said nothing. But is he allowed to do that now I feel now I feel the drivers make fun of me. Call me Dr. Time. Please help me. I don't want people to refer to me as Dr. Dre. I

mean, is this real life? Do you think this is a legitimate? I don't know. It's

clearly he tests with time so they call them doctor dime. But

I'm sorry, but you don't get to choose your own nickname Dr. dime. They're in like their own like by tipping people coins in a lab. Yeah,

I mean, clearly. I think that's kind of funny. I would actually take it as a badge of honor. I mean, they're not being disrespectful. They're like, Oh, Doctor dime. I mean, he's lost. He's tipping. 20%. Right, exactly. I don't care if I get it and dime, but I mean, money's money.

I used to say that, you know, and a couple times it did happen, you know, I'd get that with the one cent tip. Right? And it's so disrespectful. Yeah. Because like why even bother? I know, right? That's the thing. You take the time to click other other

and then you take 001 and then this is like, why don't you I'd rather you just call me an aihole and then

just don't take me at all right? It's like I'm gonna fuck you. I'm sorry. for it, holy cow. It's just

anyways, Alright, last up kind of a shorter show. When we're just two of us. We kind of fly through this stuff. Fine, because that's less editing for me. But I love this. This is a picture from Uber drivers Facebook group. It's a guy changing the tire on the cars and the person john Ferguson said this possibly belongs in the Uber Wait, wait this possibly belongs in the Uber Believe it or not file today driving the rain in India I had a flat tire with a passenger on board after I pulled off the road. I told him I have to he would have to secure another Uber driver but Ryan said he could fix my flat in 10 minutes. So Ryan I mostly Ryan but on this merityre in about 10 minutes and then I completed the drive that was sure better than waiting an hour plus for triple A to show up and change the tire. flat tires are part of the Uber gig but I was most appreciative of my All Star passenger Ryan today.

man and he's still tipped right and I thought I saw

that was another one. Oh, there's another one. Yeah, I ended up deleting it but that's super cool. No, I I mean, you just don't see you don't hear those stories. You know, that's the problem with the news. It's like clickbait of all the terrible stuff and you don't see a lot of that stuff.

But it is good to see that you know people who just did it's just relationships and people right? So

honestly, I haven't knock on wood I haven't had a flat wall working. I think I would call triple A i don't know i don't want especially if the weather's terrible might be like I wait for triple A I feel like kind of a bitch doing that but it's like I'm not getting out on the highway changing the tire. I mean, I'd rather get it towed over to somewhere safer and do it but so how

often when you get a flat I'm asking this because I simply don't know. How often do you get a flat is immediate flat Flat? Like it's a close and how often is this just like a it goes slowly out? Yeah, I

think a lot of those flats happen because people are not paying attention to their tires. And it's already low. Oh yeah. And so it finally just bites the dust. I mean a tire is gonna break down so much quicker if it doesn't have proper insulation in it. I don't think that there are a lot of bursts happen

See I asked because I have I have a small compressor yeah battery driven and the battery is enough to fill up my tires. Yeah. And so I'm gonna take that on the road with him when I start driving again just happens

well, it would be nice to if you did if you didn't notice you come out of the gas off the gas station probably as air but yeah, I don't know. I would guess it's more of a slow leak that turned into like, Oh my gosh, why pay attention? So kind of a tip to to make sure you're Oh yeah, I mean, I do it when my work truck I kind of walk around and make sure to kind of take a visual look to make sure everything's here should be I mean, I parked it that way at the end of the night but you never know. So so there's no sensors on your work trucks. Sensors as far Oh the tires HIePRO Yeah, there is Yeah, it's new. It's a 2014 but no just in general like as I trailer things I have a machine so I just always just look at stuff you just never know. I mean today one of the guys left a tool on top of my weed control tank. He was most of them working on something set it down and I walked around and saw otherwise I'd be driving down the road it would have fallen off right maybe hit a car or something so just good idea to check your tire pressure on a regular basis. But anyways guys, that's it. Thanks Steve. from right to rodeo Matt says belt tires free era all locations. Yep. If you're driving during the day you go buy a belt tire I think Discount Tire does it too but you know Yes. versus a weekend night warrior so Bell tire Oh, maybe that made sure the air is off at night. I'm sure they wouldn't have it on. But anyways, I have my compressor. That's true. You're good. You don't need no free air damage. I'm out for you. Yes. All right. Yeah, you're on here. Anyways guys. Thanks guys so much. Thank you so much, guys. I will see in a couple weeks. Bye.

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