Guys Welcome to the gig economy podcast located in this beautiful studio sponsored by Irvine's auto repair Grand Rapids a hybrid and EV. This is Episode 89 and we're here back in studio after we were up remote last time we had Chad we had a gas Yeah, tonight Of course yesterday and we have Chris who's from the Grand Rapids Margaret has been on before. Hello, Janet. Hello to Dave. Two days. Unless that's Dave the Uber slave but he's on on Facebook But anyways, thank you so much for joining us. We got a lot to get to tonight. Just just lots of stuff. That's a doordash crap lots of Uber writing writing crap a whole bunch of stuff so just to let you know you can find this on Facebook as you're listening to it YouTube, twitch and discord which I just realized what's what's twit i'd realized I didn't you don't know what Twitch is I watch Twitch Why didn't tell me what Twitch is Twitch is a game. It's usually used for streaming games like Call of Duty or whatever. But you can use it for whatever you want. So we're on discord twitch all that fun stuff. You could share, like do whatever the hell you want. Rate us we would appreciate it. Share it with your friends.

I do know what I thought it was a fancy way of kind of getting used to tell people what it was.

Oh, you decent Weren't you weren't acting stupid? No. Okay. No, you were acting. I did a good job I thought was a very Yeah. So you're acting smartly stupid this time. He just said hey, Jason, can you tell our listeners what twitches?

Oh yeah, but see I'm on practice. Yeah, he cheated on that. Hey, Jason can tell us about our studio sponsor

that. That's later on. Yes, PR. Thank you for asking. Thank you. If anything gig economy related if you go to gig economy hyphen. is yes, we're going to rush me like he likes to do gig economy hyphen, podcast calm. Also, the links are in the description. So you can click on that too. Just want to mention our Patreon members, Keith, Janet, Larry, Samson, Steve and Leo. We really appreciate it. Steve from rideshare. rodeo is up tonight. Want to talk about him a little bit. Great podcast. I was on his show last Tuesday, I think and we talked about para and the kind of debacle that's going on with there with that and all kinds of stuff. So you want to check his podcasts out link in the description or just search anywhere you get podcasts. rideshare. rodeo. And then of course our telegram group, which we were just talking about it before we went live. You can join that group talk shit. Be nice though. We talked about gig work. Yes for hasn't been in there for a month or more. Chris is Chris's real active in there. Yep. Chris does a lot of gig work on top of his real job too. Hopefully, I'll be back soon. You keep saying that every two weeks. You keep saying that. But you still won't go out? I'll go out with some boy. 111 was that mom? Ben got out. Yeah, I know. Ben made some bank the other day. Did he did the bonuses kind of dried up a little bit though. Yeah. So okay. It's okay.

I'm going on. I'm going to go out when the mandate is gone.

What's mandate? Is that yes. For the masked mandate? Well, when are they gonna? Like what are we waiting for?

I guess the federal one right.

There is a federal one the CDC CDC requirements. Yeah, I don't know. I think it's time to move on. But

there's some of the more southern states that has Marin COVID is just going crazy. Right now. They changed a PCR test. Don't say that. I had a conference two weeks where? Nashville, Nashville I'm going to Vegas in three. Yeah,

we have occasion in Missouri. Missouri is right now the hardest hits, but it's nothing like it was Oh, it's pretty bad. Like what's pretty bad. I don't know. The numbers didn't shut your mouth. It is bad. propaganda. He says in Texas.

Well, you're not going to Texas.

I know. I'm glad to say you just going for vacation. Because of the mosquitoes are a big mixer. Very cool. Very cool. Cool brands and

nice. That's what's going on. Before we jump into gig economy news. Just talk about Irvine's auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid. And EV they are located on Stafford just east of 131 44 Street. Five three to 6600 Irvine calm to schedule online. Of course they're amazing. Yes. Or sells abroad. His car there.

I actually don't have my car right now. Is it Dad? No, not quite. But it's on somebody is borrowing. Oh, did I tell you my daughter wasn't an accident? No. Yes. No. It's that family that's using it? Yes. Okay. Yeah, that car got totaled. And, you know, luckily everybody walked away from that. Well, that's great. Excellent. Awesome. was pretty crazy as he called me. Hey,

can we do the ad? Absolutely. Alright.

You can schedule online at Irvine's Comm. Of course, it's super easy to do. You can drop your car off at night you can pick it up in the morning doesn't matter. You pay on line, they send you a little note that says an email. This is what needs to be fixed blah, blah, blah and those kinds of things. So 532 6600 Irvine calm. All right. All right. Go ahead. Yes, for

So Susan called me and she goes, You have been an accident. Right? That was the word. Yeah. Wait, wait. You totaled the car. That's not.

I mean, doesn't take much to total a car now. No, I know, rear end somebody at 20. And they're like, Nick, that's it.

But so as you as T boned and so all the all the airbags went off. And luckily, my daughter was actually in the side where the car hit. Yeah, but she hit kind of a little bit on the front of the vehicle instead of the side. So well. I'm glad she's okay. Yeah, everybody walked away. It's good. But yeah, the car is always dead. So she's buying my last right now. Okay, and she said she was gonna take it into. I don't know. See, I mentioned Irvine's to her when the accidents are gone. I haven't told there. But now she has her own thing about what's right and wrong, unfortunately.

All right. Well, we'll get it there at some point. So Janet commented writes your rodeo podcast get some good perspective employee versus independent contractor. Jana, I'm really happy that you've listened to Steve's podcasts. I agree he's he's got the nuts and bolts of like rideshare and stuff like that because it's just it's so complicated me the AV five and like I we breeze over it, but I don't have the time just the settle in and really think about it and Steve does a good job. But that's why I think we're a good pair. You know, you want nuts and bolts go to Steve you want dick jokes coming? here when salt fat? Yes, it did. Alright, first of this doordash sign I just thought this was funny. Just to bring up conversation it says the sign says it's at a customer's house please place food in front of sign. Thank you. And the red it says Hi, I wonder how many food deliveries this customer has placed directly in front of their door in order to be fed up to Warren assign do better. Yeah, again. It's super easy to do. Like, oh yeah. How many steps do you need? Or like skills? Do you need to deliver food? Okay, you have to drive it you have to press a button on an app. And then don't put the food in front of the door. It's it's not that complicated. But I've received I get Amazon packages right in front of my door. Like big ones. Dog food. Like thank God I have another door to go out. Gotta go have to go around the house. Yeah. Oh, no, I muscle it. I muscle it get through. But yeah, if you're a new Dasher, please just be conscientious or new food delivery. Or? I got I mean, I did once think about the door swing. Yeah, I look where the handle is every time I drop something, right. Unless the dogs scare the shit out of me. Then I run run and take a picture as I'm walking running through the wall. No, no. That was super funny. Those videos I never I never went back and looked at his head. Is there more head? seasons. Okay, that was all in Tic Tac right or not? Yeah. Okay.

It was a combination of take dogs. Oh,

interesting. Next one. This is just kind of funny. This is yes. Verse. Oh, no. It can't be our Megan.

Did we talk about all the Patreon members? Yeah, yes, sir. I went through really quick. I'm not willing tonight right at the beginning. Are you sure it's not all Megan?

Well, my my my Megan spells her name different. And it's not Irvine's baggage. I hope not.

You have low ratings. Okay. Are you still going to pick me up? I don't know. I don't want to deal with a Karen. I can totally see it. Now. It is a kind of a cool stuff. I don't know. It's the next one. We're talking about the new feature in Uber. It's not you should have done that. Yeah, I

know. I kind of mailed it in and we can jump in front of it. That's totally fine. Let's do that. So Uber as decided that they are going to allow you to set a rider rating a minimum rider rating for trip requests. I don't know how low this goes. If you look on your screen, it's set at 4.7. I don't know if you can change that. I mean, there's a plus and minus but I wonder if there's a like, you know what I mean? A limit like you can only lower it to 4.0 or something like that be the purpose of it Uber. Well, I thought I think it's great. No, no, but I mean, you can just see Uber doing that. But why would you would you set something up like this?

I can see myself possibly I never did do that though. I never I never drove that way. I took every ride. Yeah, I mean to

you, too.

I didn't do the whole per rep per rating. I did. I don't you just don't have enough time to look at what right true.

I did. I did. I used the other two things. It was it was too long of a ride and didn't want to do it. I did that one and when I see where I was going I did that one too. But you know, I use those as an admin as well that I want to say tonight, but I never did. I don't remember ever doing the rating,

Bob. He said he took everybody but Pete was full time. You know what I mean? And he wasn't doing anything but rideshare. So what I really

want to know is now that Peter has a car again,

Is he back driving? No. Because? Because the the car he got is not eligible. Yeah, no car seat for sure. meter. So, but he's got a car now. So there you go.

Yeah. So, you know, would they raise the rate for a lower star now eating? Probably not? I don't know. Because it's a so it's like, Okay, if you're, you're, you decide you're not going to take one or two star person, right. But all of a sudden, Uber started saying, well, we'll give you $3 more. Now for one or two car,

then it becomes interesting right. Now, the next feature is that now I can now as a writer, I can choose to pay more if I had the chance of getting picked up. Right.

Wow. So well, that happens with you know, as the tip. No, no. Well, but you don't know if you're gonna get

No, no, but for the food delivery, right? We talked about totally different. No, no, baby, this will be talked about many times how they you used to tip for whether or not you're going to get the food wine is hot. Right. So you could use the same here, you could say, you know, okay, so yeah, I have a lousy rating, but I'm going to tip your 15 knots.

Well, it's not a big.

It's kind of the same thing that I said like, if Can't we pre tip on a ride to make sure we get picked

up? It's like a punishment for bad behavior. Right? So they're getting one or two stars for bad behavior. Right. So if people aren't picking them up, and they're not getting, you know, then does the surge rate go up for them because of that? Yeah, right.

I don't know. It should but they would never do it right. Pete says Uber p will give you an extra $3 to pick up I've repeat. Oh hell.

Right. Who's that one guy gr here that somebody never wanted to pick them up. He ended up getting them like two or three times and those every that's the whole joke. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's That's right. That's true.

Thanks, Steve. For the super sticker. super appreciate that. Yeah, I agree was a piece of work. He's probably still trying to see what, two or three different accounts? Yeah, exactly. I'll be honest with you. I did look at the rating. And I did a I did not take people because if they had a low rating, I mean, I don't know if you're if you're below a 4.0. What have you What have you done? That's too much, too. Well, sure. Yeah. I

mean, you must be some kind of a Karen at least somewhere, right?

I mean, pity the people that are named Karen, I know. I need to change. We need to Alright, we need to pick a new name. We're gonna go with Betsy. I don't know why that did. That's the first female name that popped in my head. I don't know any Betty's or anything. Do. I had one in high school? What about Mrs. Divorce? Oh, yeah. That fits that. I thought there was a reason why you pigment. Yeah, no, that's that's not why it was but we're out for Karen. We're gonna call them Betsy. Now. It's gonna be Betsy, Betsy. But, um, no. I mean, I think when it was XL, I would, I wouldn't be judging because I feel like when you're XL someone else probably screwed that rating up for you sure what I mean, but, but, uh, I'm not going to do it. You know, I'm not going to do it for a single person. If they're under 4.0. I'm just not going to do it.

So let me ask you a question then. Yes. Have you ever taken a ride that you afterwards said I shouldn't have done that? Yes, yes. What kind of life?

I mean, usually just drunk annoying people. Oh, but you know, I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. I mind you. I have taken low ratings before and it's turned out mostly fine. Every time so that's the that's the that's the thing. So I'm kind of like prejudging it. Sure. So anyways,

I took one ride once and I'm going to talk about even though I really shouldn't, but it was two o'clock in the morning. She was fresh off McDonald's, you know, the lady working and she needed to go home and get her kids. Yeah, she didn't have a drive. She does not have a car seat. And I took him and I took them home without a car seat. And I shouldn't have but I got him home. But I know I you get those calls. And it was 2am in the morning, right? Yes, he was done with a shift at McDonald's USC went on to the babysit. I got up the got the kids. I've had him.

I I'll be honest with you. I've done it too. I mean, I I've definitely done it before. Probably probably on one hand, I can count how many times I've done it and I don't know why. And I've tried nicely to say to them,

you know, look I you really need Have a car seat. And you know, because I can get in trouble. I can lose my life race or you know, get a ticket, whatever if something happens, you know, my insurance is screwed. Yep. So all those aspects to it, I think

if it hadn't been to him in the morning, but your human side, I know, right. That's the thing. It was early fighter human. It was only a seven minute ride. I didn't go on the highway. And I think it was just

the problem is is like I think you kind of have to do what's right for humanity at the time. She's in a pickle. See why it was two o'clock in the afternoon? I say no, because you can call friend or whatever. I'm not doing it. But to the morning. Kids shouldn't be out anyway. She just worked a 12 hour shift. You don't know. You don't know. No, I don't. She worked a 12 hour shift. And it was a surge and you took half her paycheck on that seven minute right? Hey, I was mad. Know, it was a normal ride. I gotta say you're a nice bastard. I gotta throw it to some punk. 82 on Twitch, appreciate commenting. I don't know what the sexual ride means. I must have missed that.

Maybe that was a ride he took he took a sexual ride. He decided he shouldn't.

Oh, I guess so. I appreciate you being on Twitch. He had said Hey, are you on twitch? And I'm like, you know what we were we're going back on it so you can find us on Twitch? just said I had a drunk college kids that couldn't sit still wish they had been in the car. So we need adult car seats. Right? Like the racing seats in a NASCAR. five point the thing to automatic. Yeah. We need a HANS device. And we need a five point harness for those drunk bastard get in a row hold their hands to themselves. Oh my god. Don't talk to me. No, I don't have an awkward. Alright, so this next guy? I mean, I think this guy's is legit. He's delivering on one wheel for grubhub like

you crazy. That's great.

I'm gonna find me a tire with my next breezy part. Where was that seat like up his butthole cuz I mean, the thing was straight up and down. how uncomfortable is that going? Oh, maybe I can barely ride my bike down the road with two wheels on but do you

have some heroes don't need capes?

That's right. That's amazing. Yeah, you will not see me doing that at all on a bike.

But I think I also think that you have the same trouble with balancing as I have. your your your core strength.

It's getting there but yeah, that guy's got probably six pack abs. Oh, yeah, the peloton bike. Yeah. It'll get there. Yeah, some punk. I wanted to see how he stout too for sure. I my guess is he Yeah, cuz like you just jumped off. Yeah, he just jumps off the back. Yeah, I bet he doesn't put the front end down. I want to see him take off too sure. There's nobody he doesn't care about stealing that guy. Yeah, but yeah, I would. I think that's more impressive than actually being on a unicycle the way he was because he's basically like straight up and down because breaks. Oh, right. Yeah, sure. That's a good point. He does have brakes. I can shift gears anyway. Yes, we're gonna talk about grub hub, diner perks. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Yeah,

I don't know either. I was kind of skimming the article, but I can't figure it out. So grub hub have a new they have a new perks program that they call the grub hub, diner perks, gives diners perks to offset late deliveries, lower competitive prices, etc. So basically, what they're gonna do is they're going to guarantee that if you don't get your food within a certain amount of time, they're going to give you perks in place and that perks you'll be able to use to get $5 off future orders, etc, etc. Also, if you find if you find your order cheaper on a different third party delivery service grubhub will pay the pay the customer that difference up to $10 and provide fenders $5.10 that would be the initial $5 in Dropbox perks. Interesting, according to the company's website, and then the last thing that they're saying is a future. Sales latest feature will help protect restaurant reputations and To create better dining experiences, diners typically blame both the restaurant and the delivery provider if they've had a bad experience with that order. which ties all into the whole thing about, you know, whether or not should you tip and not tip it all off? Because it all depends on, you know, have you waited two and a half hours to get your what you call forward is probably because you didn't pay what they want to be is worth whatever. Like

what I look at is and the driver perspective, though, that they're going to get at. So is that is it a subscription fee or anything?

It doesn't say specifically, it's just as a new new feature program. Yeah. For further. Not so much for the drivers, obviously, for the people. Yeah.

But what I see the worry is that, you know, if it's late, I mean,

there's no talk here, that it has anything to do with the drivers. Thanks some punk. I appreciate that. It was there's no talk here that, that it will have any influence on the drive?

Yeah, but I wonder how many $5 they're going to be paying out? Because Oh, sure, you know,

but they do say doesn't come out of delivery fee?

No, it doesn't. I'm just wondering how how much grubhub is going to eat those $5? Because I mean, I'm sure they're their deliveries are late all the time. I never look at the time. I never look at the time I pick up the order I just deliver it but

isn't an order. I think there's a timer there is

but there's not a timer doesn't like countdown or anything. It just says deliver by but I never look at that. Because I guess I'm not dicking around, I just get the rider and I don't do grubhub. But But I mean, they're all they all have timers on them. They all have but it does. I wish it would like count down. I don't know. And I wish doordash used to reward you if you got it there early. But they don't know.

They don't do I mean a couple of times I've done it. I really haven't been able to handle more than one service at a time. So when I say I'm gonna be doing grubhub next two hours. I've been doing grubhub only those two hours. Yeah, I can't do it. The other stuff.

You're not a multi app or like me, I'm not No, but multi app. I like that. When's the last time it's been out? Yeah. Two years. Two decades? Oh, no, he you know, I think it was even I think it was a month ago. June think it was June, early June, maybe I remember this Saturday. So

Well, anyways, I guess it's good for the customers, but they're always trying to, I think you're gonna see a lot of this. I think all these apps are going to start trying to have a rewards program.

What because slowly, they're gonna, you know, the user is going to go down, they're gonna have to do something to try and get people to stay doing it. Right.

So Exactly. I know a lot of them have like a subscription service. Like I know, grub hub always tries to get me the sign up. It's like $10 a month and you get like, priority, whatever. But no, that's interesting. All right. Okay, so this was kind of an interesting thing. Jalen Rose, who, if you are from Michigan, you know who Jalen Rose is? I guess maybe you don't. I mean, he was a basketball player for the Fab Five back in the 90s. I have no idea who he is. I'm bi where your data so. So he spent outrageous money on Uber from Milwaukee, Detroit after his car service cancelled. He had to get to a meeting. I'm trying to see. So he pulls up. Oh, he all his car services canceled and he was looking for an Uber. He said the heavens open in the Lincoln Navigator. I got to the passenger window. He rolled it down. How are you doing? Good evening, I looked down and realized he had a dog in his lap. I told him if he needed I told him if you need to take the dog home or at the dog to the bathroom, but he's like, the dog rides with me. So this Uber driver has a dog run around. So I'm like, remember, we talked about that, like years ago? Like, is that legit? Can you have a dog ride with? I don't know if they said yea or nay on this. I remember people talking about that

was there. There was some divers in the market. They had their pets with us. Yeah,

I think you can. Yeah, if it's a service dog or an emotional support dog? I don't know. But anyway, I

didn't have to list that on the I don't think so. It's interesting. Because anyway, so about a story.

Yeah. So basically, the Uber ride was 1299 plus an additional 750 for the Lincoln Navigator. So he paid $2,000 to get from Milwaukee to Detroit. Why was exisitng 50 because it was a navigator. I don't know when maybe it was Uber black. So the ride was the seven nine or 1299 plus 750. But I mean, I don't know if he tipped or not but that I mean, would you take that ride to Milwaukee, Milwaukee to Detroit or vice versa if you were in Detroit to Milwaukee? I think so. Well, if I knew I was getting two grand Yeah. Well, you're not getting two grand he he got charged two grand. Well, what would you get? six bucks. Thank you. Yeah, no, I don't know. It doesn't say how much you got paid. The driver. But

I still only had that one trip. One trip to Chicago and I shouldn't have but yeah, yeah, I got paid way too little.

Yeah, I can. Yeah, it's like you gotta even like, maybe even a 45 minute or you got to figure out like, ask ahead of time.

Well, Kalamazoo like I, when I went out that one day, about two weeks, maybe three weeks ago Lyft had $100 bonus, but Lyft wasn't poppin so I went online, Uber first ride 45 minute plus at the residents in Granville. And it was two, it was to Kalamazoo and it paid out $32 I mean, I got to go see my boys work and his his new job and stuff like that. But I mean, 32 bucks. Like, look at that. I'm like, No, how I can make $32 on food delivery and come back. Exactly. Yeah. And I did put destination filter on I took one I left they fucked me. It was like to the liquor store and back. I was like, Alright, that's everything. And that pisses you off. lifts. Destination filter is. garbage. Yeah, yeah, it's bullshit. Uber does kind of work a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, I don't think $32 is worth it. When I can go do food delivery in my little town of Granville.

That's what I mean. It's like, okay, so Kalamazoo, right. You need something else up front.

I always said if it was less than an hour, I wouldn't ask why now, you know. I mean, I knew how much I was gonna get paid, but I just kind of

you didn't know you're getting 32 but you wouldn't have taken it. Come on. What would I would have taken it at though? probably know, you 50 to 60? Yeah, no way. I was getting paid that much. Well, not account. Unless so now that you know, yeah, you're gonna say I need another 20 to come back. But then there's the ones you don't have 20 but 32 that puts you in the fifth?

Yeah, but the weird part was is like Yeah, exactly. She someone else ordered it for

you got you got 45 minutes down. 45 minutes back,

you might get a ride. Or you get one of these janky lift rides. Right. Yeah. You know, so, so pissed off that night. I know what happened. I don't know why, you know, you fall into the old habits of believing the system. Yeah, it's fine. And then that I was like, Okay, I'm gonna take it. And it it screwed me.

But it also depends on who it is. Right? Because I remember I got a I got a ride once. He was like, why right after midnight. At the airport, pick them up. It was an exhale. Right. And I went to South further south of South South Haven was that small city called Ben harbor. No, St. Joe. It's like a small to two city right there next to each other Saugatuck. Douglas Exactly. I was going to Douglas. And and it was about an hour ride. Right. From from the airport. Like maybe an hour. It's pretty close. Yeah, I mean, a little bit more than that. Maybe. But anyways, it was a great ride. They I mean, I forget how much I paid out. But they also gave me 60 bucks in cash. That's like, no, that's a great ride. Right? I mean, yeah. Can't you can't beat that. Wow. But I didn't ask for 60 bucks. But no, no, it was it was they knew what it took. Yeah. You know, and it's like, okay,

yeah, Mike and I from Mike delivers podcast. I was on this show on Tuesday. I think it came out today or tomorrow. But we talked about the same thing. And he he has only done food delivery. So when I bring up passenger stuff, he's kind of like, he's fascinated by I was like, we've always had this conversation, like, you tip for your food delivery, but you don't tip for people delivery. And it's just I just think it's just the culture of tipping for food. And the culture that Uber set up originally and said, You don't have to tip your driver. And yeah, I

mean, this story about this one was great. There was a person that they came in from out of town. Obviously six people. Yeah. And she had rented a vehicle. But nobody had told her that the rental lot was close to half to 10. All right, and I thought I didn't time it was always and so she couldn't pick up the rental car that she had rented. Right. I had a guy same thing happened. That's such

a nail on the app when you're picking it up on it says like a rental company. Yeah, that's what I tell you. I had a guy he had to stay overnight and get a car next morning.

But that was the thing. So they were stuck at the airport. He's like, well, we want to go to Douglas. What the hell are you gonna do right? So I took them down and it was a great ride. We had fun you know, and they had so much but they had one What was it? They had a pair of I think it was probably waterski something like that. Like big big things. I had to put down our water skis. No, they all kind of go waterskiing in the water down in darkness. Who who brings their own water skills like a summer I don't know. It was something so yeah, yeah, it was. We got it to fit it was but it was it was interesting. Made a fit. Yeah.

Chris, what about you? How's your driving been lately? Have you been going out? I haven't driven for two weeks. Wow. Uh, before that this guy had hip surgery two weeks ago, he walks in, I don't even know, I didn't know he had surgery. He looked fine to me walk down. He's like, Hey, I had hip surgery two weeks ago. I'm like, What the hell? Yeah. He showed us a scar. Where's bandages at least but before the two weeks, though, you have been driving pretty regular. I've

been driving regular, like, couple times. I know. Well, every day pretty much I mean, cuz I did. Like I told Jasper that I've been like, I work in ADA. So I picked people up on the way home. Oh, really? Yeah.

So you just if you're busy, you keep going. If it kind of off us, I try to get done by six 636 15. You know, but generally, if I can get two to three rides in between 430 and 535 36 o'clock, right, then I'm good. And sometimes I get food deliveries right away, like, off of the spotlight. Obviously, you're doing both then I have everything on. So I had my first pet pig. Really? Yeah, I'm like, I'm like, surprised.

But if I remember correctly, this was your second pet at least because there was one point where you asked why

before but not specifically for remember that. When were you asked to like open the garage? Yes. Yeah, that was a little on the DL. So yeah, they they asked me to get their dog from out of the house. And they're like when you get to the house, you know, just let us know when you're there and we'll open the garage for you. I'm like, okay, so and so they opened the garage. When I got there. I had to go in the house. Just open the door in the garage to the house, get the dog, put it in my car, and I brought it from Zealand to comsec Park and I made 60 bucks.

I need to get one of those Wi Fi garage openers. That's pretty sweet.

I was like I was I was roaring hallway like I'm overing a dog. I had a picture of that. I was working that night. It was a great

cause I think I was working that night too. So when you over pet you're just transporting a pet

or nominee with them. So somebody with a pet so she specifically did that Uber pet thing. Oh, service dog or can be any kind of dog. It's any kind of animal. What? Yeah. So I was like, I was been totally shocked because I've had it on for a long time. Right? And never have gotten any Uber pet. Yeah, thing, right. So I got I got the ping for it. And I didn't even notice that was like an Uber pet. And I was like, Oh, that's kind of weird, because I thought it was like just a new brax and actually made more money on it because they charge more for Yeah. And and she was really happy and you know, cuz it was late at night too. It was like 1030 Okay, like on a weeknight? Or was that weekend, I forget, I knew it was like one of my last ride. So I brought her from, like Kalamazoo and 54th or something like that. Alright, six to somewhere in Granville, Wyoming area. So I was kind of on the way home for me, which is like, I'm happy about that. Right?

I've taken dogs before it's been for a blind that actually it was a it's a blind couple. Okay, and they both had dogs, and whatever climate I mean, I'm not gonna deny your ride, but I've picked him up twice. They usually shop at like woodland mall. And then I don't know, there's some weird way I had a guy one time he had a big

I think it was a lab and got in with the dog and his didn't girlfriend or whatever. And it first he asked if Oh, yeah. And he's like I like as long as it doesn't scratch my seats or anything. He's like, I'll keep them rail on my lap and it'll be good. I'm like, okay, also kind of eyeball on that. But

yeah, yeah, always weird. Steve says sound is digital static on YouTube. Well, you there must have been on your end because I can't fix anything while we're streaming sticky notes. Here. He says fix. Thank you, Steve. reboot your iPhone. All right. Before we move on, I just want to throw out there. We'd love to support your business. We're always looking for advertisers. We actually sold one. I'm not going to mention who and he he's like fall off the planet. I've emailed them twice. And I'm like, Hey, we're ready to he paid half the money to and I'm like, we're ready to do it. And I don't know what's going on. But yeah, definitely. I would love to support your business. We're always looking for sponsors. We had our second biggest month ever and gig economy history in June in June for downloads. Yes, we just did the stats. So you know, we're rocking and rolling. We're looking for people obviously it should probably be gig economy related. Yep. If we can, I mean, I guess if the money's right, I will sell tampons. But you know, I you know, there's women drivers, so I guess there's still need the pumps re Yeah, yeah, to hit those guys out. Yeah, right. So yeah, we're all we're all looking at If you're looking to get your name out, we would love to have you

and keep sharing and listen to us.

Yeah, this is very helpful. It is very helpful. Yeah, the most helpful thing is you can not watch it on YouTube or Twitter or Facebook and listen to the audio podcast because that's where, you know, that's where most of our listeners come from. It is not a live stream, but we like to live stream because we like to talk to you guys tips and tricks and all that stuff. tips and tricks. Well I try those tampons. You say well, I try those products as well. No, I'm not going to do that. But I have

I will make him do it some punk. I'm good with that. Depends on what he identifies as.

I don't care if you're gay or not. You stick a tampon up your butt. I mean, that ain't gonna work.

We're gonna do something. Well, yeah, that's good. All right. They use them for bolo ones. They do what? No, for Polo? All the bullet holes I get. Yeah, I identify as human Daigo

somehow you came from the audio pod but that you're you're you're friends with Mike delivers. Right? Is that how you found out about us? Which again, Mike and I are Mike and I are starting to work together. We're gonna do ads on each other show. So I love it, man. I frickin love Mike. He is amazing. We had so much fun last night. We could talk for three hours but he cut me off at like 15 minutes. Goodbye. Thank Thank you, Mike. Oh, it was a good episode. It was a really good episode. I

can't call the show after it isn't ours.

Yeah, of course. I can't wait till it's out because it We had so much fun. So all right. Yes. For

that you're gonna show show the tic tac toe? Yeah. This is a special interesting tic toc with a with I guess we had a switcheroo on the delivery driver.

Yeah, who a question is who delivered this food? I know figure it out.

I it was kind of a twist. Twist in the end. I like right. Alright, here we go. It's a scary looking door already. Yeah, right. I'm like when's the dog coming out? I saw that shit in the porch. I was like, Oh boy. I'll explain it when it's done. For the audio listeners.

Sir Sherry hear

what you say. You don't have to get up. You're sharing your doordash gal got arrested sob rent your food tea.

So basically, as you heard the driver got arrested in the sheriff brought the food the lady but we were commenting as we went up. Well, we were looking at it said no tresspassing shit all over the board. Look at like those weekly motels. You know, I know. Like where I've been to say. How many hours do you want to rent the room was I don't know. You know, it's funny in Grandville, there's one over by the cone world you know, Tony and Megan, my wife The other day I like to my hit me there hit you in the parking lot. Yeah. At home world or the hotel hotel? Yeah, she said you don't want that hotel is always busy. I said you know it is I don't know what's going on. I get over there. It's so weird because it's in this weird like, Granville mostly isn't sketch. There's some areas but kind of have a sketch spot. Yeah, well, that's the castle bro. I don't know castles pretty nice. I got friends. I live in the castle. On the while people that live in there do love it. But you know that building is sinking already. That's what I heard. Be careful. Anyways, we definitely just say, Why do you know the owners? Well, you do. I don't know the owners. Terri Lynn land Salzman. Yeah. Anyways. David says I put one of the stickers you guys gave me on my microphone. It went and went to go get interviews at the strike. Oh, well, thank you. So hey, I comment on your posts earlier. I was wondering, are you still doing any kind of gig work? I'd be curious. So we're gonna get into straight conversation. Might as well who cares? Apparently, definitely on the 21st everyone was supposed to strike. I supported it by not working. I striked. I didn't I went to my daytime job. Spread a lot of fertilizer today. A lot of grub control, but I did not drive. So today. I'm not. You're not cleared to drive for work. He took an Uber tonight. So there you go. So what we're even talking about, I totally get sidetrack. Steve is asking how many words? Yeah, I know. But we were talking about the Tic Tac and then I watched the video. But then but then we went again to the sketch of Granville. Oh, yeah. SketchUp grambo. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we'll move on. There's no there's no mileage. I thought we were done. That conversation was just like everyone know, Chris brought whiskey over. So as the towards the end of the show goes yes for his milk in his mind's almost gone, but I am pretty good, isn't it? It's good once that water was about half gone so. Okay, so let's jump into Chris, you're kind of up right now you wanted to talk about the bonus and the mystery of how it's decided through other markets. Yeah, I have a I have a experience with that because I think you got the three for 100 right? No. Oh, you didn't either. I've

never gone. I haven't gotten either. I mean, John's got now what today he got another one or yesterday? Yeah. He's like, Oh, I was thinking about it. And I got Oh, Uber sent me a three for 100 Why wouldn't I? I'm like, Yeah, why wouldn't you for anything? I mean, I would I would do it in a heartbeat. But I can I can run Uber x, I can run.

You deliver, you work so much. And that's why I you know, I mean, I'm sure they have their

I went for three months without any work. I didn't do any gig work for three months. And I say I haven't figured it out one, right.

But then Okay, so maybe it's the market, right? Maybe John's market is very shy of having drivers. But there's definitely a couple in this magazine.

Sam and his and her mom got it.

I thought Ben got it. I heard and got Jamie got it. So I mean, yeah,

I mean, I I've had some decent, but I've never gotten a three for 100. Yeah, I've not got I've had to for 18. I thought that was good. You know, I would go out at 10 o'clock at night. Because if I got in the zone I can get to for 18 for Uber, right. Yeah. Okay, so I do two rides, I got 18 bucks. If I got those two done in the hour between 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock, and I got a third ride. Then I got another tip for at site. In essence, I could make 36 bucks on top of my regular rides and or zone surges. And that was decent money for an hour and a half. Yeah. You know, I got a food delivery. I mean, boom. That was up there too. And the food cow? Yes. Hell yeah.

Yeah. Jamie says she's gotten the three for 103 times. Yeah. Is yawn. Oh, yeah. She commented. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Jamie, you know, he can do? Happy Jamie. He's not happy at all. Jamie, she she's awesome.

Okay, so then the other thing is, like do 20 rides or 30 rides or 40 rides and get this much amount of money. I've even gotten those. I get those every week. But they've gone down. So yeah, like, I got to pick up our phones. So like right now,

though. I have a referral. If I yeah. You have that right. Or do you look for Oh, yes, for sure. So I guess all I get is the boosts the 1.3. The one told you. So I got

So yeah, those 280 $5 by completing 40 trips between what? Money Monday morning and Friday morning. But then I'll do a weekend one from Friday morning until like, early Monday morning. It'll be the same thing. So it'll be pick your quest? Which, like, I don't understand why the others so I can get an extra 115 by doing 50 trips. Yeah. See, we're all we all Well, yeah. And everybody's getting something different. Yeah. Yeah. So I've had it for like 20 bucks for doing 20 rides. And I'm like, Well, you know, Ben was cleaning up on the lift. But now they change this. So the 18 they change, they change it from 7am to 8am. And now you have to do three 418. So there's no way you can get to in two in an hour. Yeah, right. Yeah, cuz you're gonna get maybe you'll get three. But you'll have to do your, you'll get if you start it right at seven and get your if you could get your three ends, you could start another three, which would be benefits.

So lifts got a streak bonus three for 18 right now,

is it a streak or is there it's not a guarantee we'll give you this much notice made for all I get from left as these guarantees. One time I got the bonus of I forget was an extra 100 bucks or 150 bucks for doing so many rides? Yeah, they

got a bunch of streaks in here. But Ben, Ben cleaned up. He was getting 100 200 $300 bonuses. Yeah. And I was gonna

ask him because he was like hitting the airport up. Yeah. And I told them how to do it. Is there a trick? Or no? Well, there's a trick for all of it. But I can tell you.

Well, again, I'm not going to be driving if just and it has to do with the pets. Okay. I'm not going to be driving if, if the money isn't as good as food delivery, right? It's not going to do right. So

so that's the thing, right? I mean, I mean, if you got an extra $9 for two rides, like yeah, I would do it. You're doing it Yeah. Harper. So that's why I was going on at 10 o'clock because from hudsonville to get into the market here which was started like Chicago drive so I'd get off I take down Baldwin get on six get on a Chicago drive over there. And then I'd get right in the rain and flip the app I'm trying to get my first ride right away and I can get two rides boom boom and then if I got them done and I could get a third ride like I do everything on just so I could get that third ride Yeah, right away. Get a third ride and I could get four rides you know 36 bucks nine bucks for additional free

ride No, I would do it for those kind of bonus. Yeah, by the way Jamie knows the trick and it works. It does. I feel like I'm the ball yesterday the call yesterday didn't even Jamie dog put it out there because we understand.

When when I start driving I'm gonna do so excellent. And well, I think you'll comfort I think you'll be

pleasantly surprised. I want to know anyone that drove the upheaval fest.

So So Jamie, did you so you have $1,000 for 105 rides. I had that as well. That's a guarantee though. That's a guarantee. Yeah. I'm I'm

105 rides is a lot of freaking rides. Right now. Is that clewd food delivery to like, for me? It does. It did? Yeah. Okay. Did you get it? Well, I was just before my surgery, so I couldn't do it. Anyways, I want to know if anyone's knows how people did on appeal festival. That was the rock concert. That was the first one back since the pandemic last weekend. Right? Yeah, it was last week. Yeah, I was. I had been cleaned up. He did. He made about 50 an hour. He did good. Yeah, he did good. And that was I mean, I'm sure there were some a few bonuses in there. 365 or 395 for six hours or something like Yeah, he didn't leave.

I'm just hoping that

he hasn't been out dry. What do we know? He was out last weekend? That was the concert. No, I know. Totally. Since Oh, like, yeah, two or three weeks? Yeah, he's been out. Yeah. Because lift was lift was just given him a shit ton of money. Yeah. Probably should get on lift again. Huh? I don't know. 105. Got your paperwork up to date. Ticket got

it's gone. You sure? I'm back paying normal prices for insurance. Okay.

Yeah, my speaking. Or as my son turns 25 this December? He's like, I can't wait. I can't wait. My insurance gonna get like a third last like, Yep, sure. Is it? Sure it's all right. Well, we don't know about the market or the bonuses. It's frustrating. So when you see it another market if you're a new driver,

I think it's great that we in our group have national input. Yeah. Right. Because I don't think a lot of people understand. You know, what it's like in San Francisco. Like in North Carroll. We don't know what it's like and we don't have any from

California. Well, we know there's a guy from LA he was on here. Oh, Dave. Yeah, he's from I think he's in Sanford. San Francisco. Maybe? La? Yeah. In Sanford, Florida. Oh, there was. Maybe that was Dave. I don't know. But anyways, alright. So this is an interesting article. Nope, I got a picture. Before that. I jumped ahead. That's my first jump out. That's pretty good. Good job. So this is just a picture. Our customer said, thanks so much for your order, unfortunately, oh, this is the driver. Unfortunately, Uber only pays $3 to deliver this if you have any extra spare. For a tip, it would surely help with the high gas prices to continue delivering for you guys. Thanks so much. Okay, dude, like you shouldn't have took the $3 one. That's your own effin problem, right? So don't be sending messages like that. I can't stand people that do that.

So what's the better way and sending the message? Don't take the $3 order? Well, I use an app to help you write

that would help too. Now Uber doesn't Uber doesn't hide that well. Allegedly, they don't hide the tip. So I know Perez not working. You know, with by with Uber. I know they're working with Uber to try to like, trust them as far as you can throw them well. Yeah. But I know they're working with to get Uber on to do some different features. But it's nothing with tip transparency. So yeah, don't don't send somebody a message and say, blah, blah, blah. Just don't take. Don't take it. Yeah, you know, it's funny, Mike and I brought up too I asked him if he still if he sent messages to his customers. He's like, you know what, I used to do it, but it doesn't move the needle. Like why would I spend extra time to send me seems like a lot of people, that's their thing. They send memes and all that stuff. And this is like, I don't communicate with my customer at all. Unless, like there's a missing like, if they don't have a flavor of drinkers, I had one. So I was in the McDonald's line. And they they're like, hey, how

long is gonna take I'm like, it's gonna be a little bit because I'm stuck in line here. Yeah. And so she like, keep me updated. So I kept her updated and then she ended up giving me like 20 bucks for Okay, you know, But I didn't know that. Yeah.

I mean, if they reach out, I'm happy to communicate Yak is not going to go above it. Because normally I got three phones. I'm running in six apps. I don't know how you guys do that with all those phones. I only have two phones. But it should. I don't know you and what's his name? Who gave? Yeah, yeah. He doesn't do much gave his dad anyways. No, I don't think bankers knew GIS. Yeah. He's managing GM General Manager now. Yeah. From move from kitchen. He's done an amazing

job at Mary's Yeah, yeah, super cool. But I have I have nothing but respect for the guy. Game games. a

hard worker, that's for sure. But But yeah, I actually recommend you get two phones, I would run an Android and an Apple phone. Because Well, if you already have an apple, I mean, if you have, if you have an Android, I wouldn't go out buy an apple. But unfortunately, Apple some of the some of the apps that I like to use, don't run on Apple. So. So I have a Google Pixel sitting on my you guys can see it, but I shut it off at the end of the season. And I'll fire it back up, come this fall. But I recommend running two phones. So when you do that, I mean, I flip between screens on my phone? Well, that's one of the reasons why don't why run to phone so I don't have to flip on screen. So if I'm running doordash and Uber, they literally are mounted right next to each other. And that way if so but but occasionally you have it when things are happening at the same time. And you're like, Well, I mean, US young guys, we can manage those reflex right or hip replacement, right? No, it can get hairy carry. It is not something can tell me it's not hairy Gary, it can be hairy, hairy. Well, the crazy part is, is a lot of times I run in two or three apps on the one phone, and just doordash on the Android phone because there's some apps that help me along that only work on Android. So so I'm like, it's not just two apps, it's usually three or four that I'm running, but a lot of people might say that's dumb, and why not focus on one and they are correct. There are some times and I'm like, Okay, yeah, this one is blowing up too much. Yeah, I'm going to this one. I'm done with the other ones. I'm just gonna power through like left. Oh, blah. Yeah,

it's in a stupid distance. Right. So we talked about what the ratings things before, right? I don't know why the rideshare people don't give us a range of distance that we're willing to go to picks. I know because then people won't do it. No one's gonna ban but they need to change the dollar amount. Well, yeah, that's what I always said. Because even like Uber right there give you what frickin two bucks not even at, you know, 10 cents a mile that all they get. Well, I know that it's, it's pathetic, right? It's like a long distance breakup is you're gonna get this much more. Well, you're not it's not worth

what always says possibly. Potentially, or something like that.

I never understood that word. Right. It's a potentially you'll get this. It's gentle. who defines what I get? Yeah, right. Some idiot back at the back of the place. Oh,

you know how? So? What is your time? distance? What do you guys your time? reference? 12 sec. 12 minutes? Oh, no,

I am I Well, I'm like eight minutes on an X 10 minutes on an Excel. Okay.

Yeah. Now, again, beggars can't be choosers. If If I was only doing rideshare and I needed the money, I would go longer. But I'm just especially if they haven't got pinged in a while, right. Yeah. So sometimes I'll have that. And like, Okay, I'm just taking notes, right. But then I'll keep keep the other app on and all of a sudden, something will come up and they're like they see you. But yeah,

data says they tell if it's 45 Plus, they do but I do

that a couple of times, what we're talking about is the time to pick them up. Right? It's not the length right after you pick them up.

Well, if you live in California, I mean, they're taking some of that back, but they tell you everything they tell you. You know if the customers got Bo I mean, it's it's they give you everything really fornia on Uber. No. All right, we got to move on. Speaking of Bo, Patreon, we'd love you to for us, support us on Patreon. Go to search gig economy podcast. You get an extra podcast a month this month it was oh, we interviewed a guy that wrote a book. Yeah, it's on Patreon. Right now. You get all the interviews and the cool stuff. At the beginning or before everyone else. Oh, the things I don't know. I know. Yes. For Yes. verza had his head in his ass this week. Well, I should that's busy. He's been busy with family and work. So I shouldn't say that. But yeah, we'd love for you to support us. There's a $5 tier a $10 tier $5 tears just like a thank you. You don't get shit. The $10 here. You get a piece of the bonus episode. No, they don't. No, not the $5 tier. Yes. Chris, you're the new host. Just kidding. Yes. Thank you. He's out throw the glass. No the rest of that you're a ticket. $5 gets you nothing to $10 gets you an extra podcast, same pre show banter and a piece of merge. So we'd really appreciate if you support us all the money that comes in for Patreon goes to pay for everything like stream yard and editing software

like to put out there right now we are looking to collect money to buy a new computer.

Yes, I'm looking for a new computer and we do Oh, you know what? We never talked about the picnic. We should we need to do that. And we got the picnic and we have to come up on 911 911 Yeah, let me throw that up there real quick. That's my bad. picnic coming up, giveaways food. Maybe a petting zoo is not going to be a petting zoo. Thank you for telling me this. I was planning on it. It's at the Riverside Park at the island shelter. If you were there last year, which many of you weren't. You can look it up online. But September 11 2001. from one to four. We would love to have you Dave the Uber slave Steve's flying in some punk. I'm not sure where he's from. But

it's actually trying to man I want him to. He's from Michigan was very common. Larry's comment layer is john. I don't think so. Yeah, john. I heard Janet coming on. If Janet, we would love to see Janet. Oh my god. I'd give her kiwi fruit out the door.

Yeah. Janet came I would stop everything and go buy a red carpet. Yeah, you can't get out of the car. And so we roll this out. But I think some punk wants to come. I see. Oh, he's I thought he was short. Right. I thought he was from Michigan, because he brought up when I brought up Kalamazoo but he was like Kalamazoo unemployment. So obviously, with the pandemic, there was extra unemployment going around. So it says some drivers and up I think they met Uber drivers forums took unemployment insurance and a $300. Weekly extension while still driving. Do they not understand the state and federal catch up to them for double dipping? One of the first comment was, you know, you can work on unemployment, right? It's allowed, you just can't earn much like me, I can't earn more than 195 before they start deducting from the benefits. So yes, you can still do work while you're on unemployment. But you can't do a lot before after your mileage, right? Well, I don't know. So for those that don't know, I do gig work in the winter, and I get laid off from my other job. I actually do file for unemployment. And I certify every two weeks. But I always put my earnings in. And I never get any money because because what happens if my car gets wrecked, or I get hurt? I still at least I got unemployment coming in. Right? When you're doing gig work. You get hurt. You're screwed. You know what I mean? You're not getting any money. So did you hear that the

Michigan f stop. What? What the unemployment allow the pandemic? I'm probably like 360,000 people got asked to recertify. And if they didn't, they had they had to pay it all money back. Oh, really? Yeah. Because it was wrong, though. Well, so what happened is, a lot of the people got got approved to begin with because of how it was worded the verbage Yeah, the purpose was worded from the federal government. Oh, no, they came back and they nicked on how it was worded. So that changing it and now they have to recertify and if they don't, they could end up paying it all back? Oh, my gosh. And it's basically because the Michigan the Michigan fucked up,

right? Surprise anybody's working because they are not working because of the pandemic? Well,

yeah, our governor I saw just vetoed because the republicans tried to get rid of that 300 and she vetoed. We're not going to get into politics, but it's time to get back to work. Y'all know, what are we doing here?

People are getting the problem is also people don't want to get to back to work. Everybody. Everybody here in the market looks for people to work for them.

Oh, they can't. It's unbelievable. It's so nice. I can I take the McDonald's guy. He's 25% short of employees.

Did you see Did you see that? My son My son is 16 he started working at Taco Bell. These are the jobs you know he might be looking for. Taco Bell has 11 Harbaugh sign on bonus right. There for the winner paid every day.

Yeah. Well, they have daily cash at daily cash. Here Venmo. What is literally 25% of the employees for McDonald's are short.

The things they have to do to get people to work for them. Oh my god. Yeah. What was that one place? They all like walked off.

That was Burger King. Yeah, there's a lot of them that's been going around like we're sick of that. We can't handle it anymore. Would you hear about Frito Lay there this there was they were just in the news. They they're on a strike. They were making those guys do suicide. So basically, they would work. So no, they would work eight hours, they'd asked him to stay for four more. So that's 12 and then they had to be back eight hours later. So they were basically working 16 hours a day and Having eight hours off seven days a week, and they're like, we can't do this anymore. I'm like, of course seven days a week, seven days a week.

Yeah, like why would you even I would be like, unless I was getting paid like but the money doesn't matter though when you're right when you're working that hard You can't even spend the money now. At some point you're like, I'm okay with it. Because like I'm making Yeah, over time. Yeah. And then all of a sudden you just you get that burnout. Yeah, and you're like, I'm just just not worth it.

And I don't understand why they think they can get it I mean, thank god they had a union although i mean i guess if you're getting treated bad there's plenty of work out there like all kinds of work out there

but I did see the sit there are several restaurants now a D individually owned that say now this time doing 15 $15 an hour no tips and their pennies.

Yeah, somebody locally here they were going to be they couldn't open on like, I forget what day it was Monday or something they Oh, Crazy Horse in Holland. Okay. So he didn't have enough employees. He had to close the restaurant. Yep.

Yeah, for the day. Well, do you know when doozy and I don't know if they've opened the Plainfield one shut down. Yeah, I know. I wonder. Yeah, boy. Yeah, they they they went to evergreen then my dad

goes up and Stan Dale often just closes night at night. They don't they don't have any people. Yeah, they're open 24 hours right was Oh, my God. So you compasses like seven o'clock. They're close to what? They couldn't get enough people to work. It's Yeah.

Jana says the trip is still on the radar for next year. Maybe so. Alright, let's wrap this up. We got a couple more. Here is a another yes for Tick Tock.

I will pay for wherever Jana wants to go in town. Oh, say you're gonna pay for her flight. I was like, wait, what's going on? Chris is like, well, we'll take her on a brewery tour or something there. Yeah,

there we go. So this is about a driver that does something bad

Good job. Yes, sir. Oh, shit. That's not the right one. Did I not load this one? Oh, no, I did. I'm an idiot.

So chances are you know what doordash is? you order your food? Dasher in the area goes out picks it up brings it to your house. Okay, so our to talk about today. I go outside and the bag is ripped open. Which is fine. Things happen. It's cool. No big deal. I get inside. I divvy out all the food to the family. And I go to grab my food. And this was missing my Doritos Locos Tacos. Okay, also common happens all the time. Not really gonna worry about it. We'll just get it go ahead and give me a little refund call it a day. And then I get this picture from my Dasher. Y'all tell me that at the Reno dust on this woman's fingers. I mean, it does look like it. I mean,

it's a little blurry but her fingers were definitely had something on them. They were not just cleaned by Oh, you fucking idiots. He drink people's like don't do it. Like how? I mean, how desperate are you for food that you have to steal other people's food? So just don't do it. Don't

take the $3 rise, you may have to be abused.

Five Guys. So good. Food. So good like panda. If you haven't eaten before you deliver and it gets in the car. You're like, Oh,

I think it was Chad the game economist. He was saying that he always you know, eat before he goes out because otherwise, you know?

Just any mind takes him with his one friend. Right? Don't ever know. I'm just glad that his frickin bag seal. Yeah, right.

So next up there was an Uber driver clocked at 102 miles per hour and Lakewood with a passenger in the car liquid and how not I didn't have a banjo like ah, like, yeah, you were trying to get to Lakewood, Colorado. an Uber driver has been cited for speeding after going 102 with a passenger police a 30 year old I don't know how to pronounce that name was pulled over Wednesday morning after a motorcycle officer clocked him speeding. Oh my gosh, he was cited for going 37 over the speed limit of six point offense. Oh, you're done driving, bro. Can I have your license? Yeah, that's almost reckless driving. Right. He's also cited for no proof of insurance a four point violation. That's like an r&r here right. repair and report or whatever. You just show the court? Yeah. Oh my Lord. So yeah. And he was doing it in a what was it a Ford Fusion? I mean, I guess they can go 105 Oh, yeah. Anyways, don't speed like Jasper. Hey, it's been years. All right, last one, and then we'll get out of here. Go ahead. Yes. Get now you're waiting for to come up on the screen are you

by Uber drivers? Why don't you say hello to me when I get in your car? This is a Reddit stream as I opened the door to is it gonna stream What's it called? Reddit page subreddit. It's a subreddit Yeah. As I opened the door to your car climbing and cheerfully greeted you as neuro, you are typically as my as autistic brain lets me borrow my seatbelt and wait for your reply. you clear your throat shuffling your seat and turn on the radio but you do not turn your head to look at me. Why did you not hear me dramatic? Do you not care? Do you not care? That I a stranger just got into your car. I should review your Do you do this to other passengers? You pick up? What gifts? Oh, God, Chris. You're not ready. The whole ride is awkward. And I can't help but wonder if you are even aware there is someone sitting back here. If I fart and stink up the car, we noticed me. What if I start loudly? Singing against the alphabet

the alphabet?

Did I crap on your cereal this morning or something? drivers who acknowledged my presence get a tip those who don't? Well not. Yeah, I mean, I don't know. Have you ever gotten an Uber as a passenger where they haven't said hello?

No, but I must admit I've had surgeries for God I had a longer ride late at night or not beyond they're not talking to you. Oh, yeah, I got somebody in the backseat.

Did he have a story where someone farted or girl farted or something? And then she realized oh my god, there's a story wasn't a local story. No, no, it wasn't. But I remember someone talking about

I have had that where it's like you're driving along you just kind of like in the zone. Right? It's scary because you almost like jolt like you're like oh my god. There's someone back right. Especially if they ever haven't like sit directly behind us. And they Oh

yeah. You know, the worst. Sam does that all the time. And we always would get after her. I'm like, Don't or no, it was it. Yeah, it was her or what was it somebody?

There was a there was a time when she made it a point to do that. Exactly. Yeah. Remember,

she hated her. She did that on purpose. I was like, why are you doing? Oh my gosh. Yeah. I think a lot of times it happened to me when it was late at night. You pick up people from the airport and they're tired. It's like, you know, a 30 minute drive. nobody's talking. No one's talking. I'm like, I'm barely alive myself. Like, I'm like, can't say that. I'm like thinking my my fat. But anyways, guys, thank you so much for listening. Thanks, Dave for chiming in. Some appreciate it. Of course. Right. Your rodeo Jamie Jana,

you know, we didn't have on tonight. We didn't have Larry. It's like noon tomorrow. It must be I know, he's studying. He's doing something else. He's in his real estate license. What this guy is trying to set him up for retirement like he's he's gonna quote unquote, some other task for like, yeah, computer.

Yeah. purity. Yeah, some things that he wants to do after he's retired. I'm like Larry retired, like you can work but you don't have sex six jobs. But, but he needs a pass. He needs passive income and understand that it's okay. Yeah. Sit on the pole. Yeah. Cuz the retirement that he's gonna get from. Oh, Jerry was here. Sorry. I was bringing on so I didn't see Jerry tonight. Thanks, Jerry. I know I usually at least says hi. I didn't see you. I didn't see normally does. Thanks, guys for the Super Chat. Yeah. So all right. Talk to you in a couple weeks. Thanks, guys. Bye.

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