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how does one have to be verified Tesla mechanic or whatever?

I guess they don't release the the software? I just glitched out there. I'm having some internet stuff. I don't understand the stream yard. Sometimes it frustrates me. Can you hear me?

And I can you're kind of out there?

Yeah, I don't know what it is. I have a direct wire to to Ethernet anyways. But uh, yeah. For whatever reason, they don't release the software. And so you really they can't do anything about it. They would love to but they work on every other electric vehicle. So if you do, yes, if you do have an electric vehicle, take it to them. So yes, sir. How you doing tonight? I'm good. Okay, good. I'm glad to have you back. We I obviously, most people know I was I had COVID. So I'm still in quarantine one more day. So we just decided to play it safe and do one more just remote podcast, which we hate more than life itself. But it is what it is. If you could share the show anywhere that you want to share it or even if you don't want to share if you could share it. I don't care.

Just because he wants my body odor in the studio. That's what it's all about. Yeah. Yes. He likes sniffing me.

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Hey, thanks Steve for taking my spot last week that was great while I was sitting, you know at the pool and And sippin, whatever it was.

Yeah, it was a Steve that took your spot though it was Mike. Oh, that's right. I'm sorry. But Thanks, Steve. Anyway, yeah. Thank you. For Steve. I'm sorry. Thanks. That's it, Mike.

It was Mike. But thank you, Steve. Anyways, back to Steve, you can basically, if you want to know the nuts and bolts of the gig economy, I'm talking serious nuts and bolts, like the proact ab five, all the union shit like Steve is the podcast you need to listen to it's rideshare rodeo, go to Uber Lyft drivers comm you can download it there. This guy knows his shit when it comes to that he's been involved in gig economy for a long, long time and been a driver for a long, incredible amount of rides. And he's very knowledgeable on that stuff. So we can't thank him enough for supporting our show. I really, really appreciate that, Steve. So yeah, we're back two weeks in a row. We don't have a ton of stuff in the news because we just talked last week, but we definitely do have some fun stuff. Going to talk real quick. First of all, I read through this earlier, I'll do Irvine's ad after this. But so the tick tock er says doordash driver tried to get her address to deliver food to her when she didn't order anything. So I'm gonna read just briefly read through this and then tell me what y'all think. Because once I read through it all, I think it's complete bullshit. To see a tick tock t shirt. Once you hear it. You're like, Huh, a tick doctor says a possible doordash driver tried to get her address and deliver food to her when she didn't order anything. She says he in the past accepted orders only from her. She recounts in a viral video. Mind you all these videos are gone from Tick Tock. I went to go try to download them. They were gone. Rebecca is just here for the Taco Bell. So that's Yeah, we'll talk about that in a little bit. But basically, months later, she received a message from him asking for her address. So this is weird right months later. So then you're like kind of question. That seems weird, but she said that under the guise of saying he forgot her drink. Edward attempted to context span through the doordash app. I forgot your drink. What's your address? The message from Edward shared in Tic Tac span says she didn't even order anything. That's odd because first of all, I didn't already think she says and if you really my order, why would you have my address? So she goes on and on and then she contacts doordash and doordash says Hey, he's the only one that has ever delivered to you. Like it's a very weird article so I'm yeah How can that how can that be? So I put this on the show rundown and I was kind of excited about it. I'm like this driver what a piece of shit but then as I read through it, I think this chicks line so Oh, she told me what can we what can we grab from this in general like as a customer or as a driver? Like? I don't know. I don't think you can contact people months after you deliver an order. So that's that's one of the issues. Well, unless she gave him the phone Yeah, that makes me think to like that parts getting left out that early on in the first delivery. They made a connection and then all of a sudden she's like freaking out about it. But again, if you do go look at her videos, they are all gone in regards to this Tick Tock or so. I don't know she would why it's just a ploy to get some more people follow some followers. Idiot so I mean, I've heard a strange thing. Yeah, I have I like I said I was excited about it. But then as I read through it, like, I don't know, 10 minutes before the show started. I was like, Oh, this sounds like bullshit. Maybe I should have pulled the plug on it but I don't care. I did miss the ad, but Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid is the studio sponsor of this show. And we can't thank them enough for for supporting us. Sorry, I'm using stream yard so it's a little different. You can call them in 532 6600 they will not work on Tesla's you can drive that tesl there and they will tell you to get the fuck out. Maybe not. Maybe they won't. They'll say they'll be nice about it. I mean, maybe I don't know. But yeah, 532 6600 or Irvine's calm to schedule online all COVID friendly, meaning you can drop your car off you don't to see anyone everything's done via digital like email. They tell you what's wrong, what's what needs to be fixed, what's great. Those kinds of things, all that stuff. So please, please Please support the sponsors. Irvine's has been a staple on this podcast and we can't thank them enough. When you do call the scheduled service even for an oil change. Please tell them that Irvine's? No, please tell them that the gig economy sent you say me yesterday that we sent you a thank you there Send your talk that was rough

that was wrong. So sometimes when I have a little bit of time I watch these stupid videos online right? And so I like to watch a guy called Jerry rigged everything. He bought a military Hummer, like original military hammer. Yeah. And he talked out he took out all the injuries and everything and he's putting in a Tesla motor. Yeah, he's making a completely like, electric. And it's gonna be so sweet. It's gonna, it's gonna have so much torque, it's gonna have more torque than originally when he made the original motor. It's crazy.

Those electric motors are incredible. As far as speed

I don't know what but not not even not even speed. In this case, it's just the power the sheer power this thing is going to have Oh, just oh, I see what you're saying. Yeah, yeah, the poor forest the ability for us to go out you know, up and down hills, but also pull stuff. It's kind of crazy.

Yeah. What How is it? I know we're already digressing. But how is it when you have like a power from older mo cheese I'm not even drinking powerful motor like a Tesla when it can take off so incredibly fast. How it doesn't like fish tail, like, you know how like regular. You know, like, if you're not, if you don't do it correctly, you kind of you know, the rear end kind of kicks out. I'm just wondering how the Tesla is able to not do that. I don't know.

So I don't know. But I think it must have to to do with the fact that it is you know, most of them I think they are four wheel drives. Wow. And so there'll be there's some there's some software you know, some software built into it against I mean, it's I'm guessing I have no idea but but my guess is that it must be some software programming goes into it for sure to alleviate

Yeah, yeah, I guess like cuz isn't like kind of all wheel drive. It kind of puts the power to certain wherever it's struggling to keep it from? Yeah, maybe that's the same thing. Larry says I should be drinking. Maybe I shouldn't be drinking. That's true. Okay, you should know maybe make Megan would want to do Yeah, I know. We need to get like white cloth. Not white cloth. That would be disgusting. Well, that's why that's why I said white cloth because Megan likes them. I don't want to drink a white cloth. Maybe some sort of whiskey.

All right. I see. I think Yeah. Whiskey or one of the local local microbreweries?

That'd be awesome. I had a beer from Osgoode about to you know, I

wish I had one here and finally, you know if I had a founders not a sponsor yet

some punk my COVID time was not great. It didn't get better after Wednesday because he was here last show and my oh my gosh, you guys can thank God that I edited that podcast audio wise because I had so many snips on that show. It was disgusting. And I'm thank God I edited them. I'm sorry for people that listen live and heard that but I'm feeling better now. I feel 100% better so yes, we're talking about this. Taco Bell.

So the new Taco Bell with a new drive thru concept that was pretty cool. Yes. So basically that Yeah, so so you know, envision envision this is almost like a, I guess like a bank? Maybe the mme must be using some kind of pneumatic tubes to get the food to Yeah, they in the article that says they're gonna have this new it's a brand new system of getting the food to that they even they, they're going to be on one being able to do it. I'll usually forget what that's called. Where's the article? No, this this case can be great. Now, there it is. Okay. So basically, they unveiled unveiled renderings of its latest drive thru concept featuring an elevated kitchen and a GRAVITY DEFINED food delivery system, which is going to be proprietary or proprietary lift system to pass the exam. What does that even mean? Well, it means that they're going to be the only ones being able to use it, right? We're gonna, you know, you know, make it proprietary. So anyways, but then, so the big cool thing is, this is not just a launch issue. Hey, catch,


But basically, it's not just the content, right? They actually starting building one. So they're breaking ground on the first rest, first of these new concept in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, later this month, and they're scheduled to open to the public next summer. Three of the lanes will be dedicated to those who are ahead on a mobile app, which the company said will enable customers to stop binging on being burritos faster, you know, which is awesome. Now I must say, every time I drive through our not drive thru, pass our Taco Bell here. It's always been Yeah. And there's always like 11 cars out in the road. So you know, Dad Getting a new concept seems like a good idea. And if there was a push orders through faster, my guess is they would be able to make up the investments of this new concept. Pretty quickly.

Well, what it brings up a conversation about that we've had through Coronavirus about all these lobbies closing and how much less staff at the restaurant was able to use to get the same amount of food out and maybe they actually made more money because they weren't dealing with the lobby. So this is talking about kind of taking that to the extreme but it kind of does look like a banking system. It's got a building, let's say a two storey building and then underneath as all the lanes and

but honestly if you look at it how when is the last time you wanted to actually want it to go inside a fast food restaurant sit down the very rare No. Right I don't want to do that. I

think the only time I did is when I did gig work when I was in the car sitting down and I needed to get a change of scenery and I'm like I need to get some food I don't want to eat in my car. But other than that

let's be honest, we drove to Missouri right back and forth. The fun part the kids wanted was to eat on the road they don't want to read Institute inside the stupid restaurant and want to get out of the car no drive to do the drive thru even though the drive thru is a pain in the neck. Do the drive thru and eat in the car. That's what they want. That's you know,

you imagined think about Taco Bell on Michigan. I know it closes early because there's some some noise rules by us down there. But But I also they can find people yeah, besides that, but I'm saying take this unit and put that on Michigan. Can you imagine? Can you imagine the amount of volume they could do with three or four lanes of just pumping them out?

McDonald's would die in a moment. I mean, they would they would have to close that McDonald's on Michigan. I don't know man.

I don't really I'm not a huge fan of Taco Bell like if I'm if I'm drunk or I'm like Craven. I'm going to McDonald's for McDonald's fries. Like I'm not going to talk about but do you

want to do you want to do a half an hour and a half to the die thrown me on mission? No way. I mean, I would rather die punk

says if they have a player my kids want to go in? Yeah, I would say my Okay, eight year old mine are a little bit older. They're kind of Well, I guess my younger son might want to but Doesn't that seem weird? now like to let your kids in a play area with a bunch of shit all like you're like, Oh, god, no.

Well, I think I think COVID has brought new attention to those areas as well. Right. I mean, that's the thing before we did it all the time. Not even thinking about Yeah, I didn't think twice about it. Right. Right. But But now it's just one of those things. I mean, yeah, I'm, I'm in some funk. I'm the same way we were there. Yeah. I mean, some my kids are a little bit old now. It's been a few years. But we were there. And you know, they had lots of fun and it was the thing to do is I get it.

Now if you see Maxwell going like Dude, get your ass out of there. Your frickin 16 year too old for that.


He was he was Oh, yeah.

And they're boys. They'll probably do you know, 21 they've been climbing to that shit. Then he gets stock and then it's real embarrassing. No, then is the it's a different issue. Yeah. All right. All right. This next video, y'all you're gonna it's disgusting. Like, I'm sorry. Ray stops after what did you say y'all? I know. Y'all four days. Not only that, I get COVID from Nashville. I got y'all. So y'all got Southern stuff. I like y'all. There's nothing. There's nothing more comforting to me when you're talking to somebody like y'all want to come over for some dinner. Like hell yeah, I do. Let's go. Oh, honey, it's gonna be okay. No, no. Yeah, Larry, train me. Right. We spent way too much time together. You know, surprisingly, Larry did not get COVID-19 we shared the same building together every night. I mean, obviously, I snuggled them. And so I'm sure got more than one book. He was. He was spooning me. So my breath wasn't actually breathing on him. So we were good there. No, we had our own rooms. But yeah, he didn't even get it like evidence and we were next to each other the entire week. Like other than when we slept. We are next to each other. So

y'all, it's a comforting my question though, is Jason did he have night visitors like you? But um,

yes, well, you weren't supposed to say that. Thank God, my wife doesn't listen to this show. So anyways, luckily I know Megan well enough that she's keeping me on the show. It's just a joke. My cut my beard. I'd rather get my ass beat than my beard cut, y'all. I'm getting it trimmed on Saturday, the next show. Let me see. The power is in the much cut off like it is just

out of control. You're gonna donate. Donate to local law. No, notice A kid wants to scraggly that's great. Oh, that was a good one. Maybe I can take some of it because my beard. I can make a troll doll with it.

I know shit.

Oh, yeah, yeah, Larry said I snored real bad that's bullshit. Larry. You wait till next year in Dallas man we're gonna we're gonna party we already got Steve from writer rodeos going to the podcast movement next year I'm going Larry's gonna we're trying to get Mike it's gonna be a party All right, let's watch this idiot it's your party our party that's y'all and party. Okay, let's get to get news shit. Okay, this is gross. I'm not gonna lie. This is I mean you're not gonna throw up but I mean if you've ordered food before this is gross. So basically it's drivers stealing food but not what you think. You will never believe what my friend caught on camera. So he's sitting on the curb is an Uber Eats driver he's taking food out of the dish and putting it in a Tupperware for stealing their food with his bare hands WTF

nice getting Oh, nice button chicken in it. How will they not notice?

Oh my god. They're all

now he stapled that at the end that's how you know he's delivering because at first I thought this ain't real. Oh more food still

added up even the soup

Oh my gosh.

Oh need a little more.

Before many of them are completely prepared the stapler is first time disabled

All right. Now he's got dinner. Always riding to lift bike to deliver. like Oh, shit. Yeah, at some point. Man. One One caveat with the I just would let you know yesterday. I should have said this. You they can't hear us when the video plays now. Oh, my phone? No, they can't hear me on the audio podcast because I'm running that through my board. So sorry about that. Yeah, that was disgusting. Like, that guy was basically going into each part of that dish, some Chinese food or whatever. How would they not know he took a lot out? I mean, that was he right? Pete? I think it's fake. I think it is fake. He stapled up the bag at the end and drove off? Like, what? I mean, you think the person recording it? Was it part of the fakeness? I don't know.

I think the real question here is any Uber driver who's ever dry? Are they going to actually ever have delivery of themselves? I mean, we know what's going on on the road here, right? How he actually gonna do I mean, I think

I always try to look at the laws of averages, right? Chances are that that happens to less than 1% of the food that gets delivered. Hopefully, I mean, that's what I tell myself when I go to sleep. So I'm hoping that doesn't happen. But I would notice that if that is going to one customer I would open that up and like, Oh, this is not right. There's not enough food in here.

But you would call the restaurant. Yes, I would call it while the day would say Oh, he was hit the same driver again, sir.

It was Edward the guy that tried to text that one girl. All right. Next up.

I thought this was kind of cool. So it's it's a it's a it's a Reddit post from the doordash drivers ready group just delivered an order of two kids meals. It said leave at my door. I took the pic and riding the bell. As I'm walking away. A woman opens the door and looks down and said I didn't order anything. I gave her the name and she said Damn, and pick up the food has you turned him around? He yells we'll call grandma and said they were hungry. I just fed y'all.

That's hilarious. Have you have your kids ever ordered anything behind your back or like call? Mine haven't either? I don't know. Not. Not. Yeah, no, that's crazy. But yeah, you know, it might happen. I mean, it's possible. But yeah, I thought that was funny.

I think Pete that What I was probably a 350 order. That's why he kind of helped himself.

No, it's a new doordash base pay $2.50 no tip. Oh, I take my tip you You're welcome CPU probably order food and watch the driver. Most people don't watch the driver, they just order food in, put their phone down and in and just go on with their life. But

let's see this driver he didn't do it. Where he was delivering it. He was taking care of it, you know, way before. So how are you gonna know?

Yeah, I don't know, I would note the volume of food he took out of there, that would be something that I would be able to pick up on.

You know, the thought that I thought it was most discussing. He was adding the new food to old food already in the container. New food? Well, yeah, in the container that was already spaghetti. Who can't who knows where that was? Well,

before the video started, they probably that's probably from that same meal. And they just were or maybe it may be from a known me Oh, that makes it worse. Yes. Or don't don't ruin the story when they can at worst. Shit. So we briefly talked about it on a podcast a couple a couple times ago. But go puff is actually coming to Grand Rapids now. I've heard some hate with go puff. Recently, they've definitely like exploded in the last year or so. But they're gonna actually, you know, for people that aren't from Grand Rapids, this doesn't mean shit. But you know, this part of being on a podcast in Grand Rapids, you're gonna get some local stuff, but it's on Eastern near 52nd the old family video store is going to be a warehouse for them, which is not really centrally located anywhere near downtown because they weren't going to go by the coke plant initially. But yeah, they pull the building permit and they're gonna go in there.

He sent in 57/52 proofs he said yeah, but it's not too far though. It's not too far.

I mean, Eastern, you can do a straight shot from Eastern to 28th and 28 to downtown but it's still a 10 to 12 minute drive to downtown from Eastern a 52nd true and I mean, I wonder how they do how that why they how they decide to pick a location. You know what I mean? Maybe they I mean, because maybe they figure

i think i think that go ahead. I was just gonna think I think the design was way too expensive downtown.

That that was gonna be my second thing like Eastern and 52nd the shits like for lease all over the place over there so they probably got it

I'm just happy to didn't chose division and 52nd division and 52nd What's over there? Oh, I mean, luckily at least it's back into the better area of town.

Yeah, I do a tunnel vision Hall now that would be rough. That would be rough but no I'm actually excited I this is another schedule see I can add to my no that's not the right is it schedule See? All right, well,

apparently apparently according to what Steve's saying then Uber is gonna buy them soon. Do you have the same schedule See?

If Uber buys them I'm not doing it can't see. It see this is why you go to rideshare rodeo for accurate things like this you don't come here for this you don't come to this show for accurate stuff.

Oh, not accurate. No. We're just talking about we just bullshitting and talking Yeah.

I know I hope over doesn't buy them we need more independent This is when you have like the one cable company in your area and you're completely screwed. Like like me Is that all you got over there? just extend only get well so you can get at&t, but we can't get at&t Uverse because usually yours isn't his I can get that fucking ADSL right Who cares? Yeah, so no fiber in it's just Comcast. Comcast. Okay, but if the only one yeah, so I don't want to I am looking forward to Metro net coming though. So okay. I don't know who that is but must be a local. It's a local gear Giga, Giga delivery. Okay. Yeah, so anyways, I want to try go puff. I think it's a good idea. I know we had what's his name Antone from gr to go which I plan on working for him to this fall? But um I don't know man. I think food delivery is where it's going to be at i'm not i'm not rushing back to people. So I'm just going to add another Schedule C and I hope to talk to

as I shared with you before is I don't want to do that. I know I know. For me For me it's two people so I need to get back on the people that's what I need to get back on. But on that note too that kind of as a pretty good note into this next door unless you want to do an ad for us. We don't have

I don't know I'm I'm I'm googling is Uber buying go puff. You're doing an adverse. Let's see. Oh shit. This is new. TT route hold on let's just talk about it. Hold on. Okay, okay. Oh no it says Uber is under investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission for a partnership with food delivery service. Gopal Vin is acquisition of alcohol delivery drizzly according to report today. The investigation said to have begun at the end of June is looking at whether the Uber GoPro partnership as well Uber acquisition of drizzly could hamper competition. Thank you and online sales and delivery, the two probes are set to be separate. But the FTC team in New York is managing both investigations. Thank you see, I do know shit. We need competition and Uber buying go puff and all that shit is, is that's bullshit.

So we're gonna talk a little bit about that later today is that in Europe, there's there's increased government regulations about the whole platform work in general. So that's gonna be pretty cool as well. And that's going to all help regulate and bring competition to the market. And so far, I mean,

as much as I hate government involved in business, I think it I think it does. It's fair for everyone, when you don't have someone buying up all the companies,

I think, to a certain extent do at least right, I mean, there's gonna be a certain certain extent of doing it.

Yeah, I mean, I here's just a quick example. And we'll move on my my insurance company is owned by the mega Hospital in Grand Rapids. I think that's unfair. I don't think that should happen. So your health insurance company, our Priority Health is owned by Spectrum Health, which is very weird. To me. It's like, why they're going to make sure they cut all these things to make sure they lower the bottom nine bottom line. So anyways, yeah, what what Steve said on on YouTube, no monopolies like it hurts us. But God, I hope whoever doesn't buy go puff. Thanks for that information. Alright, guys, we have a new sponsor that I want to talk about is Maestro, and I'm sure you've heard of Maestro. So there are basically a an app that runs both Uber and Lyft. For you, some of the features are sorted by popularity, semi simultaneous trip request, long trip filter, which seems huge. You can basically put in there, I only want long trips, or I don't want long trips, auto accept feature. There's an airport queue mode. I don't I read about that a little bit, that one was a little confusing, but it auto accepts an app switching the whole nine yards. I use my sure way back in the day. But it was only on Android. And so I was using a tablet. And it was super, it was a little clunky, I'm not gonna lie. But that was like for like, maybe a year after I started, so maybe not quite four years ago. But they actually have it for both apps. Now iOS, and Android. So definitely something you want to look into. The link is in the description. If you click on that, you can go right to their website and sign up and download. Please do that. If you're interested in it, please use our link because it kind of shows my show that you guys are interested in using it.

And please understand, remember that it's been four years since we last used it and they have four years of Oh, yeah, what new experiences and updates. And so

once you get on iOS, it's kind of like you've must have gotten through your shit, because it's not easy to get on iOS.

Well, but but I mean, yeah, I used the maestro a couple of times. And it was it was good. I mean, it was. But see, Dave says back when I use the back one day before they introduced the new rating system for Uber. And so I'm actually honestly interested in figuring out how would this affect your rating system? But I don't think it's gonna

affect your rating system. How would it affect your rating? How many? How many? You'll cancel? Oh, well, no, that's your acceptance rate. Yeah, that's what? Yeah, so that doesn't really matter. Yeah. So one thing is cool. Like, if you're on a trip, another trip pops up, it'll say, do not accept you're already on a trip. What's cool about all these two is they they let you make the decision yourself, you know what I mean? So even though it's declining the ride because of your criteria, right? You don't want to go more than three miles or whatever, you can still if you're like, Oh my gosh, it's so dead. I'm gonna take this, you can still click in and accept it. So tons of features fully, you know, automated or however you want to automate, however, you don't want it automated, like you can set it however you want. So, yeah, check it out. Click on the link. Yeah, we really appreciate Maestro, on board for the podcast. Thank you very much. All right. Yes. For your picture about a car. See, I know you're excited to talk about this.

So it's just a feel good story, right. And we always like to feel good stories. I mean, this was one of the things that, you know, back in the days when we drove we always kind of, we would we were liking the opportunity. We had to kind of go out and then be more than just a driver and this good gentleman definitely did that. So first of all, his name is Tim Jones. He's writing from a platform called sea trip which by the way, This was the first time I've heard about me too. I looked it up there are only in some of the larger markets, but definitely seem to be, you know, your traditional platform. It doesn't look like they're doing surge pricing or anything like that a little bit more in tune a little bit more. There's a lot more transparency, it seems like when it comes to the pricing model, etc, etc. However, this was pretty cool. So this is a mom. She was at Pensacola International Airport and she did not have a car seat. And so she goes on to to write the story and it goes like this. I'm just gonna read it pretty much because it's I think, I think it's so cool. So she goes, Tim Joan for the sea trip of Pensacola was so attentive and making sure my son had a secure car seat, mom fail. I assumed that the Ubers here would also have car seats. They don't know they don't. We've talked about that many times. Anyways. So here I am stranded at the airport with my two sons as a police officer walking around the airport if he knew a way for me to get a car seat somehow, he brought me out to the taxi cabs and asked drivers for me if anybody had a car seat. This gentleman offered to good to go get one and came back and drive me to my location update. This man drove and bought one from Walmart, I saw the receipt, he came back and measured my son in the car seat prior to installing and then buckled him. I asked him if he needed help. And he said I learned this in grandpa school and I just want your kids to be safe. Wow, you have blessed grandchildren, sir. Thank you. I'll be calling this company personally to tell him what a great driver they have. So I just thought that was cool. This is definitely a story about going above and beyond. Obviously, I don't know if I would have gone and and actually bought a car seat. But there's been many and I thought that that I would I've actually thought about having a booster seat. Yeah, we go round and round about. So at least at least that Oh, yeah. We've talked about that many times. And I know Pete probably the one I know who has declined most cards. Guinness Book of World Records. But it's one of those things is you who has to car seat. Do we have the car seat? No, we don't we shouldn't have the car seat. Because if we do, we also take the responsibility and the reliability. So it's all that things there. But again, Tim Jones, my hat's off to you. I kinda think that you did you did an amazing job that night. And you made sure that this mom and her two kids got home safe. So definitely that was

Yeah, we should try to get him on the show. It'd be kind of fun. Just to have a quick little 15 minute interview with him.

That would be good fun to see how long he's been driving. Obviously. It's not his first rodeo. Definitely no,

no, I agree. I don't think I would go buy a car seat. But I think one it would be one of those times when we've talked about it yesterday where you're like, I'll just take you I'm sorry. Like, you're like they're in a pinch. You know, we've all we talked when Chris was on the show, we're just like, Oh, yeah, sometimes it happens. So you want to talk real quick about I read this article is very heavy. So I'm hoping you can pull some things out of the algo right thing.

I gotta be honest, I did not read all of it. I didn't either. I read the first. And then I was like, Oh my god, I got a little bit bored down to the end. Yeah, it got a little heady.

But the cool thing and my takeaway. So this is an article, it says courts cracked down on gig economy algorithms. And it is a it's a magazine called sifted EU. So it's obviously a European article site. Again, not one one I have not run into before. But the cool thing was that it talks about the fact that none of the algorithms for the gig economy is is transparent. And there's just a complete lack of transparency, complete lack of how are people? How are the platforms, calculating the different rates and so forth? And what are they doing when it comes to aim, you know, payment, but also when it comes to a discrimination, because there's a lot of that going on as well. And so basically, there's one here they're talking about an example that happened in early July, Italy's data protection watchdog, find a globe around food delivery, our food, food, you know, 2.6 million euro over the way it used algorithms for managing his delivery riders, it found violations of labor and privacy laws and how data is used by the company that could be discriminatory. So obviously, they must be favoring some, some riders over others because of something right. And now, obviously, that that is not legal and shouldn't be legal. And who knows if Uber in us in the US is doing anything like that? I can. I mean, I one example that came to my mind was back in that was one point where Uber was showing all the names before you accepted the right. And and there was a there was a distinct talk, that people that were certain names that people simply did not accept right? And that was discriminatory, I guess, right? We were using that as as, as a race, I guess, a racist perspective.

You know, so

is that whole thing, but I do know that, you know, they removed that name obviously before the before the acceptance and well,

lift doesn't lift as names. Right. But Uber that in this Yeah. Yeah, I think I think a lot of those apps use algorithms to get us to do what they want us to do. And that's one thing we've always brought up. We don't know why things happen the way they happen. You know what I mean?

I mean, I do I know. And I think that the problem is, at one point, it seemed easy, right? At one point it was, you get Pat, you get paid per mile and per minute, this is what you get paid per mile a minute, you can calculate it out, you're done right? Like that, at least that's your payment piece. But then, it started being not easy, because then all of a sudden, Uber and Lyft also started to do the whole, you know, upfront charge and all that stuff. And all of a sudden Things just got muddied. Yeah, they made it more complicated. And I think, oh, it made it made it immensely more complicated. And who knows what other things that they build into the algorithms at that point, or that was already in there? Potentially. Yeah. So you know, who knows if there is, quote, unquote, modifiers, for areas and so forth? Anyways, so what it basically what this article is saying is that many different European courts is kind of pretty much trying their best to, to hit down on those kinds of those kinds of algorithms, those kind of, and the whole point is to bring back the transparency and also, as more of the platforms are being forced to pay for sick time and overtime and all that stuff. Because that's more and more, you know, we're seeing more and more of those things in Europe. And then of course, we have the whole GDPR that ties into it with in the case of you know, what, what are the data? What are the data can't what what data can the apps actually store when it comes to the European privacy laws and that kind of stuff. So that all is it's just a huge mess, if you will. And I think it'll be very interesting to see what changes from the European markets, there's going to spill into the platform, the platform jobs over here. I actually really like that term. I've never, never heard it referred to as the platform jobs platform. Yeah, yeah. That actually is a good name. It's a cool, cool, cool term. So yeah. So So basically, at that, that would be interesting to see what happens to the European market, not to the American market based on what happens on the European market in the years to come. So that's Yeah, that's the biggest thing. Really out of that articles there.

Yeah, I do find Europe is very aggressive with that stuff, which can be good and can be bad. You know what I mean? Like,

I like, I like, I go back and forth with like, the government being involved in business. You know, I was gonna say, we talked about that. Right. And I think in many European countries, that government has a much larger role. Yeah, this is that then then then they have in America. Yeah. And obviously, you know, your average american is not going to want that. No, but I think I think we'd go in there, whether we like it or not, whether we're gonna go there screaming, screaming,

right. They also don't want to wait, go ahead. I would say they also don't want to wear masks either. So anyways, yeah, we probably shouldn't go down that path. Yeah, no. All right. Moving on. We got a couple of pictures. Just kind of talk about they're nothing huge, but this some of the stuff I see perusing the internet This one is kind of crazy. It's a ship one it says so they have booze here right so there's an idea and bosses please leave in mailbox as husband is violent. Id to be sent to driver when text received. Thank you. Okay, first of all, are you trying to like scare the driver basically saying maybe your ID isn't legit or it's the kid ordering and it's his mom's ID that he took a picture of before. So if you're a new shopper do not fall for this bullshit. Don't do it. No, no go you will get fired. And you could also be charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors because chances are there's a kid behind this. But yeah, that's a little scary. If it is legit. My husband is violent. We got a bigger problem. I would can't cancel that one. Yeah, move on. doordash Here we go. So Tony is the name of the owner, the CEO of doordash. So do you ever see that Tic Tac where the two dogs are like fuck you, Tony, what's your name? zekiel. It's an old Tic Tac trend, but yeah. Anyways, So delivery

preferences have arrived Hi Michael was my

was Mike I don't know I took it off the internet or Michaels getting lambasted on our show.

Some somebody had you know was paying with Photoshop. Now as Azure, we know, we know flexibility matters. That's why starting Monday, August 16, you will now have the added flexibility to choose which order juicy and which to out opt out of introducing delivery preferences as part of the pilot program, we're giving you access to testing a feature that allows you to choose which type of merchant and orders or offers you want to receive. First, tell us which offers you'd like to receive and what you'd like to have out of here, then we'll adjust your sign orders based on your preferences, your updated preferences, we're going to affect one day, August 16. So what I want to know is what are those preferences is? Yeah, based on price, is it based on Restaurant Style types and their own?

Yeah, if anyone's listened to the show, includes a drink. Right? If anyone's listening to the show that got involved in this pilot program, I'd be really interested to know because it's very vague on what you can do, but it sounds like the world the sky's the limit, you can you know, basically pick out rides you don't or deliveries, you don't want to take a restaurant you want to go to. I just I want to know someone that's been able to run this to know if it's legit, or what it is because it sounds like you can do whatever you want. I don't that's not true. But the base, so go ahead. We are we must have some internet lag tonight, because we've been interrupting each other all night.

Go ahead. And that definitely makes it fun. I would just I wanted to know is. See I used I used to think that you were doing pretty well on doordash. And so why is door there's all of a sudden, like the bad guys. Like even you know, Steve is like, Oh, no, these are? What? Yeah, what What don't I know?

So I did do a lot of doordash and last winter, I used an app to help me filter out the bad orders. Yeah, doordash was just I think I you did a lot of doordash because it was the busiest for me, but there's a lot of trash on doordash so just for an example doordash has like no, I don't know if they've learned in gr yet, but like their base pay is $3. Right. And so it doesn't matter how far it is, you're only getting $3 but like with grubhub and Uber, you get mileage, you know what I mean? So doordash just kind of takes advantage of you. And then you know, that's what para is all about is tip transparency. They The bottom line is they hide the tips behind you know, some of the other stuff. So are some of the bigger orders, they hide it so that's why doordash sucks. They're just not transparent and what they do and at least with Uber and grubhub you know what you're gonna get paid and that's legit what it is like this is how much the customer tip so I surprised I think they're doing that because of all the push I think a lot of it is from the pushback from para in the in the in the transparency. They're kind of like, Hey, we need more transparency, so maybe giving drivers the option they'll they'll stick around longer. I don't know. So if anyone has like i said if anyone has this pilot program I'd be really interested to see it and just to see what you're able to trick a lot. Yeah, yes. Well, that's my discord notification. I don't how to turn that fucking thing off. I asked. It's so annoying.

I know it's discord because I have this COVID My mind is quite shut off. Yeah, it's

well, we're recording we're streaming on Discord. So but I don't know how to turn that noise up. I know. I'm a boomer. Go ahead. Say boo. I got to give a shout out. Maybe Steve knows. I don't think so. He doesn't know much about he's a boomer to like me. No, we're not actually boomers, but we're Generation X but I had to talk talk to him about discord but I actually do got to give a shout out to P you can check out his channel. I can't remember what's called I pee pee this awesome camo No, it's like retap cat. What is it? I'm such a piece of shit pee. He's gonna kick my ass. But anyways, I'll share it I'll share his link but he's got a streaming channel and he set up my discord for me. Oh, here he is. You fucker. I didn't know you're in here poster. Link Jesus. He streams Tuesday. No, Sunday Tuesday and Thursday every week. Please call of duty Rocket League and Apex legends he plays a lot of shit but he set up my discord for me so I appreciate him 100% He's my bro and I don't know how we got on this topic. Oh notifications fuck. I did ask you I sent you a message you dick. Like right before the show started I said I said only have three minutes before the show starts How do you turn these fuckers off? See says I don't know discord other than my son is on it gaming a lot. Yeah, you know, Steve, us or Pete uses discord when we when we do game together. That's how I listen to each other. But anyways, Alright, back to the show. So delivery preferences. Fuck you, Tony and anyone listening please hit me up I want to see some screenshots from that. Okay, last little add of courses for us because you know you love us we'd love you to support us on Patreon, I'm actually going to drop the link in there, I want to get somebody, there's 15 people watching if you want extra content, if you basically on the $5 tier, you get the pre show banter on the $10 tier, you get the pre show banter, you get an extra podcast a month and exclusive Patreon merge. So I'm gonna throw that in the chat and, and if you just love the content that we provide, it's you know, we give you guys a lot of free content, all the money that we earn goes into growing the show, so it's not like yes, when I take a paycheck, I mean we might go we might go out to grab a beer once in a while but if you go to search the gig economy podcast you can sign up there we'd really really appreciate it all right back to the streaming artists Alright, so don't do this guys like holy shit. If you look at the picture on the screen I know audio listeners you can hear it but they put the or I mean who does this? I feel like they put it right in front of the door if you're a new driver please look where the door swings out. How is this customer supposed to get his food without tipping the drink over?

I mean he's supposed to open his glass struggle out through his garage he's attached garage and take his food

and we're not all ballers like you yes spur and have are attached garage so you have attached garage is a you know a baller. I'm not I'm not I live in a condo without an attached garage. No garage. No. Yeah, so yeah, right. So please, please do not put your food in front of the door and look out the door swings and just use common sense. Don't be a dumb ass. Don't be Don't be a Tony. Put the food in the right spot you piece of shit. Alright, why am I I'm violent against whoever that driver was. I'm calling him a piece of shit. Alright, yes for Europe was just this. I think that I don't know if it's photoshopped or not. But

I don't know. So apparently the old Chipotle the hub guaranteed at least $2.50 wasn't working. So they had to find a new way to trick drivers. $10 an hour plus customer tips. hourly amount for the time you spent delivery. So So I bet I bet I make more than $10 and

I'm confused on there. So it says you'll learn at least this hourly amount for the time you spent on delivery. So are they basically saying if it takes me 10 minutes I'm earning $10 plus tips.

No no. You're gonna you're making $10 an hour we take 10 hours you get a 16th ended up

clicking that damn pen. I'm going to put up your butthole this No, I don't think so. I think if that makes it if it takes you 10 minutes, I think you get $10 plus tips. No, he says $10 an hour. Yeah, but it says you'll learn at least this hourly amount for the time you spend on this delivery. So if you spend six minutes you'll learn it literally says you'll earn at least $10

no it doesn't it says you earn $10 an hour somebody helped me with this this hourly amount for the time you spent on this delivery. So basically, if you spent $10 on it, you will make a sixth of a 10th dollar i don't think so like $2 maybe I bought bug at five

i don't know i disagree it somehow I read it I read it the other way that you're gonna at least make $10 on that and it's only a one and a half miles from the store so it's not like he would it would take him an hour to deliver anyways.

Right so it's it's a it's a basically a marketing ploy to get him to take the order, because it says $10 an hour. I don't know I mean, somebody tell us how this is somebody must have experienced this. But I my guess is it's just another way of writing.

Okay. Some punk grease in the sandbox wife agrees with the Esper. Thank you some bugs wife was spelling my name, right. Oh, his real name's Addy. I just need to call him Addy.

Hey, you can't say that. Enough. No. What do you want people to know that's true. Oh, he he says

he says aka Addy on his Twitter account. So Oh, okay,

fine. I think it's a way it's a way for them to get people to accept the order.

Again, I needed contact this person and see how what what happened. All these stories. I don't know what happens. I see. I

don't think it makes it sound like that at all. It very clearly says $10 an hour and then it says you We'll make a list the hourly rate of deaths.

That's it. Some punks getting money for me next time he streams. Check out his screaming screaming channel God, getting tired. Anyway, give us some input here. What do you guys think? Yeah, Rebecca, that's not even 25 cents a minute. I know. But that's why I'm saying if you deliver in 10 minutes, you get $10. No, you don't. Fuck you. I'm done with you. Why? Plus customer tips? Oh, yeah, you good luck getting the tips out of there. I'll tip you in the app. So a real quick add to my articles in regard to here. Uber has partnered, of course, Uber fucky. Uber has partnered with get upside, which is a gas savings money app. By the way, I have somebody that sign up under my link, like way back in the day, and I'm making money from them. I don't know who it is. But every like couple of days, I get 12 cent. So I read downloaded the Get up side app and I keep getting a server error. I don't know what's going on. But apparently you get for the first two Philips you get an extra 35 cents back per gallon cashback and then after that 25 cents per gallon, every fill up after that, which is huge. But of course in the article unless you know, you know how good I read articles. It doesn't say specifically or I think it does. For a limited time only the first time users of the Get up side app who drivers are on the Uber platform I use the Get up side promo code for an extra 35 cents off per gallon in the first two films. The promo code is located in the Uber pro hub and the Uber driver app. Yeah, yes, it does need a fidget block. I had you know Eddie, I had one it was my kids got me for Christmas. And of course, it's probably from five below so you know how that's gonna go. And one time I was squeezing, I don't know if it was on this show or my other podcast? The thing? Oh, no, it was on the other podcast. It bursted while I was recording like all those little beads all over me. I'm like, Well, clearly I'm under some stress because I just busted the shit out of that thing. I need one of those pineapples all the food bubbles. No, those are allowed to my daughter has one of those. She had like a silly like long one too. That went like No, I'm just kidding. It was like a like a rock like a snake. But you know, it didn't make any noise. But anyways, apparently if you go into the Uber pro hub and your driver app do we have that? I have to look No, I haven't been on this app so long. By the way I did get a Lyft bonus this week. 150 bucks for for 20 rides. I guess I do get it though. No, because I can't work all weekend if I have I'm getting a new some new ink this weekend so Oh yeah, there it is. Oh no, maybe that's um Oh yeah. What what are you getting? I'm actually getting an old school microphone you know what that you know what I mean by that and old school like the big thick one you know the thing that's part of our my you know our logo Yeah, no, no, no, not that one. Oh, wait, I don't need Where is our logo maybe it is boy. I but look, I don't see our logo anywhere right now. Like without digging it up. I can't find it. But anyways, the website. Yeah, I know. What's the website again? Is it on the website? Oh, wait, I got the link so hold on. Boy, we're a bunch of fucking idiots tonight as we do well tonight. No, the logos not even on our website. Yes. For open up navigation. We're stupid. Oh, no, not that one after all that it's not even that one. But anyways, yeah, that's what I'm getting. My wife's getting some stuff to my my acceptance rate is 7%. So yeah, if you go into the pro thing right there, it has download the app. use promo code but but that's if you've only if you've never download it, but I want to know how I use it with if I've already had it if I already got the app. I don't know. But anyways, yeah, when I opened it up it says we're having network connection issues please try again. And it doesn't load I just literally read downloaded it today. So anyways, if it works for you great if it doesn't don't get it because it has to do with Uber Okay, I'm falling apart at the end here. Let's see we got yes forgot one more all this is a video it just kind of reiterate about tipping so I can just play it. Yeah, I know. We can't talk during it, but I don't think it's that long.

I said my husband to chill.

in the world.

So basically her her husband comes in with all these foods, these bags from Tripoli. And last week we talked about the video of the Taco Bell there's a video with all these orders behind him at the Taco Bell and Mike and I talked like what happens to that food at the end of the night? Well, clearly Chipotle, a, you get to bring all that food on, which is kind of just fun to do, but he's not going to be able to eat all that shit, because it's gonna go bad within three days. So

anyways, well, no need as much as you can.

I mean, I guess I mean, I would do the same thing. It's hard. What is it about saying no to free shit. It doesn't even matter if it's junk. Like for the most part, you'll just take it because it's free. And then two hours later, you throw it out. Yeah, Eddie said leftovers and some for the neighbors. Yeah, I guess. But tip your drivers, you guys because if you don't all the food you ordered, it doesn't get delivered. I can't I just don't understand that. So. Any closing thoughts? Yes. Good. No, no closing thoughts. And I'm tired. And I know. I kind of fell apart too. At the end. We got I apologize for that. Larry says like swag at a convention. Larry. I've worn my pot each of my podcasting shirts to work today. In fact, we had a meeting last night we're thinking about changing hosts. And we're actually currently with Lipson and we're gonna think about changing another one. And then my Ben, one of our partners, like you have a Lipson shirt on. And I was like, Yeah, I got it for free at the convention. I'm not going to throw it away. It's it's a frickin soft ass shirt. So anyways, guys, thank you so much for listening to the gig economy podcast. We appreciate it so much. And we'll see you two weeks. Oh, before we go, fuck. I totally forgot. Yes, sir. He should remind me and we got a plan this son of a bitch. The picnic? Oh, yeah, tember 11 2020 why Larry will be there. Larry's gonna be there. JOHN is not but I did hear from a little bird that john is coming up in October on Sunday. In a weekend he's going to be up near Grand Rapids or at least near Michigan. I think he's gonna be in Indiana but john will not be there. But Larry's coming up. I don't know where Eddie lives probably Pittsburgh. But yeah, if you guys are in the area or not, we would love to have you we're gonna hang out have some food. hopefully have a few raffles maybe some mirch. And yeah, we got to get to plan in that. Yes for it's frickin like a Wednesday the 18th and we don't have anything planned. So Jana you coming? Janet's not coming? Oh Peters coming. Yes, you can, Pat. Yes for Larry. I'll let you bet me It's okay. Thanks, Janet. For the shout out. Have a good night. Thanks, Rebecca for being on to appreciate it. You go past Oh fuck. How close is that to Dallas Eddie. We're going to be in Dallas. The end of August in 2022. And you got to get your boy Mike to come I've been peer pressured into by the the podcast movement.

Yeah, we'll probably be live streaming Well, when the podcast Yeah, that was pretty much work. You're not live streaming again. Oh my God. That was so you're gonna get you're gonna get a petting zoo, but you won't livestream Well,

that was are you kidding me? That was so much work last time. No frickin way no Jana. I do not live streaming it. It ain't gonna happen. So if you want to see what's up, I'll take some pictures. I'm sure Leo will be there. Maybe he'll maybe he'll do something so But anyways, Alright guys, I'm out of here. Yes. Thank you very much, guys. Alright. Have a good night.

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