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So what are we gonna talk about? We're gonna talk about all kinds of things like a couple of things from obviously, we got to talk about the picnic, but there's more about that soon. But then there's a couple of good things from from Tick Tock. There's always stories, they're talking about the big proposal 22 which, you know, that kind of got tried in court and didn't do so well. Back to that one. And that's a couple of stories from Gizmodo, there's one from the rideshare guy some other fun things Yeah, no. Okay. Lots and lots of fun stuff to do.

Nice job co host for filling that Oh damn, the notifications are gonna go off in this I forgot that. He just gonna have to deal with the at all. Oh, it's okay. I need Peter to figure it all he told me how to turn them off. But anyways, so guys, sorry about that. That was a shit show to start. I really appreciate y'all joining us. If you can do me a favor if you could share everything that you're on on Twitch on Facebook, on YouTube and on Twitter if you can retweet all that or share it or like it or don't i don't care. Actually I do care. I would really appreciate if you did do that. Everything gig Academy related you can go to our website gig economy hyphen, podcast, calm. Also the link tree is in the description. mirch all that fun stuff. I want to thank our Patreon members, our loyal, loyal Patreon members. Janet from New Zealand, Keith from Georgia, which I haven't heard from Keith on the main chat. I haven't seen him on there. I was checking on them for years for you. Seems like for years. Larry from Bowling Green Samson from GRC. from Colorado Leo from Detroit. We really really appreciate it. Also the telegram group, we had a we who do we have new we had court and then she disappeared. So she was she sent a message that she's been doing full time gig work. And she listened to the show from the beginning. And I was like, Oh my gosh, thank you so much. And she says she listens while she's working and keeps her entertained. So we really appreciate that. If you want to join the telegram group, the link is in the description. I'm sure that's how she found it. Go ahead and join it. And then of course, our boy Steve from rideshare. rodeo. Love that guy. What we always say about Steve's podcast, he's more of the nuts and bolts of the gig economy. were more of the dick jokes with a little bit of nuts and bolts. So when I get everything wrong or a big joke I see what you did there. Where's my rimshot There it is. Nice one. Oh, sorry. That was That was so good. So check his podcast out his link in description is in everything that we post so you can download his show on a podcast. That's good that beer is good. I know drinking Sam Adams every week tonight. I know freeways so potent. Yeah, it's kind of a what would you call this? Like? Would it be a fall beer is that

I know it feels to me like a fall beer. Yeah. As long as I don't fall back. I'm not giving you a rim shot. Come on. So

the gig economy picking picnic is 10 days away. Also not this weekend. But next weekend. We'd love to see you from one to four at Riverside Park the island shelter. There will not be a petting zoo. I did not update this. But I mean, you didn't. Jason Danny beat you to the punch. We really want you to come I know people have been Jones into for a get together. You know, come join us. We're gonna have food we're giving away here we go. Should have grabbed the T shirt. I can get out of this picture. But we're giving away a T shirt. What do you do? Right? Yep. But we're actually giving away a dash cam of not a vantrue a blackvue dashcam that I use for my car for a while decided to go back to the vantrue it's just sitting in my closet. It is used but it's a $500 camera lightly lightly used. Yeah, like maybe six months? Yes. And so we're giving that away at the picnic too. And then a bit yeah and then maybe a I don't know gift card to Purcell us or something.

But yeah, it's gonna be a traditional picnic. Priscilla's. Haha. Only local people in San Diego traditional picnic we're gonna you know, turn the girls on gonna have some burgers and hot dogs and some good fun will be hat. So yeah, come on down and join the fun and I know Larry's gonna be in town. And I cannot wait. I know to spend time with that guy. He is amazing. He is. Long, Larry.

We had a great time in Nashville. I think he gave me COVID. But we won't talk about that. No, I don't. I don't think he did. Yeah, he can't joke about stuff like that. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But anyway, so yeah, please come to the picnic. We would really, really, we'd love to see you. Like, that's one thing about the gig economy that you know, yes. We're why we created the telegram group, which is like WhatsApp, y'all. If you've never heard of, you know, it's a messaging group, an app. But uh, there's no watercooler. There's Facebook, and you can types text stuff, right? And it's like, okay, yep. But the telegram group was really created for us to like not be bored and be like, Hey, what's going on? How you doing tonight? You know, just advance a little bit. And so we don't get a together a lot. So that's why this will be the third picnic. That's why we do it. You know? It's burgers and hanging out with people and so there's an event on the Facebook page do us a favor of just kind on Yeah,

saying saying you'll be coming there it just, you know, if you don't do it, that's fine. Come anyways. Yeah. have enough food. This has just given us an idea of how much to purchase. That's all. So yeah.

And bring your own. I don't think you can. Can you drink beer in that park? I don't know. Bring it anyways. I don't know using it using hydrogen a koozie. Yeah, exactly. Put in your Yeti and call it a day. So. But don't go drive after that. No, that's I mean, yeah, please don't call an Uber. Yeah. Pete Pete would love to take you he will be there. And take given rides.

Hey, Steve, you're more than welcome. Yeah, can make it Yeah. At least in the same continent. Not not. You have the excuse with Janet. Dude, I

am so stoked to hang out with Steve because he bought a ticket to podcast movement next year in Dallas. I can't wait. It's a year away and I can't wait. Like we're gonna have so much freaking fun. It's a lot of work. Steve hago. If you drive, I will give you $30 for gas. So now $30 doesn't leave at least a little bit. Hey, Jeff, thanks for joining. I really appreciate you checking in $30 that won't even get out of the state. For God's sake. So $40 That's it. All right. $40. max. That's it. Only for Steve though. We're not paying for anyone else.

This is just a good Steve. Steve here. So I think it needs to talk about some sponsor. Yeah.

Irvine's auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid and EV who doesn't work on Tesla's not a sponsor yet. Tesla? Well, Irvine? Irvine is yes. Tesla. We would love to have you as a sponsor. But anyways. I can't think Irvine's enough 530 to 60 6600 or Irvine's calm. I do need to get my cars in there to get it. I kind of want to do a pre check before I start gig work because I'm like basically filling up my tank twice a month right now. Okay, instead of every other day. Yep. So I need to get that car in because I'm telling you next week, we start Our last round of fertilizer round five and then by mid October end of October I will be doing gig work so it's it's rapidly approaching so so this next month you're gonna be paying for your services again next month hooked up with that What do you mean? what services you come to my Wi Fi Oh yeah, dude totally like shot over my head I'm like what? what services My only fans account I'm like I don't know. You know the picture I sent earlier today. Let's not go there. But anyways, por Irvine's Irvine's comm to schedule all your services. We actually had Meghan on our other show if you ever want to listen to me talk more. I don't know why you would but you can check out threads podcast.com Megan from Irvine's was just on interviewed her. That was great. I love Megan, Jamie and Eric they're they're great. They're amazing. They're not the cheapest but the the best so they are located on 44th Street just east of Stafford check them out. We really appreciate it. It's fixed right the first time get it fixed right the first time Tom listen how you doing man? Tom's on the stream. He's on the stream. Holy cow. This guy's a living legend. He's He's the king of dad jokes. And dad means on Facebook. him and I are friends on Facebook and some of the stuff he posts it just makes me laugh.

out there making big bucks. This guy

is full time hustler. Oh, he's doing those big quests of like 70 rides in a week. I'm like, how do you do it? Tom 70 rides in a week is incredible. Like I don't think I could do it. I would strangle people so Oh, girl, Laura. Thank you. I was you know, I was talking to yesterday before the show. I'm like Who? Who was that girl? That cap that's been on the last two streams and that was your from Houston day. Oh,

nice to have you Laura. Nice savvy. Yep, absolutely. What do you drive? Or you drive Laura?

What kind of car she drives? Yeah, of course XL Tesla. I don't think she drives a Tesla said he can make it from Denver to East Lansing in 19 hours. I mean, you got an extra 15 minutes

to that one. You got 90 you got you got 20 hours. Well, you can't stop to go peepee and then six hours for the picnic. Four to six hours for the picnic and then turn right back at home. Yeah, so 48 hours. That at all? Ford Fiesta. That's a great car. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Okay, keep going. What are we doing? We got a tick tock tick tock

and I need to write the descriptions in them because oh, this is just to get started. We've seen this before. I just love this. So come on, Jeffrey. You can do it pave the way. Put your back into it. Tell us why. Look at where you came from. Look at you now. You got to remember they can't hear us. They can hear us on the audio podcast. There goes prime man. I love this little anyways. I know you guys can't hear us. When we're shooting the shit. I'm jamming. jamming the best song. I feel like I want to play it again.

So I gotta stop. I went to Laura. I need to get this. You have his and hers. You guys have matching Ford fiestas. Oh my gosh. That's hilarious. I have just nothing but respect for that Laura. That is awesome. That is just awesome.

Please, please tell me you have personalized plates on the back that say his and hers or something like that. But anyways, for the audio listeners that was another Amazon van driving through a flood and that's I don't know who made that song. But it's so catchy.

It was at least a flood of water foot of water. Oh, at least Yeah, it was up to the wheel well, so so crazy. We need to talk about Patreon. You never did. What do you mean I'm talking about Patreon Patreon is at the end of the show. No it'll be in the beginning we bring Patreon up we just talked we do yeah look at the lineup do okay, who's where much mention and patreon members no merge mentioned and Oh no. So

it's supposed to say merge mentioned in Patreon members not and members Yeah, but you never did. I mentioned the members. No you didn't. Guys do did. Did I mention the members? Did he? He didn't mention the member city. Yeah, I did. Oh my god this stupid Discord. How do you how do you mute it? Tell me now it's killing me. I'm the worst. I am not a boomer but I am sounded very whiny like a boon. Here's one more from Bowling Green. Gary Gillette. How you doing? Yep. Okay, so you mentioned I'm sorry. Keep going. Keep going. Thanks. Yeah, I apologize. Well, you were you were fill in time because I didn't I wasn't prepared. I know you told me pee, but I forgot type it out in text. And you come to my house you just drive over here and fix it. So that earlier that video was basically an Amazon car driving or driving through a flood so it wasn't anything big. So yes, we're going to talk about

McDonald's. The next though is this McDonald's here is about a new Mac delivery service that is currently only running in Britain, and I guess most of Ireland, I know is over there anyways. And so basically over there, they came up with their own delivery service. And you can use it most places, I guess they have 900 restaurants where it's available now in, in Britain and Ireland. But again, it's really more, it's just more of the same, I guess you weren't able to do it before. Now you can use the free McDonald's app. But you're still charging you still, you know, the same thing as with Uber Eats here in America, you know, paid you pay for the delivery itself. And the food itself is more expensive on the Mac delivery part of it. So they're still charging more for that, as well, that too. So I've seen that we see that quite often some of the services over here with doordash, and that kind of stuff. And if you order something through doordash, it's gonna be a different price of the food. Then at the restaurant themselves,

my question is, where's the breaking point of these apps charging 35 or 40%? Where the companies are like, yeah, we're just going to do it ourselves. Now.

This is Mac delivery. So this is McDonald's doing their own delivery, that why are they charging extra for it? I guess?

Well, because they got to pay their drivers.

No, I know. But they the delivery fee should do that. Right. So you're paying, you're paying delivery free, and you're paying more for the damn burger. Yeah.

I totally get that. I guess my point is, well, the problem is why they why these gigs, why these companies use them because they don't have to pay the the employee benefits and the Social Security tax and everything. But that's my point. What's the breaking point for a company that says I'm willing to pay this and have control of this, this employee and the food? But you know what? I mean, like, yeah, you know, once you give it to a third party, it's like, these companies kind of lose control of the quality, you know what I mean? So I think it's interesting. I'm surprised more, you know, fast food companies haven't tried to do that. But

so what, what, what I think is interesting is that they do have Uber Eats. And they do have a service called just eat as well. Just eat is, is basically grub hub. That's about I understand that. But then the thing is, then then, how quickly Are we going to get make delivery over here?

I don't know. I mean, every business owner that it's kind of a bottom line thing, right? So right, if they can do it gP gP? If they can do it more cheaply, you know, doing it through their own service, then I don't know. But 35 or 40% is a ridiculous amount of money to charge. Like how much it's already slim margins on the on that food, no food in general. But you know what I mean? So now you're digging in 35 40% of the profits, like? I don't know. Yeah. All right. Next up, we're not giving you 20 bucks and give it up. No, he's talking. He's talking about like, when you order all the fees, like you know, you know, he he gave you a he gave you told you for them. I own more than 1999 he's helped me out a lot. So this might be old news. And I just realized this article is a little older, so you guys can shame me into it. But it's still a good conversation. Uber has extended the wait time for require drivers to seven minutes, but and that's for Uber x. Uber, like, what's comfort, comfort? 10. Right. It was eight minutes. Okay, I thought it was 10. So this is from the rideshare guy, which I appreciate all the content they put out it really, really is nice. But what do you guys think about that? I mean, they're most of the drivers that they had commented on their posts were just super pissed about it like, like even this driver right here. He was like screw the cancellation fee. I wait two minutes tops, sometimes not even that long plus accounts, tours and accepted requests. That be right, there is almost an immediate cancel for him. So when they message I'll be right there. I don't know what is your What is your thing on that? Like?

I was mad at the eight minutes. So I would be mad at seven minutes. What do you what is the cancellation fee now and i 265? Or something like that? No, it's more than that. It was my next

Yeah, it was like 365 it was $5 minus your would you wait seven minutes for that and then move on and risk of losing the next fair? That's the point. But which Yeah, would you wait for that? No, no, I think five minutes in incredibly long time.

I mean, and my mind first happened for me Of course I you know, didn't know that. I was gonna have to wait fucking eight minutes for my for my supper with the first F word of the night. I love it. I love explicit. Yeah. But I mean, I still remembered it was down at what was it called? The bar down on on Fulton. That narrows it down. Oh, the cowboy bar. Yeah. It's been so long since we Johnny's No, no. Come on Pete. Across the street from puppets. Oh over there. That's just Joey's Tavern Joey's Tavern Thank you exactly as I was there, I was sitting on the side and somebody had ordered comfort, right? And they wouldn't fucking come out, right? I'm sitting there sitting there. And it's like it gets half to three minutes, like what is going on? And I got my Abbot. And he got to eight minutes and then finally came up thing like, Oh, you got to be kidding me. Well,

one thing that they comment on this article was like, Uber is already have a shortage of drivers. Why would you extend the time? So now your mate, you're taking more drivers off the road for an extra two minutes?

It makes no sense. Makes no sense. Yeah, it? I mean, here's the thing my order the ride when you need it?

Yeah, this is where I give. I've been given grace to a lot of people lately, and I shouldn't give it to the drunks. But I know when I'm drinking, which isn't a lot, like to the point where I need a ride. You know what I mean? I don't know. Jason, I drove in a couple of times. It wasn't pretty. So no, I just my point is once you get a feel for though, yeah, I am good tipper. Down below and cash. But um, but anyways, yeah, so I get it when they're drunk, and they're like, request the ride. The problem is like, you know, one ride might drop and then another one might reconnect, so they're not paying attention. But still, seven minutes is incredibly too long. So I don't know if it's in the Grand Rapids market. I know it's in a lot of markets. So if it's in your market, let us know. Tom, you sign up for curry today. Did you get that from the rideshare? rodeo podcast? I hope you use their link. But yeah, we actually interviewed Matt from curry tonight. Yep. So what's happened last week, but that fell through but incredible interview Matt has an awesome interview. Awesome. Man. Matt has a great guy. I had so much fun. I could talk to him forever. Yeah,

just wait to that interview lands guys. You're gonna have fun.

Yeah, you can hear it sooner if you sign up for Patreon. Just saying. Just saying. So anyways, yeah, the the extra way time is bullshit. I'm frustrated with Uber one more reason not to take passengers. I know you guys are gonna hate me for that. But sign up for curry. Now. Now. I think Curry's Curry's the new jam So Tom Good luck with that. Tom loves passengers though. I mean, the dude's doing 70 rides a week like he's gonna hate it like you. You You love passengers. You hate packages. So?

Yeah. Each to his own. Absolutely. So now you want me to talk about proposal? 22? Yeah. All right. All right, Steve, you can see how much we get wrong.

Oh, we're gonna get it wrong. Now, the big thing right now. And obviously the article that has the headline of tonight's podcast. Is that proposal 22 went to court and was deemed or ruled unconstitutional by a California judge. So basically, they're saying that because it is not. But basically what they're saying is that it is unenforceable? What's the word? I'm looking for senses on it for unenforceable, and then the Justice could deeming it unconstitutional. And so proposed proposition 22 is essentially not not a thing, I guess, are not not enforceable, if you will.

Yeah. So I read the same article you did. Towards the end, I got tired. started breathing. But so when a judge rules like that, do they like does it stop being a thing? Like how does that work? As far as like, I don't know. But Lyft?

No, not Lyft doordash pretty much said that. We don't care. Hey, on here, they said. In an email statement, daughter's bluntly stated that he refuses to recognize the ruling. It'll now stand. The company said proposition 22 remains in full effect and workers across California will continue to enjoy the independence and protections they want. So there's that so here's the thing we always as a group, we feel the liberal split when it comes to proposition 22. Right? Because we want the freedom, but we want all the good things that it obviously brings. But you got very quiet. Sorry. I thought we were having a common

I know Pete's brother said yeah, I can see the screen so I googled middle finger. I was gonna put a middle finger in the corner so you could see it. I'm sorry. I thought you were having a conversation. I'm sorry. I apologize. I take full responsibility for not listening. So usually didn't even listen to Yeah, you said we're kind of on both sides of it. So what both sides of it. Hmm, what both sides. Do you mean like you say you want the protections but you don't want to be an employee.

Exactly. Right. You didn't want to be employees, you want to be able to dictate our own, you know, you know, our own life and all that stuff probably also want the possibility of getting sick paid the possibility of getting, you know, overtime, pay all that stuff that also comes in because, you know, are you an employee? Or are you a contract worker? Yeah.

So your your 100%. Right, I would like a little bit more protection, but I don't want the sick pay or whatever, anything like that. But

as we talked about, too, is I believe in is still fully believed that it's, it's a different because we are in a smaller market. I think that has to do with that has to do with sizing. And I mean, honestly, why now? It's it's great again, right, because now there's not too many drivers. I understand now that and actually, the drivers out there right now super crazy busy all the time. Right, you know, but in some of them bigger markets before COVID. You know, you could wait a long time before you can get a good ride. And that kind of stuff is harder to get the bigger rides because there's so many riders, right. Yeah, drivers.

Yeah. Steve says in a lower court ruling. And it's a lower court ruling. And the companies will continue to operate until the next court date in two to three months. Right. Yeah, the court systems are so slow, especially for that kind of stuff. But I don't know. I mean, I'm glad that I'm, I'm, yeah, I'm torn. I'm torn. I don't want to be employed. We've all been that way. Can you imagine like if Steve, this is where like if Steve was on the other side, I don't think we could partner together because we just have a different philosophy of how we want to do work. And I'm Steve's actually meeting with somebody that actually broke the law for profit tonight to I'm going to Interviewer So that should be interesting. Little little contentious, but that'll be on the right to rodeo. Yeah, if they lose the date core it will need to go to California Supreme Court and the good companies will make that date to be one to two years out this probably only two is really to push Massachusetts new AB Oh, God. So listen to these podcasts because like, again, I'm in the weeds already with just read what he says.

But basically, I mean, the big thing is gig gig economy as you know it today will change. it's ever going to change gonna change right into those and things.

But the problem is, is there's no way that you know, we've talked about this endlessly. There's no way that Uber or any of these companies are going to be able to offer those benefits that people want I get the living wage thing I totally do. If you're not making a living wage, you need to get out of this business. Like you need to go do something else. There's

no no hard feelings just like it's not for you. But But let's look at let's talk about that for a second. Right now. Right here in Michigan. You can walk into any job, it's for everybody. For people, right? I saw yesterday, that thing and not that I want to go flip burgers anywhere I go to go to talk about anything like that. Taco Bell is now hiring. Starting at I think I said 14 or $15 an hour and they have daily pay. They're gonna pay you every day.

Yeah, well, which I think is cool. Like I would have liked that as a kid. I thought I'd burn so much money because I worked at McDonald's for two years in high school. And I would love to Dalian they say that you eat free if you if you weren't supposed to pay 50% but that was eat nuggets all the time going in the freezer. But I mean, there's so many people in the McDonald's on on Lake Michigan drive is supposed to be a 24 hour McDonald's is close to half the time we can't they can't find people. So they think well, opportunity to get to work right now. Yeah. Yeah. I think basically, it's because of the unemployment which is stopping. Oh, sure. Next week, I think the federal minimum I

thought it they extended admission. Please tell me they didn't. I thought I heard that they extended it. But I guess I'm not sure anybody knows. Well, actually,

I hope they do actually because to two reasons when I start gig work there's not going to be many drivers because they're on unemployment. So that will help me out but

don't but let's say anybody who knows for sure whether or not they did extended in Michigan or not living let us know.

I thought I saw something I got like a spam email from Michigan unemployment and I logged in and they said they were sending me a payment and there was nothing there. I don't know why I haven't done anything on employment since last year. But somebody stole his social security number which by the way is like you know it I can't even remember a password for anything. I know. Right? See says exactly not not only is everyone not cut out for this, others don't put don't put what it takes. But like y'all said, there's so many jobs out there. Don't throw a grenade in it for the rest of us. Yeah, exactly. Flowmaster his ass is getting an Uber car and hyrecar a good deal or no. I don't know a lot about it. I don't have

it in our market. Oh, yeah, you do we have hyrecar Yes, we did. No, no. Yeah.

I don't think it's a good deal. I mean, my guess is going to be $200 a week. So you're already starting a week, not a month and maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. Flowmaster I don't know a lot about it. But I honestly go out if you can maybe buy a $2,000 car that qualifies by or maybe you start doing food delivery for a while and put a little money away and then buy

a car for depends on the size of your market you're into. I mean, because how quickly can you make up that money? And can you make more? That's, you know, yeah, I mean, I mean, if you don't leave only go minimum, Uber Eats, you know, orders all the time, I would say no.

Yeah, well, honestly, today, I wouldn't. I wouldn't buy a car for Uber if you I mean, you would have to pay me a shit ton of money. It destroys those cars, and no one gives a crap. Right about like, all these people are like, Oh, I got a brand new car and I'm driving Uber. I'm like, Yeah, you're making three bucks driving from bar to bar, like, get something that barely makes the cut off, maybe two years before the cut up and drive that no one gives a shit keep it clean, but make it smell. Okay. That was the that would be the only thing I would ask. Or I would tell you to do I would not worry about having this nice car. It is not worth it. No, no, not anymore. It used to be I mean, maybe Uber black in New York, you could probably clean up or LA or Vegas. As I said it definitely depends on what market you're in. Right? Yeah. Yeah, I would say barely drivable. I mean, make it make it the it's not a piece of shit. But I wouldn't worry about body damage obviously need to be able to get approved. Yeah, that's the only caveat. But once it's approved, it's like whatever. So yeah, I mean, my car's got a little rust on it. It's a 2010 Honda Pilot. It's got leather seats inside. It's clean as can be inside and no one ever complains not comfort. Not too damn old. So I only got two years left on that car. They extended the comfort like the comfort but I mean in general, I think cherubic cars are it's a 12 year cut off. I don't know. I don't know but you don't need ship for Uber for delivery but honestly dude like i would i mean if you if you want to do people I would like yes when I go round around I don't like people anymore. As far as friends I like you all did you ever like people yes true as far as transports the radio but that'll never dot i still remember that check. Like I basically slapped her hand away. She probably could have like me tattooed me or something said or get me for assault. But anyways, moving on. So I hope we kind of answered your question. Flowmaster but i don't know i i would not spend the money on a hyrecar I just wouldn't do it. I mean, if you're in a pinch and you need money, but you're already starting in the hole it's not gonna be $200 a month it's gonna be $200 a week right? I mean, you got to work I mean

the the bubble that kind of was going on with with the COVID with all of a sudden you know, he couldn't buy any cars and used cars was stupid expensive and that kind of stuff. That's pretty much over right Oh, it's not why it's getting there.

No because the chips they they're not selling new cars anymore. They're missing like chips used cars and stupid, stupid expensive animal I think they are because that's all that people can sell. Come on. Somebody's back me up on that. Oh, we

have a lot of disagreements tonight. This is a good show. Good show. Somebody by my man. No, I'm just kidding. No, but I'm using it anymore. Yeah,

well, we're moving on you better get your ass out there. Oh, somebody we're moving on But yeah, I would not spend money at hire car to do Uber you're better off buying if you were gonna rent something go to amazon flex or I don't know like that. That job bs the shit out of your car. Not gonna lie. I put a lot of some money into that pilot. Some power steering shit. But anyways.

You can start ones What? Why are you bringing up I got stuck. Yeah, I got stuck. Ah, buddy money. No,

I went down road. No, it wasn't a muddy one. It was a it was in the middle of winter and it was out in Holland Hollander, Zealand, but kinda in the country. And it literally said road close on there. I'm like, whatever, bro. I looked at the map. And I would have to go all the way around to get this house and it said road cars. I'm like, yeah, that's probably for two wheeled cars. Now mind you, it's a pilot. It's all wheel drive. It's not like this rough and tough. Oh, man. Did I get stuck? It's three tow trucks to basically get me out. It was fucking ridiculous. But see brings up a good point. I feel like those car services kind of prey on people that have $0 I just I don't think it's a good move for you. If you can, if you can do it without it. I would but I get it if you have to do it. So I'm just throwing that out there. All right, um, where are we at man? You got to talk about Kimberly. Kimberly. And we are way behind. This is like our first picture. So this was kind of fun. Notes itself always proofread text voice for sending hi Kimberly This is your ship shopper Andrew I'm about to begin shopping for you order from Meijer. Please let me know if you need anything else. That's a stock Tex. Hi Kimberly. They had everything you requested they were out of the white Powerade in the single bottle. So I suck dick for two more blue ones and checked out and heading to bed to bed your items and then I will be on my way. How so? What are you actually typing in your real life that that autocorrect says so I suck deck for two more blue ones. I mean, what are we doing y'all? And I'm not judging anybody. But man, you said that that's that is rough. So God happens all the time. Like, I always when I do voice attacks. I always read it before I send it. But it's usually not me saying I suck a dick. It's usually like I spell.

Yeah. The sad part was this was Andrew Coggan talking about it.

Well, it doesn't matter. I mean, gay you can be Gad and boy. Oh, I know. Geez. What do you like? frickin homophobic? No, of course not. Do I need to kick you off the show? Oh, we got Seth in tonight. And

Larry. Well, marriages. Yay. All right. Ah. Oh, see in two weeks, Larry. 10 days. 10 days.

10 days Larry's gonna be up here. Well, actually, Larry's gonna be up here in nine days. He's coming up on Friday. He's bringing his wife. I don't think so. You might be now there's a funny story behind that. We won't talk about it now about Larry. But that guy you could like shitness cereal bowl. And he'd be like, it's cool, man. It's fine. I'll eat around the shit. It's okay. That guy is like the best. I love Larry so much. So speaking of Larry. Yes, we will talk about it. So our new sponsor is Maestro, and I'm sure you've heard of Maestro. It's been along for a while. But they are now out with an iOS app. Which is amazing. Because used to be Maestro was just Android only I actually use them on a tablet. I don't recommend cheap. If you're going to use a tablet, make sure it's a nice tablet because I use not this isn't Maestro. But I use it like, like one of those free tablets, an Android tablet. And it did not work very well on that. So if you're going to use a tablet, I noticed there's a complete digression by something nice. So my show is basically an application that runs in the background that can help you make more money. It has, it's completely customizable. You can say I don't want to pick up a passenger more than seven miles away, you can set that up and it denies the ride for you. You don't even have to touch anything that has a long trip filter on it. Auto accepting app switching, it does everything for you. Which is super amazing. The best part about Maestro though, if you're feeling a little slow, you can it actually pops up. You can take that ride if you want to. But it actually gives you the option which is kind of nice because sometimes you're like, you know what? I've been sitting around for way too long. And I need to take a ride. So check it out. Please click the link in the description that helps show Maestro that we're talking about them and you guys are interested in it. And we can't thank Mike sure enough for you know, trusting us to tell them about tell you about their product. I've been talking a lot that was difficult. Damn, that was my that was a lot. So now there's 10 more comments.

The new Maestro programmers are very good. How do you how do you know them?

Steve, dude, if you want to find something about some troll in Florida, Steve knows them. Steve knows that someone that knows that troll in Florida. Like I'm being I'm tongue in cheek but Steve knows everybody. So anyways, I'm just saying. I was surprised Steve. I'm surprised steve steve has an iPhone too. He feels like I feel like he's an Android guy. Like you like a rebel. Oh, he's got an iPhone. So that's pretty cool. How dare you Steve? I love it. You know? Oh, you know I'm such a like a voice like on telegram when I send people because you can do that on iOS two. There's like this is so weird. Why are you sending me your voice? I'm like I don't want to text you I don't want to text. I want to send you a voice message I remember when Steve's only sent me like three but But anyways, so yeah, check out my show. Oh god we're still on the screen. Sorry guys. No, it's fine. Check out my store. Yeah, check them out. Use the link in our description. Really appreciate it. Okay,

putting up the next one. Yeah, this is this is kind of interesting. This is a I guess is a dash absorbed dash dash he goes oh weird is set to the delivery person was Connie's have a super confused Sorry about that. Oh, no worries. I just das on her profile. Got it. Have a good day. That can be between us.

So it just brings up a discussion about how that happens. That is not allowed. For obvious reasons. I think it's in someone may correct me but I think it's allowed, like, you can drive with like a significant other in the car as long as you pick up the food and you deliver the food, right? I wonder if it's okay if like your significant other drives, but you're the Dasher. So they drive to the house, they drive to the restaurant, but you're the one that gets out and gets the food and delivers it. I think that's so cool. You're in the car right in the car, but you're just not driving by. Yeah, I don't know. Please don't do that. That that's that freaks out people. I remember early on in the Uber Lyft days, I was Megan and I were at the downtown market. And it was early on. I bet we had been podcasting maybe for like six months. And I requested a ride. It was completely the different vehicle. And I don't know, it wasn't I don't know about the driver, but I'm like a van pulled up and it was supposed to be an SUV. And I'm like, at least that I knew. I was like nah, she's like, Are you sure? And I was like, yeah, we're good. We'll get another ride. So always make sure you verify that stuff. It's kind of a safety issues anyways, so always Tick Tock Okay, I'm only gonna share the first part of it because this is a Jesus Tick tock, and it goes real long. Are you guys tick talkers as far as like, lurkers? Because Tick Tock is changed the way you can send like, you can do three minute ones. I hate that three minutes is too long on Tick Tock. That's why I like Tick Tock. It's 60 seconds, you're in and out and 60 these three minute tick acts are bullshit. Go to YouTube. Okay.

I'm gonna play this. But do you have a million followers though? No. Okay, so we'll pick up on why I play this video,

guys. So I just got home late last night, and I'm out doing some doordash ministry. And I call it ministry because a few months ago, God laid it on my heart that this would be a great way to reach people that I otherwise wouldn't be able to. And it started because when I was home, I felt like I wasn't doing enough for the kingdom compared to when I'm on the road and I'm constantly talking to different people and doing different things. So this is a great way to share the gospel and on every single water I put a gospel check on the bag. I have like a stapler here and I got a roll of tape right here. So depending on what kind of order it is because somewhere in a plastic bag somewhere in a you know, paper bag, but I put a tract on the bag. I pray for them by name most of the time I'm wearing Okay,

so that's all we need to know is he's putting Jesus tracks on the bags actually looked at the tags I thought he might be a Jehovah's Witness cuz you know the guy but he the hashtags and it didn't say that. But what do you think about spamming the customers with Jesus? I think it's inappropriate. inappropriate. Yeah. What would be appropriate? Anything Are you Do you not like that? Because like what a great way to drop like if you're you're single or do people record on like, I mean, CDs anymore?

But yeah, I mean, they ordered food. The hell alone.

I'm sorry. Now. Well, remember Megan brought up that the cue doba on metrohealth was writing on the top of it. Please rate us What do you think about that? Do you think even that's a little forward?

Well, at least it's judoka doing it and he said the restaurants themselves? I think it's too forward? Yes. Yeah, but at least it's from the restaurant where you bought the food.

Sorry, some books that they don't even come to your door anymore. I got a cell phone call yesterday. She reads the first she read a verse to me. What the? Hey, did just using all the new technology. That's good. What do you mean? Like we're getting a delivery? Oh, all the Jehovah's Witness. Like I'm like, that seems super new. The new cold calling. I'm surprised they don't do texting or something like that. But yeah, I mean, it's a little inappropriate. Yeah, I don't know. Like, I like the thought of guerilla marketing like that. But the actually that's not guerilla marketing because you're actually using another company to do it. So I just thought it was a little interesting. But yeah, some punk local number means nothing because they can spoof those now they need to get rid of that. That's crazy. I get called local calls all the time. And it's your car warranty is about to expire. car's got 230,000 miles on it. I can. I can guarantee there's no warranty on the sumbitch right. Next up, this is kind of funny picture.

See, this is this is my dream. This is my dream car. I'm hoping I'm hoping. Did you call it a rape? Rape fan? That looks like a rape thing. I wasn't gonna say this. You know my next vehicle I'm hoping to upgrade to that one so

worse Flowmaster see you can do that thing probably cost 100 bucks. free candy. Anyways

so he I mean at least he's in the back of it if you can read it says I can't read it today frequent stops on the other side but the word does audit today. Yeah, free candy What the hell? Yeah flow. Just get it man like you. I mean you can make money with that van like no one gives a shit. If you see that man, you might even be able to steal it the bet the keys. Oh my gosh. I mean I couldn't judge the guy like it would be weird if he drove up in that I'd be scared for my children but I mean he's delivering food like just drop it off on the porch and we're good to go.

Some point that's just wrong. Sex dash and now 60 seconds just like the tick tock The Tick Tock you don't stop man.

drop his little Can you put candy in the bag? Is that too far? Oh, Laura is missing such an opportunity. Oh my god. Awesome shit. All right, moving on. I've got stuffy nose.

So okay,

this is one of our kind of our oh geez of the telegram group. Chris. He's wearing his mask appropriately as you see. So grubhub is geo fencing around the Omni hotel that he was at so you can place order from hotels, various food serving or convenience location, have it delivered to your room? Look at the serial killer behind the grubhub Look at that guy. He's like, are you taking my picture? Like my guest Chris is like, Here, take this picture. But um, I think that's really cool technology. Oh, yeah. soaking it all forever. The geo fencing Oh, yeah, it seems weird that they're just able to do that.

Well, it's obviously they're getting more and more accurate right as all the devices are getting stronger and fast on Sofia. What I want to know is what was Chris doing there? Well,

I think he was out on a you know, he travels for his Yeah,

so Chris sells meat. done on big money. Big Big meat. Yep.

The Joker says I don't know. Do you say my Joker or Michigan joker? They should put I do not sell drugs. Wink wink on the side. Come on in for your food. Oh my gosh, you guys are incredible. This is Oh my gosh. Oh, yeah. Da Pete says geo fencing is how the airport wait. Yeah, I guess it's just it seems weird that grubhub would do that. But I like that. I think that's

super cool. Pete Why did you have to explain that Jason? Yeah, I'm a little slow. That's why he had to explain that to me. He's you know done. It would have been more fun. Not No, no, you're offended. Real quick. I

want to talk about Patreon we talked about earlier we'd love to get a new Patreon member.

We it's not that expensive.

No, it's not an actually at the $5 tier. Now you get to pre show banter. We were being stingy with the $5 but I'm doing grace graceful grace.

You can even discuss that with me and you just giving it away. Oh, I know right? off talking about you know, hey, some punk. You're out. My name is not Jasper. Okay. You're done. Oh, kick him out.

came up. It was funny. Real quick. Yes. For he's such a kind guy. And when we first met I don't know who it was. But somebody was calling you? Yes. Or all the time. Or Jasper? And I'm like, no, it's Yes, bro. I'm like, you got to correct people like

wasn't that that was what was his name? There was Asian dude. Oh, Phil. Yeah. Asian Phil Asian Phil God, he fell out. He went like what happened to him?

I don't know. But anyways, let's get through this ad. We'd love for you to support us. You get an extra podcasts a month. August we forgot but we did record one tonight. So maybe we'll do two in September. You get an extra podcast a month you get a piece of exclusive merch at the $10 tier and then you get the pre show and blah blah blah so we'd love for you to join us It helps support the show it helps pay for the equipment all this stuff isn't free. Yes was very expensive to maintain. So

I am yes he's very very didn't want to buy shit all the time. Yeah, exactly. All these comments my god I can't keep up. It's a good show tonight is a very good show. You guys have been so funny. Oh, no, I talked about that on.

Yes, Joker do Patreon members get a free gospel track. In fact, not only that, we will hunt down the door or the The Tick Tock guy that was talking about doordash and you get a one on one for him as long as you want. That's only at the $100 tier though. There's not one damn dollar. I'll do it if someone joins Patreon I'll Honda's ass down.

So you go into next one. When is it? having to wait for a bad dude to say, Oh, God, you

guys are gonna be you guys are gonna This is? Oh, no. Okay, I got it. You guys are gonna be so pissed at this. I know all you guys in there and you're gonna want to stab people. Okay, some point just joined the Patreon. Shut up.

He said he did. Well get one free. Good. Thank you so much. Oh my gosh, I want to hold you to that sexy mother. All right, you're gonna read this. I am. So this is for one of the Reddit streams. So delivered by Richard providing an essential service. Please enjoy your meal. And thank you for your tip. 20% of $5 basic, you can adjust your tip in the app up to one hour after delivery. So basically, he was putting that one on every all of his deliveries. And I think what the hell and it gets worse. Did you put the back?

No, but before we continue on, someone wants to reach behind the mixer and get whatever you were playing with. Did you drop your little black thing? Oh, yeah. I don't know. Did it fall down? fell through the hole you need he needs to play with something because he otherwise he hits the mic stand. You can't give him a pat in the last show. He's like click click click click click like. Anyway. So Richard, put this on here. Thank you for your tip. So then the next picture gets worse. Even worse. Oh god, you're going to read all this?

I can't. Okay. Many people are unsure about how much to tip their delivery driver, driver realities. Uber pays the driver just enough to cover the drivers operating expense. Your tip is the drivers own income. We work for tips. If everyone offers a fare. Do you guys like my my Mac stops? I think it's very it brings like things to it right? If anyone offers a fair tip drivers can earn an average of $10 per hour on the road. $10 an hour. What the hell you're talking about rich? Hey, do we don't want to get in the argument that $10 an hour we never saw that. I know. I know. So the etiquette gurus suggest tip same as you would in a sit down restaurant but not less than $5 mileage to your factory tip Baba Ji idea was he wrote this huge thing. He puts it on every order. And I like the second day I am in the red it was if I saw this, I would like to go in and change my big tip to something less small. I get rid of it. Is this right? I mean, again, if just don't take the stupid little orders.

I mean, I knew everyone would shit on this guy. And I do appreciate it but I kind of Yeah, see good exit good comms at but but at bad execution. But how do you execute that you say it's a good concept good in concept but at bad in execution? Let

me let me tell you this. I think this is exactly the same that as the people who would send a big notice to the drivers they picked up at the airport ending that notice on tech saying I'm expecting the tip

that I say I'm expecting a tip at least that's guy that guy's informing. It's informative what he put on there, like, I know, but just saying I expected to ask for the tip. I don't know.

I think it's so I've always thought it was without class. I'm sorry. I just I

I mean, I agree with you. But But again, Pete said good and calm set. I can't even good in concept but bad and execution. So I just I don't get it. I mean, and every time if somebody asked me for the tip, I immediately give you know, tip that you really Absolutely. Don't ask for the tip. Why you should just scold them. You should still tip them but but like, one set? Oh, don't do that. Steve, thank you so much for the Super Chat was super appreciate it. I love Steve,

thank you so much. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so again, it goes the 40 bucks. Come on.

You want to send them 40 bucks on here. Okay, so we got actual p I'm glad you're on. We have a story. Not really a story. So. So this is Pete Sacco bell. He's texted me he goes use this if you want, MRF or ate half my fries and that's the picture he's submitted. So on the stream I know audio listeners can't see it. But Pete's bag is from Taco Bell is wide open, not sealed and I know Taco Bell seals, like the Taco Bell and 20 or 44 St. indivision. They won't let you take the food without a hot bag. Right? Like for whatever reason, they're super strict. So this MRF or a half a Pete's fries like so. course you know, he got us to feel free and then I asked Pete yesterday What was the follow up with that? They're like, we take these matters very seriously and we will investigate, but it's like, Dude, what are you doing? Like I just can't believe that actually happened to pee because he's the nicest guy in the world like why would you fuck with pee? Don't fuck with P Don't fuck with bees a nice guy but you piss him off you eat his fries. Oh, my God. So So P from now on. You shouldn't do drop that door. You should do it handed to me. And I'd be looking right in that bag. Right? I was like, Oh, can you please wait before you leave so I can see if you ate my frickin Oh, and he didn't get his baja blast. That's the worst part.

I forgot about that. He needed that to you know, drink after the fries. Oh, the bah bah bah. I've been talking way too much tonight. This is why I like this show Dexter.

I've never watched Dexter. I used to that like the syrup. Like he kills like terrible people. Like he kills terrible people, right?

Yeah, I don't I don't remember. I saw a couple of the episodes. It's kind of dark. I

can't believe dennis is on here. So dennis is Pete's gaming, I guess. Are the gaming partners. I don't know. Dennis is frickin hilarious. Dennis would be like, yeah, I took an edible. Oh, God, maybe I shouldn't be saying this, Dennis. I don't know. Um, kick me in the nuts when he if you ever see I don't even know if he's local to Grand Rapids. But dennis is hilarious. There'll be gaming and be like, the dentists will get real quiet. They'll be playing Call of Duty. He's so goddamn funny. I can't believe I even said that. But anyways, we're gonna be mad at me. Oh, God, I have an article. I'm having so much fun. No, no, we got a terrible How did Larry earn the top fan symbol? I don't know Jerry. If you join Patreon I'll give you a top fancy.

send you one in the mail.

Okay, okay, this video is to bullshit right here, right? Maybe we should have led with this. So this is why I don't want to take passengers. Oh my god. Did I forget to add it? Oh, no. What did you do? You know what? This You had one job. Hold on. Hold on. I can find it. This is one nice thing about Oh, here it is right here. Hold on. This is why I love the stream that I'm adding this while we're streaming that's pretty badass. Just talk amongst yourself.

He asks us to spend 1000s upon 1000s and 1000s of dollars on equipment and he goes out and he uses this online software called stream yard.

Yeah, that we pay a pretty penny for Okay, here you go enjoy. My mom cares. Talking to before. Excuse me. Ma'am, I'm cash. Oh, no. No, you're not just trying to record me. You want to be in my fucking food banks. Give it a fucking ride. I'm gonna get another one. I don't give a fuck about you recording me eating and eating. I'm okay, I'm stupid bitch. Oh, the drink. Oh, yeah. That's gonna cost on 50 bucks. Come on. There we go. So yeah, she seems fun. Oh my gosh. And again, I always say like, ooh, you know, we don't know what happened before that. But clearly she wasn't wearing a mask right? You saw food spitting out of her mouth. You can see the guy look at it and just like yeah, this is why I want to deliver pizza Taco Bell.

Well, you know, this is so I'm gonna say this because I kind of told everybody careful.

No, I told I told Jason and Pete nowadays and Ben that I was gonna go out last weekend.

And again I get that Ben gave you what like 60% that you were gonna go out right?

I was gonna go out because I was all that I'm tired of Rob I want to go out until I learned that it was breakaway fast. I didn't hurt any he was cleaning up. Yeah, they were making 567 hot offs. Okay. They were cleaning up. But what I The reason why I didn't want to go out is because I exactly that. I did not want stupid people in my car and doing the anti mask because No, I just don't want to deal with it.

And you haven't been out in a while. You can't go out on a huge concert night. That'll be like, that's to pop your cherry again to put it that is not what you want to do you want to go out on a slow night and get back in the saddle. That

was the biggest reason why I didn't want to go out. It was just I didn't have you know, a boxes, a box of masks that I needed and all that stuff. But why

don't you just go with the policy? Like, if they're not wearing a mask, then you don't or vice versa? Like I don't want that. I see. So you you're basically saying if you went out if someone came in with a mask, you would ask them what went on? Oh, yeah, absolutely. You're gonna run into some problems.

Well, that's the thing right then. And I know I probably go to Goodwill. But I respect you

for doing that. It's a health issue I totally get. So I'm not shitting on you for that. And it But yeah, I don't know if you're going to enforce that rule. It's going to be a problem on a concert night.

Absolutely. And that was the reason why I stayed in because yeah, it would have been it would have been a shit show. Yeah, but I still feel bad because people were cleaning up.

A lot of money. Oh, yeah. I think Matt from the group, the telegram group,

he made like four or 500 bucks. I was talking to Jamie some of the people she knew he people just cleaning up six, seven hours. Oh my gosh, it's hard to pass that money. No, like those. They were having they were having at night. All right.

Well, as much as I hate drunks, I might. I might do it for that kind of money.

I mean, I still remember that one New Year's Eve way. I always made $1,000 in Grand Rapids, which is unheard of. It was Ah,

but anyways, real quick, and we'll wrap up. Chicago sues doordash grubhub for let lodging deceiving customers. So I read this article because it was mine. But it's interesting some of the things they're being accused of. And I wish I would have highlighted this because now I'm scanning like a dumb ass. Jerry says 94% of his packs were max. That's pretty awesome. So November door. So it looks like doordash Wait a minute. Hold on. doordash spokes person said the company has said with the City of Chicago throughout the pandemic. This is just for Chicago, waiving fees for restaurants providing 500,000 grants blah, blah, blah, your desktop adding new restaurants that doesn't have agreement within its app. That's always been an issue like just adding adding restaurants and still still using them. It also removes restaurants that don't want to be listed within 48 hours. There were some other shit that they were doing. The city allege Oh, Okay, here we go. The city allege that grubhub deceptively share telephone numbers for customers to connect with restaurants, but we charge the restaurants a commission for calls placed through these numbers. Even when they didn't result in an order. The city also claimed grubhub made imposter websites for restaurants to unexpectedly lure customers on its own platform without some shady shit. This is what I thought was crazy. grubhub has maintained that its creation sites for restaurant does not violate laws. How's that even possible? They did and the practice the customer also changes phone routing system on August 23. So the calls from customers seeking answers from restaurants not about an existing order will be sent directly to those businesses at no cost. My gosh grubhub. The suit also claims marketing campaigns for owning local restaurants during the pandemic were deceptive which allegedly forced restaurants to extend their contracts and cover promotion costs. It also alleged grub up violate Chicago's 15% mergency cap. Of course grubhub denies it. And then of course doordash here's the doordash claim. The city claimed doordash misled us customers how their tips for drivers would be used. This issue has been a subject of a separate lawsuit from the Attorney General of the District of Columbia. Georgia says changes tipping method prior to DC Attorney General Sue reached a $2.5 million settlement with his office in November. And then Chicago also alleged doordash misleading the label the dollar 50 fee place on every order is Chicago fee. The city claimed this wrongly implied the fee was required or paid to Chicago rather than doordash. Wow, like all those claims, if they are true, like holy, let as Larry says we work with some shady companies that's incredible, like phone routing system so they get a fee from the CIO. So apparently, when the customer calls like they build the restaurant, that is some shitty

shit. What he did is to get it to make it an Uber water right to her daughter's over.

Yeah, that is incredible. I'm sad to hear that. I mean, I know they're kind of shitty. But man when you see the lawsuits like that, and again, as he said she said but my guess the city wouldn't be like just throwing a frivolous lawsuit out just for shits and grins you know what I mean? So they found proof on that. There's no doubt there's no doubt that they found proofs. Oh, yeah, that's, that's too bad. So last picture, and then we'll wrap this bitch up. This is kind of funny. Just another doordash customer is dumb. Yeah,

I completely Do you understand your situation Christian and this is from the support the daughter support.

Thank you. It looks like the customer was dumb and that is the reason it does not happen with all the cosmos. The funding I read like the supports name is rock cash. The names that you see there's a guy with I think his name is I think it's either anthony wiener from New York I think there's a guy there that like it's making the rounds on Reddit. His name is a wiener or something like that. I think they make up their own names, but it's doordash is actually kind of funny. I think they've given their employees a little flexibility to have fun because

some of us dumb and that is to read that

is the reason like you could not say that any better. Like I won't be like you that you can keep my money doordash this night, so

thank you so much. Have a good day.

That's incredible. The customer was dumb, so Well guys, thank you so much for joining us. This was a great show. Man. I had so much fun tonight. Especially when we were talking about the rape fan. That was hilarious. I want to go back. Are you gonna make your own? No, no. What's his name? Flowmaster please get a rape fan. Like I want to see you.

I won't call it that if you actually get one but I will be there with it. You know, with our own spray cans begins to help help pay the side of it.

Oh my gosh. Seth Come on in for your food. sandbox sex dash in and out in 60 seconds just like Tic Tac Oh my gosh.

Yes, Larry. We cannot wait to see you.

Yes. Yeah, I can't wait Larry. Thank you guys so much for supporting the show some punk Thank you. We really appreciate it. I think that's it got anything else? No and that's it we will we the next time we see you will be after the picnic so maybe we'll see so we will not be live streaming from the now. There's too much work I might try from my phone just for a little bit maybe on Facebook go live for a little bit but for the most part I'm not bringing in all the equipment or no that was a pain in the too much work. Too much work. All right, guys. Have a good night. Thanks again, Steve for the Super Chat. Appreciate it.

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