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Christina just trying to so the rest good.

Post to miss Chris tougher hard and girlfriend and then Matt Davis. What else we got? There's another picture. This is the party at my house. There's Aaron little turd. Living Leo took that picture. Here's my beautiful wife. And then what my son came to and there's my wife trying to photobomb in the back so that's kind of funny.

I think she did pretty good.

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Okay. Where am I at here?

Well, you know, you're

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point would be Denmark you know $12 a gallon oh yeah

but you guys all make you know a million dollars a year so

you don't make you know

we're gonna try to bring in I see popped into the studio he's only eight minutes late so

I think just leave them out there for another few minutes.

We won't give them too much shit. How's it going Steve?

So guys,

did you um, did you forget about lose track of time?

No, I was dealing with some stuff with my son It was kind of came up last minute Sorry about that. Oh, you're lame you should just get rid of them. Plus Not really I know right? Cuz he's a teenager too. I got one of those that's why I have one of those right in the heart of it too. It's yeah awful it is he's a great kid man. But wow

yeah, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how great the kid is. It's still challenging so

I think it's just payback for whatever we did it does

you know it reflects back to how bad of a dad You were you know

you mean kid

no no I cuz I was a bad dad that's why he's so reflects over

Oh, I got you.

Oh no, my son and I are so when he turned teenager was nine I mean we we've always been joined at the hip and yeah, it's all good. Luckily winter's coming up we snowboard together so that's something to get all our energy out so

excellent. So we already talked about your show so we already get we still gave you a plug even though you didn't show up on time because we'd love you here Yeah, I love it. I love it. So we're gonna jump into a gig economy

not much not much. What's up with you so

much do you guys see where see how much I missed because I see live 10 minutes

see I'm just confused as to why you didn't come to the page near Larry came either What's up with that?

And it's a little bit farther for me. Hey, we

talked about 19 hours we offer 20 bucks and yeah,

I know I think I even said 40 I mean I was gonna get your 40,000 guy

you know I was trying to figure you know I was it was funny when you said that because I was trying to figure out I was like wow I wonder how much it would cost me to get there because I used to know back in the day I mean I haven't drove that in years right I used to drive it all the time I used to go back and see family all the time.

So not now you don't go see family

well I mean not since the pandemic if I do I fly

yeah who wants to yeah once you get above like 25 years of age no one wants to drive 19 hours I mean I don't

and especially that way and then coming home like if I go west or south and every all that's cool Montana, Arizona you know but I have to go into Michigan it's Nebraska Iowa. Illinois,

isn't it's not

that bad if Gary Indiana

is right now. Right my wife and I are going to be the ball we're flying to Boston in September in November that's not too far from you right?

You guys want to get a room or we're going to get into business?

Oh we can't

So Steve we're just going to touch on all these feel free to give your input and we're just going to kind of go over there you know our show some of this stuff is funny ridiculous stupid. All the above but sometimes it's fun to laugh at that shit.

I love it.

So here is a interesting video a tic tac video about house numbers as we all know as you're delivering food it's not so bad with hoovering because you kind of get the general area the walkout but if you're delivering food or anything like that, these have house numbers and I realized I have I've lived here since 2014. And I don't have house numbers up I haven't on my mailbox what is wrong I have it on my mailbox

there needs to be lit up to please

you think so? You think so? Hang on one second. I just realized something.

Did you know that the video

No, I I'm trying to get the notifications on stream. Yeah, we are

professionals. Yeah, come on such a

boomer What the hell Hang on one second Give me one second

but that was probably one of the reasons why I stopped delivering at night I was like one one night I was dropping off a is it that narrow? What so this was this was in a small it was it was just dusk right? And I was in a in an area where there was just like a bunch of people like livings multi core like little almost like small condos. I could not figure out where they were or whatever and it just made no sense. And I was talking that condo association for 15 minutes trying to find the right house. And I was like No Never again.

Yeah condos do suck there's one off of Wilson that Yeah, I guess that's a different dynamic. Yeah. And usually the GPS doesn't work with the condos is I don't know if you've experienced that Steve but houses usually right on the money but not condo. That's

why I was wondering when you said your house because I'm like, can't you just figure out that? Wait, I just missed two eight. Yeah, that one,

but this is when they're like and then they even like sometimes they are, you know, perpendicular to where they parked where the parking lot is. I think what the hell? And yeah, no, I know I'm never again. I mean,

don't use the word perpendicular. That's pretty complicated. Alright, let's watch this. Hang on.

Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, hello, Jennifer.

I hope your mind is going well. You have no markers on your house and says what number you are. And that is hard to find your house my dude and it's unsafe. Honestly, what if you needed a medical assistance and the paramedics didn't know your town? Well.

Okay, Barry, I haven't seen that

before. Interesting outfit on her very,

very, very didn't

know that was Amazon approved. But it was I liked the song that was pretty good. That would maybe I

liked it. I was gonna say I liked it when it was the song. And then when she turned into like, just the normal rant as she walked away. It's like, it was cool. And you were saying it was all uplifting and people could have even heard it and learned.

I think Pete might have known you'd like.

I mean, honestly, I would have definitely got numbers on my house that night, if someone shamed me, and it made it to tick tock on the internet.

The thing is, though, it's not like everybody would have recognized those buildings just because of that, right? I mean, it was not that difficult. Thank you. But no, nobody can see my mouth. Maybe that was what's going on. Oh, no one wants

to see you.

But thank you so much.

Yeah. How do you do it again? Gosh, dang it. I went to server settings. I see no streamer mode in here. Oh, I'm such a boomer. Well, he'll text it out, then I'll figure it out. So anyways, dumb asses. Put your addresses on your house and your mailbox for God's sakes. Yes, for Europe.

I'm trying to adjust my mic. I know you

brought it back down again. It's pointed to your chin. Steve, can you come over here in Grand Rapids and teach him how to talk and

drive over here. He just said right into it. Now he doesn't mind

listening to his levels. And it sounds like he's in a tin can.

You know, it's weird. I've been having that happen to me too, with other people who have good equipment, too. Like I'm sounding really loud with this new mic that you told me to get. That's awesome. Yeah, you sound great. Now I know everybody else sounds like crap. Yeah,

I blame. I blame the internet and stream yard.

I just wish you wouldn't be talking about my equipment. You know, that's not

Hey, let's talk about abortion. Yes.

But um, bomb. So Texas has this new law, which I'm sure everybody has heard about. And basically, this story is from Fox 17. It's all about how Lyft and Uber has come out and said that if anybody's getting sued according according to the new law Lyft and Uber is going to cover any legal fees in regards to such a lawsuit, which I think is pretty cool. I think pretty cool. And I think it just speaks to the fact that of course, everybody thinks as this new law is not right. So basically, two rideshare companies have announced that they would cover their drivers legal fees, if they are sued under Texas new abortion law, which basically says, if you are assisting anybody in getting an abortion, you can get sued, including taking somebody to the clinic or home from the clinic afterwards, which is absolute. Just I don't even know what to say. Yeah, it's craziness. It's absolute craziness.

So how does the lawsuit so I 100% wasn't listening because Pete was helping me. Why would somebody get why would an Uber driver get sued?

Well, because basically, how is it So if an Uber driver picks up a woman and takes her to an abortion clinic now he can get sued because he assisted in her getting the abortion okay according to the law that's how it written. You can even Sue

transportation no like if mom brought her she could be

trouble Yep, absolutely.

And here's here's the here's the deal though this the fine for bringing them is 30 $500 right okay, here's my question why I agree with you Yes for that it's a great thing but here's my problem I don't trust Uber i mean it's it's great that they say they're going to do it but we've seen them time and time again do things like this and then not pay it

Yeah, but see that's just one time they're doing it then they're going to be so much in trouble that it's gonna be not worth the headache of not a yard a man That's what I'm saying. I just wouldn't

want to be that driver caught in the middle that's like Hey dude, here's your 30 $500 fine you've mailed it to Uber and they'll like yeah it's it's with our department in Singapore and they'll get back to you and

yeah, but that then he just have to write he just have to put one tick tock out and have that go viral and then that's it that's all they need. Right? That's all they need.

But the problem is that one driver that one he's going to get deactivated it's going to be a jet I

mean look at look at the beginning of COVID Do you remember that Uber did that thing where they said that you know if you got COVID they were gonna do they were gonna give you two weeks of pay based on your last six months average? Yeah, did they? Did they ever do that to people or three people try a bunch of people ended up with our friends over illegal rideshare being like what the heck dude you know like you're not taking care of this and like they were sending like minute checks they were sending like 500 bucks for what should have been three grand Damn. And by cashing the check you're accepting it to some degree there were all these issues and that's kind of what I'm wondering is they're saying this but I think they're hoping the law gets taken away before they ever have to deal with it.

Oh yeah. I'm sure I'm sure that's exactly what they think. But who knows how long it's gonna be because I mean honestly, obviously you know it's not gonna just take it away even though you know Texas so I don't even know how all the stuff but that take the the breaking the federal law right by putting this by putting this local laws in place

because federal now about 19 states are going to be breaking federal laws because they're not going to do the vaccine mandates I mean we're like this close to a civil war again right?

No, I was thinking the exact same thing people was telling me what can happen you know what could very well happen the new the new republic could come back I mean, it's and those are scary thoughts though and again, not that I'm by any means saying that it will or being a I'm not being a conspiracy conspiracy theorist or anything like that, but he's like, I think it's a very real potential outcome is some kind of a civil

war Well, that's gonna get overturned by the Supreme Court what's going on in Texas? I mean, I would hope I mean, at some point P says that's why I stay off Facebook I'm only here for you guys.

Thanks Pete.

We actually do much

bullshit otherwise we appreciate that oh, we appreciate up

you know, I'm starting to get back on there but I agree with Pete I hate Facebook. I hate Facebook.

Social media in general sucks.

I've been I've been going to the point where I just kind of lurk on Facebook I think it's a necessary evil with podcasts. We have to it's part of it but I rarely post anything like if I'm posting I'm sharing my own show like it's not like I'm like hi mowed the lawn today and I killed three baby bunnies with a mower I mean it's not nothing like nothing like that. So

you know when I see 17,000 members who always are active on para and then I see somebody post something and I see you know, it says seen by 24 I'm like what was it seen by 24 was 17,000 and half of them are on here daily.

I'm pretty sure I got kicked out of there I don't see their posts anymore they probably I still in there Am I kept spamming the show I stopped doing it because they kept rejecting it. So maybe there's

you're in the 17 there the other one got shut down. Oh, maybe

I never joined the new one.

No, you're in it. Oh, I am I'm not seeing. Maybe I hit it. You know how when you click the group, you see, like people, you know, oh, yeah. Right in there. Oh, wow. Because the old one was like 40,000. And that was the one that was starting to get out of control. So they just said, we're moving it to the original para page, okay. And we're only moving some of you.

It's all about engagement with Facebook, right? So you really have to engage with the group, otherwise you're not going to get it. Yeah. So it's just Yeah, but who knows the algorithm moving

on ups has bought and roadie bought and bought, bought and bought, bought, bought roadie not bought and why am I asking the Dane bog? By the way, you know what I found out at the podcast conferences Steve's gone with me and Larry, that Hindenburg the software used to edit is from Denmark. Oh, I thought it was German. Well Hindenburg Hindenburg you think Germany? I don't know well, because it's from from from Dane Denmark Dane. Sorry moving on. So UBS has bought roadie Christina says

purchased instead of bond purchased Thank you. I like that. I think you can say bought Yeah, but it's been

bought and Kenzie passed pass has bought in roadie that does I think that's okay.

I don't even know that that's a word but

you know what I found out today. Remember, MailChimp? Yeah. got bought by QuickBooks. It did you go. In the process. Yeah, Boston.

Boston. It isn't word BOUGHTN means something else. Rather than homemade. Oh, let's go to the urban dictionary. Oh no, don't want to do that. Why? Why would QuickBooks buy milk in the process? Yeah, you are getting dark there because they

have a whole family of products and yeah, MailChimp fits nicely in there so so it's not complete yet but they're in the process. You don't have MailChimp announced it yesterday and they they probably will be finished next year. Do you think it'll be still free? Belgium isn't free to have a free level. Yeah, yeah. But no. Okay.

All right, so ups has bought roadie which makes sense because ups is trying to get into the same day delivery game right? I'm not sure it's a good fit to buy roadie. They're actually running as separate companies so they're not intertwining their packages at all. So it's literally just a financial buy so it's not like you're gonna order and you're gonna go it's very confusing

so unless that bind to get the algorithm

that might be it they might buy it at this point they're running separately shut

it down got

it down eventually. Because I yeah, I don't know why ups hasn't got into that game. Somehow Amazon I mean, Amazon is incredible. As far as getting moving packages. They have that down pat. I mean, it's incredible. So it says ups looking to provide same day delivery options for goods of all types, roadie will be able to provide service or shipments that don't fit within the purview. purview, who wrote this Helen Keller of ups deliveries because of the package size perishability and shipping materials. Rody is looking to scale exponentially under the UPS banner. The gig delivery spaces got more lucrative but Baba What else did I read earlier? May

I finish

no I'm not there was something else I read. Oh yeah after acquisition roadie will still operate under its name and will still operate independently as a whole owned subsidiary subs subsidiary subsidiary subsidiary damn nice of ups both companies say goods transported by roadie will not cross over to ups shipping network and vice versa according to the release,

they just want to buy the they want the software they want the software and the Chateau de down

what's interesting and they want the customer base who've run

roadie sure, but

never that big. I mean it's enough to bring roadie on and have be able to integrate it into their transportation services and have some customer base to begin with. Yeah, I

mean, roadie wasn't isn't very big around here. And when it is it was the airport. It wasn't

Yeah, no, no.

No, in fact, I had Jason peas in on last week, Idaho Jason. And he does some roadie and he told me that often he gets there like he got to Walmart on a roadie ride and they brought out like this basketball hoop in a box that was the size of his Prius. And he's like, what the hell? What do you want me to do here mounted on top and and the dude said you're the third roadie driver that can't fit it in their car.

Well if it was a good company like curry I mean they wouldn't know that you only have a Prius and you can only take small items.

I mean, I think these companies really need to get their logistics on the sizing down to not not just the weight because a lot of them just put the weight right that doesn't really help you I mean no,

maybe they should buy curry instead of roadie.

I mean 200 bucks. 200 pounds could be anything it could be this big rubber could be

Well 200 pounds could be eight rotors for a car right you know and that takes up to you know two boxes that box yeah could fit in a Prius. So it's very confusing so

when so roadie just did the weight and they didn't often they didn't they didn't force their customers to do specs just wait interesting so that was a real nightmare to I don't know

yeah well UBS is gonna have to step up their game because you know they're all what's interesting about ups is I'm going to go back when I did work for them that one season I shave this beard off we all remember those tragic times they wasn't gonna say I totally for oh there's no GPS system in those things. It's all paper maps. They use no GPS you think that's still the same? No, no, that was in 2019 they were slowly starting to bring on GPS but it's nothing that I I dealt with I basically got an area on the west side I had these six streets and I was to learn it and that's what I did and everyone so I pulled my phone out and we

you figured it out? Yeah.

Same six streets every day you figure out real quick how to do stuff and by the end of that seasonal I very rarely had to pull my phone out unless I got turned around I didn't know where

it took you about like four months to run six months

I mean I'm tongue in cheek six streets it was more than

earthwood ups still be operating on a pen and papers.

Well for one it's quicker I know it's quicker once these guys learn their routes they don't want a system that takes time to load and do all that it's quicker. And think of the amount of money it would cost to implement all I mean just the GR branch I mean there were probably 400 trucks in that warehouse I'm not kidding Yeah, I mean that's just little Grand Rapids in a in a medium sized market imagine New York la Chicago it cost them billions of dollars to do that but

look at the infrastructure that that Amazon did and how well it's working for them.

Exactly, but they're there they're using independent contractors with phones to

deliver that shit well not all of them that's the flex drivers yes

the warehouse guys are the are the the regular guys are the same way they use their phones. No, I know but they're not independent. Well, no, that has nothing to do with that. My point is they don't have an installed GPS system. They use a phone. What? Okay, we're talking about maps here. What are

we talking about? Joe? It's fine. My point is that a simple phone which is not a large purchase can handle it correct? Right? And that is what Amazon that's what ups could do put a $200 car on a simple system that's true. I mean, it's not like it has to cost an arm and a leg

I think it would cost an arm and a leg to integrate the software because we're not set up for that kind of thing but yeah, we would go It was interesting we go to a computer the a wall of computers and I get my route and I print off paper maps that's how my day was sir is very archaic for for this time of life. You didn't

have to do any kind of data entry or anything at the end of the day you just took handed the clipboard

we actually had little handhelds you ever see the guys oh yeah, yeah, but I mean like that's it that's how I logged my stops and then I would

but see that's the thing so you have that why does that have the map built into it? Because it's it's super archaic. No, I know but I mean that's how that's how difficult it would have to be you wouldn't have to do anything just put them give you a new scanner

yeah I mean the screens like this big I mean it's very like yes no it's it's it's the old

we all know could come everything comes down to money. Yeah, it does. I mean, UPS would upgrade everything and have like futuristic flying trucks. If they if they had the money and the ability you know, it's I guess yes is struggling a bit.

Yeah, they are Amazon's kicking their ass.

Because they have a better system.

They do I will do ups needs to get caught up to the 21st century.

Sound like a 19th century first.

Alright, this i thought was kind of interesting. I know my Internet's kind of cutting out y'all so if you can't hear me I'm sorry. But the audio people can so that's all I care about. No, I'm just kidding. I care about you guys. Do

I do not have a mask? I don't believe in that. But if you do, I will wear my shirt. Oh my face. Yeah, no. It's just

it's just to bring up the stupid shit that you see out there. The mask issue? Yeah, I mean that's prevented you was she cute?

Listen, Steve, that wasn't very nice.

Gotta give him one for that.

I go there but yeah that is still preventing me from driving and I think it's twofold right so I obviously want to do I'm kind of a stickler for doing the right thing but you know people have a has just kind of said well you know go out and drive and if if the writers are wearing a mask then you wear one if the writers are not wearing a white mask then don't wear it but no that's not how you're supposed to do it you know, you're supposed to wearing a mask and you're supposed to turn down the right if they're not mad wearing a mask the problem is you know you're risking people being stupid about the riders being stupid about and kind of finding stupid things to report your for right so you're getting on all these one stars you're getting all this bad just bad things and so that's the in general the things that I've said no, I don't want to do it. I don't want to deal with it because I'm going to be the one who is like no, I'm having my mask on and so all you otherwise get out of my car and and I'm gonna be you know, it's gonna be that so for now I'm still not driving even though I missed a heck of it.

What about you Steve? Are you driving right now? Um,

I'm driving curry curry or curry to you know I'm doing a I'm going to be doing a video for them on their route rides nice and I'm gonna put something I'm going to clip it all together but yeah, Jason I was just saying that I'm gonna be doing a route ride for an entire day with curry with one of their route drivers. Oh yeah bring together some kind of video for him. Very cool. Yeah, so I'm going to see like all the ins and the outs from the warehouse to the and these aren't the people just taking the rides This is going to be the people who are route drivers and Dude, I mean like I got to tell you like let me if you don't mind let me read you this price of how much I got a text the other day this was for a job with curry. Still as an independent contractor however, listen to this pay. I mean, this was crazy. Okay, so I get a text. Hey there this is Bradley with curry. I have an opportunity starting this Thursday morning. 997 am running a daily delivery route for eight hours a day in our 26 foot flatbed so it's not even your car out of Aurora. That's about 10 miles from my house. Monday through Friday starting at $20 per hour, we guarantee eight hours of pay daily payout to 24 and ot of 3750 down Wow.

That's incredible.

That's that's not even picking up rides. That's a route ride. That's something you're going to every day you're paid out like a lot of these jobs are doing it to 24 and if you do any overtime, you're getting 3750 an hour.

But see that ties into the fact that it is so difficult to find semi drivers to light truck drivers in general.

Yeah, bus drivers,

right? It's just Yeah, there we go. Sign me up.

Well, nobody wants Yeah, I wouldn't drive a bus either, man.

Hey, no, I think about doing driving a bus this winter. As to Yeah.

I'm just I'm just seeing for sickness reasons. Even before COVID it's like bus drivers always are sick.

Fuck them. Kids were wearing masks.

Just wear gas masks. Can

you imagine me as a bus driver? Or like elementary kids?

All fatigues. Like Yeah, skin.

Listen you Mr. ephors. You better sit your ass down. What's your master? beat you and tell your parents,

right? Like you have one of those cop ones.

Think that would be my last day on the job. You think? Oh my gosh. Okay.

Santa hit me in the bus.

Santa, you look like. Alright, this one's kind of interesting. It's a ship rundown three items total, um, apple juice. Cool. 128 gig micro SD card. And then he had a special request. Grab a pack a fleet enema. It's bottles. You squeezing a booty hole? Okay. I'm sure everyone listening to this podcast knows what an animal is. But thank you for telling me about your booty hole.

Pete Got him. He's.

So the other two on that screen looked like they were printed by the store or professionally. Yeah. So the added Are you allowed to like did I mean, that's not how it's written in the store?

No. Got it. I want to I want to be part of that management team if they wrote that, like, I want to work for this store. So with ship, you can add special requests. And what you'll do is you'll find it and you just add your own price to it. Oh, in case you can't find Yeah, for whatever reason. Maybe it wasn't in the shipped app. And you know, target carries fleet animals. So I mean, it's not like it's a huge But Yep, you can do that. And you just write your own price. Make sure you write it about, you know, 50 to 100% higher than what it is. And so now I think ship that's how you get good tip. That's exactly because the higher the price the more money you make, but I'm sure shipped has some sort of probably some variances, right? Where they kind of I don't know, if it's not in the system, how do they know what the price is? I guess they wouldn't ever know. Yeah, that's I'm saying so if it's like six bucks for a pack, you could write $60 $60. But you get fired the next day, but you know, that's okay.

You made $54. Right?

All right. Before we continue on, just want to talk about Maestro, they came to us and said, Hey, we have an iOS app. We want you to talk about us. So which is amazing. I haven't used it yet because again, you know, I'm I have a gig economy podcast, and I don't do gig work. That should be like our summer. That should be our Yeah, I know, I got about five weeks left at work. So and then I'll be back. But Maestro is an app that helps you multi multi app without

multitask multitask between

apps. So you can add Lyft and Uber. You can set up filters along trip filter auto accepting all that stuff. It's basically super customizable. You can set it up saying I don't want any rides that are seven more than seven minutes away. And what the cool thing about it which which driver utility dog does not do, I'd actually say that out loud. I heard that it doesn't pop up. It just takes it away. So you never see it. Well at least with my stroke it'll pop up so I know you're really slow and you want to take it again. So check it out. Please use the link in our description. It shows my show that we have been talking about them and you guys want to do it. But it's it's it's amazing. I'm planning on using it this fall. If I take riders I don't know if I will be so but yeah, Maestro. We appreciate it's my computer over there that appreciate you supporting us. And hopefully, I think you will download the app.

I think the the person from the next video coming up and with that Maestro would support like doordash delivery.

The other thing about Maestro is you can set those parameters like you were talking about for each by platform you'd like for lifts you can write I only want short trips. I only want long. So you can play your market to really well you don't have to set it is like this is all I'm looking for in every

Okay, so I'm really interested to try it on iOS because as we know, you know Steve Apple lover, brother? Yes. Fuck you. Yeah, I was in a spit take. That's always like on the show be to my other podcast. And this only gets only but I'm surprised Maestro was able to get all those accessibility features in the Apple Store. So I'm curious to try it out how well it works. how well it works. I know original,

the original Maestro that had all the people in the beginning couldn't know. I talked to the new guy too. And I know you have multiple times but like he got they got that their development team must be a little more superior because they they push that right through to the iOS

unless apples loosened up a little bit on those and it could be a mix up. They haven't know well you would think that if it would be a back end app I call it where it's not trusted by the developer. You know what I mean? Apple Yeah, do it in the

won't backdoor won't won't. Why won't get in the App Store. Yeah. But

the problem is, is they run a Apple runs on a Unix system. So we've got a completely different code. So like, you can't there is no backdoor. There is no way to sneak anything. So that's why unlike Google where you can put anything up that even doesn't work. Yeah, on iOS, they really do look into it and make sure it's bulletproof.

Awesome. I just realized I don't think I added this video. Hold on. You didn't add the video. I had that last show to give me a second. Dang it. Okay,

I found it one job.

This is why I love stream yard. Because I'm able to add it Just give me a second. So this guy talks about the $2 delivery charge or the $2 that people are taking it's still uploading some stalling

I gotta tell you there was something he said at the end, which I'm not gonna say we're gonna replay it, but that really struck a chord

with me. Yes, it's a little bit longer. Yeah, like a minute.

Watch it to the end because his message is actually worth worth listening to it. He's very true, very true.

We do not take $2 orders, or $3. Stop taking it. Your job is not worth two or $3. So why do you take something that is not the worth of what you're doing? Yes. Good question, missy. better question. If somebody gave you two $3 cash and they say hey man, can you go The store, pick up this not for me or to the restaurant yet. Pick up this and that for me and come back and give it to me pick up my food. I'll pay you man. Do you ask them? How much like $2? They take out the cash from $1? Bill $2 bills here? would you do it? You wouldn't do it. You know this. So why do you accept it through the app? Once you go online with Uber? You know, you wouldn't if I gave you $2 cash, you can probably make more standing in a corner. Okay, in that period of time that you pick up, go pick up the delivery, drop it off, and you're finished. You probably make more than $2 begging. Oh, you not hear me? You will probably make more than $2 begging at a light. So why are you accepting $2 and $3 orders? Come on, man. That's gotta wake up. Stand up for yourself. Assess the disrespect. That's like you disrespect to yourself when you take something like that.

Just like you disrespecting yourself.

Yep. I mean, that's true.

Don't just like finding a quarter these days.

Oh, yeah.

They're not hiring anymore.

They're a dime a dozen man. They're a dime a dozen. What are you talking about? But no,

I mean, here in Denver, there's somebody on everyone. I know that doesn't

really well. The corners are taken. Yeah,

if you respect yourself, don't don't take a $2. And he really makes a good point. Like, if I said to you, yes, sir. Can you run 20 minutes? I mean, it's literally to your house. Can you? Can you run your house? pick something up, bring it back. I'll give you two bucks. You tell me to go fuck yourself. Like,

however in that case, at least you guys are talking and he would say go? Yeah. And he'd say How about 15 or 20? Like, it's not through an app This is face to face and that's true. Not gonna do.

Well, I don't think anyone even would say that to a person. I don't think you would go to a friend or even like not even a friend. You go to somebody at Home Depot. Hey, I have this. I bought this lumber I can you drive it to my house for two bucks? like three two by fours. You'd be like, Get the hell out of here.

But I think I think it points to the other side of it too. Right? What's that? It's like why are you not tipping more? Well,

you got to start with the drivers you really clearly to me because the clearly the people that aren't tipping are continuing to do it because people are taking the $2 orders. Oh, I agree. So it's easier to get to the drivers with those videos than the people out there. You know what I mean? But yeah, you should be tipping but to doubt I don't understand these companies. It's just disgusting. $2 like, I can't believe

you I said the minimum fare. Well, it used to be more right?

At least Uber and maybe they've changed it but Uber and grubhub at least pay you mileage doordash is like it's three bucks whether it's by 10 miles or three miles it's three bucks No no, not for me.

ain't taking that shit Nope.

All right, so here's a couple of things

you know it could be newbies and rental car people too.

Oh there's lots of those but they you mean they have to make the money regardless

and the trips and all the criteria you need to do to get your deal on the car and all this that and the other who are just like except except to say

and and I think a lot of people fall into the and we tease Leo about it but being a top Dasher like there's like oh, y'all full access to the schedule you'll have all these other perks meanwhile if they would do it the correct way and take what's valuable they would make more money but people don't realize that they get worried they got bills to pay I don't I don't want you to take the $2 but I also understand if you're broke and you got to do it I'm not gonna yell at you I'm like I'm not gonna hunt you down and get out

of the car get up on the corner I'm back well

he'll call me and I'll hunt you

down yeah that's right

no cuz I agree with the guy man don't take it don't take it.

Alright, so this is kind of interesting. Hey man, my stuff is going to be caught this is a customer and I don't know probably overeats Hey man, my stuff is going to be cold my food was picked up 42 minutes ago. It's hard to say my guess is your order was dropped by another Dasher before me I'm on my way. You called me I understand your predicament but fast food almost an hour old isn't good. Can you get fresh food driver? Unfortunately I cannot I kept your food in my bag. So it should be okay. If not feel free to leave me a bad review for one. Why? I'll own it. Oh, you find out later. I'll own it. If I had known that my second restaurant was going to take that long. I would have declined it and delivered your food 20 minutes ago. You don't want to say that but that's Yeah, that come in. I definitely understand your frustration. Also, if you wouldn't mind leaving a terrible review for Seoul. They're the one the reason this happened. I don't know if that was the restaurant or maybe the other driver. Right? Right. Customers are gonna weigh now. I'm hungry. I've already tipped and you pick it up almost an hour ago. I'm saying you're not human. I'm not saying you're not human. But I've worked in the restaurant industry for 21 years. If you can't take several orders at a time that don't take them, it's not the restaurant, the suffering, that's your clientele. Which is a good point. Yeah, but

as a restaurant tour for many, many years, that's also a BS point, because you take every customer and you deal with it. If you're short handed, you just trip and you just jump into triple speed mode. Yeah, you get stuff handled, you get it expedited. You work that out, and you figure it out. You don't start going, listen, we're understaffed, it's gonna be in two hours, right? Figure it out.

Yeah. And if you can't, then you're just gonna pay the piper.

Right? Right. But you still never would want, you know, you don't want less people, you know?

Right, right. Yeah, that guy should have known. I don't know, if I would have got to the restaurant and I waited like more than five or seven minutes, like so he's already got this guy's food, right? He goes to the second restaurant. Five minutes in and I don't see it inside. I drop it. But I dropped that one and go deliver the guy's food I already have.

So you guys have more experience in this space? Why did it say 40 minutes that he had it? Was he said that it had been maybe it was dropped by somebody else. I've had it for 40 minutes. I'm thinking dude, because he was under the heat lamp for 40 minutes, but I know it's in your bag stain kinda warm. But dude.

Yeah, he made some terrible mistakes. Like

I said, I waited too long for the food for the next one for the next

one. And I don't know where that 40 minutes came in. Where if the customer ordered it 40 minutes ago, and what's his name? Had it Sol or whatever. And then he dropped it. But the customer didn't realize it. So it was kind of confusing who actually had the order. My guess is that was 40 minutes since he picked it up. And then he started communicating with them, which was probably another 2030 minutes before he got what

I'm saying. So like you're talking about a such a long timeline, right?

Yeah, I Oh, man. Yeah, that guy should have not taken. I if I would have picked up that order. I always look at the tickets. And I was like, holy shit. This thing's been in here for 40 minutes. I won't take a second one. I'll just deliver it. I try to be nice, because I don't want that food either. So I try to do what I would want other people to do for me. Yep. Because I don't want to get a bad review either.

So apparently this guy wanted. Well, he

shouldn't have fuckin text. Shit. Like,

I don't know. Can you also go back and give the original driver who had it a bad review? Probably Can't I doubt it. It's whoever completed the order. Whoever brings it's the only person you're going to be able to unless you made a call and even then you're just talking to people in Taiwan who don't care.

Well, we'll talk about we'll talk about that later on. doordash support. Right? Yes. It's pretty easy.

Tips from a food industry expert. No, one. Oh, that's the real Yeah. There we go. There we go. So basically, this is Jose. Yep. And he gave this to me. But basically he has a picture of 9000 deliveries. 8770. Almost 9000 deliveries,

which is crazy. And 11,000 rides. I see that part. 20,000. Yep. So that's incredible. That guy must work. 12 hours, seven days a week.

I mean, but how long of a time was this over? Yeah, it doesn't say I mean,

it's obviously Uber and he's diamond. He says diamond bet he's a diamond bid. Right? So

right, but my Uber ride say over 20,000

those are really? Yeah. How many deliveries Steve,

did you do those? Did you just see? I know I think

I doesn't even say my I am registered for Uber Eats I've just never even done one. You've not done one.

Uber Eats? You gotta you gotta you gotta

I did. I did the doordash platform, you know, but I was still I don't know. I really wasn't I was I had a bad taste in my mouth about Uber after the pandemic. I just wasn't ready to no pun intended. And then and then I learned about doordash and now I got a great taste about Uber

come crawling back. Hey, oh,

no, I don't I hate delivery to Steve it's just not for me.

You know you guys you know everybody says they love it because they love not having the passengers I being in the service industry. I miss some of the conversation and to be honest, I really hate the smell in my car. The frilly you don't know. Yeah, I mean like I go here in Denver. We have so many different restaurants and I live really close to Colfax the main road that goes you know, America's longest road highway 40 there's, you know, whatever and it's, you know, we go through there and it's it's all like, you know, Thai food or this or that. I mean, it's You're going to have weird smells in your car

well that's why I use a bag so that it's in the bag but it still smells I know everyone's got their thing I don't I didn't mind passengers but when I hear the drunk stories I'm just like I don't want to do that shit again like I just don't want to deal with it. See I liked it if the money's there I'd like it to I know I go where the money's at.

Nobody heard me but I mean I got you know I have a belt clip with a thing of mace. I have my taser on my left. I mean, I'm ready to go. You're ready to rock and roll. I'm ready to shut it down turn you off in a construction site. Take your phone. On the highway. Yeah,

you have matching your legs right?

Eat this electricity. Alright, moving on. A lawsuit filed against Uber driver. Thanks for this ad You jerk website. lawsuit filed against Uber driver for deadly 2016 Kalamazoo shooting. So

this is this the app that I that the app made me do it? Yeah, this guy

Jeffrey Dalton. The lawsuit is a file that a man from a man who says Uber was unreachable despite claiming to have a 24 hour helpline that would have the activated the driver who later went on a fatal shooting rampage that same day. Uber is accused of not responding to complaints against the driver at the time, Jason Dalton. Matt Millen said he was taken on terrifying ride by the driver Jason Dalton on February 28 2016, just hours before he went on to fatally shoot six people and injure two. So Melanie had to request an Uber ride around 4:30pm and he ended up getting Dalton as his driver. The lawsuit describes the drivers terrifying. The lawsuit alleges that Dalton was running red lights crashing on their vehicles as well as kidnapping false and pressing in battle and salt battery. He escaped from the ride by jumping from the vehicle in state injuries and called 911. He said he contacted Uber immediately to report Dalton's unsafe driving to get him deactivated. But Hoover did not deactivate Dalton, who was arrested after shooting eight people eight hours later.

Oh, the funny thing is he still had his app on. Right? Like he should have been able even in 2016 he should have been able to hit emergency. I mean, there were ways to even then do it. Yeah, but that was real new though. Like most I'm just saying like major emergency. Not all options like no, but

I'm telling you right now, though, even even now in 2021. If you pull 100 people I bet most of them don't know how to get to that button. But I'm serious.

Why was Uber not able to turn him off in eight hours?

Well, here's the weird part. So as he didn't get through, he couldn't get through. So

they didn't in any way Get on. But they didn't know. So when he called 911. If you if you don't already know this, you should that Uber will not release any piece of information even in an ongoing thing happening live with the police. They won't won't share it. No, not if it's a live situation. No dude, like when that lady driver was stabbed that I that I often refer to and Phoenix who was in her third trimester and stabbed 19 times in the belly, right? Uber Uber, the police got wind of that somehow. And she had a tracking on her car. What's a company called that back in the day? Oh, jack. Yeah, it was like low jack somehow. And she somehow luckily got that to the police. But she was on with Uber and had to like, she had two phones had to go to the other phone and call 911 she was on hold with Uber.

That's embarrassing. So what I don't understand is he called 911. Right to buy. Okay, that's fine. But what did the cops do after he called 911? Cuz it sounds like there's a timeline after this guy's ride that later around, he went out and shot people. So

why why didn't what the cops couldn't find him?

I mean, I guess I mean, that's that's my thought, too, is that he jumped out. He's causing mayhem and Kalamazoo didn't have any kind of pinpoint or any way to look at Uber and Uber and said, Okay, yes, Dalton, this is the driver. I noticed everywhere. Yes. Yeah. Cuz he's still at the app on because the app was telling him what to do. So we know it was on.

So Uber is going to be paying out big time. Like,

my question is he was arrested in 2016. He was sentenced, I think, in February of 2019. Why is this court case? Oh,

because that's how the court works. But don't

do I mean, who don't you think who's who's doing the suing? Oh, this is five years must be the family is of

no, no, no, this guy this guy lived. He was just a passenger earlier in the day.


So he's the guy suing he's suing. Oh, yeah. suing saying

that earlier. He could have prevented all this is what he's saying.

Right? But he may not have been able to sue until after the outcome of this other case.

True that was that was two and a half years that was yeah but the center he wasn't done yet yeah was sentenced to Manistee county right yeah 30 months ago

but then

yeah, yes. Are you on the court system where it takes forever for that stuff to go through?

No no I know Yeah. So maybe he's maybe he's been working with a lawyer now for a while. 12 months to do the lawsuit just to make sure everything gets you know,

I don't know it sounds like

the other thing that struck me was that he's only suing for $25,000 I missed that part. That's all he's suing for. And but he's he's suing for $25,000 and he wants a jury trial and that's what my guess is is that's what's gonna get him a ton of money because Uber cannot handle a jury trial about this Robo who's well they're gonna come to him and say here's a million dollars we you shut up

but here's the other thing though. Steve is if he wins this What about all the family or the family has left Oh of the Oh yeah, God you probably haven't heard this. This is an opening Oh, all doors

there's six killed to majorly injure I mean, there's a lot

if he went to this one good

guy this guy I'm surprised he's just doing time and not the hardest prison either.

Well, Manistee, that doesn't sound like a fun place. It's a federal prison.

I don't know I'd send them to Jackson naked like they did with dahmer in Wisconsin and just to have all the guards turn their heads and let the let whatever that's getting real on

this show. said he wasn't a killer earlier but I think I'm gonna leave that in just case we have some proof I mean,

I mean that guy deserved it man I know told me to do it. Yeah, dude, that's that's like he had

a bad day. Yeah, a bad day. See?

You guys got to stop talking over each other. You know

how hard that is the app base Son of Sam Yes it is.

You know how hard this is gonna be editing on you. You're the sucker I'm charging extra this time. It won't extra have nothing I know it's still nothing paid over time.

You take hi oh, might you want

peace as well? that escalated quickly. Dhamma angry? Sure did. All right. If you want more of this garbage podcast you can join us on Patreon which

I love how you did that that's

a good transition right? Thank you. You can support This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. search the gig economy podcast get a piece of merch get an extra podcast we had an interview Matt from curry I was working on that last night that should be out this week. And then we just you know you just can support the show all this cost money and then see I can bill yes for for overtime. If you join the Patreon But no, we have a good time. Time and a half. You paid me time and a half. Okay, time and a half with your deck. I got weird.

Anyways. You always have to make it a weird

you can see yes, first penis on the Patreon podcast. That's all I'm saying. I'm just I'm just That's what I'm saying. No, we'd love for you to support

us. You know my daughter listens to the show. She doesn't.

It's explicit. We appreciate everyone that supports us. I'm excited that Chris signed up. So fun to meet him and his I don't know if his wife or his girlfriend significant other. That was really cool. And we should have got Omar's email address because I wanted to send them a thank you for coming to the picnic. So Omar, I know you listen. please email us your address.

Here's another person who came from from Detroit. I know Steve, come on Detroit for the podcast. Like you could come from a trade

that's that's so much different types of


See how it is. You're willing to fly to Dallas, but not Grand Rapids. I

might drive to Dallas. Oh, how

far is that for you?

That's like 15 hours off.

Fuck that. Well, I

just mean because I might make more a little more out of it. My cousin, my cousin who I haven't seen in forever. works for NASA in Houston.

Okay, I know Larry might drive his car down he might drive I'm not driving from Michigan

that'd be the only reason I do it is if I want to see her. She went through a divorce. She's got a kid I haven't even met All right, so haven't seen her in forever so

interesting. Well, yeah, that'd be good drive for you. 15 hours.

Otherwise No, I will fly.

Oh shit. Larry says if Steve drives and maybe I'll fly oh now he now Larry's backing out. No, no,

Larry's Larry's only gonna drive. If I won't eat rice

because you want a car though.

He wants a car. We don't want to use the services we talk about I mean, it's sketch if I'm using Uber it's gonna be Uber black. Like I'm and I'm building the company.

You might you might as well rent a vehicle. You can build a company.

You just fly Little Red one yeah see I've

done Mike i'm gonna i'm very excited about them

all right we are 103 and so we're gonna fly through these next ones yeah boring fuck you

so this is a nice

you know it's all Jason if remember Steve well maybe you don't worry

I absolutely do the first time I dropped enough boom

oh no I was gonna say did you drop it on here

but like the first or second time I was on okay you're like oh he dropped enough but I thought well you're not allowed here well used to be

we never used to do that and then I was like, You know what? Screw this let's just be ourselves you know what I mean?

So somebody made an addition to the app

don't sound so excited. You're not gonna be able to read that because I can't read what

I read earlier. So basically, I think it is doordash is doordash oh that's basically they're improving their process when it comes to delivering alcohol so it's never been easier basically what they're doing is they have you're not going to have to see their Id see their ID and scan the ID every time but you know they have a new process in place so that you are able to just by confirming that it is the right person Yeah. Are you doing it Am I doing

sorry I'm reading it as like the words were popping in as long as

it's the right person you identify that it's you know it's the right person on on on their image now more like taken out of it then as long as you have to confirm that then that's all the verification you have to do and you're able to deliver the deliver the goods and they end up by saying is remember that if you deliver alcohol you'll get 30% more out of it quite often.

I The reason I brought that up is just I see problems with this I mean when you scan the actual ID it actually scans it and it's like oh shit that's right but just having like I don't know I see some some some issue

it's set in there you don't even have to you and I Jason were talking about this and joking about it not too long ago and we're talking about a drizzle yeah how like kids will just order and say yes Lee but yeah that's right i mean i mean they're they're saying no ID and you're just gonna have to slit what just say you're

you know, I think you have to match the person with the picture so you have to look at the ID on the app but they don't have to show it in person you can just drop and go unless I well but

couldn't if the kids or if the kids parents are out of town couldn't they just change the picture?

Yeah, it's got to be a photo of

a senior in high school wants to have a party his parents are gone and they and he has the app that allows Uber Eats and drizzle to deliver kind of thing and he has he saves the picture of the of his dad on the profile switches it with his for the weekend switches it back i mean

i think kids are stupid these days But yeah, I guess that could happen

but a dad just leave a bunch of kids a bunch of good ideas

at that point Steve though I think the the issue here is at that point is no longer door dashes problem

true it is though no but they're the warning to miners

no but yes but they are following the the the system if you will the miner is the one who committed fraud

right but yeah, so he the kid could get charged with fraud but just knowing what I know about alcohol you have to check everybody you have to look at everybody's Id even if you know them as a regular when I've been a bartender sometimes in every day I still get to see that

and I understand I understand what you're saying. But if they get the software if they got the software approved in that sense to do it that way then it's no longer their responsibility you know as long as that as long as the basically they're what they're saying is that the person on in the photograph is the person that has been approved for the account.

Yeah, technically they're not it they've done what they're supposed to do but they're still could get sued.

Sure, and I still could see let's take out the switching picture thing I still could see kids using the app and just kind of you know like wearing a hat pulling it down Yeah, probably the facial features of the parents I mean like Dude, I I see a ton of going wrong here it'll

be for sure certainly his issues with it. Yes. But you know, I mean, who knows? Yeah,

cuz the ship. Why

is it so hard to check? You don't have to scan it But why? They should at least be saying that these drivers are checking. Well, I

think you if you're gonna do anything, you have to scan it. It has to be scanned into the app because otherwise showing them as the same as looking at the app. You know what I mean if the kid can still dress up how he wants and still hand to drivers, although chances are the kid won't have Have the driver's license. But if the old man's back already passed out, they could get out of his wallet. You know, one then

there's the parents who don't care at all. Sure, sure, son. Take my license here. Yeah.

Meaning away that you could figure out how to get alcohol is what I'm saying. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I don't like it. Let's put it that way. It's not the old school days, like all of us grew up with where you go sit outside of the liquor store on the side. Wait, naming game, buy me some booze? Yeah, you don't even

want to get me talking about that. Then my legal drinking age is 15. So let's go there. Nice.

Yeah, they're also time. Yes. Okay, so this is kind of funny. What a joke says, Why did the Uber driver get fired? The passenger kept reporting him for going the extra mile.

And by the way, then Mike is not.

I know. Did you like that? How I said it and then went right into the story. So


Yeah, yes. berhad? Heavy Larry. Your way. Jean. It's okay. He's barely over 18. He gave me COVID, too. So just so you know, I'm just kidding.

Is that body fluids?

How come? How come? We're so sure Larry gave it to you and not vice versa?

I know. Yeah. Yeah.

I think he did wake up one day with a little bit of a sore throat. He's like, it's drainage. I'm like, Yeah, right. It's COVID night, and maybe you gave it to him. He didn't even get it. Oh, he tested. If he got it, then it would be different. But that's what's crazy about COVID because we were we stayed in the same Airbnb. We snuggled together. We were in the same classes together. We ate dinner together. We ate lunch together. Like all that stuff. He didn't get it. I got it. Well, you know. Yeah.

And you guys were both vaccinated. So you had your masks off when you were in close proximity and Correct. Correct. Yeah, there's no this just

weird. So what I want to know is what you found the back in the spoon.

I was back.

Alright, you just tried to figure out which one was worse. Yeah.

Look for a second before I answered. Shit. All right. Oh, all right. This is kind of funny. Oh, you can't read that very well. I just realized that. I'm sorry, y'all.

Is that mine? Yeah. Do

you want me to do it real quick, so we can get done with this podcast.

Thanks for confirming that support. Thanks for confirming for faster resolution, I will give you a call. So you can we transfer the call to the dedicated team. It was my pleasure to assist you today. And thanks again for being a JP Morgan in Chicago.

So obviously, this chat person had a short cut for another support. You think that happens? They're working for multiple companies at same time?

Oh my god. Yes. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm oblivious to that. Oh, my God, they have like radio, but I've actually seen some videos, they actually hit in over in the Philippines and everything. They have radio buttons, right? So one comes in it says Uber, and then it's just got flow pages. And that's why you get them saying, I don't know. I don't know. Because if it's not one of the four oh, no,

they just, that's my

other let's proceed without this. It's like you have to click one. So that's why you can get a misinterpreted thing too, because they're like, you know what, I'm not hearing you. I'm just gonna click that you got raped. I mean, it's it literally it's it just is flow screens. It's not typing, it's not entering info, it's just click, click, click. Yeah, it's just basic data entry. Ridiculous. Okay,

so this is from Steve here. You know, tell me the Steve, did you write this? Or did you just is this just a report?

Which one? Which Oh, sorry,

I apologize. The vaccine mandate may not apply to your Uber driver, Big Mac server. Right? It? It won't right? Did you write this? Or did you know the purpose. So basically, what it's boiling down to is the mask or the vaccine mandate of 100 employees or more, won't apply to Burger King, or those kinds of things. Because each of those buildings need to have 100 people even though the company itself, and a lot of them are independently owned as well, and they're part of the corporation.

So the company only have less people. Yep. Right.

And there was something else I read in here. And I need to use that highlight thing that I knew that I use because otherwise I forget where the shit is, but so what they're talking about is many about the 1099 being an independent contractor. It's hard for Uber or doordash or anything to enforce that I did read somewhere that grubhub was gonna make, make everyone be vaccinated, but I saw it like a rumor and I haven't seen it again. So I don't know if that's the truth or not. But if they make everyone be vaccinated as an independent contractor then aren't we kind of like employees?

Yeah, these lines you guys watch as soon as you do that, but

what am I gonna say California and they're gonna write down?


yeah, or New York or Seattle? Something like that. But,

you know, real quick, I know we're trying to rush through this. But speaking of where yesterday was from, I saw on the Dutch news that the Dutch corps passed the same kind of stuff that the UK has been doing in London did about worker class in the middle. But they also did what the taxi syndicate syndicate is done everywhere, which is they already said that you that Uber not only has to treat them as employees, but they have to hire 4000. No, they gave they're the first place to give them a number interested in 4000 drivers because they based it on a per capita system. Okay.

So I'd like to point out that I'm from Denmark, not not, not the Netherlands, the Netherlands,

one of the same. Yeah, it's in your

Uber is illegal in Denmark.

Yeah. communist country. Is that a Danish hat? Yeah.

It's a Danish flag.

That's the Danish flag. Cool. I never seen that hat before.

It's new. I bought a Danish festival in Greenville.

Oh, has it made in China?

I'm finished. We're one of the only countries that didn't support the war on Hitler.

All right, we're not going down. Okay, this is a tick tock. I

do I do. But I think it's because of the I think it's because of the touching to Russia. They're in a very scared position.

Again, three things you don't talk about the show history, math and geography. I just added history tonight.

Violence and

violence. Okay, that's pretty interesting. This is annoying. I know. I know your Uber driver.

Sure your Uber driver will talk to you during your idea number one. Hey there. Hey, how's it going? Good. Do you mind if I play some music? Oh, sure. I got the I got my x chord if you want to. I won't be needing that. This is a song I wrote the other day about when I stubbed my toe. What

no one thinks it's funny.

Oh, it's okay.

I thought you know, I saw quite a few I think I saw that story. And for some reason my eyes must play tricks on me because I thought it said a tuba hour. Or maybe there was another story about a tuba. That's a play on it. But I thought it's a tuba.

One of those little things called Zoo because Zoo they

love those things as a kid. Correct. But they're weird. They are weird, though. Yeah,

they're an instrument for $1 Yeah, and if

I would use it so much, or I would blow on it so hard. Don't use the dirty joke. Don't Don't do it. I hesitated on saying it, but I did it anyways. I would break the paper in there. There's a little piece of paper that rattles to make that noise because I blew it too hard. That funnier

video we need to ping pong paddles. What What do you mean for what we love when you said don't say that we can at least hold up a big oh there you go.

I want one with a middle finger on it. He says I was blowing so hard. Yep, he was I was okay last thing is just a video he Pete would know Pete Excuse me. This is interesting. This guy there was a there's a huge attempt on Twitter to find this delivery driver. I think this was in one of the hurricanes. But this is crazy that this guy even delivered this I'm gonna play real quick. You can see he's walking his bike. I know people can't hear us on the stream, but they can audio. It's probably up to his thighs. Right? The food is actually dragging in the water a little bit which is very odd. Yeah, it's still dragging in the water. I

think it's floating right now.

Yeah. That's crazy that even did that. So anyways, that guy if you have to find the article, I didn't I don't want the link in here. But someone was trying to find him that guy was delivering for grub hub. I don't know who said he was but that's weird that he was even doing that. Like ya know, I'm kind of a wimp. I'll admit it when there's bad weather I stay home

that was one of those northeast floods right it was like New Jersey or something?

Yeah, I think so. Yeah, I don't think it was it was part of the hurricane but like the aftermath or something like that, dude,

I made a joke on Twitter about that. And I thought such hell I bet you didn't believe it. I put it on, but I did it in a foot. I mean like, all these people were saying all this I can't believe this is how dare people let him and it's his decision, but my joke was You know right and the food's gonna be wet and people were like that's what you saw on this video that's

a great job

that's a great that's a simp that's a softball like that's a perfect a

lot of people got mad about that I'm telling you I had a lot I had some hate

I ball you know you've made it when you got some a yeah yeah I don't deliver in the bad weather when it's like a blizzard like

one of my best nights when I was driving the master is still a blizzard year Really? You can make a ton of money like killing

that night. You can wonder what I wonder what he made on that.

I don't know three dogs probably got $3 and he probably got some disease from the sewage water that he was walking through. little extra extra.

He looked like he was respecting myself a lot.

Oh man. Well, guys, thank you guys so much. I can't thank Steve enough for coming on the show. I will be on Steve's show coming up this Monday it when does that drop Tuesday have

to be 10 minutes late on his show. 10

minutes. I see his is it live. So he like. I'm cool. He's like, that's cool. Whatever. Yeah, but check out Steve's show rideshare rodeo course. Anywhere you download or if you go to Uber and Lyft drivers calm. You can also

get the show there. Thank you everybody for listening in and staying on.

Yeah, thanks, Laura. She said food delivery app shut down early to keep drivers off the road. Yeah, that's actually a good idea. I would like to see more apps do that instead of like, trying to rake in the money but But anyways, guys, thank you so much for listening to the gig economy podcast. We'll see you in a couple weeks.

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