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What's going on guys? How's everybody doing from around the world and around the United States? y'all doing well? staying warm? Yeah, I

feel like we need to get Janet in here. And just like just bring her in just for like five minutes. Be like,

yeah, that's to cover cover another part of the globe. That'd be that'd be pretty sweet. Right? Right.

He's out driving right now.

Probably. What time Yeah, so

she's only she's only one of those that works anymore. Yeah.

What is it like? 3pm there the next day?

Yes. Correct.

That's crazy. Yeah,

it's three. Yeah, I

think he's five hours earlier than it is here. But the next day, the next day, which is crazy. Which is crazy. Because like I feel like Denmark's like close to New Zealand like a lot closer than we are in the States. So I'm like, why is it still messed up?

Me and geography. Yeah, they're like 18 hours ahead of you guys. And I'm 16 hours. I'm six hours ahead of you guys.

It's weird. Oh, wow,

that gets crazy.

Hey, I was told there'd be no math involved in Yeah,

we got our two worst subjects math and geography and we've we've already hit on both of them. Alright, before we get into the stories, I just want to thank you to the our Patreon members of course Larry, from Bowling Green. Thank you long supporter Keith from Georgia Janet from New Zealand Leo from Detroit Samson from Grand Rapids Miguel from Grand Rapids. Ron from San Fran and Steve from Colorado. We can't thank you enough for that. Also, speaking of Steve, in Colorado, if you want a podcast to check out which Larry's going to be on real soon, it's called rideshare. rodeo. It's on all the platforms that you can get podcasts from. But he has some great interviews. It's a good podcast to listen to a little bit different from ours. Ours is more. I don't know, it's infotainment, chemistry driven. His is a little bit more serious about gig work. Not that we're not serious about gig work.

That was serious.

Seriously funny.

Yeah, there you go. There

you go. But, um,

but um, and then, of course, our telegram group, we had a new participant he has his business name on there, but I don't remember his real name. But uh, welcome to what was it Florida sales and service or something?

for sales and service?

I don't know why. I don't know. I thought I thought for sure. I had to keep the delete button over his name because I thought for sure he was gonna start selling product when he got in there. But

he did. And far so good.

So far, so good.

There you go.

So I realized that this ad spot in the wrong spot, but that's okay. So before we jump in, we're going to talk about stories Larry's gonna kind of talk his game, what he does in Bowling Green, and how long he's been driving and yada, yada. You're on Larry go.

Alright. As far as stories, probably the the most normal thing that's happened last couple weeks out doing rideshare. About three weeks ago, I picked up a passenger who's probably about 1230 in the morning, and pulled into the driveway. And there's two cars in the driveway, and she was sitting in one of the vehicles. So that's a little little weird, right off the bat. And you know, last night that late at night, and so she gets in the car. And as you all know, you can tell when a pastor's upset, usually something's going on. And I could tell it looked like she'd been crying. And so you never know how to broach it. You know, some people just want to be left alone. So I tried to usually use a little bit of humor. So always just tell him like, Hey, you know, seems like you seem like you're having a rough night. And now if you want to talk, you know, I grew up with five sisters, I'm a really good listener. So that, that kind of breaks the ice sheet a little bit. And so she kind of started talking to me, and she said that she just had to get out of her house because her husband was in a rage, and he was being abusive. And you always hate to hear something like that. Yeah. And she never really would tell me kind of exactly what went down that night. But she said that she said she you know, she said she very easily could have had him arrested. And that a year ago that he actually broke her wrist? No. And yeah, and so I was like, Katie, you got to get out of there. He's gonna he's gonna hurt you, or he's gonna kill you. It's like, it's not you know, you've been with him long enough, because she was in her mid 40s. It wasn't like she was a 20 year old. It's like, you know, what's gonna happen. And she agreed, but it was the same story that you hear over and over, you know, she talked about how they made her feel worthless, how he cut her off from friends and family. He told her it was her fault that he did the things she did, he did because she made him mad. found out she was going over to say, someone that she worked with stay at their house, and she was really going to try to get away from him. And so when I got there, we were still talking. And so I was like, hey, look, listen, I'm just gonna turn off the app. And we'll sit here and talk until, you know, as long as you need to talk. And it's just one of those times, it's not always about the money. You know, sometimes you're, you feel like God really puts you in a spot for a certain reason. And you just got to be there. And yeah, and kind of open yourself up and say, you know, what can I do to help this person out because they're in a bad spot. And so we talked for about, you know, five or 10 minutes, and then I asked if I could pray for her. And she was very, very grateful and thankful for that. And I know, I know, it's not politically correct thing, especially today as a COVID. But, but and then she got out and I was, I was making sure she got up to the house and, and she gave me a big hug, you know, and I saw her like, Look, I'm praying for you. Look, I don't I don't want to read about you in the paper. Yeah. Yeah. So make sure you follow through. And I really hope I run into her again. Because otherwise, you know, you don't know the end of the store.

Yeah, that's true. I mean, you you all have those moments where you think you need to step in Ben's king of those.

I was thinking about that. He's got a couple of good ones. Yeah,

yeah. You never know what to do but I have that I've had have had that before in the past where you're just like, they start crying and you're like, oh, man, what do I do here? I mean, I know it's awkward but it's probably more awkward for her or him or whatever then then the person than me. So the good job

doesn't handle he doesn't hate handle feelings. Well,

excuse me. I have a podcast all about feelings by the way. threads podcasts life unfiltered if you Want another one to listen to? Oh, yeah, just Hey,

why don't you put that in your name? Jason.

Yeah, exactly. threads hashtag threads. Hashtag thready anyways, so tell me a little bit sorry. Yes For I apologize. Go ahead.

No, go ahead.

I was just wanting Larry to tell a little bit where he's from how long you've driven for people that are just new listeners. Just just kind of the just the lay of the land in Bowling Green Kentucky.

Sure. Yeah, I'm from Bowling Green, Kentucky. We're situated not quite halfway but almost halfway between Nashville Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky. So we got to you know, major cities kind of on the side I was about 60 miles north of Nashville about 110 miles south a little our towns about 70,000 population about 35 square miles. So not a not a really big city at all. And been doing rideshare here for a little over three and a half years started out doing Uber added lift within a couple weeks. And then like a lot of people resisted the urge to, to do food delivery, didn't want to do food delivery, tried it out timer to didn't like it. And then COVID hit and all sudden food deliveries all I could do during the day I work as a computer systems engineer for the city of Bowling Green and they said that's too risky. You can't do rideshare so for about seven months, I wasn't able to do rideshare so switched over to food delivery, and was making more money doing that than I did doing rideshare. But then they they said I could do ride share again and I enjoy the ride share I enjoy the interaction. Meeting people have an Instagram called lifting with Larry, where I post pictures of selfies I take with with some of my passengers because about 80% of my rides are college kids. Western Kentucky universities located here about 20,000 students and they eat up they have a lot of fun. kind of gotten well known around campus. A lot of people get in the car and ask if I'm lifting with Larry. And I mean, it just it makes me laugh. Where else would would 320 year old college girls get so excited about a 54 year old man picking them up in the car. They get so excited. It's hilarious. He cracks me up

man Larry, you need to you need to go on tik tok you need to start becoming Tick Tock famous.

That's what somebody that's what that's one of the people told me when I when Instagram took away my account a few weeks. Yeah, somebody said oh yeah, you just need to get on tik tok. So I'm exploring that.

Okay, thanks for that. Yeah, I know. I know. Tic Tac is a lot stricter with I don't know video violations. Like I see a lot of people like Tic Tac took this down, like for violence or you know, Saks or whatever, but

I usually don't have that going on in my car. Not when I'm working. When I'm working right.

You leave the camera off for that. There you go. There you go. Cool. Yeah, it's crazy how

you had to say violence and sex at the same time.

Well, hey, you know, hey, oh, hey,

Larry, I don't usually hear about that.

All right, we're gonna jump into our first ad our studio sponsor. There we go. Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid located at on Stafford just east of 131 44 Street, call them at 532 6600 or schedule Irvine's dot com of course I was there this week it went well. Got some transmission fluid change spark plugs, just kind of some maintenance stuff. So that was great. You can do everything online which is super cool. And they send you a text with pictures of your screwed up shit. And so then you can be like, oh man, that is pretty messed up. And you can accept or decline anything you anytime you want to do that. Like you don't have to do everything. They're not going to force you to do it. But they obviously do recommend that you do everything on there. I never do. You know, it just is what it is. So probably next month I'll get some more maintenance done but yeah, 532 6600 or Irvine's dot com. Thank you for supporting the gig economy podcast y'all. All right, so first up, so this is going to be this woman is a little whiny. And I want to I want to watch it. She says we also send Peck pics of the not screwed up stuff. Yeah, but those aren't as much fun for you. You don't make money on those. Okay, so this chick I hope Sam still on because she can bring a little light to this but we're gonna watch a video it's about a woman that is a instacart shopper and she's complaining about Costco. What was that? Larry? Are you did you just turn your phone on?

No, no, I was just looking at the comments I was trying to watch. Look into comments to see if anybody from Bowling Green, you

can look you can look, you can look down in the comments on stream yard, can you?

Look, I do not see any comments, you should be able to see him.

You have to switch to tab to the left

or the all the way up in the upper right says comments you click on that you should be able to see the comments.

Okay, there we go. There we go caller, this technology stuffs way over my head. I

know. I know. You're good. You're good. Okay. So basically, she's upset at Costco for how much she's making and blah, blah, blah. So we'll play that. Sam will probably have a good take on that. All right, let me bump this out. And there we go.

Guys, I just want to tell you, please don't ever order Costco through the instacart app. It says that if you're a instacart shopper, you don't have to wait in the lines because they're partnered with Costco. And I don't know why. It's just like, You're like an employee, basically. And so I went to go in, and they're like, you need to go wait in the line. And I'm like, but I'm like, instacart Shopper. She's like, it doesn't matter. You need to go wait in line. So I was like, Okay. And then I called. And I was like, I was told that I didn't have to wait in the line. And the administration office where I was at ancaster. Hamilton said, No, you need to wait in line. And I said, I've only been being paid $12. Like, I can't stand in a line for an hour for $12. And just like what's not my problem, you're only being paid $12 for an hour. I just I can't get over that level of disrespect. Especially in these trying times when people are just trying to make money to make ends meet.

Okay, so

I totally get what it was she was from?

Yeah, well, she put it on the internet. So unfortunately, that's where it is. I'm not I'm not really. She's, you know, while Sam went right there. Wow. I'm not gonna tell us how you really Holy cow. I am not gonna show that comment. You can look for yourself, y'all from? So I totally get she may. I always try to, especially since the pandemic started, when I see people upset or whatever I kind of say, what might they be going through right now? You know what I mean? So I try to give people a little bit of grace. But the whole thing about standing in line. I know Sam had said earlier, that used to be a rule that you could cut the line, but apparently they changed it. But I mean, she's the one that took the order for $12. Like, that's where my frustration of her posting that comes out. Right? Like, why would you do that?

But that comes down to learning the system and ethic. You know, just like anything else. We talked about 100 times before. That's what differentiates the experience to gig gig economy worker with the non experienced writing. Yeah, she probably didn't. She probably hadn't been doing it that long. As you said, Jason, why are you taking that $12 order


And then that's that's that Sam's exact same you know, common don't take those orders. It's that easy. And I think what they don't realize it's it's it's, it's both hurting them now. And it's hurting everybody in the long run, right? Yeah. Because as long as somebody takes those cheap orders, like you said, I was out when I was out trying that one time, Uber Eats don't take the McDonald's orders, right don't take the 350 orders because it's just not worth it. Yeah. As long as somebody takes them nobody's gonna change

Yeah, and I and and i know each market is different, but Sam has told me some of the moolah she's made out of Costco before. Yeah, she can make a lot more than $12 per order. Like Sam would clean up at Costco. I probably shouldn't have said that. She ain't doing it now. I don't give a shit. Hey, if you want good money from instacart go to Costco before they open

that's the thing you have to if you if you learn again, learn the system learn what's the right way of doing Cosco then you can make some money apparently.

Yeah. So no, wait. She's been doing that very long if she got this upset, it's something like that. Yeah, she's definitely not been in the game. Why

is it where why is it millennials and God I No offense, any millennial in here, Sam? Why do they make videos and cry like that? I don't know. Like, if I was that upset I that's the last thing I would want to do. Is is do that. share it with the world. Yeah, let's

see if it'll go viral.

I mean, what is the point of

doing that video go


what i think i think the I mean, that is it right? That's the whole reason for doing take tiger and stuff like that. It's like people will do that. And they will just say whatever they want to, but they wanting to blow up, right? Hey,

I wanna, I'd love to blow up on tik tok. But I don't have that much talent. I'll be honest with you.

You can't want that good either. Neither, neither the one

who uploads?

That's true to Shay. All right. Yes, girl. Let's talk about gig work with the Biden administration.

So it? So I gotta be honest, that the article is pretty boring.

Yeah, just give your spin on it?

No, I know, basically, the big thing is that the bait, the Biden administration is going after proposal 22. That's basically the gist of it. And that we're probably gonna see some some potentially gonna see some changes in California, and some other states when it comes to that whole debacle. And certainly, we have not heard the last of the how the whole gig work classification thing out of out of California, basically, the Biden administration, and they have, what's the code, they're protecting the right to protect, and the right to organize, act with, with what's the labor rights bill that came out last year. So the Biden administration is grabbing on to that one is really hoping to with that one, and some other things to go back and make some big changes to that whole thing. And hopefully get rid of proposal 22 and at least over overcome that and kind of get back to where where unionizing is possible. So that's really what it is. And I think we'll see some big changes there in the years to come.

So yeah, it is interesting with a democratic president now what's gonna change a little bit because typically, in generally, they're pro union.

Right. So

but they are they are talking about and and so basically, the whole article ends with saying that we do know that things are changing. And it'll be interesting to see how it is kind of like the whole workforce is changing, you know, yeah, it's just what the gig economy is doing. And so they do know that changes that changes are necessary, also to the old way said, it's not the old ways isn't going to be the necessarily the truth, either. So I think it'll be interesting to see, what are they going to do? And how are they going to, hopefully introduce laws that will in fact, help the economy while not ruining the model? That's going to be the that's going to be the interesting part here.

Yeah, you know, what, really, it reminds me of what's going on with the gig economy is, and maybe I'm way off base, and please don't get me out of the bus, which you will I know, anyways, I don't need to give you permission. But it's kind of like the cable companies and the the streaming apps, right? Like, the I feel like the government doesn't want this gig to work. They want their money. And they're like, trying to stop it down. Like, same with a cable company, like, Oh, you have to bundle your stuff and like, Oh, hey, no, we don't need to use this anymore. And so it's just this fight back and forth. And I kind of feel like it's the same way like, No, we need to go need to go to work. Like, you know, the normal w two and you know, we need our money, and then all this gig work comes up, and they just want to get more money. And so I feel like it's kind of the same, not quite the same battle, not apples to apples, but

yeah, and in the gig economy companies, just like they did in California, they're gonna they're gonna throw so much money at any state where they're trying to, you know, classify as employee. I forget what the amount they they ended up paying in California, but it was a lot.

I think it was 200 million. Yeah. But,

yeah, they had this. Sorry, and so have made a profit while they had a 6.6 point $3 billion loss for the quarter for the year. I couldn't quite remember the quarter. I'm probably the quarter. Again, if we ran our family budget that way we'd all be home. Yes.

Well, if you're if you're on a budget like that, you get elected. Isn't that how it goes?

Oh, wow. All right, moving on. No, on that note, so I got this email the other day. So some deliveries This is from Uber. On your screen. It says some deliveries now require a pin at drop off. A pin is a number that helps confirm that the customer received their delivery, you'll be notified an app when you receive an order that requires a pin. Only certain deliveries will require one. So you know, we all know why they did that. Right? I mean, it's basically for people that say they didn't get their food. It's just for scammers trying to you know, beat the system, which I saw a lot of people shitting on the pin thing and I'm like they're doing it too. It's a benefit to everybody, right? We don't to get rid of it. We don't because we could get deactivated from that. So I'm happy to use a pen if someone does it, or if it requires me to. But yeah, the pen

doesn't bother me. I've had it come up a few times here lately both with a rider and food dude. Oh,

and so how does it work?

Tell me exactly what happens when you get to the house and it says when you arrive at the delivery address, the apple prompts you to enter the PIN, the customer will tell you the four digit pin for their delivery. After entering confirming the pin you'll be able to mark to the delivery as completed. So with COVID with a with a drop off, then they're gonna have to text it to you clearly.

Yeah, if they don't come to the door, I mean, yeah, even with the even with the contactless delivery, half the time people come to see me come pull up, and they come to the door. Yeah, I

don't understand that. Like,

I don't I think it's just because the default I think, like I know grubhub and UberEATS. And most of them especially during the pandemic, they set the default unless you change it physically change it. It's set up as contactless Oh interest and people don't know that. So they assume that you're gonna get you're gonna knock on food. So I know some people I've seen him give me weird looks when they come out and I'm in my car. But you know, that's their fault for not knowing.

Yeah, nothing scares me more when I'm listening to like music or podcasts in my air pods not when I'm doing food delivery, because I don't know. I guess I'm more tuned in maybe with Amazon delivery. I'm just kind of in my own little world but nothing scares me more someone popping out that door to grab the package when you're just going to set it down. It just scares the ever loving shit out of you. You know what I mean? Because you're not expecting something like if if I had someone delivering a package even non pandemic, I'm not gonna like bust out the door and try to grab it from

scare the crap out.

Yeah, let the guy do his work. Like he just got to put the packets down like pick it up and wave to them but don't scare the shit out of them. Tip for all the people out there. Good lord. Yeah,

I'm not. I don't tip by the delivery driver. Yeah, we

know that's what $3 doordash orders decline.

boxes are all dented. Yes.

I thought you're gonna say $12 Costco orders

man it's funny all comes full circle. It does. It does. All right. Yes for you want to explain this video real quick?

Yeah, so basically.

Yeah, Sam, it's worse when people show up behind you though. Yeah. Yeah, I honestly like a lot of times when I'm delivering Amazon. I'll keep one earbud out just because I'm like listening for dogs and stuff like that. And it man it scares the shit out of you. I'm jumpy already. Okay, sorry. Go. Yes.

No, that's fine. So the video you're going to stop playing right now is about an interesting new restaurant, I guess showing up on the doordash and all the all the food that you can buy it is?

No, no, no. No, it's not that video. Sorry, buddy. This is the one with the luggage. You shared this video. Okay, so this video basically is about somebody. Yeah, your head where?

We're at number four. My, my my bad. All right. Sorry. So yeah, basically, this is somebody pulling up and and there's a lot of luggage. Yeah. And it's weird because there's only one person.

Yeah, I feel like I feel like that happens though quite a bit that they they send somebody a had with all the luggage to make it easier because obviously we're gonna fit but obviously your audio listeners it won't make a lot but yeah, so I'll play that. And sometimes it just won't fit is the title of this.

Can you? Can you kick Sam through cuz he's a little bit too annoying.

Yeah, she's she's pretty. She's pretty feisty tonight. So

he's on top. All right.

Was she drinking tonight?

I don't know.

I hope this song I assume this song isn't copyrighted. Yeah, hopefully it's on YouTube. So. So you pull he pulls up. He's in like a sedan? I think not nothing.

I like the song.

He's like, that ain't gonna fit the guys like Yes, it will. And now he they spend the next like three minutes. I mean, they it's probably what Eight. Eight pieces of luggage. All

those four suitcases right now. And there's the fifth one.

Six jigsaw playing


Do you have big suitcases to not grab a little one? No. They're all like,

well, they they moved it a couple of times because I seen that green one go in the back. But yeah,

it's like paying Tetris.

So what would you do in this situation? Would you guys even pick it up? You know, I think I probably would have one on his lap too. That's the body in that one.

Look at this guy's beard. It is massive. My camera.

I like I like, Oh, yeah, man. That was sweet.

That's nice. Yeah. Yeah, I

don't know, I've had that same situation where I'm like, that ain't gonna fit. And usually, I try to argue with them shockingly. And say, this is not gonna fit in here. We can pick we can fit some in there, but not all of it. But

I had a situation back when was probably two years ago now maybe two and a half years ago. And it was it was caught after 12 I was like one of the light the last flights coming in from the airport. And this family had rented a vehicle. The problem is just the rental shop was closed when they finally got in. They hadn't really checked checked on that. So they couldn't pick up the they couldn't pick up the van. And they were on our way down. I forget. Fair the name of the city anyways, they are an hour south. And they were six people and then they had the luggage of six people. Right? It was pretty tough to fit it in the van. But I got it. I got it. And but it was they had some of them had it on their laps and stuff. And they took it well. So and that was he I think that was even also maybe even a couple guitars and stuff. So

my problem. My problem is is I have trouble. This you'll you'll be shocked by this right? putting stuff together. Like I don't have that brain where I can take a 2d object and make it like 3d in my head. So like literally, when I have to move something, I'm just like, Nope, it's not gonna fit. And then my wife's like, okay, let's look at this. It'll be fine. And whatever. Like, that's why I see two pieces of luggage. I'm like, Nope, not gonna fit my SUV. Forget it cancel, move on.

So you're not good at the spatial stuff.

I'm not good at the spatial stuff. Well, she's like, no, Tetris brain. Tetris. I'm fine. Because you don't have to move things three dimensional. You could just it's two dimensional. Yeah, so I can do Tetris. Just fine.

I go to Walmart and had Walmart pickups before where I didn't think we were gonna get. I mean, they've had two full cars full of groceries, and then like three people, and we put it, you know, fill my trunk up. And then fill the all three set in the back and I filled my front passenger seat up. Was that in your Camry just barely fit? Yeah. Oh, wow.

Yeah. To Cart loads of groceries.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Those are the times you're like, man, I might just cancel and keep on slowly.

They would cancel so fast. Like,

you should, you should just take all the groceries and say, I'll just come back and get you and then just Yeah.

Well, the problem with that kind of delivery is you're kind of doing two things. You're kind of delivering the food. Yeah, you're not bringing it up. But it's like you're gonna make three hours on that ride. Let's say it's a short ride or whatever. And it's like, is this even

worth it? And then you get there and then then they got to unload it and, and you know, you know, nine times out of 10 they're gonna live on the top floor of an apartment building. You know,

you know what I would do I unload it right on the sidewalk. I would help them unload it to the sidewalk and out of my trunk.

Right trunk. Yeah, that's it, you know, unless I mean, there's there's certain special circumstance Yeah, I've helped you know, elderly lady carry some groceries in but for sure they're able bodied people. Yeah, it's out of my out of my trunk and I'm on to the next ride. Yes. And yeah, you can always tell them that. Hey, I've got another call. I gotta go. You know?

I got a bad back. Oh, my back.

All right, next up. This is kind of interesting. So this is from Uber Kansas City had a rider getting with a bowl of chili. Oh boy. As we are driving he takes the lid off and starts breaking crackers in it. I told him to cover it up and don't spill he says you worried about getting chilly on your seats. And there are people who wish they had a car to white chilly office seat. It's all about perspective bra. Ah


So back to this as you can see your rights.

You know, I don't know if you guys are office people but the chili reminds me with Kevin spill in the in the office. I'm like I can just see that happening. That's so funny. That's that's Good scene that whole that the office is great.


what is the weirdest thing you guys have had someone getting a car when I know Larry's got to have something weird.

No, let me think. I mean the outside wall weird.

Yeah, those are live hours. Can you imagine if it was like a trainer like a hawk trainer like hey, I need to get over here like I forgot my cage the cages bro he's just gonna sit on my arm I would like that's where you tick tock that shit right there cuz that's going viral?

Yeah, definitely just pull that right off the bat game.

What about you? Yes.

I don't think I've had I don't think I've had any really weird stuff that been tans party.

So I think Ben had those dildo straws that got left. That was like a laugh.

bachelor party bachelorette party.

apart. That's it. Yeah.

Well, it could be a bachelor party. It could be it could be Yeah, I mean, there's nothing wrong with nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with dildo straws. You know, it can go either way on those. It's great. But as

you're just asked, john, you're going

Oh, man, Sam, get on it. Send some more. We got his address. Yeah, I don't understand people's audacity though, of getting in the car and just expecting it's kind of the same thing with food. Like you pick people up at barcodes and on the hot dog vendor, you know, and they get in you're like

oh, yeah, yes. I mean, the nervous some people I had to do. Thanks, Lisa. Put his bare feet up on my dash. Like Dude, I will put you out Well, that's just like on the corner.

It's like disrespectful and gross. Like I hate it when my wife puts her bare feet on my dash you know what I mean? Like like don't

let anybody put their bare feet on my dash I mean she's

I've had I've had girls do that to me just like it's like normal no

guess what's gonna happen if you're in a wreck their knees are going through their chair

well I don't care about that screw there

but I mean I just tell them that

yeah, that's

their feet is gonna go through the windshield

yeah their knees are gonna take out their their eyes

yeah yeah that airbags gonna go and boom Yeah, not it's not gonna be good.

Well speaking of air gross Yeah, that is gross. Speaking of airbags oil uber.com that was a bad transition. Oil.

Are they replacing airbags? Yeah,

right they've gone from oil changes to airbags y'all know if you go to oil uber.com you can sign up to get your oil change done on demand they come out to your house you can also get a jumpstart or fuel delivery. Basically, if you need to jumpstart a field that's hard to say for me fuel delivery and I'm had no whiskey tonight. If you know Yeah, I know. I told my guy I'm going to start like halfway I can't start at the beginning because it gets sloppy at the end. But if you go to oil uber.com you can sign up as a tech and or a customer you don't have to change oil you can do what any of the three services that they offer. But yeah, and you can sign up as a customer to so yeah, go to oil Luber calm on demand oil changes. Prices are competitive to valve lean or whatever, but why not get it done in your freakin driveway. Like, that's amazing. I'm still waiting for my jumpstart. I tried to share it around but oh, what I was gonna say is like, Why go through insurance company. Like if everyone needs to jumpstart like these cold temperatures, right? You're gonna it's gonna take two or three hours for a record to get out to you. You know what I mean? But if you go to oil Uber it's gonna send a text to one of the texts in the area. 15 minutes just like an Uber ride you there. I think it's like 30 bucks to get a jumpstart. And if you need to get to work, it's so worth the 30 bucks. Yeah, insurance, you might get it for quote unquote free, but you're gonna wait three hours to so. Yeah, if

you're just freezing your butt off.

Yeah, yeah, you might. You might lose your job. So well.

I mean, I'm just I look at convenience like sometimes. Yeah, you have to pay a little bit more for convenience. But it's sometimes worth it like if you're late for work or your your wife's given birth. I mean, you just never know when you're gonna need a jumpstart.

I don't know. Brian said no airbags.

Yeah. Yeah, he's, he's, he's the owner of oil.

So I like I like how you went from late from work to give him

to give him birth. Hey, you know me. I'm extreme.

from one side to the other.

Just a little. All right. Yes, sir. Let's talk about Amazon being shady. I think we have two stories tonight with Amazon being shady. This is about them installing cameras.

Yeah, no. So the cameras so basically. Let's see.

Brian says we don't do birding either. Hey, you're missing out. You're missing out. Well, not half. Half the women don't have kids but maybe 40% of the market. Brian. Let's get on that.

Be like a doula Uber

Don't say that. Uber is gonna do something right now. You better verbal trademark,

verbal trademark What you say? Yes, sir.

It's a doober. Anyway.

So this is an article from Fox 17. And is all about Amazon that plans to install cameras inside delivery vehicles. And of course, you go there right away that they're being shady that the point of the article is that they are doing it to kind of just help, I guess to watch over the drivers, right. But the idea is to kind of keep them more kind of structured and do better and that kind of stuff. They want to install the cameras and kind of get them going with something they called the ivory, which is an AI enabled cameras. And they want to kind of try and use that to just what is the word I'm looking for here, they The goal is to reduce collisions and encourage drivers to be safe when making deliveries. That's kind of what it is. So yeah, I mean, they are going to be obviously monitoring inside the vehicles, but, but their goal is to try and make a better product. Right? And so at least according to the article, it's gonna be inside the their own vehicles first. Right. But then again, what's when is next? Are they gonna be then asking us to to to augment our vehicles?

Yeah. So I have a lot of thoughts on this. One, all these? Of course, all these DSPs are delivery service provider. The Amazon bands that you see actually aren't they don't work for Amazon. They they have a contract with Amazon. So I'm wondering, does Amazon have their own own employees where they actually work for corporate Amazon? I don't know if the article states that I'm not sure. But I understand the state doesn't say that. And I'm there may be some out there. I don't know, in this area, there's not. I understand the cameras, I totally get it, it's gonna be safer. But here's the problem. Amazon warehouses are not the one that we pick up at. But like, you know, where people work at where they actually put stuff in the boxes. Why are they already are micromanaging them so much. I mean, they time their bathroom breaks and everything. So the drivers are the last kind of Hurrah of like not being super scrutinize while they work is regards to safety, I totally get that. But I think it's actually going to slow the process down of delivery. Because these people aren't going to tap their phone while they're driving because the cameras gonna be on them the whole time. So they're gonna make you stop in going Park and then look at your phone. So I actually think it will slow down the delivery. And then how are you supposed to pee in a bottle if you got a camera in there?

Very carefully. Right. Exactly. Very carefully. I think I think the other thing that I was just thinking about right now is if all you need is somebody to push the push the pedal and turn the wheel, and you no longer want the experience of an experienced driver, then that's not going to be that's not going to be good, then we are we are just one step closer to, to the to the self driving and self delivery, right? Because here's the thing. We know that a good experienced human driver will be able to do it better, and will be able to know all the things that the app doesn't know because that's the only thing that they gonna want to do as you say, they want to keep you keep the hands off the phone and all that stuff. Well, if that's the case, then the next step is going to be Why did you turn here when the app set? No, it goes straight? Why turn that? Because I knew as an accident that they and it was going to be better, more efficient for me to go that way. But the app did no. Okay. Exactly what you said your point exactly Jason that we need to have a system where you can trust Yes. Like the driver more and and and because we haven't drive will you pay a driver to do that we'd pay him for his expertise to do this. And and we're not there yet where the it is to the point where that can do it and be just as good.

What kind of two points points with that. I feel like like even in my small business, they track our speed and our location and I'm okay with that because you don't need some driver going 85 miles an hour down the highway. I'm totally okay with that. But having cameras in the car is weird. super weird. Like you trust nobody at that point. But you make up a good point about the technology. I actually feel you're gonna see drone deliveries from Amazon before you're even gonna see self driving cars because how is this how is this package going to get from this van? Okay, you can go from point A to point B down a straight line. How are you going to get the package to the house robot.

But how it's got to be quick. I mean, these drivers like there's no robot out there, right now that can be as quick as We are

I mean, we can carry with you, Jason. I think the drones are definitely closer. I know they're testing those in different places. And I see that as much more realistic.

Yes, I asked for them.

Yeah, in the near future, then the automated driving

because you get the automated go ahead yesterday. I know there's a little bit more of a delay since you're in Denmark for whatever reason, but

I was just gonna say that that the whole drone delivery has a lot more like political so far that they need to be approved first. I mean, there's there's a lot of loopholes that they got to go through before, that's all

but I mean, as far as like efficiency and safety I honestly think the drones are safer. Yeah, there's a shit ton of thanks, Jimmy. There's a shit ton of drones in the air but I mean, if it's all Amazon drones, they know where they're all going.

Yeah, and Amazon's got enough money to pay enough lobbyists to get it done.

Yeah, you're bitching about Uber? Wait till Amazon starts paying lobbies

Yeah, they own everything.

I'm sure they already have all right.

What do we got here? Okay, so this one's a read you hear this from doordash Reddit group says rude This is kind of hilarious I some of these when I read them I don't know if they're exactly true or not so but I'll read it anyways. Just got free food for the first time not due to cancellation I picked up some food from Baker's and headed over to drop it off it's apartments by the university he puts the leasing office as the address and puts instructions saying a different address and apartment number I call him and say I'm pretty sure I'm outside your building he goes it says building number in the instruction and hangs up okay dude real cool. Try to call again no answer so I call support new addresses different say addresses different he changed it I say I don't want to take the food he was a tech support says let me call him guess what he was addicted to the support guy to support puts us on a three way call. I yell at him. He should be nicer to the people who handle his food with profanity he says I should be fired and hangs up support guy was baffled and didn't know what to say. I did get a full full pay and food so that thanks for being a dick James no fuck off. So again, I don't know if you know how real this is or not but I I kind of hoped doordash did put them on a three way call. whether it'd be on accident or purpose I

don't know. Either way be funny.

Oh yeah, I don't I don't understand people that are aggressive to food like again you get tip more on food delivery than people delivery so you just like food is like the end all be all like someone's delivering you hot food. Why would you be a total dick to them?

Yeah, like you're too lazy to get out. Go get it yourself. But yet you're gonna bitch about it when when we bring it. Something's not exactly right.

Well, it's not even that he's like the numbers into thing and just to hang up on somebody. Yes. But I have to tell you and you know this I had, I think one of my shortest deliveries actually today. I do have a story from today. It's not very exciting, though. I ordered from China CEF. China. CEF. China chef. Shut up.

What did I say Jeff? China chap,


China's chef on Lake Michigan drive you know where that's at by the Walgreens right across the street, the new apartments that are by the Aldi. That's where my delivery was this point to two tenths of a mile. I couldn't believe that. I

mean, how much do you make on that one?

So interesting. You guys are gonna laugh at me. So I was towards my end of my goal time and I'm at that point, I just want to be done. So I took it for $6.50. But it literally was across the street. So I was like, yeah, I'll take it and I just wanted to be done with my day. So that would

blow your standard as usual.

I know it is. Usually it's like $7 750. But you know, time of day, remember we talked about that? Sometimes? It's

Yeah, I've got on grubhub non dollars is pretty much.

Really? Yeah, well, again, you gotta know time of day and location. Like if it's two o'clock in the afternoon on a Tuesday. I'll take a $6 if I'm close to my goal.

Yeah, yeah, that totally the context definitely makes a difference. Saturday night at six o'clock.

China to Jeff.

viewer question here, Jason is did you go on tik tok and cry about it afterwards?

Ah, I didn't have an idea

yet. Yes, sir.

I should have I have not gone viral. Oh, I know who Jimmy is. Yeah. Hey, Jimmy, how's it going? Okay, so this is crazy. I have not seen this anywhere on social media. I feel like I should post it like maybe we could actually go viral. Alright, so I'm gonna play this. Hang on one second. Should I load it? Oh, yeah, I did. Okay, so for the audio people, it's not gonna really matter. So basically this is me a screen grab. It says Why are gr admirals stations showing up on grub hub? Basically, he posted a screenshot of grub hub called Admiral and 28 story that featured a super swanky menu. And as we're scrolling down, it has duck liver plate for $9 scallop plate turkey soup play, I'm going away fast. I can't even read it. So it's Admiral. I mean, what would you guys say? Gosh, if anyone owns Admiral and here's this Admiral is like the ghetto gas station of Michigan. I feel like I mean, if you're gonna get shot, you're definitely gonna get shot at an Admiral. But um, I don't know. He saw it on grub hub. And he just started looking at it. But yeah, you basically there's a text from telegram coming through. Yeah, you basically could order all this Twinkie food now the guy did call the admiral and ask about it. And the people at Admiral did not know what the hell he was he was talking about. So I don't know. It's the weirdest thing. I'm I probably should have just popped on grubhub tonight to see if that was still active. But that's gonna be you know, the last place that you're gonna want to get Twinkie food as an Admiral. You're gonna get cigarettes

and care what gas station it is. I'm not getting duck liver.

Yes, no.

I mean, why?

Less? I'm using it for bait.

Yeah. Why would you get it anyways? duck liver, Judas Priest.

It's delicious. Oh, don't go there.

You eat some weird shit. Yes, bro. I'm telling you.

Hey, I'm from Denmark. Yeah, it's

true. Hey, Dustin, thanks for chiming in SAM. No, Jimmy is not a the kid that did the documentary. Nope. He, he? He's got an app. We haven't talked about it yet. But uh, yeah. So that's who Jimmy is. Yeah, you guys should check that movie out. It's already out. I need to buy it just to support them. Well, I mean, I already got I already got to see it. But anyways, so it's a good movie. It is. If you are a gig worker, you will definitely love It's called lapsus li p s is you can get it on Amazon. Or to watch. You should. Yeah, it is actually really good. I mean, for what it is. Um, it's not a blockbuster, y'all. But I mean, if you're a gig worker, you'll totally get the movie and understand this guy's pain.

Well, it's really well made. It's, it's Yeah, so for

a smaller budget it is. Yeah, it is really well made.

Remember, the driver x movie that came out several years ago? Wasn't it?

Stuber? Or is another one not super? was it?

Was it the comedy, but rider X was? More? Kind of you? Yeah, it was a weird we had a weird ending. Anything that had some big name actors in it?

I don't even remember it. What was the gist of it? Yeah.

I was just a guy who owned a record store out in California. And of course, you know, record stores not doing well. And he lost his store. So he ended up not being able to find a job really, because he was you know, getting be older, and didn't want to take this any job. ended up driving for a rideshare company and they call it rider at our driver X was the app instead of Uber, but it was, you know, is this based on the Uber app, you could tell and just kind of showed him going through progression learning how to how to become a rideshare driver. And then again, like I said, it got really weird at the end. You know, there's

a, we interviewed him a while back, Joe Bianca Bianco, we read his book at drive to kill it, there is a little stretch at the end, it gets a little long in the tooth, but I can see it's basically about an Uber driver that basically lost everything and goes nuts and like starts killing people while he's picking him up. So

I mean, it's a family movies, which

family friendly? Yes. So Dustin, brought up a good point. Not talking about the lift rate cuts. Honestly, I feel like I'm so out of the loop with with rideshare work like I I knew about it, but it just

I read I read several markets where they were cutting it going down and a lot of places were going down to 60 cents per mile. Okay. Which is Yeah, I mean, I'm, I don't talk about my rights, because I'm afraid somebody's gonna spill the beans and they're gonna cut them so I don't say anything.

No, it's fine. I'm honestly like, Lyft I don't even know how they're making it now. Like at least Uber has a lot of other sources of revenue. If Uber would stop spending all the damn money that they make, they could become profitable. It doesn't surprise me that they're cutting rates

They have any interest in being profitable rumored to be on

no I don't either. I don't think that's in their claim right.

Thanks Philip.

Yeah, I

I don't know I mean, it doesn't surprise me that they did that they that they cut rates again I I honestly I am so out of the rideshare churchy shortly shore got $1 25 a mile.

Yeah Dustin, I'm pretty close to housebreaking cam less than 10 cents away from me on that. We're $1 17 a mile in Bowling Green. That's crazy. We don't have to put up with the northern attitude.

Whatever Are you getting like six is just snow tonight.

Three to five. I just had to throw that out there. My ex wife's from New Jersey. So

yeah, Dustin. Dustin's in Jersey, too. I think her Wait, did he move on jersey.

He moved to Jersey from Florida, Florida.

Had Jersey's probably got frickin more taxes in Florida does. Anyways, who knows? Um, Sam? No, it's not based on the Kalamazoo psycho. But it's kind of like that. It's a decent book. It's a fast read. It's called the drive to kill. You can get it on Amazon. Okay, doordash they spent $5.5 million to ever advertise their million dollar charity donation? Yeah, what do you think about that? Like? I don't know. doordash? Just seems that's shady. Why would you spend that much money?

Yes, you

made a good investment.

I mean, after the game, they announced they had raised 1 million for this charitable effort. Why they don't mention is they spent 5.5 million to buy the ad slot. Yeah, why? Just if you're so into it all.

Yeah. If you're so support the nation.

Yeah. Like how much? Five and a half million.

I mean, that's ridiculous. I

think I'm What? I always see that shit like, and I thought like everyone wasn't gonna spend a lot on Super Bowl bat ads this year like the beer companies where I saw a bunch of beer ads. What did they just like try to bait each other not to do an ad and then right at the last second, they all tried to they stab each other in the back? I don't know. Yeah.

Anyway, it was a great Super Bowl. The best

I did. I did want the Bucs to win because I just like as much as I hate Brady. I kind of like them.

I'm a huge buccaneers fan.

Well the Bucks aside with Brady. I mean, how can you hate a guy that's just a machine? He just wins? Yeah, when he's the best all time after after winning a Super Bowl with a is this is first year there.

Yeah, that's not your there. That's Yeah. And they couldn't even do any any preseason practice or game. I mean, cuz of COVID. Right? Yeah. Because the COVID and he went there. He has more Super Bowls than any other NFL team has. Oh, wow. him personally. him personally. Yeah,

that's crazy.

Yeah, he's the goat. No, no doubt for sure. I used to hate playing against him. But because he was so good. I

mean, you wouldn't hate him if he wasn't any good. But Dustin, the Reddit commercial? I don't remember that one. I did watch the whole game. But I think I had plowed the night. Yeah, it was.

I think it was like a five second commercial.

Oh, they're all Was it the the bat the the Wall Street guys? No, no, that could have been it. The Wall Street betters or whatever. Brilliant. Jimmy I think that Tom Cruise is Tom Brady of Hollywood. Oh, gosh. ban you for that? All right. This is Jasper's. This is just kind of funny.

You can show the photo. Yep.

There we go. So this is if you're an Uber driver working from

Uber driver working from home, I like that. Good. You have a good, good. Like, what is that steering wheel for your for your Xbox or whatever? Right?

That does bring up a good point. What happens when you're they have self driving cars? And is that something that we would have personally like, we would still work for Uber, but we would never be in the car. It would just you just you're the liability

is that is that take? So would that be a remote working? remote working Uber driver? Is that a self guide? Because it's not self driving, right? If you're driving it, but remote? Well, no, no, you

cannot do that. That's dangerous. You need a self driving car completely. But you would still you would still have to monitor it somehow. Right?

It's like the drone pilot on your you're sitting at home and they're flying drones.

Drones are a little different when they're in the air by themselves. Yeah, yeah, no, I

I totally agree. That would be you'd have to have, you have to have about 20 screens so you can see all around you Shooting all around the back of the car and everywhere else

yeah cuz doesn't doesn't a Tesla have like a ton of cameras already like yeah,

they have to you have to any any self driving car has to have a bunch of sensors, whether it's cameras or LIDAR.

Interesting. All right. Speaking of cameras and money, Patreon, we would love you to join I say way. Thank you, we'd love you to join us on Patreon. If you go to patreon.com and just search the gig economy podcast, you get a piece of merge, you get an extra podcast a month and you get before show banter. Sorry, this music is so loud it's it's runs on the same channel that you guys are all on. So I should have took the music off. But anyways, go to patreon.com slash the gig economy podcast we'd love for you to join us. Lately, our extra podcasts have been like, basically, you know, interviews that we do you get to get get those first a new gig that might come out a new app get a chance to grab it before anyone else. So but yeah, you don't hear the music, Sam. That's weird. You guys hear the music? Don't you?

It's in your head. Yes, yeah. Yeah,

but not very loud.

Yeah, I just bumped it down. But anyways, so yeah, go to patreon.com support us. We haven't had a new Patreon in a long time. We would love to get someone else. We do need to plan something for March yet. We've been pretty good. We've been good as we're having we we put down a lot of interviews lately. And it's been I've been rolling

and rolling. Join the Patreon. It's worth it.

Yeah. And I want to give somebody some new some new merge. I'm waiting to design it, but I'm not gonna design it until we get another one.

But Lera we might join. It's like a telethon. We need somebody to join tonight.

Yes. Can you save this podcast? Where's the Michelle? Or no? What's the name? the ASPCA commercial? What's that chicks name that sings this. Oh, Sarah McLaughlin

will remember you.

All right, Larry, you're up, you're getting the next couple articles. All right.

So first of all, I want to talk about two new features that Lyft is introducing one of them is called ride for others. The second one is called lift family. So ride for others. What it does is allows people to order a trip for like a friend or family member. And as drivers. We know this happens all the time already. Yes. But it can be kind of confusing. When you pull up and you're supposed to be picking up Fred and you pull up and there's a female standing there. And you don't think that's your passenger, and they start getting in your car. And then you have to work out, you know, who order this ride and all that kind of stuff. So anyway, this ride for others feature, if you're the passenger, it allows you to give you a notification when the driver picks up your passenger. And you can also track their progress, I guess on the app. And it says according to lift, the feature is going to also reduce driver confusion. So I'm assuming on the driver app, we're going to get a notification that who the actual passenger is Oh, that would be so nice. So yeah, that'll be good if that actually happens. And then the second feature the lift family, currently, they're just trying it out in California and Oregon and Washington State. It says it is kind of gives a little more functionality to family accounts. So what you can do, you can add five family members to your lift account, and just set a single payment like a credit card for everybody to use that account. Okay, says it's important to note that all riders must be over the age of 18. They put that in just for Pete. Good. Oh, pink Sharpie,

ivory bitch.

So yeah, it says blue family account holders, the person, they have access to all the family, all the rides and all the trip details and everything that so it's probably going to be their mom or dad. And then also they also have the option to request a ride for any of the other family members that are on the account.

I mean, they have new these new features in order to pay for them. They had to cut the rates in the entire country.

Well, that was Yeah,

yeah, that's why I'm saying this is lift so they had to cut the rate selling off. Doesn't Uber already have something like that where you can request a ride for someone else? Or were they testing it? I saw

I think they maybe I've just tested I've never seen it. I've never seen like you coming up and telling me that you know the rise for somebody else. They may have it on the passenger side

live. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Okay. Interesting. Yep. Yeah. Be nice. That'll be nice. Cuz Yeah, I mean, y'all know it happens so often that, you know, you pick up somebody that's not who it says on the app. I mean, I have customers that I've picked up irregularly here. Bowling Green, we have a lot of repeat customers. Now I have had this cropped picture up probably a dozen times. And I know when it comes up and says, you know, Landon, I know I'm not picking up lately and I'm picking up his girlfriend. Well as he always ordered ride for

Yeah, that feature works great. If they use it properly, you still gonna have the same issue where they're like, yeah, we don't need to put the name but that would be nice to know, ahead of time that you're not picking up. You know, you know, Joe, you're picking up Susie. But,

yeah, and it helps especially if you're picking up in a crowded place like a you know, a concert or something like that. It's not so much. Not so tough. If you're picking up in a house and you know, somebody's staying out there. You figured that's probably the right thing out there. One o'clock in the morning.

Yeah, cuz Yeah, actually, if you're looking for a male and the female is actually getting in the car, you're like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, this is not Joe or whatever. You know. Exactly. So well, Amazon. Yo, what's up?

It could be Joe. It could be Joe how he identify?

Well, that's true. I mean, were you? That is totally true.

We're all inclusive here.

Yeah, absolutely.

Oh, my God, Who

the hell cares? Okay, so um, no, we do care. Like that. I added some new drops. So Amazon got sued by the Federal Trade Commission, shocker. Yes, they're gonna pay their flex delivery drivers, almost $62 million. So when I say flex, I do flex delivery. But this is for this the whole foods and grocery delivery, the ones where you actually get tips, I don't get tips on delivery my package I should, then I won't kick it. But. So basically, what it is, and I think doordash got dinged for this too. But they quote the 18 to $25 an hour. And you keep all the tips, while basically they redid their pay system. So that, you know, if their base rate was, you know, Amazon term, that area's base rate was 14, if the customer tipped for they would bump it up and said, Oh, you're making $18 an hour. I still think doordash is doing that shit. I don't know. I just have a feeling that they are I don't know why but I

barely do doordash I mean, it has to be really slow for me. Yeah. And then I mean, the last four or five times I've turned it on, I immediately get three orders that are under, you know, $6 and I just turn it off. Yeah, they are they turn me off. You know, they cut me off. say if you're not gonna accept it, they're gonna cut you off. Right? I don't know what it is around here. It just seems like doordash is my son does doordash shop near where he goes to school up near Cincinnati. And he does really pretty well on it up there. Yeah, it's really how it's your regional different apps are better in different places. Yeah,

I would say grub hub is the best app here. I know. I've talked about it before then maybe Uber and doordash. But here's the thing, like if you want to stay busy, doordash is where you go. Because those I mean, it's nonstop. Now a lot of our $3 orders basically the customer didn't tip. But yeah, it's doordash is the busiest here, I would say.

I'll turn it on. Like I said, if I have, I'll turn on Lyft and Uber first. And then if it's slow, I'll turn on grubhub. And if it's really slow, I'll turn on your dash. And I'll never turn on Postmates

No, God, no. And they're bought by Uber anyways. Yeah. So I don't know how to beat the doordash. Like, I don't know if they're I'm not smart enough to figure it out. But I just feel that they do. Sometimes you'll see the base rate supposed to be three and all of a sudden it'll say two. And then the customers tip there. And I'm like, why did it go down? $1? I don't know. It just it frustrating. It is shady. If it's $3 base, it should be $3 base every single time. It shouldn't be if the customer tips a lot. It's kind of the meaning of the base. Yeah, that's the whole point of it. That's how we make our money is on the tips. Not the I mean, it's only $1. But still Why the hell are you doing it? So

yeah, yeah, basically. I mean, $1 from the thing how many delivery drivers they have that adds up?

That's true. Yeah. Yeah, that is true.

They tip the platform. No, you

exactly. I mean, why wouldn't you software? Yeah. Well, so Amazon got caught. Surprise, man. We've had a lot of new people like in the stream tonight. Thank

you, Nicole. That's all my fans.

Oh, is that that's what it is. Are you serious? Are you alright, Larry wants to hit on the vaccines. And then we got a couple more pictures and wrap it up. All right.

Yeah. So Ubers going to partner with Walgreens. They're going to be offering free transportation to Walgreens stores and some off site vaccine clinics also says they're going to give one Quick Access to pre scheduled rides on Uber app whenever Walgreens vaccination appointments. And then it also is they're putting a new in app features that are designed to connect people. Active drivers, delivery drivers, and, you know, the freight carriers to do for freight. So people use Uber Uber Eats, are delivering for Uber or Uber Eats or Uber freight could possibly be delivering vaccines, which is kind of scary, but


I don't want when we mix it with this. I wonder what a little mountain dude Oh, do

you mean no Baja Blast, bro.

baja blast.

You guys have your damn baja blast. Pedal your

step there man. Shoot that right? Yeah.

Those packages.

I mean, I I do definitely. I love that Uber is doing this for the underprivileged underprivileged areas, because I wouldn't want transportation to be the one reason why you couldn't get the vaccine. I mean, I'm sure they could figure it out. But it is always nice when these companies to step in and do that. Jimmy loves ya, Larry, by the way, he says you got a new fayose Jimmy.

Oh, hey, Jimmy. And, yeah, it is nice to when they do stuff like that and give back like, I know, when they when a elections roll around. They always offer free rides to the polls, things like that. So it is good to see. I mean, you know, they're doing it for PR, but it's still it's still serving a good purpose. Yeah, I

mean, if it benefits people, I'm fine with a PR I mean, spending five and a half million on a million dollar charity. That's bullshit.

Like that's bass ackwards. Yeah,

they Oh man, so much hate for that. All right, dessert plate well deserved. So this is this was in our local group says avoid the McDonald's on Michigan, which you should anyways, it's a disaster. Yeah,

even I know that. Yeah. Yeah. Go to McDonald's on Michigan.

It says got to the pickup window, and they claim not to have the order at all, but I heard the girls in the back laughing See, we ain't got no time to make that effing doordash bowl. send those a holes on? Oh, it says see more. I didn't click on see more when I screenshot this, but, but basically, they were basically saying that they weren't gonna, you know, make the food for doordash. I often wonder if Shut up, Sam. I often wonder I'm just reading what I see. She said say this Where's often wonder how much they actually hate the doordash. And the Uber Eats and all that stuff as as an employee, of course, the cut, the company likes it because they're getting their food out there. But I tried to be a little bit. Go ahead. Yes. For

the Michigan street McDonald's employees is so slow as it is. I mean, I have no idea how they ever do anything?

Well, I think it's like, I don't know. I don't know why they are. I don't know if they're like, well, we're the only McDonald's in one square mile. So if you I mean, I I really don't know why they're so incredibly slow.

We have a McDonald's like that here on Russellville road. And it's I literally when I first started doing Uber Eats and threes. I didn't do reach for a long time after that. I was in their drive thru for 45 minutes all night. And I was like, not again, not not, not would not happen. You know, that's great. Yeah. If I received an order for McDonald's, that McDonald's will not take it.

And as much as I tease, yes, we're not going to McDonald's. I will do McDonald's orders a if they pay a lot, and depending on the time, if it's 11:30am for sure. If it's 1230 Oh, hell no. You know what I mean, just because you just got to know your time. But yeah, I often wonder if they do really hate. hate us drivers go in there. And I try to kill them with kindness. I'm super sweet on them. Just because I know they're probably frustrated a little bit. And they're like, especially when a place is busy. And they're like, oh, we're dealing with this effin you know, dude, that's delivering for doordash I could give two shits about

Yeah, it's funny, though. Because you have you have polar opposites on that? Because there's a bunch of the workers at fast food places who are always I mean, I can't even count how many free Baja Blast I've gotten from Taco Bell. You know, come through like, Hey, man, you want something to drink? And that's happened to me McDonald's. I never get that. Oh, I get that a lot here.

You get you get a free baja blast. Yeah, I don't know.

It must be southern hospitality or something. I don't know. It must be. There you go. But anyways, speaking of Taco Bell, this was at my local Taco Bell. Now that they've COVID is switched a little bit at least at Grand Rapids. Some of the restaurants are wanting you to come in, which is weird. Most of them are still the lobbyist close although talk about lobby is closed they if you're a delivery driver they they want you to come in. So it says Do you have your back? No, these are just for your audio listeners. This is just a piece of paper taped up. It's not. It's not from corporate or anything of that. So it says, Do you have your bag? We can help you? If not, unfortunately, we cannot. And then on the other side, it says no bag, no service. So this has kind of been a hot topic. We talked about this in the podcast. Mike delivers podcast, you guys should check that out. Super good podcast, Uber Eats delivery driver out in New Jersey, that has some great stories. His podcast is awesome. It's not as long winded as ours, I'll just let you know. So that's good. But it's interesting because we talked about the bag and I always use a bag and the parently. Taco Bell says they're not given the well you can see my bag in the picture. That's my bag right there. I didn't even notice my back was in the picture. But yeah, so I always use a bag. What do you do? Larry, do

you have a bag? Always? Yeah, I always have. You know, I think I think I lost the one that I think Uber gave me. Okay, so I've got a Postmates bag that I usually use. But I've got grubhub bags. I've got a couple of those as well. Just like the Postmates bag a little bit. It's a little easier to carry. It's not quite as bulky as the the grubhub bag is just seems to work a little better. But I'll have it. I have a couple. Yeah, a couple of them in case, you know, that's a big order. Sometimes I'll use, I'll use more than one.

I ended up getting rid of all the app bags because the zippers kept jacking up on me. They were very poor quality. And I ended up buying too hard to go. Yeah, I ended up buying two bags off Amazon for 20 bucks. And those things are like, awesome. I never have zipper issues that close and open just fine. I've done it 1000 times. So

I'm sure I'll end up doing that. Jared kabyle. You know, we could make $50 and get the Uber Eats back.

Oh, you know, I got that email the other day. Dude, we need to have our own bag. We need to get on that. We could probably sell a lot of those. So Jerry must be in your market. How about Starbucks, Larry? That has been my worst. He says,

Oh, hey, Jerry. Oh, and once I had a Janet to Hey, Janet. So now we are international.


Even more international, I should say Yeah. Extra International. Jerry Yeah, I've had, I see the one extreme or the other with Starbucks. It's either you walk in and they've got it ready at the counter ready to go. And then there's other times it takes like 30 minutes. And you know, I've gone I've gone up there and and and they're not consistent either. Sometimes they'll put it out on the counter, where the food is that everyone else has come in to pick up and then other times they keep it up by the register. And so you never know what to do. So you always have to go up and ask them at the register. And then they'll go well, like it's over there on the counter. Like Well, last time y'all had it up there, right. Yeah. You know, if they were consistent, it'd be easier. But yeah, it's one extreme or the other. It's never kind of a just okay, it's either it's ready to go right when you get there or are you seems like you wait a long time.

So I don't remember I had a huge Starbucks rant and I may have done it in the gig economy chat, which you can check out. We have a telegram app, which is a messaging app that the link is in the description. You can join our group but I ranted and ranted and ranted about Starbucks that was in line right I get all the way to the window. I waited for like 20 minutes and I was like, is your lobby open? They're like, Oh, yeah, you could have came in and got it. I was like

yeah, I had that happen at White Castle

by Mike Are you shitting me?

Yeah, yeah, that makes me so by having a White Castle the White Castle gets so backed up. And during the pandemic they're so random like their lobby will be open yes, sometimes it won't. So then you know, you don't want to sit in the long line then figure out the lobbies open so you park in the go in Okay, today. It's not open yesterday. It was open. Oh, like, Dad just drive you crazy. You never know which one is going to be. And that happened with me with Taco Bell. I

got in line. Thankfully, it wasn't too long. They're like they wouldn't even serve me in the drive thru. They're like, this is the taco bell that had the the note so my guess is they're real followers. They're like, nope, you need to park and thankfully I was able to scoot out a line. I didn't have to wait all the way through it. Oh, yes. Our Taco Bell's here. Once you're in the drive thru line, you're locked in,

you're locked. You're locked.

I don't understand why they do that because you know, you might need to bail sometimes, you know, and we

and we have, we have one Taco Bell here. This is kind of like the McDonald's. We got we got a couple of Taco Bells that are fine. And this one Taco Bell I will not. It's the one closest to my house actually. I will not not take delivery. I don't know what they do. But like the last several times I went there, they would take your order at the window. You pull up to where you pay and get your food and they would tell you to go around to the other side of the building. And so every car was doing that. So so they were like they were lined up around the whole building. And and it was like that all day by and they would still be doing that. That's like this is not how draftees are supposed to work.

Yeah, the dry Jews have been around since the 50s. Y'all like what are we doing here?

Exactly. You're not inventing the wheel here. Right?

Right. All right.

That's what I won't. I won't accept the delivery from there at all.

All right, we're gonna jump into the tip time Larry's got the tip tonight. So I'm super stoked for that.

All right, for the tip. Tonight, we're gonna talk about why you might want to consider getting an umbrella insurance policy. I know, we all have insurance, and most of us have the, you know, the riders on our insurance that cover rideshare. But you may want to think about adding on actually an umbrella policy? And what umbrella policy is, it's just a best way to explain it. I don't know, it's just a

does it just add like,

it's above and beyond what you would normally have? As for people who either, you know, you might have a decent network and a lot of assets, or somebody who's at significant risk of being sued, which as a rideshare driver, we really are, yeah, much higher risk of being sued. And my insurance agent actually brought it up to me not because I'm rideshare driver, but just because the fact of how many kids we have insurance. He thought so yeah, he brought it up one day, I was changing insurance cars and a car or something he's like, you know, you really should talk to us about adding an umbrella policy because, you know, with with, I think we I can't even remember how many we have on our I think for right now that are you know, 22 or younger on okay. And so it's something I'm really going to consider doing because if you shop around, it's really not that much more than it adds significant amount, like most umbrella policies, why I'd like a million dollars, okay, which to you. Because a lot of people will have the bare amount that your state requires, right, and you can go you can burn through that if you have an accident, that's your fault, and you've hurt somebody that can burn through that really quick and next thing you know, you you, you can put your your house and everything else at risk. So just just talk to your insurance agent, I recommend you shop around insurance once a year. It's easy to get stuck in with one policy or one agent. That's right. And you trust and you're like I'm sure I'm getting the best rate but a lot of times you're not if you check it out.

Yeah, I wonder I often wonder with you know, yeah, the riders only for rideshare I don't think it covers you for like food delivery and shit like that. I often wonder those are very gray areas. It's hard to get any solid information on Yes, what happens? Well, they're gonna have to change just like, you know, the cable companies, right? Like this is this is kind of the new way of people doing extra work and using their cars. So you're gonna have to, otherwise you're gonna have frickin You know, you're not only gonna have pissed off people when you're not covering them. You're gonna have like, expenses out the ass. So it's probably a better do something.

Yeah, they've got to get together because I mean, it's never going back delivery has picked up so much during COVID. Yeah, and people are getting used to it. Yeah, I'm gonna go back to the way it was ever. I mean, I know people like to go out and eat, but the levels are never going to go back down to where they used to be. And, and also the not only that the food companies, delivery companies, they're expanding their range so far, right. I know when I first started for grub hub. I couldn't even get it delivered to my house. Okay. I mean, I live a mile outside the city limit, probably. Okay, now, I've delivered food to Portland, Tennessee twice in a day. Wow. Like 40 miles from here. Really? Yeah. That's crazy. It is crazy. And it was exact same place. I went down there. They took a delivery. And they have a it's a it's a fulfillment house. It's like a Macy's warehouse. And this guy was on his lunch break. And I No sooner had handed it to him. I was halfway back to Bowling Green got another call right back to Macy's, the same place, really. And these people are on their lunch. I'm like, have you ever thought to pack in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Like you're paying like $30 for this burger.

Well, and that's and that's why I think you're right about it staying around because even today, like I was doing some other gig work earlier in the morning. And I threw on like I did throw on doordash and Uber. I was like delivering like breakfast food. Like in the middle of the week. Like in the morning. I could see it on the weekends, but like, What are y'all doing?

This this past past Saturday. I not too repeats a to a little community called Auburn and it's down toward where my wife teaches and it's about it was about a 30 minute drive and I know these people had before. Food, you know, Uber Eats and all this came out there. They could not get any kind of sticks. I mean, they're out in the boonies. It's one of those. It's one of those when you get out of the car, like I have my baton in my back pocket. Yeah, you're out in the sticks out in the boonies and you're always worried about a dog running on your frickin. You just don't know what's gonna happen. Well, guys are being able to, you know, get food order food at home for the first time.

Yeah, but before I wrap, why would you if you're 40 minutes away from the frickin pizza? Like who who's gonna do that? Like it's going to be cold even with a hot bag. It's gonna be cold. That's stupid.

I do it though. They do it. Yeah, whatever.

spend your whole paycheck on cold ass pizza.

Well, I love the people who order milkshakes. or ice cream. Yeah, all right. Here's your here's your slush. Oh,

God, I know like Tropical Smoothie to like, you pick it up and you're like, I see it moving when I grab it. Like how long has this been sitting here? Like I I went right to the restaurant. But clearly, I'm not the first driver that got this order

machine when it's like 95 degrees. Oh, geez.


gotta love it.

Gotta love it. Well,

Larry security, right. Yep.

Larry, thanks for joining us tonight. We appreciate it. Yes, sir. Thanks for staying up. I appreciate your dedication to the podcast.

Hopefully you can be motivated, super dedicated. Yes, sir.


I slept.

Yeah. Well, hopefully you can have a little snack and go back to bed and sleeping in the morning. But thanks for joining us. Thanks for everyone that liked the stream and shared it and we're new tonight. We super appreciate it and we'll see you in a couple weeks. Have a good

night. Appreciate your time. And thanks to my Bowling Green Pete for tuning in tonight.

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