Hi guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. joining us on this Wednesday at 9pm. Eastern. We are all remote again. Yes sir is back from New Zealand. Larry's here again from Bowling Green, Kentucky and then I'm here from beautiful Grandville, Michigan this studio is sponsored by Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid and we will talk to them in a few minutes.

So I my friend New Zealand all

of them did I say New Zealand Janet


Shout out to Janet for things she took a nasty fall I'm sure pictures. Yes, but she just want to send our best wishes to her and for a speedy recovery because that was a nasty fall.

She's doing okay though. She's Yeah. Yes, he's doing good.

She's a trooper.

Yeah, she

looks like she got in a fistfight Not gonna lie It's it's

I think it was with the cement though right? Yes, yes. Yeah, no, but nobody actually hit her

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you can go and wish her you know, good. Good. Good wishes and a quick recovery.

Yes, right. Yeah. She seems to be doing better. Yeah, but it looks a lot worse than it probably feels right now. But yeah, that link is actually in the show description. So if you click on that you can join. We talked about gig work. We talked about cats. We talked about gummy bears, you know, whatever.

All the important stuff.

Many, many, many more subjects. valic. Gummy Bears. Well, they wouldn't be bears. They'd be phallic pieces of gummy candy. Try not to say the word dick.

But you're, I think gotten on a tangent already.


Already. didn't take long.

So I you know, I this is the portion of the podcast. We're talking about stories. And thanks, Michael for and I just don't have any I don't understand. Like, I'm not doing people. So maybe that's part of it. Or maybe I'm just not looking for him. But I feel bad. Like I'm out there 40 hours a week doing gig work. But I'm just not having terrible interactions. But I know Larry had a funny interaction. Why don't you tell us about that, Larry?

Sure. Yeah, Saturday night, I was out driving, it was about 2am. And you know, starting to starting to wrap things up and got a got a call for a ride. And it showed me that it was gonna be a little over 20 minute ride. So you know, that's good. And especially that time of night, not much else business going on. So get there and the timer is almost running out. So I'm getting ready to call them and the girl comes out, and I don't want to use the name. So I'm going to use I'm going to use boyfriend, girlfriend and passenger in this story. So the girlfriend, this girl brain comes out and she's like, please don't leave my friends here. It's my birthday. And she's here celebrating. She's a little drunk. She's a lot drunk. Please don't leave. And so she paid me 20 bucks. I'm like, Hey, I'm not going anywhere. 20 bucks, I'll say for me to keep me around for a little bit. So when she goes back in, and then she comes out a couple months later, she's like, I promise she's almost ready. Please don't leave. I was like, you know, I told you when we some you know, I'm not gonna leave. And she's actually me and my boyfriend are gonna ride with you because she's pretty drunk. And we just want to, you know, we don't want to dump her on you. I was like, Well, I appreciate that very much. But now it's like a 45 minute trip and I've got to take a piss. And but luckily, luckily I would have never done this but I had the boyfriend I had him as a passenger several times. So so I knew him so I know he's cool. So I was like, hey, it's gonna be 45 minutes give you can Mind if I run into issues your restroom real quick. She's like, Oh, yes, no problem, no problem. So we walk in immediately. It reeks of weed. I mean, thick, thick cloud of smoke. You know, and there's like five liquor bottles on the coffee table. So I go use your bathroom real quick, and I come out. So the boyfriend's sitting on one side of a couch, the girlfriend's sitting next to him. And the girl who's supposed to my passenger is giving her a full on lap dance. I mean, full on lap dance. And oh, my God, all right, you know, showtimes where we need to get this ball rolling? I need to see that, you know, so. So we in the passenger are heading outside and that the boyfriend girlfriend are getting their stuff together. So we're about halfway to the car and the drunk girl goes. I forgot my glasses. Can you go in and make sure they get my glasses? I'm like, Okay. Oh, back the door. Come back. Well, the drunk girl has gotten into the front passenger seat. And she's, and she's taking her shirt off.


was she was she was probably hard, right?

Yeah, that's exactly what she said. Yes, exactly.

She's like, I'm

so sorry. I was just it's so hot. It's so hot. I just had to take my shirt off. And I'm like, well, honey, that's fine. I'll turn the air on for you. But you really need to push her back. Yeah. And about that time the boyfriend and girlfriend Get out, get to the car and they talk her into putting her shirt back on. So it was very interesting ride. And then we finally get her get her to her apartment. She's talking nonsense, the whole 20 minute ride just nonsense. And we get to her apartment. It's kind of around this curve. And so they walk her in make sure she gets in, she saved they come back out and worn out going back around the curve and all sudden, I see something in my peripheral vision. And I look over in this girl's rundown running out to the car, same girl. And she's got this doctor suits. You know, Dr. Seuss hats, the big puffy hat. Yeah, it's got birthday candles all over it. And so she's telling her friends, she's like, it's your birthday. You have to wear the birthday hat and she James. She's like, okay, I'll wear the birthday hat. I wear the birds. So get them back home. It's another 20 minutes. They give me another 20 bucks. So I ended up making 90 bucks on the ride, which took about an hour. So not Not bad. Not bad. You know,

there's some days Larry, I say. I really miss taking drunk passengers. And then I hear stories like that, Mike. No, no, nope. I don't know. I don't know how you did that and how patient you were, I wouldn't even gotten to their house.

Here's the funniest part of the whole thing. I get home about 315 330. And my wife always wakes up just a little bit when I come to bed and asked me how my night was she always asked Did you have any you have any funny stories or memorable stories by this story? You know what happened? And she's like, oh, okay, and she's so used to the craziness. Doesn't even phaser right. I tell her next morning. I was like, I really have to just give you props. I was like, most wise would freak out. Their husband said Yo, yeah, does your comeback in my car. This girl's got no shirt on. And you're just like, oh, okay, it's another night. Yeah. good night's sleep. Well,

yeah, that's how you know you're a rideshare veteran that

Exactly, exactly. Okay, whenever you know. Just another night, another night

in Bowling Green. Another dollar. So

I gotta tell you, Jason, I miss I miss taking the drunks on, do you? Oh, yeah, I did I find it so far. I know. That was a big part of the big part of my favorite things. It's just because you never I mean, it was really never bad. Right? Well, and there was a couple of bad ones, but they weren't the drunk one do it's just this just stupid men. And it's just

Well, I feel like you both are more tolerable of stuff than I am. So I think Oh, yeah.

Don't touch the radio.

So I think I probably my stuff. I probably amp up more than I probably need to. But what I told Megan earlier, my wife I was like, I miss I missed the night and the camaraderie with my friends. That's what I miss the most. I don't miss them. I miss like us, like, Oh my gosh, I almost had a puker and like, you know, just the a little bit of adrenaline there.

It's It's so weird. Now, like I said, I say it all the time on the telegram group. I'm out here, you know, Thursday or Saturday night. It's just dad. There's nobody, you know, it may be me. You know, maybe, john, he's not on that night very much anymore. No, you know, every now and then Chris will be on or somebody you know. I don't know. But it's it used to be I mean, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was just gosh, you remember waking up to 100 messages

1000s of messages.

Well, anyways, also that was What kept you going that extra night like it did God God got to be 130 Okay, we got to we got to get Come on. We got to keep going till three o'clock and come on. We got to get that.

And I don't miss being zombie over the weekend, though. Like Larry runs on like two hours asleep. I don't know when he when he goes on when he tries to lose weight. He doesn't eat for two weeks. I mean, it's like a dream.

He's a machine.

He's a machine. So I just I don't miss being a zombie on the weekends. Like I work all weekend but I'm like working during the daylight hours, and I'm usually done by like five or six at night, and then I was like, Alright, time I don't.

I don't think I'll ever see myself going back to driving as much as I was before. But once one once I get the vaccine vaccines, I think I'll go out drive

probably at least once a week. Well, the problem is the the bars aren't I mean, they're closing at 1110 or 11 o'clock. I

mean that your

time I want to drive, yeah, ours are closing at midnight, or they're supposed to close at midnight. There's a few of them that are not closing at midnight. I know because I'm picking up people from there. And, of course, the college kids, they're out. They're out there going to fraternity houses or sorority, they're out all hours, and they usually don't head out till 10 or 11. At night, you know, that's when they're going out.

Yeah, right. Yeah. So I wonder if that would change. Like in GR I'm wondering how those late nights are I mean, and then it's, you know, 25% capacity, at least for a couple more days.

So yeah, they just went to 50. Right. And then the the curfew is now 11 o'clock, so?

Oh, that's not too bad. Yeah,

I think we went to 60%.

Oh, yeah. Bars back open here in Ohio till 230. Tip Deaf said from awesome. Wow. I'm

sure I'm sure we'll get that pretty soon. a month or two. And then I think we'll be back.

I did read something that it you know, it is what it is. When I when people say I did read something like it wasn't from the Daily Mail. I swear to God, it wasn't

on the internet that it was fake. Yeah, it's true.

That they said that everyone, every adult in America by the end of May. There should be enough vaccine for every doll doesn't mean everyone will have it by then. But there should be enough.

Isn't that what Biden said today? I think he said something like that. No, I don't know. The play. He was talking about capacity. I thought I bet the same thing could be Yeah,

yeah. I'm I got my first first shot Saturday.

Oh, yeah, that's right. That's right. Oh, we're talking about shots. I gotta bring it up. JOHN from North Carolina posted a story today that says in the North Carolina State of North Carolina,

I know what you're bringing up.

This is crazy. It's in that state. If you go to a vaccine place, and you have smoked at least 100 cigarettes in your life, you can

get the vaccine.

Yeah, I don't I don't know who came up with that one. That's that's pretty weird. I mean, when I went to get mine, I mean, technically, I wasn't. I was going to be eligible on Monday. Monday, they opened it up to all sorts of essential workers, including food delivery drivers, so and it people so a well, we're gonna have to go anyway. But Saturday, my sister called and she's like, they're on the radio, you know, begging people to come in because these vaccines are going to go two ways. Yeah, they don't have enough people. So we had to sign up. And when we sign online to sign up for your appointment, you had to bake whether you were like, you know, emergency personnel or childcare.

So when you call yourself a childcare worker for the day, like okay,

I wonder how I kid Yeah, my childcare work.

I assume when they throw that call out, and you go get that one that you're eligible for the second one regardless, like thanks,

so yeah, cuz I already scheduled my next appointment.

Okay, cuz I often wonder like, what if they don't have enough for when you need the second booster or whatever?

Yeah, supposedly. Yeah. And they didn't want once he got there. They didn't ask any I mean, yeah, that'd be your you know, your ID. insurance card knows it. You know, this game.

He does the National Guard help there too. Yes. Yeah, they're doing they're doing it here as well.

Yeah, they were stationed all throughout that what they took over where I got my shot is in our mall, but we had a Sears that went out of business a couple years ago. And so they took over that whole old Sears space. And so they had, you know, gigantic spaces where you could be far apart and, you know, long winding lines and different waiting areas and stuff like that. And the National Guard are stationed all over helping route people.

Yeah, the people I've talked to said, it's pretty like boom, boom, that's like get them through, get them through. Apparently in Grand Rapids. They're vaccinating like, 5000 people a day. Really? That's good. I heard man that's getting through. That's but you got to have a pretty good system to get that many people through in a day. Yeah, they shouldn't put chick fil a in charge ever. They'd be done. No kidding. Or that joke that we had I don't know a month ago. Amazon, you know, you have Amazon drivers give it

just come to your house. Yeah, for sure. Roll up your sleeves.

Yeah, roll up your sleeve. here's here's your package of paper towel. And here's your vaccine.

That's kind of like the guy who did my Oh, did my antigen test and then like, Oh my gosh, I think it was brand new ism. He was just there was one it was a nose test and he just that that

he jammed it up there

I think okay, again, stop now.

They put so far up one of your fingers moves, he was poking.

It was crazy. And

hey, all right. Well, thanks for the storyline. I appreciate that before we get into gig comment, gig, slowdown Jason gig economy news, your words, use my word. So we're going to talk about our studio sponsor, Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. We can't thank them enough for supporting us. You can go to Irvine comm to schedule all your services, maintenance breaks, whatever, they service everything except German cars. Volkswagen is Volkswagen German. Yes, yes. Okay. So no, Joe, the Germans No, no German cars. But everything else. So 532 6600. You know, I don't know what else I talked about them so much. Like they're amazing. I had my car there last week. And yeah, I mean, you're not gonna go wrong. It's gonna be great. Everything's sanitized and all that stuff. What were you gonna say?

No, I was just gonna say actually, the thing. I'm gonna take my black car and do to kind of get an idea of No,

no, no, no, just push that one off the cliff. We've already established that.

They don't even the bodies acceded in fairly good shape. Well, they're probably from the two big bumps in the back. But I don't know. I see the dad of buying a new car. Of course. I don't want to buy a new car right now. And it's just

yeah, I mean, I know what it is. We're getting like another payment is just like the worst. Like, once you pay a car off, it's like,

I know it needs. I know. It needs new brakes and paths alignment. So I just wanna I just want to see you'd love to see it. Yeah. No, Megan, you don't want to see it. It's just, it's so sorry. Just bring your checkbook. I'd like to get an idea of how much it's gonna take to kind of get it row safe. That's all.

Yeah, yeah. You haven't had the best of luck with fixing that car for whatever reason. But

yeah, somebody else on the stream in this room had kind of helped me with with the break last didn't do too. Good job.

What? Oh, you?

Definitely was Larry.

Yeah, drove up from Kentucky to help us with his breaks.

No, no, it wasn't Jason's fault. He did. He definitely did everything he could. It was just I was just such a weird set of brakes.

Yeah, your car's weird. I know. It's a Mazda. What can you say? Okay. Hey, so let's jump in. I hate Mazda. I feel like Mazda is like the the redheaded stepchild of the foreign cars. You know, you guys it really is. I mean, Mazda is just a Ford. So, but wait, is Mazda is monster foreign car?


Okay, that's what I thought Japanese, right? Yeah,

I have no idea. Okay. No, I know. It's fun. But well, I

feel like like the Ford dealership sells Mazda. But anyways, you got Honda. You got Toyota. And then you got the Mazda like

see Megan to stand with me.

What's that good.

Season? masilela. Good. I'll stand with Yes. Megan, Megan. She's off.


She's watching. Hiroshima, Japan.

It is Ford. She says yeah, she

just wants your business just kissing your ass.

Hey, that's okay. Alright, so

the first one is kind of Christmas related. And usually I guat I don't know. It's a tic tac. And it's I'm trying to explain it for the audio people. You can hear the words in it. But basically, it's one of those Christmas lights, setups. You know how people put those to music, or like fun little things or whatever like that. That's what it is. But it's about delivering a pizza in 30 minutes or less. So I'm gonna play it so hopefully, it'll transfer over to audio but here we go.

This is Jonathan. I'm delivering your order from brands pizza palace. I just got caught by a roadblock or something. There's just a bunch of cars on the road. You're shooting let me get down underneath my seat and get my gun

ceasefire ceasefire delivery that's gonna be free but not there at 13 minutes. If you don't move, I'm gonna take you out. Okay, I'm almost there. I'll see in a few minutes. Pizza still fresh.

That was great. I don't I don't know if they recreated that somehow on the internet or I don't know. But that was I randomly saw that on tik tok. And I'm just like, what the hell? This is the funniest thing ever. So that was pretty funny. I think that's like a throwback. What didn't dominoes Wasn't they

used to be 30 minutes or free?

Yeah, like What a dumb thing to do. You know, drivers are just like 90 mile an hour down a residential to get there on time. They did it for quite a while but they did tell some kid got run over and then they're like

shit, we got to Yeah, we got to stop this

kind of funded, they just opened the dominoes and then my one was been there for many years. But in the city I stayed. They just opened the Domino's restaurant and I didn't really they were all excited.

I mean, it's okay guys. But don't you have anything local? That's probably a little bit better.

No, no,

boy. All right. Moving on. Let

us we're going to talk about left school screwing up. They made a boo boo. That's for sure. So this is this story is about rabid city, which is what state I forget why that was. Anyways, I don't even know that it's south. South Dakota. So basically, Rapid City, South Dakota and Lyft forgot to pay the city tax, I guess. Or the city fee, which sounds so weird. How do you forget? First of all, how do you forget to pay it? And then second of all, why doesn't the city just kind of move on and let them do it and kind of get them out? I mean, obviously, they got to get their money. And it does sound like they kind of did theirs to really get to do it. But lifts have kind of had a messed up. So basically the ghosts, you weren't gonna play the video, right? Yes. No, no, that's fine. But that's fine. So basically just goes that, that the AB axes went down and stopped working because Lyft forgot to pay the city fee. And it's a yearly thing. It's 15 $100. Which would, you would think that for lift that will be an absolute drop in the bucket? Who cares? Right, right. And now it's like, like, Okay, why wasn't this just normally paid? So they they were talking about the I guess he is this is he the city Commissioner or something like that. So I've gotten some guy with the city they're all kind of had been talking to lift back and forth about this money and and lift kind of was claiming and accounting era new accounting software, and then they send the check to the wrong spot. Oh, no, it's just a bunch of, I thought it just sounds almost felt a little bit like just kind of talking around the bush or whatever. And then it made it made no sense because

Laurel and Hardy run in lift.

I know just just send this send jack, come on. Anyways, long story short, they went down. And then the story, the article was from February 19. And then it goes from as a Friday, they were back. And and the the payment was in and the lift I was was again able to operate. So I guess it got back. But they were down for a couple of days and was creating quite the hub book and Lyft drivers were not able to make any money. So

I'm, I'm curious if like, they gave them a bunch of reminders. And so they're like, you know what, screw these guys, like we sent them like 10 reminders. It's 15 $100. Like

they did that. That's that's exactly what happened. Oh, he was like, he was like, you know, we talked to reach out to them three times, we gave them the benefit of the doubt, just shut them off. Yeah, I don't blame him. What was interesting to me and someone kind of thought that went through my mind is first of all, Lyft app doesn't just stop working, right? So somebody from Lyft will have to have to stop it from working, which means they knew that they weren't going and kind of get the fee. Get they weren't going to be legally able to drive in the city.

Yeah, why not just pay it?

that's confusing. So you're saying that Lyft would have to shut that area off? Why would they shut it off? Why did they just keep it on and say oh, well, you missed the payment. Here's

a big penalty if they kept you know, they kept the tax. Okay, I guess.

Yeah, I know what Yeah, cuz bases. They'll be operating. They'd be operating in the city with a license.

Yeah, same government people are

all Yeah, no, that would have been, that would have been super expensive for left.

Oh, that makes sense. I guess. It just seems ridiculous for 15 $100 where I like

my biggest thing is just pay it just pay the most How

many? How many? How many millions or billions of dollars last year, and I can't can't chunk out 1500

Yeah, clearly. And then all the excuses, like blaming some new new accounting software and then they send the check out but to the wrong locations. Okay, somebody, somebody needed to get chewed out over that one. While I'm hoping Somebody lost their job. It sounds like something

I needed to because they certainly weren't doing it.

What city was it in?

Kota rabid city, but it was weird because it says it was rabbits in South Dakota. But then it ends by saying that as a Friday the shipping is in Kentucky and Lyft drivers able to upgrade. So

what? Yeah, that's strange.

Ah, I hadn't had any outages here. That I know.

So I it was just weird. But yeah, it's it's it quotes Rapid City, South Dakota. Who knows? Anyways, though, that was interesting story.

It does happen though. There was a story recently, not rideshare related a Citibank someone at Citibank paid the loan too early. And it was like $550 million, or something. And the creditors were like, yeah, we're not giving that back. So the judge roll, they didn't have to because they were owed the money. And they didn't take it under false pretenses. Right? And I think like, I don't know, to me, it's like, it's Citibank. Like, what's half a half a billion dollars? And like, that's no skin off your nose. But you know, somebody got fired for that, too.

Oh, definitely. Yeah, yeah.

Moving forward. One of the topics. Are you okay? Yeah.

Maybe try to mute your mic next time. Before

you do that, that would have been good.

I would have been nice, because I can't edit that out. Moving on. One of the things that I've been seeing, and I'm sure you have all seen is these new stories popping out, which about doordash. And the decline now strategy. I think a lot of the stations are repurposing the same story, but I've been seeing it pop up all over the place, even locally now. And so basically, what it boils down to is the drivers are sick of, you know, making little dollars $3 $4. So people are starting to band together and say, Hey, you need to start declining all these. So it's an article by Vice. They talk about different strategies and certain things on how to make, you know, optimize your your dollars, and in most of the things they talk about, as I do that already. You know, I won't take a $3 order, right. $7 is my minimum now have I taken a six or a 650? Yes, I mean, we're all we all make mistakes, right? We all

are really slow day, or it's, you know, right across the street. The problem?

Yeah, right across the street. The problem is you take that $6 one on a really slow day. And then two seconds later, the other app jumps up with an $18 one, you're like some of them.

They gotta cancel.

The first one

is gonna be awful late.

Yeah, hopefully

you don't already. Look at once that once I have the food, like, if I'm in the restaurant, I will not cancel it. Like if I'm there, I won't, it has to happen like in transport or in transportation to the restaurant, because I'm not going to screw somebody like that, like that food's gonna be real cold. But so that's what that's been going on. And I hope a lot of the apps do it. There's apparently a workaround in an old Android app for doordash. And there's some steps that you can do. And you can basically see, so doordash likes to hide the big part of the tip behind, like, like, we're at the Wizard of Oz, like behind the curtain. I don't know why they do that. They give like the minimum that you're going to make. But it let's say the customer, tip 20, they might show you, you're going to earn 13. I'm like, I don't know why they hide that. But apparently, this is a new version of this app with doordash. Not new version old version. It has to be on Android. And you have to go through all these steps. But apparently, you can see exactly what you're getting paid when you do this. Now, I don't know how doordash hasn't squashed it. I don't know anything about coding. So

I'm sure there will squash it soon.

Yeah, yeah, right there. And they also have another app. That's kind of like Maestro, and and I'm sure you can make a lot more money that way. Cuz Guess what, when those $3 comes in, it declines it for you. So you don't even have to hit like, you know, too far away or too low. So it is it does cost money though. Something like that. But, guys, if you're a driver out there for any app, do even Uber, Uber Eats or grubhub don't take the low ones. Just don't do it. And eventually people are gonna realize that if they don't, if they don't tip their orders gonna sit there like I see pictures all the time. All these orders at AAA, I'm like, these are the ones that didn't have. They're just sitting there because eventually the cities or the people in the city that you're living in is gonna get caught catch on and they're gonna stop doing it hopefully.

Right? You would think so?

Yeah. So what do you what do you think about things that circumvent the apps out there? Do you think that ethical Do you think I think that people shouldn't do that or what?

Yeah, I mean,

in general, you're both here.

Go ahead. Yes, fine.

I, obviously the it's not how the apps are intended to be used. I think that I don't like him. But I know it's possible. And I know that divers or people who know more than most people will do a lot of stuff to try and find those help those gaps. But I do. I like it when they, when they close those gaps, so that it gets gets to be the same for everybody.

I get the fairness of it, I totally do. But then I also look at like, I don't do anything with those things. I just do it myself. Like whatever. I that seems like too much. Maybe the like the maestro app, maybe might be easy, but the other one seems way too hard. Like you have to do this all these steps every time you log on. So it's not like it's Oh, well. Yeah, I wouldn't Oh, yeah. Care for that. Yeah. So it's a lot of work. But my point is yes, for with this is like, yeah, you want to make it fair, then why won't doordash make it fair? That's the problem. I think if they would show the money up front, I think people wouldn't go circumvent it, because then they're like, why would I take this $7 order? That's gonna be $7 where I can take this $8 order where it's actually $12. But doordash didn't tell me that for whatever reason, right?

Well, it's probably because they, they, I mean, they they know that if they make that public, a lot of the small orders are not going to get picked up like, yeah, you're probably right.

Yeah, I would say that's definitely the reason, you know, they want to make sure, or they want to, you know, have the expectation somebody is going to pick it up and with somebody thinking, Oh, it only shows a but maybe it's really gonna be 13.

I think I mean, I think the, if they were to actually show it, one would think that it would be easier for the people ordering the food to kind of put two and two together and maybe start Oh, no more. And so it will be for a brief for a brief period that they that the cheaper orders didn't get picked up. But you never know how it's going to be as you as you always isn't, has said many times before, Jason, there's always some knew the driver who is just gonna take everything.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the newbies are always gonna, you might not know better.

Yeah, I guess my only tip for doordash the other apps I haven't quite figured out doordash. And this is from this is from Gabe, he I kind of was realizing it was doing doordash. But he kind of like confirmed it that anything over seven or 750 typically is going to be a little bit more when you because you find out how much you make once you complete the order, right. So I said 750 it'll say, Oh, 850 You got it. This is $1 more than what you were quoted. Typically, if it's seven or 750, you can be sure that it's probably going to be a little bit more. But I see these huge ass orders on Reddit. Like, I've never gotten a big ass tip. Like it's maybe been like $5 more, but they're like, Oh, $40 extra, like what the hell?

I mean, you gotta you gotta remember that it's only the people who really have something to share to share the will.

That's true, right? Yeah, you're gonna see that liars.

Yeah, that's probably a half a percent of what is actually out there. But I'm

sure $30 Yeah, 30 somethings the biggest tip I've gotten on a food order $30 tip here was on the seafood place. And it was probably $90 where the seafood. Yeah,

yeah. Well, you guys got a tip. I mean, and we're gonna talk about we have another video of a guy. It I have a different attitude on this one. I had an attitude at the beginning of it, but then I kind of read the story as it kind of developed over time. So I kind of changed my tune, but we'll talk about that a little bit. Jason changed his tune. I know like I used to be Republican. Oh, nevermind

we're not going politics right now. Oh my god.

I am gonna turn republican tomorrow when they you know they're gonna integrate Trump to my right

is that what's going on?

Yeah. Oh, I

better I better get my gun and run down to the Capitol or something. Yeah,

join the fun

right all right. Yes. For How are you doing? How are you?

Are you failing fast?

I'm on the struggle bus I am I'm still

we got a if you're tired, just pinch your penis head that'll wake you up. Oh, hang on one sec. I'm glad you rolled with it. I was waiting for you to yell at me. But you rolled with it. I love it.

I'm still I mean, I came back from then Mike that Sunday night and I'm still just kind of struggling a little bit with getting used to this this time difference and I've Last two nights, I've been waking up at 330 in the mornings. Yeah, morning, it was a little early. I woke up at 415. I'm getting there. Can I get better i'm i'm a little bit on the struggle bus. So, but I don't think the next one was me wasn't a rideshare guy.

For you. This is your last article. The rest are pictures and videos.

So again, I know we've talked about this a ton before, but again, it just reiterates that you need to have your own insurance. Basically, anybody who has been driving Lyft and Uber for a long time know that Ubers deductible is 20 $500. And now, so is like Uber

Lyft, Lyft, Lyft.

Uber, Uber is raising that deductible to 25. As well, I guess effective March 120 21. So basically what what this article is saying is, is it's just that you got to make sure that that you want you have you know, additional insurance. This, this particular article is from the rideshare guy, which is another big podcast.

Here the he's the Oh, G.

Easy, Oh, geez, if you want to go there, go to the rideshare guy and talk Ryan Oh, read his article, he there's a lot of a lot of good information, there's a lot of ways you can also kind of get some quotes there as well. I mean, no matter what, you know, you should always get new quotes every year as you're figuring out what it's gonna cost for you to get auto insurance. But make sure that if you are driving Uber or Lyft, make sure you get that extra additional rider. And make sure to ask that your rider will cover the difference between your deductible to lift the Ubers. Because they don't know they don't automatically do that. But there's some of them that will. So basically most most agents going down is in most insurance. Most policies today, we haven't adoptable for you know, 500 bucks, something like that, maybe 1000. So whatever you have, make sure that that this that the right I say stated that it will cover that difference between theirs and yours. So that's the biggest thing there. And then just get the quotes and make sure that you have that right, because it is super important. Yeah.

And just have a conversation with your insurance agent about those gaps and what happens in these scenarios, because we all hope that it doesn't happen. But in a heartbeat. Yeah, it could sound dumb ass pulls out in front of young. Yeah.

And I think the biggest thing is it used to be that you could drive without it and nobody would ever found out find out that's not the situation anymore. Knowing Lyft or Uber, we'll find out you might as well just realize it and so if you don't want to get dropped for you know, for for driving, for driving without

the rider,

the rider and potentially actually commit fraud, then you've you just need to get it So

would that be technically fraud? Because I mean, the policy states you can't use it for live. Was it live live livery every

livery as a technically, technically it is fraud and they can drop you Yes.

All right,

moving on. This was kind of funny. I mean, I see some crazy stuff when I deliver. And so this this format, kind of kind of got it. It says, For the audio listeners, he drops the food down in the mat says, I'm so glad you came. And then in parentheses, it says that's what she said. And if your office fans like I love the office, it's one of my favorite Shows of All Time. And I just love all these. These. What do you call those? I want to say floor mat but no mat doormat for God's sakes. There was one I don't know if we shared it on the podcast, but it says come back with a warrant or something like

is it the original meme?

What this one?

Speaking of the office Jason, you know when we had to work today,


pretzel day? You


We did? That's amazing committee. pretzels,

the planning party committee.

Yeah, I'll have to call them that next time. You should

you should if you love the guy that shows great. I bet is the best. I watched it so many times a day. Where are we at? No, we

actually had pretzel day on Monday, today and tomorrow because they're trying to cover all these people who are working part time from home. And then as people who work everyday from the office, we get pretzel day, three days.

Day, you get all the fun toppings.

Not as many as I had. But they did have the head like peanut butter and Oreo. They had camo they had beer cheese. They had mustard marinera they had about eight or 10

I don't know how I feel about sweets on my pretzel. Well, I know the sweet salty works like a payday candy bar, right? Like they're delicious. How can you go wrong, but I don't know. good karma on my pretzel that kind of like

I that's what I had today on mine is very good to try that.

So before we continue, we are actually looking for more sponsors, of course we have Irvine's auto repair. If you are a business out there or want to be a sponsor on the show, we would love to have you. But in the meantime, we want to talk about the podcast ride share rodeo, that's our buddy Steve from Colorado. We're I'm actually going to be on the show. And Larry was just on his show. I'm going to be on sometime in April for his 100th episode or his one year anniversary or something like that. So check out his podcast. He's got a lot of cool interviews he has. He's had Larry on there. The guys that own Maestro, I know I talked about them earlier. How was how was your interview with him? What you guys

saw it was great. It was great. We had a lot of fun. I enjoy being on the show. We got a really good time. And it was funny. I think it was a day or maybe two. After I was on a show. He texted me a picture. they'd gotten 18 inches of snow in seven hours.

Wow. Yeah. He lives near the mountains.

He does a lot of skiing. And then afternoons like look, it's all melting away. That's 18 inches of snow in seven hours. Oh my gosh, this this city would be shut down.

Yeah. But yeah, check out his podcast, you can download it. And he you know, podcast platform. It's rideshare. rodeo. He's been in the gig business longer than us. But he just, you know, started his podcast about a year ago.

Got some great shows. Yeah, great topics. Yeah, yeah. So

check it out. I'm looking forward to being on his show. So. So we talked about tipping earlier. And I probably should have put this picture with that. Just kind of an interesting thing on Reddit, from the doordash. Reddit, if you ever want some entertainment, follow the doordash. Reddit, it's really good. It says the customers tips are not tips. They are bids. I will keep this simple. Your tips are poorly phrased word for your bid for a contractor to complete a service for you. We choose which bids to take. And we will choose. We will not choose to lose money each order is a new job for us. And we may choose not to do the job you're trying to offer us. I thought that was great. I mean, we all kind of know that that's kind of what it is. But I thought he worded it perfectly. Like we're independent contractors, you're you're thrown out of bed like this, this this, you know, you know, as a customer, you're looking, you know, obviously for the cheapest bid. But we're not looking for that. And so if you're going to throw out a crappy bid, we're not going to take it.

And I think a lot of customers have never would never think of it in that way. Unless they saw something like that, you know, they just wouldn't come to mind. Yeah, it really is. It's a it's a bid. And they just think, Oh, I'm dipping a little bit. You know, that's that's probably good enough. But yeah, you got to look at it from from both perspectives, because you're out there. Got they're putting all these miles on your car and gas and then being out in the weather and dealing with all that stuff. You definitely want to make a little, little extra there. Yeah, I

just don't think people realize that. I mean, I bet I would be interested if doing a poll just to throw it out there. How many people think we actually work for the company? Like

I just had somebody last week they're like, So Sarah Zuber on this car. Is this? Yes, yes. Yeah. No, no, this is my car.

Yeah. So it makes sense that there would be some people that wouldn't understand that like, Oh, my gosh,

yeah, yeah, I'm sure they think we're driving, you know, grubhub vehicles or whatever.

I used to get that question once a week at least. Yeah.

Oh, when you were driving? Oh, yeah. Yeah,

I got that a lot. And it's the first time in a while, but I used to get it a lot when I first started for sure.

Yeah. So again, this is just a bid for for contracting us if you're gonna throw out a bad, a bad bid. We're just not going to take it. And yeah, I don't know how else you can get the word out. You know, you're on Reddit. I'm so involved in that community of food delivery workers. It's like a no brainer to me. But you know, Joe Blow on the street just doesn't doesn't understand that. And I always said, if you could tip five bucks, no one was gonna bet you about five bucks. I mean, I mean, I'm grateful I get if I get anything, but I wouldn't take it if it was $1 that's to be honest with you. So but I mean, five bucks. Like you're already ordered $40 worth of food. What's five freakin dollars. I do get it. I do get it because like when we get it to and I'm like, Oh my god, it's gonna be $40 and then I got a tip. I'm always gonna tip like it's always coming, but I do. I do see where they're coming from. Because once you add up all the shit, but like he's doing a service, like, even if I wasn't a gig worker, I always tip pretty good. I mean,

yeah, I mean, that is, as part of part of your brain, you tip somebody that's that deliver something to you know,

here's a here's a hypothetical, and we kind of talked about this with AB five and all that other stuff. But would you like if doordash or Uber or grubhub? paid you $11, which has happened in California, per order flat each time? Would you have that over? You know, the chance of you getting a $20 order or a $3 order?

It has to depend a lot on the on the parameters they put around it? Yeah, because I've delivered food to Portland, Tennessee.

And I don't know where that is as far away. It's about

35 minutes. That's not 40 minutes. Yeah. And I did it back to back one Saturday, those people were working at work at a member filming center, and they were on their lunch break. Hmm. And I'm like, have you ever thought of packing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? You're paying like, way too much for this hamburger? That's cold. Yeah, not that good. By the time I get it. Yeah. Even though I hadn't been in a hot Bay. You know, it only does so much. I don't understand it. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, if there were certain depending on the parameter. Yeah. Like, you're only gonna have to go so far and, and things like that. But I don't know. I don't know if I even that. I don't know if I take it because it's part of it's, you know, part of it's the thrill of the hunt. Yeah, it's a challenge. It is. It's part of it's a game and a challenge in same way with Roger grabbing. Yeah, that's part of it. So yeah, I don't I don't know. If your $11 an hour job, I'd go deliver pizza, that's, well, it

doesn't mean you're getting $11 an hour, it means your love and dollars in order. So sometimes you can you can have three or three orders in an hour, then you're thinking Oh, you're I bet 30 bucks, you know, if

they would if they would put parameters around as far as how far I'm gonna have to deliver, I would certainly consider it.

But like we said, with the California thing, there are some rules that you have to follow with that, you know, so it's not like it's like every orders. You know, you can just do whatever you want. So that kind of throws the independent contractor portion. Yeah,

there's always pros and cons to it. For sure. Yeah. Go, I really enjoy the way it is. Right.

So the next article, I don't really have any video on anything. But Uber, there was a guy that developed a Chrome extension for Uber, and he drove actually has a bike delivery guy. He did like 20 or 30 deliveries and then realize that he was getting underpaid. So he developed this extension. If you guys want to I will give it to you. You just pm me and I can give it to you. But I tried to look for it on the the store and I couldn't find it. But basically Uber shut the app down because it was a fringe moment, you know, obviously copyright on the word Uber, but apparently he got it back up. And I used it and I looked at about 30 rides, and they shortchange me on three of them. So we're not talking a ton but like each one they shortchanged me like two tenths of a mile, which again, it doesn't sound like a lot but if you're going over millions of drivers,

yeah, thank thank you how much that adds up. You know, we

had Mike delivers on he just does Uber Eats. I'm gonna give him this extension. It's a little it's not clunky. Once you get it installed. You basically have to look at your earnings on your desktop. You can't do it on your phone on Chrome and then it lights up green if it's good and it lights up red if it's bad. You click on it's pretty

cool. What he did I definitely check that out.

Yeah, we're we're trying to get him on the show. Not on the the main podcast but for an interview. And yes, for you're falling asleep. If you want to bail you can I totally, I'm totally fine. Here. Yeah, I'm totally fine. If you want to.

Is it cool? I gotta I gotta go. I don't

know. I

missed it. I will get you. Yeah, I

saw you dozing off. I'm like, it's it's good, man. I got you.

Yeah, Megan. I'll give you a call.

It won't be tonight though. No, probably not. All right, buddy. Have a good sleep. See me? Or guy Holy cow.

Boy, yes. For four years, pig went over to visit mom and now he's,

well, it's funny when different jetlag. Yeah. He flew back on Sunday. And he's like, oh, I'll be fine. I was like, are you sure about that? Like you? I don't think you're gonna be fine. You better take a nap on Wednesday. Yeah, and I don't think he did. You know,

I can't I can't really say too much because I've never flown that far. Me either. By any means, by far this outflows from out to California. Yeah.

I saw I saw his eyes closed. I'm like, yo, just go to bed. It's fine. Well, I

didn't know whether to say anything or not saying why first

i thought his camera was freezing, then it then I saw him opening and closing again. I'm like, nope, he's dying. He's dying on the vine. But anyways, it's called Uber cheats, you can try to find it in the Chrome Store and the extension. Like I said, I couldn't find it. He sent me a direct link, but we're gonna have him on the show, just to kind of talk about it. Because like, Hey, can you build one for doordash? Can you build one for grubhub? Like we want to see and, and again, are you gonna stay online? He knows that you're not going to call Uber support for like 25 cents or 50 cents? Because who's gonna stay there for a half hour and chat about that? Like, no one? No one's gonna do that. But you may find one that's pretty big. So who knows? Right?

I'd say it wouldn't surprise me. No, no, you you've heard those stories ever since I've heard them ever since I've started driving rideshare these people that claim that they're always you know, shortchanging who is I said, Who's gonna sit there and manually take the time to to look it all up and run it to their most people are not going to do

I often wonder if it's, um, some sort of GPS drift like it? They have a purpose, you know, is it a bug in their app somewhere that

it would be interesting to see if it ever goes in your favor or if is always in to your your detriment all most

of them are either right on or no, it never known and there was like ever in your favor. It was I think I checked like 40 of them. There was one that said it was like it was barely in my favor. And a couple of them they were it was not in my favor. But it was it was a such a low percentage that it could have been an error. So they they still greened it, but hey, you know, just take a look at it. But the two or three that I saw were 17%

Oh, so that's pretty good. chunk there.

Yeah. And like I said, I don't do Uber all the time. It's part of my tool belt. But I mean, if you did Uber Eats all the time. I mean, it could be you know, could be 510 bucks a day.

Yeah, just think just think how much that guy that made $1,000 in one month doing Uber Eats if he could have made if Yeah, anybody were really no totally.

Okay, let's do this real quick. This is just kind of funny. Another kind of door or something that you see when you're delivering as a deliveries please do not ring doorbell then our dogs bark we yelled at dogs for barking dogs get sad for being yelled at us. Thanks for contributing to our dogs mental wellness, which is kind of funny. Whatever I've seen those that's a stay safe wash your hands oh and call your mom she misses you and I just thought that was so funny. It's so good. Yeah, she probably does you should probably call your mom because she does miss you. So that's right.

Be a good be a good son. Yeah, call your mom

you're probably not doing any fuel food right now right you're just doing mostly passengers now right?

I'm doing mostly passengers and that's mainly just because more what I enjoy but I'll turn them on especially if it's slow but lately Roger has been so busy has it there's there's definitely not near as many drivers as it used to be I know a lot of them like I said are still caught up in the background thing. I just don't know but I've had I've had several people tell me Hey, I was trying to get her out earlier I said no drivers available or I've had I've been waiting 30 minutes for you know for for some you know driver to to get here.

So I think part of the problem is is the community doesn't know that you're out there you know the pandemic i mean you know it's still pretty slow here as far as you know we talked about earlier on the show or maybe that's part of the problem that people don't you know, the drivers are out there because they don't know that people are really looking for the rides

Yeah, but yeah, I'm trying to get out you know as much as I can while I can you kind of kind of make a what was good before we break search problem by game?

Yeah, yeah, be interesting. This one next one's kind of funny. It's just who even how does this even happen? This I can tell you this is doordash because I see this all the time instructions leave at my door. I get charged for every text please ring doorbell but do not tax. Thank you. I'm like,

Is this a joke on like a 1983 phone plan? Yeah, like,

when was the last time i mean it's it's I bet it's been a decade since they charged for texting for me but I thought that was comical. Again in the doordash right if you're a doordash driver you got to check it out. Because they have some funny stuff in there for sure. Right,

I need to get into Reddit more Well, I don't need to because I don't mean something else to you know

I love writing time I love

I mean when I want us to when I use it I enjoy it. I just don't I've never gotten into a regular habit of getting in there. Yeah wisely if I'm going for a purpose specific thing. I don't Yeah, meander around in there, but I get I really got a lot of good stuff.

Yeah, I get most my stories. from Reddit, it's Yeah, I'm in the Uber group, the doordash, the grubhub, the shipped all that stuff. And a lot of its pictures of customer interactions, which is kind of funny. But sometimes like that guy that he talked about the bid in, you know, instead of, I'm like, Dude, that was brilliant. Like, we all know, that's what it is. But when somebody actually wrote it down, and you actually read it, you're like, yes,

this is what it is. Right? It explains. And again, like I said, I think as as if you're just a customer, and you've never done it, I don't think you would think of it in that way. But if you heard it, or read it, I think you would think Oh, that makes sense. Yeah, it makes sense to me. I wonder in that

I've always had the conversation of like, I think every person growing up should work in a restaurant, like your first job, whatever, maybe for a year or whatever, going through high school, you kind of get it, even if you're not a server, you just kind of get how that whole system works, right? Some people hate the tipping system, whatever I don't, I think it's great. When I get great service, I reward it when I get poor service. I don't I'm sorry, you make that 50 an hour, but this is how it works. So But anyways, we shouldn't get too deep into that. Right? Um, next one's kind of funny. It's a little video. It's Family Guy. Hopefully it won't boot us offline. But if it does, a while, it's it's quick enough, but it's about the things that you need to become an Uber driver, according to this, and obviously, it's not true, but we'll play that real quick.

It's my dog's cat.

Oh, and I know you didn't ask but I am quick to anger. Okay, great. Now get out there and try to kiss as many ladies as you can. The record is 60 and a month you sir, are officially an Uber driver.

So basically what it's saying is this the joke of like, Ed doesn't matter if it's your car. It doesn't matter if you have a driver's license, whatever you can be an Uber driver. Oh, optional. Optional. Yeah, that's that's always the the running joke with that. Okay, last spot is for us Patreon. We'd love for you to support us on Patreon Larry, are found I think you were the first one. I was. Thanks for signing up for the email threads too. By the way a hole now I actually got to create a newsletter.

Don't Don't do this for me.

I'm not gonna I got a Ben Ben showed me a screenshot out of that. But anyways, we would love for you to support us on Patreon you get an extra podcast a month to get a piece of merch and of course the pre show we kind of talk shit and have fun just kind of like we do on this. So it's just kind of an extra extra podcast of us just having fun, but well worth it. Yeah, I appreciate that. Larry, we we'd love for you have to support us. It just kind of goes into our part of you know, helping us pay the bills like the stream aired cost money. editing software costs, money, all that stuff costs money. So if you could support us, we would super appreciate it. Alright, we're in the homestretch. What do we got left? Oh, you're up, Larry. I do have a video for that. So do you want me to play that first? Or do you want to talk about it?

Yeah, just go. Yeah, if you wanna play that video that alright. Hey, welcome

to disclosure with the SEC just now live says that it is seeing a recovery in ride sharing even sooner than it had expected. It says that it expects improving losses for the current quarter and adjusted EBIT loss of $135 million. That is better than the 145 to 150 million that it previously forecast. Now this comes on the back of improving ride sharing trends. lifts as the last week of February was its best week in terms of volume. Since pandemic lockdowns began the month as a wholesale daily rides grow 4% from January and Lyft expects recovery to continue into March with ride sharing volumes turning positive year over year. On the back of this disclosure. We are also watching shares of Uber Lyft shares they just popped more than 2%. Uber is up that much as well. We did hear from Uber CEO Dara khosrowshahi yesterday, who also said that they were seeing some green shoots, but it was quote too early to tell. Well, we will be speaking soon exclusively to lifts CFO Brian Roberts. So we will talk to him about this update and what it means for ride sharing and recovery for the rest of the year.

Alright, so yeah, they're just talking about Lyft is Salva last week of February was their best week since last March when the pandemic kit and to me in my market that has been I can see that as true. I said we were talking earlier. It's been extremely busy here compared to what it was even just you know, a month or two ago. Even though restaurants aren't fully open. They're supposed to be 50% capacity. I think some of them are pushing that closer to 75 or 80%. And the bars are supposed to be close at midnight and some of them are not doing that. And I know the college kids are tired of being cooped up, because they're they're out and about whenever the pen is decent at all. So it looks like things are maybe picking back up. And you. I know, to me, it kind of gets a feeling that we're kind of starting to see life and it's how this whole pandemic thing is starting to. They're certainly not anywhere close to being normal. But, but you can see we're kind of moving in that direction, at least a little bit. Whereas, two, three months ago, it felt like we were still smack dab in the middle of it. Yeah.

Do you think? Yeah. Are you doing any Uber to? Or are you just Oh, yeah,

I'm doing I'm doing Uber Lyft. grub hub, and sometimes I'll turn around. But in regards to ride share, do

you feel like that Lyft is busier than Uber right now?

Definitely. Here it is. And one of the one of the people in our local group said that, you know, they had some passengers down, they can never find they've been having trouble finding an Uber driver. So that switch. Oh, totally to lift it. Sure. So yeah, lift is definitely picked up here in relation to what it used to be as far as how many rides I would get on Uber. How many I get on lift? Get a lot more on lift lately, huh?

Well, that's a good sign. I was happy to, to hear that, to know that, uh, you know, things are turning around, which I kind of know that, but I just don't, I don't see it here. Even though our numbers are real low. I just don't. I mean, I'm not out enough at night to see or I don't know, I'm like, I don't know, it's hard for me to find out if it's actually coming back. I mean, it's, it seems busier. It's not on the weekends when I'm driving around. But

yeah. And you know, thanks that good news of that strong weekend lifts only gonna lose 135 million this year.


you again, yeah. So moving on, I'm gonna play a video of a driver crying about an order or being emotional. And we don't, we don't play these to be mean to them. That's, that's not what it is. It's just kind of a time to learn about what's going on and why he's upset. And maybe he didn't do the right thing. And maybe he needs to focus on some other things. But then there's kind of a cool story that follows us. I'll play his original video on tic that was on Tic Tac that went viral. And then we'll kind of talk about what's happened since then.

We always wish that people who order Uber Eats or doordash understood what it's like to be a driver. Like, I just spent 45 minutes on a delivery, and had to pay $3 to bring this person their food because there was no parking, no free parking anywhere near their building, and they refused to come out and meet me. They tipped me $1.50 and Uber paid me 250. Like,

I got approved three times the rent

for income in two weeks. And I can't, and it doesn't matter that I'm working multiple jobs. Does it matter that I barely sleep and can barely afford to feed myself, but to be homeless for the third time since May?

And it's hard because people don't tip their delivery drivers. Like how hard is it to throw us five bucks?

pretty emotional. I get it. I've not been in his position where I'm up against it. You know what I mean? where it's like, I I'm very blessed. But just my heart goes out to the people that are up against it. And you know, people

that depend on on their gig work money to survive on, you know, hats off to them. Yeah,

it's stressful.

I mean, it's it is I mean, I can imagine be very, very stressful. I

do it full time. Ish, full time ish in the winter. But I'm, you know, I'm married and my wife has a job. So that helps if I was just supporting my family on gig. I'd be working like 7080 hours a week. Oh, yeah, definitely, definitely hands down saying this job. You're not gonna get rich on you can make a living on it. It's a jlb. Right. So I get what he's doing a couple of things. I mean, again, we talked about, he actually brought up the $5 tippy thing, right? What's five bucks, which would help the parking thing? I don't know where he's from. I don't know his situation. I would never pay for parking. I would just, I would park illegally before I paid for parking. Because like, in my head, I'm like, yeah, I'm not gonna pay for parking. Like, I'm only making this much. And he took the order with $1.50 tip. And again, I don't know his situation, I would never take that. So I want to say, you know, I, I know we go hard in the paint to people about that. And like, Don't take it, don't take it. But I again, I don't understand your situation. We have the same thing with amazon flex routes. They start at $18 an hour, they go up from there, people leave them alone. I get in conversations with people outside the warehouse, and they're like, I take it for 18 I don't have a choice. And I'm like, I get it. But it kind of hurts us all in the long run. But I understand that you're independent, you

got to do what's best for you.

Yeah, do your independent contractor. You can take it for that. That's your choice. You Even though I don't like it, it's still your choice to do that. So hopefully, I'd like to reach out to the guy and say, Hey, I understand like, Can we talk about some strategies? Like what are you doing? I'm like, I'm not the end all be all food delivery guy. But I mean, like, what are you doing maybe that maybe you can get some tips from me and I can help you at least make a little bit more money. So I think I'm gonna try to reach out to him and see if he's interested in a conversation. But it went viral. And he ended up getting a ton of money sent to him because he had his Venmo a lot of people like, he's just like a normal Tic Tac or like, like us, I don't know, if you're on like me, I've done a few videos, whatever. But he had his Venmo on his account, and people sent him a bunch of money. Well, he gave a ton of that away, cap what he needed, and he gave most of it away. And then they did a GoFundMe in the same thing. He's giving it all away. So he kind of it was super cool on today's show interviewed him. The only caveat that and again, it's his choice, but get up a follow up video. And he talked about blaming the companies that pay their drivers super low, that they should pay a minimum wage and use Loeb loopholes and blah, blah, blah. I don't want that I like the independent contractor. I know you do to Larry. So I don't I don't really agree with him on that. But it seems like he's, you know, it's turning around. I'm just I'm, I really love when people give that all that money. Oh, I'm not all of it. I mean, he should keep some of it. He's right. And he needs to

learn. That's what people sent it to him for the you know, they weren't sending it to him in expectation that he was going to give it away. They wanted him to do better situation. But it's neat, though, when you see somebody that's not just, you know, in it for the money. And don't just keep it all and yeah, he bought you pay it forward.

He bought an adaptive bike for a little boy with special needs. He spent a bunch of money on blankets food to give to the homeless. And then he set up another GoFundMe that will be specifically used to give aid to delivery drivers. Which I'm surprised no one's done that yet. You know, um, who's the guy that owns you're into sports, super rich ballroom sports or barstool sports, the owner of Barstow, he set up a huge fun that has like, a billion dollars in it for companies during the pandemic to give money to them, if they send a letter in and they're, you know, they're vetted and everything like that. I would be great if somebody did that for gig workers, like they fall on hard times. So it's like Alright, here's two grand to get you to pay for your router

for other like said other kind of industries, and I've heard it for people in the arts in different places. Yeah, I'm surprised at that. Or maybe it's been done, hasn't it? Maybe it's been done this I haven't heard about it, but I have not read or heard about that happen anymore. But yeah, it would be it would be neat, you know, these people that are dependent on it. And you know, they're they're surviving and provide for their family. And you know, we're out there working their butt off and sometimes it's just hard to make it

Yeah, it is and and sometimes you're just up against it sounds like he had to prove how much he made to get this apartment. And so this money really helped him out. So I'm, I'm just I'm just so glad that he gave some of it away. You always see these. These GoFundMe is the stupidest things. Now, this isn't stupid, but there was one where some lady mistreated a barista at Starbucks. And he got like, 150k out of it. And he was like, I'm like, wait a minute, like, he just had a shitty customer. Well, the problem is she went, she made it go viral, and it made her look bad. So everyone, you know, someone created a GoFundMe for on that, but I'm just like, Oh, it's crazy.

I mean, you can dog me pretty good. 450 grand. Yeah,

I mean, you can call me

every name in the book. You got it.

I might even let you slap me across the face for 150 Grand 50 grand.

Yeah, and I won't even press charges. Okay, yeah, that's another rabbit hole.

So let's, uh, let's do your article. And then I think we'll get out of here.

Alrighty, so, lift is bringing back something that you know people from my generation and older are more used to. We're used to calling a cab you know before rideshare is here. If you needed ride, you didn't have a way to get there you call a cab. Well Lyft is opening that back up for being able to call a number to over your left if you don't have a smartphone or, you know, you just don't like using the apps. I know. I know. There's some people I know my mother is prime example she hates a cell phone. She doesn't want anything new the cell phone, she'll barely talk on one. And, and she I think she even still has a flip phone. She had a shatter iPhone and didn't care for it Really? And so yeah, so for people like that, who might not want to overdo the app Lyft is introducing It's, uh, I don't know, if it's a it's just, I'm not sure if it's 800 number. And I noticed in just in certain markets right now, so they're probably testing it out. And, you know, this is a big announcement for Lyft. But actually, last year, Uber was testing out the same thing out in like Arizona, okay? Well, it has a lot of things there.

I don't have a problem with it. As long as it's not like gogo grandparent where it's a separate company from Lyft. And so it's hard to get ahold of the customer. Like you can't actually get a hold of the customer. In the gogo bear, you

have to hold on that.

Yeah, it's a nightmare. Now I've lived is like actually facilitating, or they can actually send us text messages, like they're talking to the customer on the phone. And they can be that middle person. And I can actually get a text message from left saying, Hey, there, you know, the person moved or whatever, they're actually on this end. If it's not like that screw that, like, yeah, you

always need a way to contact the customer. Because there's just times where they're, you know, the GPS could be being, you know, acting screwy, or, you know, if it's a if it's a elder person, you know, they might and they're not probably not used to using ride sharing, they may not know what to look for, or what to expect and what to expect. Exactly. So, yeah, it's crucial to be able to have some way of contacting whether to text or phone call, you know, if they call, you know, they should they should be able to, well, no, I guess if there's not an app, I don't know how they would route the calls like they do now. You mask their phone number.

Well, yeah, that's what I mean. Like they could call but that needs to route to us or or Lyft needs to collect the information and send us a text message like Ryan, where we can use the con to contact the passenger if we need to clarify where they're at, or, or anything like that. Yeah, I did like two of those gogo grandparent one. And after the second one, it ended up being a communication debacle. And so now when it pops up, I don't even take it or if it did, I don't know. Maybe they started hiding it. And if I figured out once I accepted it, I just cancelled it. I'm

like, it might be interesting how it comes up on the app to like, if it's Yeah, their name or is gonna say lift or it's gonna have a note to tell you what their name is. or that'd be interesting to see, you know, video of how it would look on the driver side when it comes up. But again, they're just testing it out. I don't know that something?

Yeah, they test a lot of stuff. Oh, yeah, they do they test something? How

many times? Can we features have we heard about that? they've tested? You know, we are you what, year ago? Two years ago, you're gonna be able to your favorite you have favorite drivers, you know? Yeah. And then it just kind of disappears in the wind. This

similar thing about the landline happens to ship shoppers every once in a while that the person has a landline. I'm like, Are you kidding me? I need to call them every time there's a substitution like, I would immediately cancel if I saw accepted it, and they had a landline. It's like, I'm sorry, I really am that you don't have one. I mean, maybe have your grandkid do it for you or something. But I just I'm not gonna spend the time calling you every time I need to swap out this yogurt. I just right. Just not sure. It's a little insensitive. But

yeah, and I know Uber I think they still have it. I know. Usually you can always order a ride through you on on like a desktop computer or laptop. But yeah, through the web browser.

Yeah, I think you can still do that.

And I think so too. And I'm not sure if I've gotten any rides like that. So I don't know how that communication would work. Yeah, I

don't know either. But I think you can. Yeah, I

think so too. Oh, just want to give a shout out to Antonio. Yeah. My stay 100 podcast co host. We record a good episode tonight. Yeah,

job interview. Just you too.

We had an interview. We had a guy. He's a barber, barber shop here called skills. I got like nine guys that cut hair and has a really dynamic place. They have a lot of fun. They're like, no, it's not your own. Kind of.

It's not your Supercuts.

No, definitely not. Definitely not. So yeah, it's good, good episode. That's cool. That's cool.

So yes, we're not Yes, we're clear. Larry. It was Yes. First turn. It's hilarious, because it's kind of true. It's a meme that says on the top buses. drives for Uber for three hours makes $10 and on the bottom. It's a guy like homeless I guess, pain analysts that stands on the street for 45 minutes makes $100 which man we've all been there. Yeah. We've all been there when Uber when it's like, you're out there and it's slow and you're like, Oh my gosh, I made not for three hours. That's a little extreme, but I've been out there for an hour before and made 10 bucks. I mean, yeah, yeah, I mean it, it can happen, but definitely. Alright. And then real quick for the tip time. Larry brought up a good point. guys get out and move. You know when you're out and about driving, especially if you're elderly,

not the elderly Larry. Yes, life. You're out early like me.

I think I have you out more gray than you are like 10 years older than me nine years. Yeah,

come by babyface. If I grew my beard, it's gray. Is it? It is? Yeah.

Yeah. Just get out and move your body a little bit, especially if you're a rideshare. Driver. Now, if you're a delivery guy, like even food delivery,

I'm out.

Every 10 minutes, probably Yeah, yeah. You

don't have to worry about so much. But man, I know. I'm right. I know. There's times I've been rideshare driver and I look down. It's like, Man, it's been 10 hours. I haven't gotten out this car.

Right? Yeah. And it's dangerous for blood clots and stuff like that. I'm

not saying Plus, it's just not good for your health. I mean, no general health at all. Anyway, you know, even if you're not getting blood clots, it's just not good. You need to get up. And, you know, I try to now that at least every two hours, you know, the house does get out of the car and stretch and walk around the car. You something like that didn't always happen, but I'm not trying to.

Yeah, plus you're not stuck. You know, you're sucking down junk food and caffeine. I mean, we're not all there eating bananas and water. I mean, I do bring water with me every every day. But you know, it's just, you know, you're just sitting there. So just get up, move around. And don't take those $3 door dashes. Exactly. Exactly.

Well, Larry King dollar amazon flex, right.


Unless you need it. Like I I know, I come off so hard. But I'm not I really am sensitive to people that need it. I think

the main thing is everybody, you know, everybody, you have to pick your Yeah, what you're willing to do? And if you're willing to do that, then then that's your choice. Your decision, you know? Yeah, I know, I started out doing when I first started doing food delivery. You know, I was taking $5 orders and stuff. And it's kind of gone up. But generally, I mean, unless it's really close, I generally don't take much under $9. Okay.

Yeah, I mean, I'm like that on the weekends, but um, you know, during the week, so that's different, for sure.

Yeah. And that's all dependent on how busy it is. And you know, what time of day, what's going on?

I've had a slow week for food delivery. It's bear spares, sparse. There we go. It's been sparse. I don't know why it's just come to a screeching halt this week.

Yeah, and it's weird how that happens, you know, and all the geek stuff, it's up and down, you're on, you're on a roller coaster. And sometimes, sometimes, you know, it's gonna be really busy or you know, it's gonna be slow, you're generally the first couple months of the year we know, things are generally going to be a lot slower than the MGR after New Year's, you know, you have sides Valentine's Day, right? You have kind of a low and in business and everything and re spend all their money on Christmas, but then it starts picking up back up around March around this time of year. But it's weird and like here, I know, right here on the weekends, especially is very dependent on what's going on at the university. Yeah, yeah,

I think this week, it might have been the weather it's been kind of turn nice. So when the sun's out food delivery is gonna be slower people aren't gonna stay in their offices they're like you know, I'm gonna get out I'm gonna get out and go get my food today because

right here when when it's warm and safe whether the especially the college kids you know, they walk up to a lot more you know, you'll see right and walking downtown from campus because it's not that far. But if it's you know, if it's snowing like it was two weeks ago or 10 degrees or flooding like it was Saturday and Sunday, I mean it poured Wow, where we had lots of flooding here. I said our schools are actually out two days here for flooding because roads couldn't be that's a great pass and but yeah, when when the weather's bad, and you know a lot more people were calling Ubers but then again, yeah, sometimes it means they not gonna go out. You know, depending on how bad

alright Larry, well, thanks

again. Where can people I know you're not recording on your podcast, but where can people find the one you recorded with Antonio and then where they can find you online? Sure. Yeah.

My other podcast I do. Tune is called stay 100 podcast and still still hoping to ramp back up lifting with layer one now I've got you back out driving again. And I can find me on Instagram lifting with Larry to Instagram deleted my original account on Twitter. Live with Larry. Facebook working with Larry. So thanks for having me on the show again. It's Yeah, it's always fun. Sorry, ran Yes, we're off it looks like he can get some much.

Oh man. I

fell. I know that feeling like yeah, it's not good. Yeah. He's not going to I mean, it went from like, the last 10 minutes before he nodded off. I'm like, oh boy, we're sorry. He's leaning back in his chair like, oh, we're circling the drain. We're circling the drain.

So all the signs were there. Yeah.

Alright guys. Well, thanks so much. Hope you enjoyed this show, and we'll see you in a couple of weeks.

All right, take care, buddy. I

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